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Tango Electricity

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Rocky Start with Tango

We switched from DODO to Tango a few months ago, it has been a rocky journey so far. It seems every invoice they send me has an overdue amount, and they never send me the original bill. I pay all my bills on-time, Tango is the only company that consistently send me bills only when they are overdue. Hopefully it gets better from here, otherwise I'll probably switch to another company with more consistent billing. However if they do improve, I will amend my review to a higher rating.

Customer Service

Good customer service, unbeatable rates, no problems at all

Tango is awesome as far as an energy provider goes. No lock in contract, good customer service, simple payment and billing procedures, the lot! We've been with Tango for a year and couldn't be happier.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

They have a low price that stays low

Some companies set a low price initially for electricity then it goes up fast. Tango haven't done that after a year or two. Their call centre based in Melbourne is good too.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Great customer service and competitive rates

Signed up to Tango after getting gouged by globird and their bad service.

Sign up via phone only was fine with me and the customer service was excellent and was made very easy to swap over to Tango.

I was signed up to the Home eSelect plan which is cheap for me and my rates are locked in for 2 years, so no nasty price rises until that time is up which is great.

All my bills so far have been cheap so i could'nt be happier!
On direct debit which make things easy for me and bills are sent via email.

Tango have great customer service and their call centre is in Melbourne which is a bonus!

Would recommend Tango to anyone.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Needs a website for signup

The signup is a little painful as it can't be done on a website. However, the customer service reps were very patient and eventually it got done. Very competitive pricing, bills are simple and clear, payment through Bpay no problems. Recommended.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Awesome and no drama energy provider

Changed my energy provider from AGL. The rates are so competitive that I cant believe im paying soooo much lesser. Fixed rate for 2 yrs from the date you sign up. No surprises or unnecessary discounts. No drama. Got prompt reply and support whenever needed. Keep up with the good work!

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

So far so good

Competitive rates. Prompt and helpful responses to my email queries. All good so far.
For some unknown reason, despite their being the best deal I could find, the Victorian Government comparison website didn't list Tango as an option for me. Its only thanks to a family member I heard of them.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
ServicesElectricity and Solar Buy-Back

No nonsense, no bull****

No qualms here. Tango have been great to deal with, an absolute god send compared to other electricity companies. I wish they offered gas too!
No hesitation in recommending them to family and friends.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Recently joined, good so far

Are electricity companies and retailers the work of the devil? Many, including me, would think so. Anyway, we recently switched to Tango Energy. Why?

1 .. Unlike nearly every other power retailer I contacted, the Tango representative actually answered my emailed questions by return email i.e. in writing. And the answers provided were actually relevant to the questions.
2 .. Even taking into account the sign-on bonuses etc of other companies (are you reading this AGL and Powershop) the Tango rates, and consequently our 5 Day TOU electricity bill, were significantly cheaper with Tango compared to the various other retailers.
3 .. The rates are supposedly (see later for why I use supposedly) fixed for 2 years and they provide a signed (by both their representative and myself) 'agreement' stipulating this.
4 .. There is no requirement to sign up for direct-debit.
5 .. There are no early exit fees or conditions.

So why not 5 stars?

In the Tango Energy Market Agreement and Disclosure statements there are the following clauses ..

3.2 Varying the charges
(a) We may vary the Charges at any time by notice to you. The notice may be by a message on
your bill.

Varying prices and charges
The tariff, fees and charges specified in the Electricity Plan may be varied, as outlined in the Market
Agreement Terms, including but not limited to where there is a change in the costs of supplying You
with electricity, or the actual cost is, or becomes, greater than the costs TE estimated they would be.

Event though the Tango representative stated that these are standard just-in-case clauses, I would interpret these as indicating that they could change the 'supposedly' fixed rates.
We'll cross that particular bridge if and when we come to it.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Easy to swap. Cheap rates

Swapped from a more expensive competitor on advice of vic govt compare website.
Rates are around 50% cheaper than my old retailers base rates(before their pay on time discount)
I now don’t have to worry about pay on time discounts as tango don’t have them.
Very easy to swap. A simple phone call and it was all done in about 10 mins.
Swap over took approx 15 days from call to connection.
Call centre is Geelong based, so no calls to India either.


Offered reasonable product and pricing but foreign owned :(

I accepted an offer by Tango but backed out in the cooling off period when I realised that they were foreign owned. Asked the sales guy whether they were foreign owned but he either couldn't or didn't answer. Keeping Australians employed is my key priority. They do have head office in Geelong and call centre in Southbank, but there are other energy companies out there that are either fully or mainly Australian owned and I'd prefer to support them!

Bait and hook

Just rang Tango to arrange a switch to them based on an offer from the Victorian govt energy compare website. During the phone call they quoted prices higher than on the comparison web site, then gave a litany of excuses when I objected. Typical shonky sales practice - they won't get any business from me.

Very good and dont need pay on time discounts

Very quick change over and rates updated 1st January stay same no changes for time if use well done and they accepted Bpay and customers service are very good if have any questions.


Tango have been a pleasure to deal with in getting the connection to my rented unit. They provided regular (but not annoyingly so) text updates and then a last advice well in time. They connected the electricity as promised. One tiny quibble would be that given all this great lead-up, it would have been nice to get a text when the electricity was actually turned on. But that is a minor quibble and doesn’t detract from my high rating of their service

Fabulous deal

Tango energy customer service was brilliant. The team followed up with my installation issues and made sure they were fixed in time.
The rates are straight forward and the best in the market.

Previous companies offered me the so called discounts, but I ended up paying a lot more than I am doing now.

Fantastic pricing, very impressive sales support,

So easy to compare and sign up. Emailed a few bills, got an apples with apples comparison. No mucking around, and an immediate 35% reduction in my bill. I have a 5kw solar system and a smart meter - and absolutley NO issues there. The flat rate charge is much cheaper than my current charge (and would still be cheaper than a dual tariff even if it was available under the wholesale provider) Solar feed in is the same and supply charge (always the kicker) is a little cheaper.
Overall I am in front BIG time!
Sales team know their stuff and absolutely no CRAP - just straight out cheaper rates with no contract.
Oh and did I mention their support for renewables?...I am a fan!

Cheap and simple

Our main reason for switching to Tango was we no longer had to worry about late payments causing the bill to blow out disastrously. Tango offer a simple to understand bill i.e. No huge discounts for early payment: Those huge discounts are really just a late payment penalty... and it's too easy to miss paying a bill because you didn't receive it in the post... or some other reason.

The second benefit we love is that Tango offers 3 monthly billing. We have a small bill and it's always annoying to have to keep remembering to pay the thing each month. 3 monthly is much more convenient.

We've had Tango for a year or so now... and the bill is generally either about the same or slightly less than our old Lumo bill without stressing about discounts.

We're very happy with the unfussed nature of the Tango service.

Tango came recommended to me by several friends... and I'd be happy to recommend it to anybody.


Straight forward Billing

Straight forward Billing, no discount dramas cheap compare to all others
recommended to friends good one
Straight forward Billing, no discount dramas cheap compare to all others
recommended to friends good one

Concerned about company direction under new CEO.

I signed up to Tango a few months ago thanks to VIC Energy compare, got my first bill and was very happy indeed. Still waiting for my second bill to arrive after this quarter finishes. Purely from a value point of view so far so good.... BUT....

However, I read today that they recently appointed a new CEO in August 2018.
(Factual and Objective #1) This CEO has been in senior executive leadership positions of many other retail utility providers.
(Factual and Objective #2) Most of the companies in question have very poor reputations on Product Review for issues such as rate rises, bill shock and below average customer service.
(Factual and Objective #3) One company in particular with a very poor reputation was founded by this same individual.

It might be worth reading
https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/ian-switched-retailers-to-cut-his-power-bill-then-it-soared-55-per-cent-20181106-p50eb6.html and do your own objective research.

Im not writing off Tango yet - which is why I have given them 4 stars - but If you are an existing customer keep a very close eye on your bill and your rates and your customer service experience under this new CEOs watch..... I know I will be....

Early days but pretty happy with a little sadness thrown in

I've been a Red Energy customer since early to mid 2000's and have been very happy. After a recent forced change from gas heating to a split system I was shocked at how much my electricity account went up - far more than my gas bill went down! I'd been planning to take up the Victorian State Governments offer of reviewing my providers in return for $50 but was a bit lazy. My latest bill got me motivated because I thought with summer coming these bills are going to be massive. I went through the process of review and this time my shock was related to how much extra I've been paying. By flipping to Tango my rate has gone down by over 10c a kwh which is significant. A big thank you to the Vic State Governments initiative. I think that once word gets around and people start comparing en-mass a lot of providers are going to get a well needed wake up call. My only sadness is that this company is not Australian owned. Surely an Australian community type group can make a name and a modest profit in the energy space.

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Had never had problem with Tango for 2 years.
No answers

Hi there Tango Energy users. I am just about to switch from Origin Energy for gas and electricity supply. Can anyone please give me a reason why I shouldn't use Tango E. as my new supplier. Thanks; Joe Pape
2 answers
Nope - not from me. I've found them efficient, reliable and punctual.Yep. Why not support Australian companies like Momentum. I was shocked when I found out this is a Chinese company. Yes it is the cheapest but not by that much. Wouldn’t you rather put down an extra $50 a year and know you are supporting an Australian company employing Australians. We don’t need to support China they are going just fine.

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