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Suncorp Motor Insurance

Suncorp Motor Insurance

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Insurance always has surprises and frustrations.

Our car was a write off due to another driver crossing the centre line and slamming into our car. The payout figure was paid within 10 days which was excellent.
However 2 points I was not aware of were. 1 when the car is a write off the insurance company hand in the plates and receive the refund in the registration. 2 Although we had UNLIMITED hire car the second they pay out they want the hire car back. From the time they officially told us the car was a write off to the time they paid out was a few days so you are left with no car. Just points to be aware of when buying any car insurance.

Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 weeks
Claim DateMarch 2019

What a con

My Sister in law received $50.00 for each car that was insured by Suncorp CTP. I called Suncorp because i wanted the deal also and was informed that after I payed the registration on my cars it would all go through. Surprise surprise, after paying the rego and nothing was received I called Suncorp again who informed me that the promotion was only for those who received the letter and I would not be eligible.(remember that i had called Suncorp prior to confirm) I think its about time that these sort of companies should be held responsible for telling anything to get money from people.You lost me Suncorp.

Insurance claim madeNo

Exceptional customer service

I was just blown off by the customer service I experienced after a car hit kangaroo accident at night time. Very prompt to arrange every needed service and the way of communication just melted me away. Hats off to the entire customer service team. My 3 month old new car was written off and replaced by a brand new car. My color of choice was not available initially. But Suncorp waited until my preferred color was imported and arranged rental car service for the whole period. Amazing service. Would highly recommend Suncorp Car Insurance.

Insurance claim madeNo

If I could give no stars I would

13 years a customer and the treatment from Suncorp was appalling. The car accident wasn’t our fault but Suncorp made the whole experience awful. Do not insure with them!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Good Service and Replacment work good quality

Had a replacement windscreen done, lodged online claim and was phoned within an hour and was organized for the next morning to have it replaced onsite. No Issues had and happy with the work.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent service

I have been with Suncorp now for about 5 years. I recently had to put in a claim on my car that was damaged in an accident an subsequently caught fire. They were brilliant from the 1st call to lodge a claim to the assessor calling me to confirm car was a total loss and that I would receive my agreed value that car was insured for. Within 4 working days I had received the payment. Thanks Suncorp

Insurance claim madeYes


Terrible service, continuous mistakes made by the staff and they don't pay out on claims. They increased our premium when told it was permanently located at a holiday park as it was deemed a higher risk and then at claim time didn't know the address the van was located. The caravan was 2 years old we experienced a series of severe storms and given its a holiday van and don't see it everyday didn't know which storm had caused damage leading to a leak that did a lot of damage to our caravan. Suncorp refused our claim even in review because we didn't know which storm did the damage and couldn't prove that "a tree fell on the caravan". We were honest in our explanation and to be refused due to 'wear and tear' on a Caravan that was not even three years old was ludicrous. We are now working with the ombudsman to resolve this as Suncorp will not reconsider. The customer service was terrible the entire process as for the premiums they charge you would hope for better. I would caution anyone considering Suncorp or current Suncorp customers to move elsewhere.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent customer service

Have been with suncorp for 15 years..This is the first time i made a claim..From the first day..I received the best customer service support and within 4 days they made paid back the money as my ute was writeoff..
Keep up the good work.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolutely disgusting.

Biggest scammers in Australia, insurance fraud is their game and they know how to manipulate your story, I had a claim made against me and they tried charging me over $3000 for a rear bumper bar that is only worth $208.65 from Toyota, and couldn't explain to me where the other $2800 had come from.

I even asked for the financial hardship forms as I truly am struggling, they blatantly disregarded my application even though I have no job and do no receive government payments.

Insurance claim madeNo

So far so good

Cheap price, much less than the alternatives. Went for full comprehensive with low fees higher excess. Found quite a large scratch across 2 panels of car a few weeks back and the claim went through quite smoothly. I didn't get a replacement car but they paid for taxi to and from the workshop. The call centres are local and very friendly.

Insurance claim madeYes

Large increase in policy despite no claims

I received a rude shock to find my policy had increase by over 15% (more than $110) despite no claims and my car being worth less given it is a year older. No explanation was able to be provided except that apparently there was a discount when I applied because I was a new customer. Clearly Suncorp don’t respect customer loyalty and are just chasing the new customer and could care less about retaining current customers. As a side point, be careful with your privacy. Suncorp sent my policy to an old salary packing company I no longer use, despite updating them a year ago with my correct email address.

Insurance claim madeNo

Sorry, wrong place, please remove!

My home loan with Suncorp. This year they tried to call me several times to sell their insurance. But the sales used my home address as my insured address, I just found out when I did the tax return for my investment property. I just want to ask them, do you buy the landlord insurance for your residential property? They want to charge me $35 for changing address. I said please cancel the insurance due to the unprofessional service. They cancelled it and charge me $33 for Cancellation. So unhappy conversation and I will never use any product from them! ()

Insurance claim madeNo

Would highly recommend Suncorp. Cannot fault them.

I've held policies with Suncorp for 2 and a half years. Recently someone hit the back of my car. Suncorp were very easy to deal with, repairs were arranged immediately and I'm truly impressed with their services and the turn over. Friendly staff, very understanding and compassionate. Would recommend Suncorp to everyone i know.

Insurance claim madeYes

Horrible customer relation service

I am with Suncorp vehicle insurance for almost two years now. I have my home insurance with Suncorp and my home loan is also with Suncorp too. Presently I have an active vehicle insurance claim for very minor accident. I have given my car on September 21st. On September 28th I already informed Suncorp that I would be travelling overseas 7th October for a month time. They said, I should be getting my car back before that. When I couldn’t get any recent update about my car, I called Suncorp this morning and they kept me on hold for a long time and came back to say that my car is expected to be ready by 8th October. I told them that I already informed them before that I will be travelling overseas and I won’t be in Australia on 8th October and if they can assist me in getting the car a bit early so that I can collect my car before I travel. I even told them that I do have my home insurance & home loan along with Suncorp vehicle insurance. I just requested for a help that if they can give my car repaired by 7th. However, I got a unique reply from the Suncorp customer care team i.e. “having more insurance doesn’t mean whatever you can ask that you want”. I just need their cooperation to get my car a day early pretty much. Gone further & called customer complaint relation manager, but it seems to get my car ready one day earlier was a big deal for Suncorp. The answer was “A big no”. The Suncorp team member attitude never seems like friendly or cooperative. Suncorp, definitely I can guarantee you that you are losing one of your customer and that is not only for car insurance, but my home & content as well eventually. Also, I will never suggest / recommend Suncorp for your pathetic service to any of my friends or known people. The lady ([name removed]) on phone was so rude too. This is definitely not a service that a customer expect.

Insurance claim madeYes

Claims knocked back on minor technicality

My son has had insurance with Suncorp almost 3 years never claimed, first time he has claimed gets knocked back because did not update details on insurance. However they happy to charge him highest premiums and promptly deduct insurance from his account but when comes to claim find any excuse to not resolve his claim!!! Would not recommend this insurance company. Exploit young individuals!

Insurance claim madeYes

Banking Royal Commission and Suncorp

“Suncorp was later fined by ASIC $43,200 for misleading advertising over its communications relating to its “complete replacement cover”. The royal commission heard that this was a much smaller amount than the $7.2 million in fines it could receive.”. ABC News

Insurance claim madeNo

Supportive, reliable and honhest to deal with

After having being involved in a road accident Suncorp had my car booked scheduled for repairs with in a fortnight. When I called to raise the claim the operators first concern was for my and my family’s safety first and foremost. Following on from that the process itself was painless. The only downside is some of the authorised repairers are not worth the risk Suncorp inherit from poor work, and the offshore call centres are fristrating also. The repairers rely on the life time gauruntee that Suncorp offer but it’s the repair shops who should be held accountable and poorly reviewed in instances like this. Suncorp itself, and other AAI brands like AAMI for the house and CIL for the caravan, have been great to deal with. All my concerns were dealt with and ultimately Suncorp could not have done any more to help.

Insurance claim madeYes

Extremely helpful

With my car insurance up for renewal I contacted Suncorp, I couldn't praise them highly enough. They were courteous; informative and gave me a great price. I would definitely RECOMMEND them

Insurance claim madeYes


I recently purchased a new car (not brand new but still around $30,000.00). After having the car for three weeks I hit a Kangaroo. I put in a claim immediately. I have now been waiting for nearly four weeks without a car. Suncorp are advising that the repairs have been authorised...but they will not pay the repairers costs???? Agreed worst staff to deal with. Very rude, arrogant. I will be contacting the ombudsman as I cannot get a response from Suncorp as to when I can get my car repaired.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great car insurance- very effecient

1 new car write off from a hail storm- replaced effectiently with a new car next model up with all the extras. 2 minor damage claims side door and tailgate both quickly and totally repaired as new. A bit dearer than other companies but FANTASTIC, quick and reliable service.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

Although Suncorp offer lifetime guarantee from a legal point of view who are the ones that have to honour it who being the repair shop or the insurance company and in the end who wares the bill for rerepairs
No answers

If you have comprehensive advantages and need a windscreen replaced (first one this year) do I still have to ring Suncorp or can I just give the windscreen people my insurance policy number?
1 answer
I've been in this situation and found that by calling the Suncorp insurance line and going through their phone prompts, if you only have damage to your windscreen (i.e. no other panel damage as part of a larger claim), your call gets routed to the windscreen people (O'Brien) and they handle it.

Am just wondering if this advanced car insurance is worth it compared to what you can pay with other insurance. Has anyone every received a free car rental if they have an accident?
4 answers
Sorry I haven't needed to or heard of anyone recieving any free car while their car gets fixed.Nope.. if you're with Suncorp or GIO good luck. they say they'll give you this and that.. but once they sucker you into signing up or moving over you'll get nothing back.. Only wish you don't have a car accident, if you do I can guarantee you they'll say your car is a write off. RACV is better. Suncorp and GIO are the one and the same businessI was offered free car when my car was damaged or for repair under my insurance with GIO. Signed up all happy and when the time came, I got peanuts.. lol Seriously. Nothing. They give you excuses like we don't have a vehicle at the moment or that you have to be living x Kms from the service station. etc etc..

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