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Terry White Chemists

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Bought baby formula which was expired 4 months before

I bought formula for my 8 month old baby from Terry white chemist in Australia fair. after two days when my baby was unwell I found out the product was expired 4 months ago!!!

Product Quality


Rang up and spoke to some girl named Jess or Mel asked if they could pierce my ears and then they could change them straight away as I’m allergic to their earrings , she spoke to the one in charge she said yes that was fine , so I come in and then meet her today and she said that she never said that? Made me feel as if I lied and made up that she could do it which I didn’t. She did say that she could do it, kind of disrespectful but all good changed them at home myself . Did a decent job on piercing

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

TWC Bayonet Head Albany won't do multiple repeats of Blood Pressure pills for 69 yo man.

Yesterday (11 Jan 2019) I went to Terry White Chemmart in Bayonet Head Albany WA 6330 to pick up my usual prescription. This branch of Terry White Chemmart has a new owner who has instructed staff not to do any multiple repeats for anyone. Every other Chemist I have ever been to has always done two or three of the repeats at the same time. Even Terry White's did this before the new owner took over.

The policy leaves nothing to the descretion of the assistant. I am 69 years old on regular BP medication. I am hardly likely to take an overdose of Telmisartan. I am sure the assistant realised that the policy was utterly stupid, but she was told not to do multiple repeats and she did as she was told.

I hope that by giving this review, I am making people aware that they won't get the same service at TWC Bayonet Head as they would at any other chenist. As I said to the assistant, TWC Bayonet Head will lose customers.

Staff and there people skills.

I am always happy with what i buy in the chemist but the service is absolutely shocking. Staff are rude.

Confusing Script Labelling

Range of products - I have had to travel 60kms to get what I want because they no longer stock certain products or medications at the local chemist since being ran by the Terry White franchise.

Price Matching

Terry White at Mount Omanney, are exceptionally good. Medications are explained and you may consult with chemists for assistance with over the counter medications. Their main assets are their staff who are bright and ever helpful. Worth thinking about dropping your write in and going shopping.. The range of goods is amazing if its a chemist line and not in they will get it for you.

Disappointed in Terry White Pharmacy’s decision to merge

Terry White Chemart is a cheap junk store chemist - nothing like the professional pharmacy stores it used to be as Terry White. I have given feedback on 2 occasions to Terry White ‘Chemart’ and got no reply - very unprofessional. Staff at stores continue to say they are shocked at what Terry White has done to some of the management staff who lost their jobs in the merger.

Great customer service

Staff are always helpful and discreet. I feel I can approach them with my queries and they will always be answered in friendly and professional manner.

Walk past

Passing Terry Whites I remembered i had run out of hand sterilizer and poped in an bought a i litre bottle....nearby was shampoo/conditioner in a bin and i added those on my basket....guess their bins to attract impulse purchases worked.
Sadly i had to leave them at the checkout as they would not put in a bag unless i paid more. Even a paper bag would have helped.
I am 70 years old and i would no more pay for a bag at a chemist than i would at a pie shop.
I expect i will buy the items left a terry white next time I go to woolies...

The owner of Terry White Chemist at Munno Pare West, would be the rudest man I have ever meet

I went to Terry White Chemist at Munno Pare West to pick up my medication it wasn’t there, the friendly young assistants went to the pharmacist on duty to ask him about my medication, pharmacist look on their computer, then told the assistant that I had been to another Chemist to go there to get my medication, the poor assistant had to come and tell me what she was told by pharmacist, but I heard him.
All my Dr Prescription have been held at Terry White Chemist at Munno Pare West since the store opened.
After his comment, I had to request for all my Prescription from out behind the counter go through them with the help of the assistant to find my Prescription that I need to be filled, when the assistant handed to pharmacist, all he said was where did you find that “No apology” for telling me go to another Chemist.
The young assistant was so humiliate she told me to come and see the owner Terry White Chemist at Munno Pare West and speak to him on Monday between 12pm and 4pm and she would leave him a note.
The owner Mr M, just to fob me off. He could see a problem with the way his pharmacist treated me or his staff member.
In his rude and arrogant manner!!! I was told that I was keeping him from appointment and then he started defended his pharmacist (In Mr M words because he made a poor judgment), thank god the medication I need wasn’t warfarin.
I was approached by staff members that overheard the way I was spoken to by the owner of Terry White Chemist at Munno Pare West, assistants said they couldn’t believe the way I was treated or spoken to by The owner Mr M.

Huge price differences

Monday 26th August, 2018 I was prescribed Rulide 300mg by my doctor. I visited the Terry White Chemist, Pullenvale, next door. I was happy to accept the less expensive brand Roxithromycin 300mg at $11.95. I required a repeat of the medication so I went to the Terry White at Bellbowrie 29th August, 2018 (The next suburb) Here for the same product, I was charged $16.00. I discovered the difference when I arrived home. A phone call to the Terry White Bellbowire pharmacy was very negative. Apparently I should have asked for a price match. I was surprised at this as the script had been previously filled at a Terry White pharmacy only days before and the repeat script had the dispensed price on a sticker on it. I have written to Terry White management but I have had no reply. I have researched the price at Chemist Warehouse and they charge $5.40 for the same product. I will never enter a Terry White Chemist ever again and I will tell neighbours, friends and relatives about the huge mark ups this pharmacy has on its products and the rudeness of the staff at Bellbowrie Terry White Chemist.

High price and bad price match policy

They don't accept returns and only allow exchanges. Everything in their store is priced high. Their price match policy also sucks. You need to show the proof at the time of purchase. They sold one of the medicine more than its RRP mentioned by other drug stores.

Terry white compounding marion, pathetic sevice

This chemist is a disgrace, a week waiting for a critical script to be filled, what a joke , not even a phone call, going to take my script from these f -wits and go where you get proper service

Angry, Irresponsible, Extremely Rude Chemist at Terry White Chemists Nelson Bay

At Terry White's Pharmacy at Nelson Bay the pharmacist was very rude and I left never to return again.
I will use the other chemists in town.

I had a script for diazepam which I have NEVER taken before and was worried about the side effects.
He said I would have to fill out the script before he could tell me the side effects.

What nonsense and nonsense because I went to several other chemists in Nelson Bay and Salamander Bay and they were happy to discuss side effects.

When I insisted I know before the script was filled he said only doziness as a symptom
And that was all.
I asked if it was potentially addictive.
He was getting increasingly agitated and his face was showing mild rage. He didn't like my questions.
And then he said yes. Now there were 2 symptoms.
Before there was only one.

This behaviour was irresponsible, unprofessional and downright dangerous
We walked off in a stink and I headed to a better chemist in town.

When I asked other chemists in the area they said there are many possible symptoms- at least 10.

And there were various contraindications that he never asked about.

Terry White Chemists are on my Banned List for me and my family.

Sunshine Plaza Staff

A purchase was made in-store. We ran into a few issues which were not at the fault of the staff about purchasing a product that required my license for identification. However, one staff member was incredibly rude to my grandmother (who is in her late 70's) during this process. When trying to understand the issue with purchasing the cold and flu tablets I had ordered my grandmother asked if her being there would assist in the process by stating that I was her granddaughter, the staff member then replied with 'that's great, I don't care'.

This was completely unnecessary and an incredibly rude way to treat my grandmother. I have been working in retail for 8 years and while I completely understand how frustrating it can be to deal with customers during a busy period of the day you are being paid to be there I suggest you find a better way to communicate with your customers. That being said I am grateful that you were able to help us resolve our issues.

Terry white at Candlewood Joondalup

While majority of the old staff were nice and made you welcome After the hostile take over after terry white re-badge chemist has gone straight downhill and turned to utter disappointment with s shuffling all the great knowledgeable chemist and staff to abysmal Incompetent antagonistic that are argumentative ignorant racist and condescending with the attitude that would make a used car sales person proud.
In twenty two years I never had any issues with that shop until the new owners started bring the rent-a-chemist along with some ignorant Hill Billy teenagers with major attitude problem that can't even communicate properly other than having complete blank stare on their faces.

Its a real pity that there are some very decent people used to work there but now it's gone to the pits.
Exuberant prices of genetic garbage crappy attitude and ignorant Hill billies cowboy mentality
Is a real shame.

Harassment by staff

After several bad experiences at the hands of Terry White staff I no longer use their stores. Fortunately PriceLine has taken over from one of their stores in Westfield Carindale that I used when shopping at Woolworths. I had been using their pharmacies for several years until last year.
1. One store at Mt Gravatt wrote to me and insisted I had not paid for an item that was a prescription item only available from their stock room behind the counter. Took receipt given and products to store, discussed. Next week another letter again insisting I had not paid. The problem was the counter staff in ringing up sales close together gave me the correct items but billed me for another customer's purchase. I did not realise this till I went to unpack purchases at home. As it was after 5pm and I am disabled physically [multisystem disorder], I decided to deal with it the following week when I went shopping and did. The difference was ~<$2.00. After I threatened legal action for defamation and my legal costs unless I received a written apology, I got one. It was not the pharmacist's fault. It was a thickheaded "manager" who was the problem. Even after I showed him receipt - [now faded] and the items purchased with price on them.
2. Another store treated me like a drug addict when I asked for what was legally available then over the counter Panadeine. I inflict stress fractures on myself doing everyday activities. Chronic pain.
3. Store at Carindale now defunct. Abused me because there was a line of about 15 people behind me. I allowed an elderly gent to go ahead of me. I politely told a lady who had come up near me but in front of me that "did you know that actually there is a line?" Counter staff abused me for this, because she had macular degeneration - no VIP badge on her, etc, but apparently I should be psychic. Actually I have this also as well as glaucoma and a very unusual and expensive eye prescription. There were people in line on crutches etc. I did not realise I had to do triage of other customers and order them in the line!
4.Another time when I was looking for an audiologist who is sometimes at a medical clinic NEXT DOOR to this store and went down the passageway NEXT DOOR, they called security!! The security staff were polite and non hostile. I had never been to this audiologist before, but the security guards helped me locate it, it was near their other store in the complex. But really was it necessary to call security?? I had done nor did I intend to do anything out of line. Quite frankly, this was just another instance of bullying on their part. I might add that despite being on a Disability Benefit I do not in any way appear unusual, dishevelled, unclean, torn or dirty clothing etc. I sometimes use a cane when in pain, other than that I don't stand out.

What on earth has happened to this company? They had a long standing reputation in Qld. But after these experiences I'm beginning to wonder where they get their counter staff / pharmacy assistants from? Is this sort of harassment necessary? Are they trying to discourage customers on a PBS scheme? Or people they deem not "well off" enough to visit their pharmacies.

Fragrance purchase close to expiry date.

I bough an aqua Di gio Profumo last month (June 2018) from the Dandenong Store and I checked the website using the batch number on the bottle and it had only 2 months to expire. I paid $10 less than the retail price of 180$. This is a complete rip off.

Sadly the batch number is only available after opening the package.

Will never shop here again.

Guys, Go to chemistwarehouse or Myer for exceptional quality.

Horrible service don’t know there products

Bad product knowledge and customer service would not recommend this store. I have been to this store numerous times as it’s my local and always leave disappointed with service received and staff knowledge

Change of Management - Put Prices Up!

Terry White has always been our family's preferred pharmacy but not anymore! We were there last Sat (16-June-2018) to get some Panadols for the family. When making payment, the cashier told us the Terry White Rewards cards are no longer valid and we were issued with a new one. Why? Because there was of a change of management due to amalgamation. Next we were told all the rewards points accumulated in our old rewards card will be forfeited! Not only this, the new management has also put up a 25% increment in the Panadols! This is a double whammy for us! The economy is so bad, many people who were retrenched are still jobless, others have their hours reduced and got a pay cut. And now prices of basic and essential items like Panadols has gone up by 25% in Terry White! How cruel and greedy! We won’t be going back to Terry White anymore!!!

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In this weeks Catalogue you have Thompson's Hemp products for sale @ 40% off, I have tried all your stores 10km around 5109 area with no success, two of your stares even tried other stores at no avail. Do you really have this product or am I wasting my time?
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Hi do you know any terry white chemist that sells tendre poison?
1 answer
Not personally, sorry. Have you tried their website? Give them a ring they have been helpful before they may be able to tell you which store may have it.

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