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Sunbeam Mixmaster Classic
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Didn’t last long

Bought for my wife 2 years ago mx8500 now motor runs but beaters don’t work. I am like so many others. Thought Sunbeam was STILL a good product so I would buy another one. Should have looked at the product reviews. Talk about cheap and nasty. How disappointing. As other people have said. Just a heap of junk. Shame on you Sunbeam you have trashed your good name with rubbish to make a few extra dollars. Dumb Dumb Dumb

Purchased in March 2017.

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Hi Gary Gray, We are sorry to hear of your experience with the MX8500. I will be sure to pass this on to our product team for valuable feedback. Kind Regards Sunbeam

worst sunbeam mixmaster ever

After owning a Sunbeam for over 30 years we decided it was time to upgrade, We purchased the silver model almost 2 years ago. We only used the mixer occassionally, to cream butter & sugar or whip cream, maybe 2 times a month. A few weeks ago I contacted Sunbeam as the mixer could only be used on low speed, if we turned it up the beaters would jam. I was advised to take it to our local sunbeam repair agent which i did. I collected the machine today to be told it was no good any more as the gear box had seized !!! I am so angry that after minimal use over a 2 year period it now has to be thrown out. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Last time I will ever buy Sunbeam

Purchased in November 2016 at Begents Electrical Launceston 7250 for $350.00.

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Noise Level
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Hi glenbas, Sorry to hear of the issue with the MX8500. I will be sure to pass this feedback onto our Product and Tech teams.

Great product.

I have had this mixmaster for just over a year. This machine works very well and is easy to scrape food off the sides of the bowl. The attachments are great for mixing ingredients and the bowl size is excellent. I bought this at a great price and would highly recommend this product.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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So good to hear you are making the most of your mixmaster Kayser, thanks heaps for the review

Bowl hard to unlock

I bought this after my old machine of 10 years died. It works great only problem is I have a lot of trouble unlocking the large bowl I have no trouble with the small bowl. Does anyone know the trick to unlocking the large bowl. It might be faulty .

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Never buy Sunbeam!

My husband gave me a beautiful looking red professional mixer for Christmas quite a few years ago. It matched my kitchen beautiful but that was all it did. I called David Jones where he had purchased it and they said we would have to take it to a service centre. I was unable to do that because I had no opportunity to get to such a place. I gave up, put it in our storage shed and went back to using my hand held electric mixer which didn't look so good but it did work beautifully. We are moving house so yesterday I retrieved it from the shed and thought I would give it another try before it went to the tip. It was just the same, beaters a problem, it worked with the middle beater and not the one on the bowl side. It still looks good but is no good to anyone. I will take the beaters and bowls and try to sell them at my garage sale and throw the rest away. For years I have told my friends to to buy Sunbeam and will continue to do so.

Date PurchasedDec 2005

Just what i was looking for

I am extremely happy with this mix master. The main reason for this being, i can scrape the edge of the bowl whilst it is mixing without any effort at all. I had a very expensive mix master that i sold because i couldn't do this. It had scraper beaters, but i find that they don't do the job well enough, especially for meringue. This classic model is just so easy to use. love it

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great mixer

I have had this mixer for 3 years now. No problems. Very easy to use. Looks smart on my bench. Highly recommend . Solid machine. I get a lot of comments on how good it looks. Easy to clean. Got it at a great price. Even hubby can work it.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Bowl doesn't spin

Highly disappointed with this mixer. My husband purchased it for me for Christmas 2017 from Myer, I went to use it today (2/1/18) for the first time to discover the bowl did not spin with the large or small bowl attached. We will be returning this appliance and will purchase another brand.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Sunbeam florence broadhurst design is a disgrace

Florence broadhurst mixer really poor hardly mixes. The bowl doesn't lock into place properly very bad machine waste if money.
The toaster is fine but the mixer complete let down.
Pity because sunbeam was a trusted brand for me, I'll never buy sunbeam again.
The mixer has made me not bother using it and I cool alot.
I wouldn't waste time, effort or money on sunbeam mixers again.
I could've got a better machine from target it chosen the Kenwood.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Cheap disappointing product, don't waste your money on Sunbeam

I've had the Sunbeam 8500Y for a few years now and have finally stopped fighting with it and have given up and bought a KitchenAid. The first mixer that they sent was faulty - dropping metal shavings into my cakes - so they promptly sent another which worked quite well until the bowl stopped turning so I had to stand there and turn the bowl by hand which defeats the purpose of having a stand mixer. Also the bowl will sometimes lock into the base and other times it just spins and fails to engage, same with trying to unlock it. I also struggle to put the beaters in, sometimes they want to go in and other times the machine gets sulky and won't accept them. Sunbeam was always the best but unfortunately their quality control is now sadly lacking and their products should be avoided.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Noisy, bad oil smell

I purchased this as my grandmother and mum both had a similar Sunbeam mixer. They worked great. Mine did not. Although it looked similar, when in use it always had a bad smell of burning oil. The motor sounded screechy. Note I am speaking in the past tense...there were 2 motors one to spin the bowl around. It failed and the mixer is now in the landfill.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Attaching and rotating bowl is a nightmare

I recieved this as a gift. I had the issue of bowl not attaching or detaching properly. At about 1 month old the base fell apart it was replaced whole new machine but i still have the same problem. Its useless! I also have issues putting beaters in and quite often the beaters bump together to the point where i have small metal peices from beaters in my mix. Would not reccomment at all, should really return it. Dont want to offend my mother in law with sending it back as i wouldnt replace with the same mixer again.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Sunbeam Customer Service is appalling

We inherited a new Mix Master Classic from my sister in law after she passed away. It had been in storage and new in the box, so my daugther used it for home economics assignment - for the 3 rd time - locking mechanism failed. I took it to Brisbane Appliance Service, who were really helpful - they were told by Sunbeam the part is no longer available. I rang Sunbeam service asked to speak to the Deputy Customer Service Manager. I explained the situation. No joy - according to them, regardless if a unit has not been used (New) and in storgage, it is not a new item. Really. I did try to reason with him, and finally said I would NOT be buying any Sunbeam product in future, but in the end he started yelling and abusing me, saying go to the ACCC ! Brisbane Appliance Service also tried to reason with there customer service centre on our behalf - again same reaction. Don't bother dealing with these clowns, not only are there products unreliable, and poorly manufactured, there attitude of what is reasonable customer service is a joke. Sunbeam did have a good reputation , but no longer. We will never purchase another Sunbeam product again.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

worked for four years

Hi my grandmother has a sunbeam mixmaster classic we have put the little bowl in and it is stuck to the turntable and all it is doing is clicking and turning. We don't know what to do or how to get the little bowl of the turn table Can someone help us?

Date PurchasedNov 2012

Will not cream butter and sugar took over half hour to get mixture

This mixmaster is no where near as good as our 30 year old Sunbeam mixer, when mixing ingredients for example trying to cream butter and sugar, the mixture just sticks to the outside of bowl spinning around mixing nothing, manually having to force the mixture to the centre of the bowl. This was bought as a birthday present last March and my wife is very disappointed in it and says it has taken the joy out of cooking with the extra time it takes to mix the mixtures. I do have a video of this. We did call customer service regarding this issue and have tried their recommendations on the problem without these fixing the problem.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Problem detaching bowl

I brought this mix master, and after one use I could not detach the bowl from the base. One day I decided to unscrew the bottom and found that a small spring was not affixed where it should have been, after reattaching the spring I could finally remove the bowl. It works just fine now.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Beater gears worn away

I recieved my mixmaster as a present less than 2 years ago and use it a dozen times a year. I find the motor nice and quiet but the beaters very hard to get in. Just recently the beaters jammed when I was beating some butter and then the outer beater stopped rotating. When I ejected it I fond the gears had stripped and the beater will no longer spin. Spare parts are quite expensive considering the cost of the machine!

Date PurchasedMay 2015


I bought a Sunbeam Mixmaster Classic from David Jones a couple of years ago. I had never owned one and was quite excited. What a letdown! The bowls needed help to turn, it was noisy and I foolishly didn't return it during the Warranty period. Well recently one of the beaters shattered and as of today the whole thing is being tossed in the bin.How disappointing to see what used to be a good Brand turn into such a heap of crap. Never again and I need to buy another but am wondering which is the best. There are no perfect reviews on any of them.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Just don't make 'em like they used to

I bought my mixmaster 5 years ago with all my birthday money from friends and family. It started making a terrible noise luckily within the 1 year warranty and was pretty happy to get a whole new mixmaster sent to me. Fast-forward 5 years and it had served me well and helped me make a lot of thing in this time but the base has stopped turning and I'm not going to get another one. I bought the Sunbeam mixmaster because my mum's is still working after 40 years, but the quality is just obviously not what it used to be.

Date PurchasedJan 2011

Robbed of a good pavlova

My mother purchased this product after using Sunbeam mixers over 50 years. Her previous three models in this period were great. Unfortunately this mixer has put her and the rest of the family off Sunbeam for good. Used once only before the warranty expired due to ill health. Used it, or at least tried to use it four times after warranty. Bowl didnt spin and beaters wouldnt insert easily. I tried to fix it which kept it ticking a few more times. Poor design in my view but im no engineer. Has caused much frustration in the short time that it got a good run. Enjoyed the short walk to the bin and I'm happy to replace it with a non Sunbeam mixer that functions. I'm sick of hearing about it. The reviews here speak volumes. We have wasted money but it will cost Sunbeam more in lost future sales from family and friends. Hope this helps you to avoid a white elephant.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

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Questions & Answers

does the spinning wheel dis-attach from the base of the mixer? How?
1 answer
Hi Leonora, No the spinning wheel is not meant to be detached.

I have a Sunbeam stand mixer, model 2350. The beaters are getting stuck on each other and won’t turn? Do the beaters need to be replaced or what do you suggest?
5 answers
The same happened to me, my mixer was just out of warranty. I took it to a Sunbeam service agent for repair & was told the gearbox had seized & was not repairable. Needless to say it had to go in the bin & have bought another brand. My previous mixmaster was a Sunbeam & lasted over 40 yearsThanksHi Judy G, Sounds like the beaters may have been damaged in some way and may need replacing...

Good morning my wife has a Sunbeam Mixmaster Model No. MX 001B. Question are the beaters interchangeable with a Sunbeam Beatermix Hand Mixer Model No.002525-000-000?
2 answers
Hi Ray, Thank you for contacting Sunbeam. Sorry these beaters are not compatible. The beaters for MX001B are no longer manufactured. Kind Regards, SunbeamThankyou for your answer, however there is a company in Australia which still manufactures them. Only they are $48.00 a pair which is the cost of a Beatmix. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone.


Mixmaster Classic MX8500 (Silver)Mixmaster Classic MX8500W (White)Mixmaster Classic MX8500R (Red)Mixmaster Classic MX8500Y (Yellow)
Price (RRP)249249249249
Mixing Speeds12121212
Motor Power500500500500
Release dateJun 2012Jun 2012Jun 2012

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