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Rip off Fees

Rang Suncorp to report a lost debit card and was informed of $12.50 replacement fee. All those previous bank charges plus what they make from our saving.

Dumping this greedy mob.

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Thank you suncorp

Suncorp i just want to give your company in particular your ctp insurance claims section a 10/10. I am so so very touched by the actions of the Brisbane branch and i cannot express my gratitude enough. I know there are always negative stories about insurers but i just want to thank suncorp from the bottom of my heart and give credit where it is due. You have made something heartbreaking a little bit easier, it is appreciated beyond any words.

Worst bank ever

Their call centre is hopeless, takes hours to do anything. Do not use, better to get less interest and go with a more reliable bank. I'm still not sure if they still have my money.

Customer Service

Many staff to meet and greet but only 2 who actually work

I only attend this bank with my mother. When you walk in at 9am there are approximately 6 staff to meet and greet but STILL only two at the counter to do the hard work.
There was approximately 6 staff who vanished witthin 1 minute of opening with only two to do the real service. STILL!!
This has been going foe years and there us so much 'pretending' to work. It is very sad.

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Very bad service

I’ve had life insurance policies with Suncorp for many years. I had to change the visa for direct debits. It took a total of 14 hours over the phone! Then a few months later I noticed the debits had stopped. I rang Suncorp and was told they had been cancelled no reason given. Im sick to death of their bad service. Banking was the same. I’ve moved all banking. I can’t get new life cover.

Customer service is worse than zero!

I joined Suncorp 30 years ago when it was Metway, before the merger. Service & products good then, BUT now customers are merely an interruption to their day and it is incredibly frustrating even getting the simplest thing done. As I do 99% online I've been able to ignore it but having recently applied for a card after credit cards with other banks, I spent nearly 4 hours per day on the phone for over a week, with the most unprofessional staff who messed up everything, listed incorrect info on my application resulting in it being rejected in less than 24 hours, requested my income evidence 5 times & misplaced it, gave me 4 different emails to submit docs, never acknowledged receipt as requested, then said they were escalating it due to their mistakes and I've never heard a thing since. Phoned my local branch 3 times but no response despite their promise to call back the same day. As someone who has a high & regular income, own home, lots of assets, no debt or dependents & a perfect credit rating I just wonder how tbey can get it so wrong. I eventually drove to a branch for help, demanded to see the manager (which was another battle) & thought they must be closing down with only one of 2 tellers serving the queue, which was out the door & most of the furniture gone....The manager was empathetic but still no credit card so luckily I'd secured one in a 15 min call with one of the big four who are couriering it to me in time for a long trip. Cards are issued by Citibank so until they get rid of them & their complete ineptitude it will be an uphill battle. Obviously I am now in the process of switching the funds from all of our accounts away from Suncorp.

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Nothing but problems

Compared to the major banks, shockingly bad. App sells products, not service customers. No help options help, recurring payment info, why it hadn't processed payment entered immediately. Online version same.

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I genuinely love suncorp?

Posting this positive review to balance out the negatives a little. I've been with suncorp for over a decade, they have always been amazing. Their customer service over the phone has always been quick and helpful. One time I withdrew $300 at 3am at an ATM, and they called me about two minutes after to make sure it was me who did it as it didn't match my usual activity. Their app is awesome, transfer time to different banks is usually two days the first time and then one day from there on out. Instant transfers from suncorp to suncorp accounts. Only downfall is I moved to Victoria, they don't have many banks in this state, my closest one is Melbourne (about 1.5 hours from me), but it hasn't been an issue in the whole 4 years I've lived here. I know 3 other people who are with suncorp and they also love it! So idk why there's so many bad reviews, sad to see it. I guess people really only post reviews when they are unhappy. Can't comment on credit cards, however I always recommend them for day to day banking.

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Does Suncorp still exist ?

I've just come back home from 2 years working overseas and with me I brought a large amount of cash in several Asian currencies that I wanted to convert to AUD$. I wanted to put some of this into my savings account, keep some in cash as spending money and set up a new term deposit for the balance.
I went to my local branch at Sandgate to perform the transaction - but find that branch is now a pharmacy ! I thought they must have relocated further down the road so I walked up and down the street, but no Suncorp. I asked at the pharmacy and they said that Suncorp had closed this branch and ATM machine.
I then drove to the Suncorp business centre in Virginia - but found it had closed too. So I drove to the small branch that used to be at Geebung - of course it was gone too. I then drove to the Aspley Hypermarket and found where Suncorp once was, was now an Asian grocery store ! The grocery store staff told me Suncorp had relocated to a new store in the same shopping centre, so I went there. At this store I found a wall of ATM machines and a bored looking female staff member sitting at the desk at the front of the store. I told her what I wanted to do and she said "Sorry, we don't do over the counter deposits here or foreign exchange, you will have to go to a full service store" I replied "What is this store, a NO service store?" she just smiled. She said the nearest full service store is at Chermside. I wasn't going to go there as it is located in a huge shopping centre, difficult to park, a long way to walk and probably big queues of customers. So, I decided to drive to the Suncorp branch at the smaller Strathpine Westfield shopping centre where I had done business before - and guess what... that branch was closed too.
I went home and phoned Suncorp (on hold for 15 minutes) and was told some crap "We are changing the way we do business with you" I was told that I can do deposits and withdrawals at the Sandgate Post Office or the ATM at the National Australia Bank... WTH??? I told her I wanted to deposit a large sum of cash in foreign currency and she said you can't do that at the Post Office or ATM, you will have to go to the nearest full service branch at Kippa Ring - some 40 minutes drive away. I was so disgusted that I just hung up.
Later that day I went to have a look at the ATM at the NAB at Sandgate and while looking a bit puzzled, a lovely female NAB staff member approached me and asked if she could help. I told her about stupid Suncorp and she said NAB can help you, we have picked up a lot of ex Suncorp customers after Suncorp have deserted the local residents.
I how have an NAB savings account, foreign cash exchanged, term deposit set up and a credit card application being processed. I am now in the process of closing all of my Suncorp accounts, Visa Card, Home Insurance, Car Insurance and Life Insurance and will be moving the lot to a bank that cares and offers customer service.
Shame on you Suncorp.

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Payee name NOT visible & bookeeper cannot access our statements

Joined last year and two issues.

1- when sending funds to payee saved or not - Suncorp will never show payees name! This is ridiculous and no other bank functions this way.

2- Also bookeeper access to our accounts prohibits access to statements making us having to print them for our accounting services and sending!

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Gone to the dogs...

Been with this bank 20+ years. Recently bpay bills stop sending email alerts, was fogged off twice by customer support telling me it doesn't work anymore. I unsubscribed then re subscribed to bpay bills and its working again. They messed up and couldnt be bothered fixing it for customers. Secondly no response from support for other queries. Bye Suncorp, in the process of moving today.

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Worst Customer service in QLD

Terrible. Customer service is non existent. Went through to 4 different people, explain the same process. Just forget this company.

Doesn’t work

Have been trying to use this app to see what the Suncorp rewards program involves, but it is impossible to get in. Very weird setup; I already have a Suncorp app and have to duplicate it for the rewards? Don’t even know the rewards are worth it but I can’t find anywhere to read about them without enrolling for the app!

Most incompetent and bureaucratic organisation in Australia - avoid this bank like the plague

I was not able to send an email directly to a staff member, they only accepted fax and mail. It's 2019. The whole application took over three months, wrong forms, multiple phone calls and innumerable hours wasted on bureaucratic dead ends with disempowered staff that didn't seem to understand.

Wrong place with wrong people

Slow processing and worst customer services. They don’t even care about customer support services. Banking with them for last 2 years.

Worst, slowest and most outdated bank ever

Have had nothing but problems with this bank. Money takes longer to hit your account with them, than any other bank and outdated banking. Ridiculous mobile banking apps that are time consuming and inconvenient. Over 7 working days and counting to clear a cheque!! Opened a joint account which resulted in them messing up the entire process as well and our pay didn't hit our account until a week later due to a bank managers incompetence. Would not recommend this bank to my worst enemy. When I asked to speak to someone about placing a complaint they told me I couldn't as there was no one to do it!! Ha! Of course! When you call you get overseas persons that do not know how to do their job and take twice as long as they should and give you incorrect info.

From beginning to end...a nightmare!!

A short term loan that for the first months doubly charged me interest! After that was finally rectified fees were charged every year that were supposed to have been waived (stipulated in a contract).
When closing the loan down a string of fees were added to my loan, fees that were also supposed to be waived (stipulated in a contract) again my time had to be wasted to sort this out!
A pay out out figure was given to me and it was paid out on the 19/12/18 and 4.5 weeks later I received a phone call to say another fee had to be paid to release my title!
A pay out figure I would assume means PAY OUT!
Every time I had contact with Suncorp they were eager to blame someone else for these errors...a totally unprofessional bank if that’s what you can actually call them!

Lame duck

They closed, kingaroy, closed tellers at Gympie, closed tellers at Maryborough, now I have to drive minimum of 200klm to deposit. Dont use debit card to link to auto tellers as mine was compromised although I didnt use it for a year, Suncorp told me shouldnt of happened but it did and my card security is not assured. I rum a pub and need tellers services. I have been with Suncorp for 25 years, but their new operating style is extremely customer unfriendly. Find another bank because they are only going to get worse. Goodbye Suncorp.

Looking after Westpac's customers in preference to their own.

Been a customer of Suncorp for over 30 years, thought about leaving this Building Society pretending to be a Bank a thousand times over lack of Branches, lack of action on any matter, Auto tellers giving out only $20 notes ( try to get $1000 in $20 notes), & today they pushed me over the edge by not coming into bat for me when it seemed that a Hotel had held back $50 in case I drank out of their mini bar. Suncorp had & still has the money but wont release it after 6 days just in case the Westpac Customer (the hotel) objected. The Hotel gave me a copy of their order to Suncorp to release (dated 4 days ago), though Suncorp wouldn't relent.So, win, lose or draw with my $50, Suncorp's a dead duck with me.

Worst Bank an d customer service ANYWHERE

If I could give a negative 10 rating I would. What a scam!

I have been trying for 4 weeks to have these idiots close an account for a home loan I paid in full on the 19/12/2018. They refuse to close it saying I still owe money ($266) and they are still charging interest. Their excuse is that I did not receive a pay out figure, or at least the correct one. I pointed out their incompetent colleagues at the Eastland Branch in Ringwood gave me the payout figure in person. This is a first class scam by them to keep the loan alive and keep charging interest and charges they have not right to. Every phone call I made to them to have the account closed has seen them give me different advice, different figures (from $100 - 650 that I allegedly owe), and even one person saying ignore the figures when we process this request in maybe 4 weeks they will reverse the charges, even though this acton will see me lose the purchase of another property due to contract breach!

Avoid Suncorp at ALL COSTS!!!! They are devious, unhelpful and basic ally thieves.

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