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Poor customer service, would not refund on faulty item. Sent damaged stock. Do not recommend.

Poor customer service, would not refund on faulty item. Sent damaged stock, after some very ridiculous communications with rep told it was our fault. Do not recommend. Happy to share pics n copy of emails as proof.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Amazing shipping time

I grabbed some catch surf softop wax and I swear that as soon as I hit buy now it was at my door. Ok slight dramatization, however these guys are killing it. Will be purchasing from here more often and would recommend to everyone.

False advertising, missing items and false promotions.

I was extremely unhappy as they forgot half of the items in my order/ did not receive some of the items i payed for, and refused refund or compensation. Thought this service would be reliable however was been extremely let down. Reccoment avoiding this site.

Customer Service

Best service ever from an online retailer.
Seamless handling of my queries re returns. Super responsive & prompt attention.
Very fast delivery.

Damaged goods

Received a skateboard chipped on the edge. Was wrapped securely in bubble wrap so would have been sent damaged. Trying to get any aftersale service is virtually imposible. Given the run around. Will not deal with this mob again.

Poor service- 4 week return

For an online retailer that has existed for so long, Surf Stitch have terrible approach to customer service. It’s no surprise that they are in dire straits.

VIt took 4 weeks to return my item, only to receive the exact same one I wanted to swap for a different size with a note saying they won’t be exchanging.

Avoid using Surf Stitch at all costs- use another retailer that values customers.


SurfStich is my go to online store. Amazing range of products, amazing sales and amazing delivery time.
I have purchased many items from SurfStitch and am never disappointed!

Great products, great customer service but the delivery provider they use let them down

Love Surfstich and have been a loyal customer for years including when they were going through liquidation. Recently I paid for Express Delivery via StarTrack who is their delivery provider to an address in Perth and the package went missing. Surf Stitch customer service was excellent however they have no control over their delivery provider and the less than factual evidence StarTrack provided as evidence of delivery fell well short of proof of delivery.

If you are buying from SurfStitch be aware that they use Startack who has a very poor reputation (see Product Review for evidence of such). Paying extra for delivery does not give you a signed for option.

Consider finding another online provider of quality clothing and accessories that doesn't use StarTrack as their delivery provider.

Out of pocket, birthday boy didn't get his present and time/energy spent trying to locate package. Great Customer service person at Surfstitch also has spent a lot of his time on this trying to solve an external problem with a company that has some unethical practices.

However - hilarious photos of supposed delivery from StarTrack that we have shared widely around our office that has given everyone a great laugh.

No Complaints

I ordered on a Sunday items were delivered on Tuesday, items were exactly as described on website and excellent quality. Will definitely be using them again :)

Easy exchange

Bought my first pair of Birkenstocks and was unsure about sizing and I should have gone a size down, as suggested. Return was free and received the better fitting size today. Surfstitch are always reliable and have great sales throughout the year too. I always get great items for myself and my son delivered super fast with free delivery when you spend $50 and over. Highly recommend!

Not a single complaint! Great experience

I got a denim jacket for my husband and the site guided me to get the right size. I bought it and had it delivered in less than a week to NZ. The quality is excellent, the description was accurate and the size was perfect :)

They sent the wrong item and I had to waste time resources to not make it a complete waste of money

They sent the wrong item and I had to waste time & resources to not make it a complete waste of money.
They were in breach of Australian consumer law, misrepresentation. Since being taken over by a multinational they are NOT worth doing business with. Shop local!

Pleasant sale

Easy to purchase item was as described and packaged well and post was at my door within 3 days of ordering

Waited for 3 weeks not receiving thevitem

Bought 10 caps from Surfstich, they put the wrong address on the parcel, end up parcel sent to Gold Coast instead of Sydney, 3 weeks waiting time. I decided to get refund, their processing time is really slow.

Appalling Customer Service

To Whom it may concern,

Unfortunately I have just recently experienced some absolutely terrible customer service at Surfstitch and feel completed deflated about the experience and the Surfstitch brand.

In October 2018 I purchased a Billabong 85L Travel Bag online through Surfstitch, loved the bag and was very happy with my purchase and the speedy delivery but that was as good as it got with the service from Surfstitch employees.

In October 2019 I noticed the zipper lining on one of the zippers had torn, I had only used the bag twice and it seemed like something that might be covered under warranty. So I took some photos of the damage and emailed Surfstitch to confirm if this could be rectified under warranty. As if it couldn't I would happily keep the bag and get it repaired myself as the damaged was minor in nature and I was very happy with the performance of the product. Surfstitch responded and stated that the repair or replacement of the bag was covered within the warranty period (which was still valid) and they sent me the free postage tag to return the item to them, which I proceeded to do.

I will note on the email response from Surfstitch (can be produced if required) that the customer service agent stated "As soon as we receive your item we will start the assessment of your fault and
will be in touch with any updates." I thought all was order and I returned the item to Surfstitch.

A week or so went by with no response, than out of the blue I receive an email notification from Surfstitch stating "Refund Confirmation - Just a quick email to confirm that your returned item(s) have been received
and processed for refund." This was a complete shock to me as I had not requested a refund nor had I been informed that I was getting one. I did not want a refund, I wanted the bag I returned for repair as I had no problems with the product itself.

Once I received this email I contacted Surfstitch customer service immediately via phone and email to confirm I did not want a refund and that I would happily take my bag back in its original state. I was told by 2 separate customer service agents being [name removed] & [name removed] that it was too late and my bag could not be returned to me as it was gone. I was completely gobsmacked at this stage and could not understand how we had got to this position. They proceeded to inform me that that bag has now been superseded by a newer model and that they could not exchange it due to this and that Billabong refused to repair it so a refund was the only option. I stated my case that at no time had Surfstitch contacted me (as they stated they would in the original return confirmation) to let me know my options about the return. As mentioned, if it couldn't be repaired or swapped I would have gladly taken back the bag in its current condition but they just kept telling me that this was the unfortunate situation and that was the end of it.

As you could imagine I was very agitated at this point and sent another email to Surfstitch customer service voicing my disappointment at this situation and could they rectify this asap. The return email I received stated "Sorry but there was nothing they could do" and then they bombarded me with several pages of fine print of terms and conditions obviously trying to make this situation go away. Subsequent to this email, [name removed] the customer service representative had the hide to then ask me if I wanted to purchase the new model of my bag at a more expensive price and in the same breath informed me that it was nearly identical to the model I had but yet they could not exchanged as it was a "newer model" even though it was nearly identical. At this stage I was getting nowhere and felt I needed to expand my disappointment with the hope of getting a more fair and equitable outcome.

I hope you can understand my frustration, if I had known that there was a risk that I would not get back what I returned, then I would not have sent it in the first place. I have since reviewed the guidelines and practices that companies are required to adhere to as stipulated by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Surfstitch have failed in their obligations to me as a consumer. They are required to keep me notified of my return and my options as they arise during this process, they did not do this. They will claim that they are acting inline with their "terms & conditions" but in reality they acted unfairly and have been deceitful in how I was treated as a consumer and had no intention to assist with this situation. Surfstitch still need to act in a fair and equitable manner under the law no matter the content of their terms and conditions but unfortunately they did not and are not willing to acknowledge this, which is the morally disappointment fact here for Surfstitch.

I hope that other consumers take note of this and do not get subjected to the same appalling customer service that I have been. I am now left with no bag and a bad taste in my mouth with Surfstitch and what they represent as a company.

Mislead on free shipping

I bought a truckers cap on ebay with click and collect assuming there was no delivery charge. They charged the delivery fee on top of the advertised purchase price. I felt duped and misled

My go to

SurfStitch have always been fantastic, great range, excellent prices and the shipping is super fast. I ordered Tuesday morning and had my package arrive Wednesday arvo to country NSW! After having dramas with other online surf stores waiting for packages that never came or took 2 weeks+ I won’t shop online anywhere else now.

Best Online Shop for brands,range, price & super quick delivery in Australia & NZ & easy returns

Love shopping at Surfstitch this is my go to shop for the whole family and WOW the sale prices are just amazing. Super impressed they ship to New Zealand with the same super quick delivery as here in Australia as now I'm doing my birthday and Xmas shopping for the relies over there through Surfstitch too. On the very odd occasion I have had to return an item because of size the process was easy and didn't cost me a cent. Highly recommend to all.

Favourite online shopping service

Another pay day another SurfStitch purchase. I have never had any issues, shipping is fast & returns are quick and easy. Amazing customer service!

Great range. Quick delivery.

I love shopping with Surfstich - it's so easy and there is a huge range. On the occasions where the items I ordered didn't fit me, I was easily able to return the items and received a refund quickly.

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Questions & Answers

On average, what quality is the material of Surfstitch clothing? Are they longer lasting than for example, Target?
2 answers
The quality is great, better than average! Have been buying clothes off Surf Stitch for years. Even the less known brands that we've purchased have laundered well and lasted the test of time. Wouldn't even compare them to target, you can buy styles from SS that you won't see everyone else wearing!Surfstitch carry so many different labels. Most of them popular and widely known. Some of the garments are disappointing , but generally they are as I expected. Surfstich as a company to deal with has been excellent. I have placed many orders, no errors no faulty merchandise and extremely fast dispatch.

What do you do if you cant remember your order number but you want to return something?
1 answer
Check your email for the confirmation email, or login to your surf stitch acc. Do you still have the invoice that came with the delivery?

Can you use 2 payment methods when buying something on surfstitch?
1 answer
Sorry - I have no idea. You would have to contact them.

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