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Sydney Tools Online Store

Sydney Tools Online Store

3.1 from 186 reviews

Poor communication, Poor products

The 5 star reviews are all fake. Seriously have a read of them.

They don't tell you when there is delays in completing an order. If you send them an email they will either take days to respond or not respond at all!
The budget products they sell are USELESS. Honestly, there is no way they meet australian standards or consumer protections laws.
Will not use them again...

Product Quality


Don’t touch Sydney tools bought item on line Said free postage waited two weeks still no item rang up have an even dispatched because they said I have to pay postage because Australia Post won’t post the item $80 needed item urgently so upset staff not willing to help made several phone calls before I got an answer do not trust Sydney tools don’t use Sydney tools

Return Claim MadeNo

Won't give refund on item they changed specs for after purchase. NSW Fair Trading now involved.

Purchased 8Kw diesel generator online. Delivery was great turnaround. Noticed immediately it wasn't running right. After 100hrs returned it and asked for refund as they changed specs online (after we contacted them about returning it) to minimal use which did not suit our needs and are within consumer law rights to claim refund. It was found to have a bent con rod so was running badly due to manufacturing fault. Made numerous phone calls and sent a number of emails with no replies. Always had to chase them up. Finally when I spoke to them they would only give us credit to purchase another one but we don't want their product as with the new specs does not suit our needs. Complained to New Fair Trading and they have not even responded to them so now we are in the process of putting application in with NCAT to hopefully make a lawful direction to Sydney tools to get our money back. I will never use them again or recommend them to anyone. I will not give up the right to have our money returned to us (which according to NSW Fair Trading) is well within our rights.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

The worst online service,

The worst customer service, no reply on email. When i call in, the staff was rude and helpless. Take forever the refund. I have to keep calling them. Never go back again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Very deceptive

Ordered a 2 piece 12 volt drills on 14/02/19 order number ST302135 for $199.
Sent an email to them on the 19/02 as had never received a confirmation email as to item sent ( now I may be mad but when I see $199 removed from my accoun " I " expect the item sent the next business day )
Got no reply to email on the 19/02.
Sent another one on the 20/02 got no reply to that one either, sent another one to no reply!, rang support team and was on hold for 20+minutes then the girl puts me on hold ( but really hangs up on me ), ring back again on hold for another 15+ minutes and ask for a refund ( she tells me she will process this request )
Doesn't happen!, ring back again 20+ minutes on hold, she then tells me she has to get the manager to organise refund.
This is deliberate stonewalling and this company should be shut down for deceiving and misleading double talk.
As of 25/02 no refund, no product as it obviously is not in stock and very average customer service, I now have had to ask my bank to do a " chargeback " to get my money back!!

Return Claim MadeYes

Worst customer service !

Item broken sent it back they sent me the same item now keep getting promised call backs with nothing call back and put on hold never will o buy anything from SYDNEY TOOLS again!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Returns process

Bought multiple items - wrapping poor & put together without much thought. Multiple heavy items (hammers) placed on top weaker plastics (screw container). Damages results. Multiple calls / emails contacts (staff advised they are busy - short staffed - its festive seasons (not for me). Returns process confusing and unknown by staff - PayPal refunds within 4 day - after 2 months of frustration. With 5 years on-line purchase history with Sydney tools - never again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes


Very disappointing purchase from Sydney Tools online store purchased lawnmower after one week when I contacted them they said they run out of stock they never contact you that they run out of stock until you contact them that you haven’t receive your item disappointed

Product Quality

The worst. slow deliveries and rude staff do not use.

avoid at all costs. super rude staff in call centre. pretty sure their no refunds policy is illegal. try bunnings or any other tool supplier.

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Ordered $4k worth of gear on Boxing day sale. Still waiting for delivery after a month....

Ordered $4k worth of gear on Boxing day sale. Still waiting for delivery after a month, after numerous emails and phone calls. GIVE THESE GUYS A MISS!!! I don't know how this is an acceptable level of service for them.

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Slow online response

Unlikely to purchase anything from Sydney Tools again. The people in store just wanna sell you anything but are not very knowledgeable of the actual products. Online store takes several days to respond.

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Shocking Customer Service... No coordination

Wife bought gift card. Couldn't use online, so went into store. Provided with a new card... still did not work online. Now trying to recover credit "missing" in transfer of cards. Multiple calls to "head office" going nowhere. What should have been a positive gift experience has turned into a nightmare.

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Beware when shopping online

Make sure you call and check item are in-stock and ready to go , these guys give you the big run Around , items displayed in-stock on website are long term out of stocks with over a month untill back in-stock , not forthcoming with refund , I had to open a PayPal dispute and fair trading dispute to get my money back , NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP AT SYDNEY TOOLS . go to Bunnings.

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Hi Jamie, We apologies for your poor experience and we ensure you that this is not the way that Sydney Tools handles business. Please advise your invoice number and we will be insure to follow this up! Sydney Tools Team!The issue is now sorted, it's just left a terrible taste iny mouth , it took 20 days to organise a refund , not good enough, if I walked into a store and I paid for an item that was out of stock , I would get an immediate refund , too much buck passing from store to online , and online to store , cut the rubbish and listen to cistomers. I am very unhappy with the level service , thanks for the generic copy and paste response though.

What a joke of a company

Wouldnt recommend buying from them there a joke I payed for powertools the get a email 4 weeks later saying that they want more money for the Milwaukee kits I bought

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Hi Mitchell, We apologies for your poor experience, if you could please provide your invoice details we will follow this up and be in touch shortly. Sydney Tools Team

Deliberate deception

On December 28, I purchased a DeWalt Thicknesser from Sydney Tools, online. I made my decision to purchase based on their promotion of spending $1000 and receiving $210 store credit.

I made the purchase and attempted to redeem my credit, without success. I went in-store to investigate and was told that I should have read the terms and conditions and that the credit only applied to specific items.

Amazed, I rechecked the promotion but was unable to decipher any terms and conditions. There was minute, illegible text text that pixelated when zoomed in on but no clearly stated limitations to the promotion. Tellingly, I challenged the sales staff to read the terms and conditions to me, they were unable to, even on their pc monitors.

I have contacted customer support and received the response that the promotion limitations were outlined in the terms and conditions. I don’t dispute this; I make the point that the terms and conditions were displayed in a manner inteneded to make them:
- go unnoticed by a reasonable person
- illegible

A reasonable person could presume that this was a deliberately deceptive sales technique by Sydney Tools and that Sydney Tools intentionally mislead prospective customers.

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Hi Steve, We are sorry to hear about your poor experience with Sydney Tools. Our main priority is our customers and we can ensure you that any unclear communication for our end is not deliberate! If you can advise your issue with the credit we are more than happy to honor this amount for you, if you have not already used it. However, we are unsure how the terms and conditions are - go unnoticed by a reasonable person - illegible We pride ourselves on our customer experience and make clear our Terms & Conditions on our Returns, Refunds & Repairs page? Link bellow: https://sydneytools.com.au/p/returns-refunds-repairs We would like to ensure this issue is followed up and resolved so please advise your invoice number and we will be in contact ASAP! Sydney Tools Team

My go to shop for online tools purchases

Excellent online store. Prices are very competitive.
The Website is easy to use, it has a very effective search engine that provides just the responses you want. They ship to PO Boxes if the purchase isn’t too big and offer zip pay, conditional free post is available and shipping updates and tracking are provided. Purchases are shipped quickly.

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Wrong product sent, customer service no help

I had ordered a product and received the wrong one. Simple fix but I've had to call Sydney tools multiple times to get it resolved and nothings happened. The staff say they will call me back, they never do. They say they'll email me back, the never do. Not once. I doubt they will even return my product and send me the correct one, they are very frustrating to deal with. Wouldn't recommend as they can make mistakes, and when they do they just wont own up and fix it. Money down the drain.

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Amazing service

Super impressed with the service I received - I enquired via Facebook message and was promptly followed up with a phone call from Adam. He gave me a great deal and kept in touch through the whole process, letting me know tracking numbers etc. Will definitely be back!

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Very bad service

Brought from this place and was sent broken item and when contacted them was spoken to like rubbish and sworn at by them and finally told i would not get a refund as they don’t do refunds avoid this place they just rip you off.

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Avoid buying from this online company

My husband ordered a product weeks ago they took the money out quick smart weeks past still no delivery....contacted on 3 occasions saying we dont know whats happened.....rang today still no one knows whats happened ...... Oh but we are so good we will offer you a refund like you are doing us a favour. Going to report to ACCC ....... Not sure if we will see our money again but I repeat DO NOT order from this company just go to a shop and purchase at least you will get your product ...customer service terrible then the woman says to me is there anything else I can help you with....dont know how companys like this stay around.

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Why is Sydney tools customer service so poor, they are misleading claiming to have sent items purchased at a particular time when its blatantly obvious they have not. It should not take just on 2weeks to receive your in stock item, that's appalling, what's more who wants to be told it has been sent more than once when clearly it has not, and why does it take a phone call 5 days post purchase to remind you to send the item in the first place. It's pathetic! I buy on the net regularly 3 days from Sydney if it's sent promptly not 11 or 12.
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