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Staff commendation

A big thanks to the wonderful young man from Earlville Cairns store, for going above and beyond for me On Sunday 14/4/19. Needed a bulb for blinker but could not get the cover off, he came out showed me how to do it for future reference and then proceeded to do it for me. Even offered to assist me getting my wheelchair back into car. Not the first time I have had great staff interaction and great customer service.. Well done all..

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Product not matching what it explained

I brought touch up paint for my car which is zero percentage match to original. Why Supercheap Auto sell thought product which doesn't satisfied customers, it only giving false information. Even I go back to talk regarding out come of product used but staff who sold this product didn't accept there mistake..... even I try what they explained three layer coat but still no match to original color. Through My friend help I got touch up online which is around 95% matching to original. .. only visible scratch mark if we go closer.....

Also price are higher than other shop.... I brought car wash shampoo half price in BigW, Kmart........

If you want proof contact me via email - [contact details removed]

Product Quality
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Experienced problems with dash cam purchased December, 2018- spoke with Tyna and the problem was solved. Eventhough Oxley store did not have the same dash cam in stock she obtained one from Mt Garvatt store. However as Supecheap does not transfer stock from store to store, Tyna organised for a staff member to take it home and she collected it from there.Excellent customer service. Many thanks Tyna.

Product Quality
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C'mon. Supercheap? Occasionally there may be a good deal or sale within the store, but lately, I have noticed some downright wroughting on some of their products. For starters, I went in their to price some 5L oil for my car. I ended up walking out and then doing some price matching online through other stores and compared them to supercheap. I ended up buying a 5L Shell Helix HX3. I found it way more expensive at Supercheap selling at nearly $29. Kmart had the exact same product for $20.

Another example is the stereo head unit i brought which was a JVC KW-R930BT. Supercheap we're retailing this at $249. I picked this up at Automotive Superstore Online for $160. That's $89 more than a competitor.

In summing up, these people should be ashamed to call themselves supercheap, they are anything but, and the quality of some of their products really needs to be questioned. It's more like supercrap.

Product Quality
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Purchase guarantee a mirage!

Noted that Autobarn had a Gator dash cam on sale at $169. I also noted that Supercheap had what appeared to be an identical unit for $199. Shop quite a bit at Supercheap so I though I would give them a price match opportunity. But no luck "it is not the same" was the retort then they just moved on to another customer who had interrupted the exchange . The whole ethos of the experience was that they had no inclination for a match and I had the feeling I had no right to seek one. So on to Autobarn where I should have gone first and will go in future.

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Went to get champion plastic plugs
But are as expensive as steel nuts and bolts
I would have to buy at least four packets of plugs for Seven dollars a pack
Should not Supercheap be cheaper

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Overpriced x2 to x3 times on items I can obtain at Onlineautoparts a bit further down the road from (not so) Supercheap.

I purchased a set of Calibre brand disc brake pads from Supercheap Nundah just under one year ago - as recommended for my son's Ford Laser with the full vehicle description provided.
While replacing brake hoses and bleeding the front brakes today (just under 12 months later) I noticed that the inner pads on both front disc calipers were almost 50% worn, whereas the previous set of pads had lasted on the vehicle for more than 4 years. I also noticed that the inner pads sat slightly higher than the outer (but only by <0.5mm) yet this was enough to cause wear on the anti-rattle clips on both sides of the vehicle. The consequence of this - the driver’s side spring clip had worn through and lost the inner half, while the passenger side clip was half worn through on the inner side (both caused by rubbing on the inner pads which were sitting very slightly above the disc brake rotor than the outer pads – pretty clear evidence provided to Supercheap, but initially not accepted).
On revisiting Supercheap today, the attitude was to avoid the obvious evidence in front of them and blame non-existent alternate issues (based only on guess work). Once I insisted, further checks revealed that while two different pad sets were on their system as fitting my son’s vehicle, but the one supplied to me was in fact not compatible.
In checking another suppliers Bosch and Brembo (reputable brand) replacement pad sets, I was horrified to find that the prices on these were 50% and 40% of price of the Calibre set previously purchased from Supercheap.
While initially no refund for the cost of the incorrect set was offered, this was done once I agreed to pay an additional ~40% for Bendix pads (not in stock and almost 2 to 3 times the price of the Bosch and Brembo sets). The initial suggestion was that better quality pads might be required - very interesting since Calibre seems to be a Supercheap favourite.
Now the dilemma is that I cannot obtain the replacement anti-rattle clips destroyed by the incorrect part supplied by Supercheap since Ford only supplied them as parts in a complete pad replacement set which is no longer available (Supercheap attitude predictably – not our responsibility – but yes it should be).
So much time wasted, overpriced incorrect parts supplied and still no solution in place.
Today it was insult to injury (again) with the second set of pads as recommended by Supercheat Nundah incorrect when collected (full vehicle details had been provided correctly by me on both occasions) - wrong again!!!. Back to SC after my confirming with Jim at Bendix that set 2 were incompatible, Nundah uncooperative about giving me a refund, more time wasting, SC (lack of) customer service phoned Bendix and claimed the pads would fit. With considerable difficulty and more wasted time, finally obtained a refund of $76.99. Returned home and again confirmed with Bendix (Rod this time) that the pads were incorrect. The worst, most insulting, uncooperative customer service I have ever received from the other side of the counter - EVER in my 67 years.
Back to Onlineautoparts at Virginia and picked up correct Brembo replacement pads for $29.75.
I could have done the whole brake pad and rotor replacement along with caliper rebuild in less time than the time wasted in dealing with SC.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Definitely, their price is not the cheapest one!

I don't know why SuperCheap Auto claims that they are beating all the prices online/offline!! It's a blatant lie! They have some products, which are not available at Supermarket shops - you need to buy those from SCA, no other way. But some products are available at KMart, Woolies, and Coles; check the prices twice before buying from SCA. Definitely, they (SCA) are not "SUPER CHEAP".
Most of the products are overpriced! Overall nice collection of products!

Product Quality

Be careful, when you look like abit stupid, they will cheating you straight away

Be careful
If you r look like abit stupid or dumb
Or no good speak English
They will cheating you
And when u open the door and walk out
You will hear they’re laughing at ur back.

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Smithfield Cairns

My wife went into store to buy headlight globe. Price was double you can get on ebay delivered. She asked if staff could fit part for her and was told would cost a further $15. Time it took me to fit part was 20 seconds. Customer service non existent!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Horrible staff

After what I thought was a simple part however the guy at the glen wavely store laughed at me like I was an idiot. Was so rude to me and offered no help to me at all.

Not Recommended SCA Battery

Last six month using SCA battery , if not driving a car few days the battery goes to flat need to charging the battery. Mechanic said the battery is a problem but SCA shop didn't take any responsible the battery still have one year warranty I don't know what for that. I have written the review on the SCA website but after week the deleted. I"m regular customer of SCA disappointed.

Product Quality

Manager's discretion on return policy

Buying a part that is wrapped in a plastic that you have to open to try it on the car. I just couldn't use this product in my car as it sounds like a toy car. Returning it for a refund or credit, is on the manager's discretion. I wasn't intending to just to open it and return the product. I cut it across the package, and the manager said that he can't resell it. Which is fair. But I'm stuck with an unusable product that no one would probably put it on their car. Specially i was putting it on a souped up car. It would be a shame to push the button.

Wentworthville store is hopeless

This is the second time within weeks. Supercheap has lost my business.. They had oil on special and myself and another man asked if the oil advertised was the same one on the shelf. The woman said no so i walked to the front of the store to get the catalogue. It was clearly stated that the oil was in fact on sale but she disputed even with the catalogue as proof. I just couldn't be bothered wasting my time so i went to Repco instead. Yesterday, my car battery went flat so i called up to see if they had a battery for my model car. She put me on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up and called again and she wanted to put me on hold, again. I said no and called the NRMA instead. Battery replaced within 30 minutes of calling them. So in the last few weeks, Supercheap has lost $280 from me and further purchases.

Unsatisfactory after sale service

Having just purchased a Stanley 18v Brushless drill kit from Supercheap Auto I was concerned that the two included batteries were date stamped 2 years ago. When I tried to raise this issue with SCA via email and phone all I got was a total lack of interest and lame advice including that it takes time to get products on the shelves from the suppliers!! 2 years!! Not helpful or reassuring.


They lure people from other retail jobs and act like they are promising a permanent position, but the fine print is that when they sign up, they don't get regular hours and indeed as often is the case, very few hours work! You are lucky to get 4 hours on a Saturday for the whole week!!!!

Customer Service

It was easy finding the Cowra store. Extremelt satisfied with the range, quality and customer service. 11/10 recommend passing by!

Helpful Staff

I find it a bit sad to see the bad reviews left for SCA, Ok I miss the paint range and paint prices from a couple of years back but overall there is a good range of products and some great specials. The staff are friendly and very helpful and their online store is great when you can not get into the store on a particular day. Bet you critics still go to SCA so stop your whinging and grab a bargain with a smile. RJ Greenbushes.

Don't waste your time

I wanted to order a custom fitted dust-proof cover for a Torana XU-1. The guys at Supercheap Auto said they could arrange one for me except that they didn't have the booklet in store for me to choose colours and fabrics. They said they'd get this in and call me in a day or two. I chased them up for weeks, only to get the same response, and never hearing back. I eventually went elsewhere. Don't waste your time.

Arrogant or Ignorant Staff

Today, I went to the store 8201 in Cannington, WA and purchased 5 items. Couple of the items was a Window Shade Side Static Single that I went out and tried to fit it onto my car but found that it was too small. I went back in to the store to return the 2 shades costing a total of $9.18. The staff took my Tax Invoice Receipt, scanned it and put it to his side. After making the refund transaction, he only gave me the Refund Receipt. When I asked him for my original Tax Invoice Receipt, he was hesitant. Then he took a black permanent marker and scratched across the returned items on the original making a total mess of it. Either he's arrogant or ignorant. Serving behind the counter, he should know that I'm entitled to a Tax Invoice Receipt. All he had to do was to circle the return items number (#) and write rtu next to it and then staple the Return Receipt to the Tax Invoice Receipt and hand it over to me like Bunnings and all the others do.

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