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MYOB course

I completed the advanced MYOB course. It was very expensive for the level of support and notably, the lack of practical exercises. My biggest disappointment is that it cost $25 for a professional certificate. Yes you can print one out, (it looks cheap) however considering the cost of the course, a professional certificate should be posted out to you. I have never had to pay for quality printed certificate, diploma or degree at TAFE or University.

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Hi Witchy, Thank you for your feedback, we very much appreciate this as it helps us improve on the service for our students. Firstly congratulations on completing your course with us, that's an amazing achievement and you should be very proud. I can understand your disappointment, and we are very sorry to hear you feel this way, we will definitely take this feedback on board and try and improve on these areas, as we want our students to have an amazing experience from the time of their enrollment, right to the very end. We wish you all the best ahead. The Career Academy Global.You never gave an answer regarding the cost of the certificate - $25 each so for the advanced certificate MYOB it is $75. Has this changed or is your response just lip service?

The learning materials were perfectly made.

I have just accomplished my certification Accounts Administration and Payroll.
I am absolutely satisfied with the course material. This gave me enough confidence to jump into the labor market and find an accountant job. My course contained 14 modules which were 95% accountant materials. I would say that the Payroll path was only slightly touched for 1 module. But I do not mind I am interested in accounting instead of payroll.
Tutors are ok, ok. I feel they do not really care about to write any improving answer, I always got the same reply for the graded assessments. Sometimes the assessments tasks were too easy, nothing special questions, and the same feeling about the quizzes also.
All in all, I would say to recommend the Career Academy. Price and value ratio is fine and extremely convenient to study from home.

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Thank you so much for your awesome review Aniko - we would be very grateful if you can also please review us on TrustPiliot here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/evaluate/careeracademy.co.nz?stars=5TrustPiliot review is done. :)

I Loved it!

I have just finished all the assignments to the Certificate in Accounting course. I loved the entire process and could not wait to start a new module every week. I found the course very easy to follow. I am excited to start the advanced certificate in Accounting. I know i'm going to love it!
Thank you

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Thank you so much for your fantastic review Heidi - we would be very grateful if you can also please review us on TrustPiliot here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/evaluate/careeracademy.co.nz?stars=5

Awful - not enough support

Never finished the course because the content didnt make any sense half the time, I was constantly having to google the answer or find information elsewhere because it was so poorly written, Takes at least 24h to get any kind of assistance and most of the time the response given wasn't even helpful and then it would take another 24h to get another response. How on earth am I meant to complete a course that doesn't make sense with no assistance. Extremly frustrated, and a huge waste of my money, absolutely wouldn't recommend

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Looking forward to enrollment in new course

I was very happy with my experience with C.A. I had to extend course due to illness and tutors supportive during this time. Was disappointed to find out almost at completion that the course was no longer an Advanced Diploma...I realise other institutions also had to make changes in accreditation but would fee for course be the same

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Hi Annie, Thank you for your feedback. Amazing to hear, you had a very enjoyable experience with us here at The Career Academy. We totally understand that it was disappointing, regarding the name change, from Diploma to Advanced Certificate, unfortunately, this was something that was out of our control, but I can definitely understand your point of view, regarding the amount also. This is feedback I will certainly pass on for future reference. Overall, we're happy, you were still able to have a good experience. We wish you all the best. The Career Academy Global.

MYOB course is amazing

I have just finished my test in MYOB and loved the course, modules easy to navigate through and the units were fantastic. The quizzes and exams were at the level I would expect thankyou.

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Hi Michelle, Thank you for your feedback. That's amazing to hear, were so happy, you enjoyed the course, and managed to get the most out of it, Fantastic news. We very much, appreciate the lovely feedback. Wish you all the best. The Career Academy Global.

Loved my AAT Bookkeeping Course so far

I am really enjoying my course so far. The modules are very understandable and the tutors are amazing. Eddie Callahan thank you so much for all the motivation you have given me so far. I look forward to many more modules to come.

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Hi Lou-Ann, Thank you for your amazing feedback, Thats fantastic news to hear, that Eddie, gave you the support and motivation that you deserved. This is the type of feedback we love to hear. We are very happy, that you are enjoying your course so far. We certainly look forward to assisting you further. Wishing you all the best. The Career Academy Global.

My Experience with the MYOB AccountRight Bookkeeping Course

I enjoyed the course units and the assigned reading material for the MYOB AccountRight course but it must only have been an introduction as only basic tutoring was provided when there were obviously many more features involved in the trial software. (This was not clarified anywhere in the course, nor does the certificate on completion mention the level of competency.) I felt that I would have benefited greatly from more practical exercises to complete in the trial software we were given to use. There wasn't even a practical test at the end to see if we could reconcile the books successfully.

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Hi Sandra, Thank you for your feedback, and apologies for the delay in responding to you. It's great to hear you enjoyed the course, however, did not get the full experience you would have liked to. I sincerely apologize for this, and would be more than happy to have this feedback passed on to MYOB, so that our students, can have a better experience, and get the most out of it. We very much appreciate the feedback, it helps with improving things moving forward. We wish you all the best. The Career Academy Global.

Course syllabus was excellent

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the feedback from the tutor was great! The course I did was an Advanced Certificate in MYOB and the quizzes and exams were just right for that level of training Thanks Career Academy I will be back for more!

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Hi Chris, Thank you for your feedback. That's fantastic news to hear, you enjoyed the course and received great feedback. We would love to have you back again, I've added a link below, as we would offer you 20% off your next enrollment with us, as a returning student. https://www.thecareeracademy.com.au/enrol-another-course-save-20/ We look forward to working with you again soon. The Career Academy Global.

Payment Plan - Pathetic Communication

I am very upset with my experience. I have paid out a large amount of money and as I have alot going on in my life ATM. 3 children (2 under 2) as well as suffering severe PND. I was only interested in the introductory psychology & counselling course but was convinced via a telephone call that I would be better off going for the 'diploma' in psychology & counselling as the introductory course wasn't a proper qualification. Now I have emailed quite a few times to try sort something out whether it be a deferral or really whatever will make it even a small bit worth it for me considering the amount of money I have now paid out to this course that I had completed only 1 quiz and logged into about 3 times. Apparently I could only have the course deferred for a couple of months? Some point during this time I get an email to notify me that the course name has now changed and is no longer qualified as a diploma. Which really was half the reason for taking it on in the first place! The content was definitely challenging which means you need some quiet uninterupted time with which to study and complete assessments, which most anyone with 2 babies could agree is impossible. I was encouraged to bite off more than I could chew and understand there would be some penalty but now it's just ridiculous with being charged $30 a month and then most often than not an extra $10 fee when the funds arent there, Ive just noticed in the middle of last year they started charging $60 a month (!!wth) and the last few months have been both a $30 and $20 charge in the same month - this is actually ridiculous especially since I have emailed them countless times about it at first I was getting response in regards to deferral. Now I'm getting NOTHING. No emails - even after continuously forwarding the email and asking for a response. Also just to clarify , I actually hadn't noticed any direct debits from them over the past maybe few months - I saw a $20 debit today just by itself (which wasn't the agreed upon amount anyway.) - which made me check my account but this time I filtered all career academy debits to find that I actually have been paying even more than was Originally agreed upon. I haven't yet counted the total as I feel ripped off and stupid. You would think that there would be shown some compassion in such a situation but I guess not. Which Is why I decided to review them. All I can say is , SCAM.

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Hi Katrina, Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you have not had a good experience with us here at The Career Academy. Debitsuccess is our billing agents and handles all payments from there end, I would certainly like to look further into this for you. Could you please provide me with some further information, so I can investigate this further. If you could please email me your details at studentservices@thecareeracademy.com that would be great, ill be more than happy to sort any issues, you may have encountered. Look forward to hearing from you. The Career Academy Global.

This is amazing

Very satisfied, I would love to do another course with career academy. As I learnt and finished my certificates in a short amount of time.

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Hi There, Thank you for your feedback. Congratulations on completing your course with us, that's an amazing achievement and you should be very proud. We would love to have you back on board with us, I've added a link below if you would like to take up a further course with us. https://www.thecareeracademy.com.au/enrol-another-course-save-20/https://www.thecareeracademy.com.au/enrol-another-course-save-20/ We wish you all the best ahead. The Career Academy Global.

Apparently have debit in another country

Unbelievable I got excepted into my courses had everything set up and told it was all ready to go to start. However after ringing to ask for my login details I was told I have been taken to debit collects in nz from apparently been enrolled in a course last year. However I’ve never been enrolled with this or any online courses and I have not lived in nz for 12yrs and I’ve never had any emails, calls etc from any debit collects and I have a clear credit history. So now my enrollment was canceled without any notice. I’m very annoyed because I’ve never done a course or enrolled anything specialty in New Zealand and I would like proof it’s actually me cause I know for a fact I never enrolled in anything but the three courses I just enrolled in this week!

Also rang the debit collects that the lady from the career academy said my apparent debts were with and they have no record also did a nz and Australia credit report check and both have come up perfect funny how I can get a car loan, business loan if I apparently have this debt owing maybe check that u guys haven’t messed me up with someone else as the debt collector said that can happen in the mean time I have missed out on a awesome price on my courses and now I can’t afford to pay full price anywhere else or with u guys now that the special is closed also have to now pay for all my notesHi Zoe, Thank you for your feedback. I would love to look further into this for you, and try and have this rectified. I have sent you a separate email, in the hopes we can come to a resolution for you. The Career Academy GlobalWe are happy to advise, that this has now since been rectified, and Zoe is now enrolled with us here at the Career Academy, Thank you so much for your patience Zoe, and were happy we were able to resolve this issue. The Career Academy Global.

Xero Course

The course is quite hard to interpret as it is all online and no teaching as such. So is hard to grip hold of

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Hi Roofas01, Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it. Our tutors are always here to assist you, if there is any issues you may encounter, Please dont hesitate to utilize them as much as possible. Always here to help.

Really Good

The content of the course was really good and feedback from the tutors/assessors was really helpful. One thing I wasn't aware of prior to enrolling was that I would be required to download two software programs (free trial). Would 10/10 recommend anyone doing online courses. Definitely worth it!!! Can't hurt to give it a go people :)

(My course was the 'Advanced MYOB' Certification.)

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Thank you so much for your awesum feedback, Glad you got the student experience from our tutors. We wish you all the best.

Great way to learn!

I enjoyed my courses. They were easily set up and tasks were esily understand. I loved that you had write a lot about your own words, using your own experience and a same time it was challenging and interesting.
All included information and material was important and useful.
It is great way to fit studies with your busy life and same time feel the rewarding and ask help if needed.
Only thing that I also found and that is mentioned above, it took couple of days to get the grades or response when needed.
Over all 5+

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Thanks for your awesome feedback Lilly!

Maybe not for me.

I found the business admin course rewarding but challenging at times.
The asseser was always positive with feed back.
However they were also extremly slow in getting back to you when you ask for help.
As this was online and we all have busy lives trying to fit study in, I found it frustrating that it could be a week in between by the time help was sent days later, to when i could find time again to sit at the computer.
I tried to ring but just got an answering machine that said they would ring back but never did.
Sometimes their solution was for me to look it up on You tube.
Once I completed the course I was disappointed that we had to pay extra if we wanted to receive a nice hard copy of our certificate.This should be included.
I am sorry I didnt do my research a little better as I am unsure exactley what my course actually is equivelant to in Australia.
I just wanted a cert3 however the work load suggested cert 4 but my certificate just says cert in buisness administration.
Think I probably wasted my time and money .
I wouldnt recommend a NZ company if you need qualifications for Australia.

Not for everyone!

I love my course and would recommend it to people who want to make a difference to others, if they have some medical knowledge and academic writing experience.
If you need help you need to allow up to a week to get a reply, which I find quite disappointing at times. I have to agree with some students that the course content can be quite confronting for some beginners - I would suggest adding recommendations on some subject knowledge before doing the course if necessary for some.

Thumbs up!

Just under a month into my course and I'm really enjoying it.
Easy online access, comprehensive course material, prompt response from 'help team' not to mention such constructive and encouraging feedback on assessments.
I'm able to maintain my busy family and work life while studying. A bit of a mishap regarding payment plan setup, otherwise great experience so far and I'm looking forward to wonderful end results!

Excited about the course

As I have only just started the course I am happy with the support and friendly staff who are making the course enjoyable. I can't wait to start my next submission. The course is at my level and I know my limits. It's very achievable

Glad I chose to do this

I'm enjoying it but struggling between personal life and studying isn't achievable then not being able to move onto next section is very challenging.

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Questions & Answers

How successful are people when they have finish a course with Career Academy are they guaranteed a job and is Career Academy recognise in every Australian state?
1 answer
Thanks for your question Horsey. We recently ran a survey with our graduates and 83% of our graduates said that The Career Academy improved their prospects of getting a new job or promotion. Yes, our courses are recognised in Australia, and Internationally. Please phone us on 1800 837 550 and we can discuss this further with you now.

At the end of the course I did " MYOB AccountRight"I was congratulated a certificate was issued. I had few messages and a link as well. The link was for some career group or association but I missed to join the group. Can that link be send to me again?
1 answer
Hi Augustine, Thank you for your enquiry. Congratulations on completing your course, that's an amazing achievement, and you should be very proud. I believe this is in regards to your free 12 month ICB Membership, I have forwarded this through to our Memberships team, they will register you and then send a confirmation email. Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you need anything further. Have a lovely day.

Hi academy team, I recently saw some reviews regarding about the diploma and I'm just confused... because before I enrolled into the diploma of psychology and counselling course I was told that this is a diploma but the reviews I've seen that they've said they didn't receive a diploma that they were told but instead they received an advance certificate. I would like to know the truth behind this because I wouldn't be happy if this happens to me also, I only enrolled into this course because I was told it is a diploma. I've also sent an email got no response back so called today about the issue but she couldn't solve the problem for me and said i will talk to the head office. I am very disappointed!!! If I knew that I am being lied to I wouldn't of enrolled into this course.
2 answers
Hi Sophia, Thank you for your question. I have spoken to our Student Services team to try and figure out what has happened. I do apologise for the inconvenience and the miscommunication with your course advisor and do understand your frustration. To explain, amendments were made to the TEQSA Act 2017 on the 29th August 2017 which were put in place in March 2018. This required education providers operating in Australia to take immediate action and change the name of their Diploma courses. This change was beyond our control as a result of the legislation amendment. We were required by law to change your course from “Diploma” to “Advanced Certificate”. All students (including you) were contacted in March to advise you of this change. Please be advised Sofia, that your course content has not and will not change. It is simply the name of the course which has changed. We apologise again for any inconvenience caused and our student services team will also contact you directly about this. Kind regards, DanielActually the law came into place in 2011 not 2018 as they claimed. Only RTOs and Higher Education Providers were legally allowed to use the word Diploma. You should ask for a full refund as you were wrongly sold the course under false pretenses. The only thing that changed in 2018 was that TESQA was able to enforce it.