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Beware... it is marketing to spend

The 2 day free workshop is great and can easily suck you in to sign up to very expensive unregulated courses. Matt is brilliant presenter to convince you it is so good. While there is some good stuff, it is all focused to come a “coach” for a living. Wish they just focused a course on self development but no as there is more money they can squeeze out of you to do the 4 levels. I was fortunate to hear and see red flags that a WOW team member boosting to another they gold name tag because they up sold the customer to extra course worth $$$$. The favourite word is resonates. I hope this resonates to convince another person to avoid this mistake before it is too late. Basically if you’re vulnerable you could get sucked in and be $20K out of pocket with a governing body which is own by them...dodgy

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Break through to coaching sydney

This was a dynamic and inspirational weekend. Matt is awesome as a teacher, honest and genuine with examples and experiences. The team were exceptional. For me I met fabulous like minded people and was extremely happy I attended the seminar.

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Amazing Weekend

Matt is an amazing trainer, course content represented a great introduction to Coaching! Great place for networking and get started into the Coaching discipline. Really enjoyed! Event was professional and very well organised! Thanks guys! Thanks TCI!

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Highly valuable weekend

Great introduction to coaching, I thoroughly enjoyed it and gained plenty of worthwhile takeaways to apply to myself and when interacting with others. Matt was an excellent and highly experienced facilitator, honest and genuine and I also learned a lot from meeting other attendees.

Awesome weekend

I attended a free event in Sydney called Breakthrough to coaching. It exceeded my expectations. Wonderful experience. Met some great people, learned some new stuff and overall warm atmosphere. Highly recommend attending an event if you have the opportunity.

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Weekend well invested!

Thanks Matt and Team for such an amazing session over the weekend, great opportunity to learn and to meet like minded people.
You guys are doing a great job of introducing coaching and many other concepts to so many of us. By this you have already started to create an impact.
Matt, you are great presenter and your connect with your audience is great! I really loved most of the gifts that you guys gave during the session.

Thank you team for all your effort!
Look forward to the upcoming events.

A worthwhile and exhilarating weekend

Really enjoyed the weekend! Matt is an engaging, dynamic, motivational sincere presenter! There were many “Aha” moments!
His presentation was easy to understand ...
He artistically combined both Head and heart...logical and magical learning. I would recommend him to anyone!

Lacking in content but great for asking questions and connecting with others as well as finding motivation.

If you're unsure whether coaching is for you then this is a great way to have a taste of it and connect with like minded people. At the end of the day it's really a sales pitch for one of the coaching programs but it does offer a lot of motivation for those looking to impact and change other people's lives for the better. I would give 5 stars if there was just more empowering content within the presentation. Other than that I left feeling more sure of myself in what I want to do and where to start.

A Wonderful Weekend Course.

Matt is a dynamic presenter. He knows what he's talking about, is passionate and sincere in his delivery . The content was balanced with Q & A, videos, interviews discussions and detailed and honest explanations and was motivating and inspiring. Supporting members were extremely helpful and generous with their knowledge and I met some wonderful , like minded people.The refreshing thing was that there was no 'hard - sell' which you often get at these free events. The whole presentation did all the 'selling' in itself. A wonderful weekend.

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Hidden Golden Business Nuggets at the Breakthrough To Coaching Success

Though I am not a coach, nor did not sign up for the course, I found many hidden golden nuggets for my own business. From observing the public speaking, the wording to overall performance of the host and speakers, I took notes that I can implement immeditalty how I interact with my team members and clients.

Additionally made a great investment into two new books that specifically address some areas I want to focus on first. I am halfway through and noting down a lot of value to what is given.

The coaching courses. The only reason I am not doing the course, is because being a paid professional coach is not aligned to my vision to what I want to accomplish.

What I do have on my plan is to be a customer to some of the students who have signed up. Met some extraordinary individuals and I look forward to receive their coaching when they start their practise.

I look forward to the next event. Getting to know the coaches and future coaches of such a high caliber is important for me to know whom to go to for coaching.

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Holy moly

We had a wonderful time!
Matt gave us a taste of what the course is about in such an easy way, I felt really involved. I also had the chance to meet great people that opened up with me and allowed me to do the same with them.
What a fabulous experience.
Thank you.

Right place at the right time!

I had no concrete expectations of what the seminar was going to be but it felt perfectly right for me. Matt was awesome, honest and genuine. The content was enough to give me a good grasp of TCI's approach and methodology. Matt could not have been a better presentor/teacher/facilitator. The collective energy was positive and electric. Truly amazing weekend.

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An experience, certainly.

In truth the content was not very present, it mainly was a motivated talk and elaborate sales pitch to become a member. I understand that's part of the business but I did not leave feeling like I had learned anything, rather I felt extremely connected with the curiosity of the other students however the presentation was lacking greatly in any substantial information, there was also a misfired statement by the presenter where he was likening coaching to psychology and that's a private unacademic school discrediting a hard science. I'd liken TCI to the cult of Scientology.

Speechless for the experience with Matt

I have enrolled myself on the course after during 2days free session. All credit goes to Matt and his team. Matt is such a gem of person who proves that it's not ONLY business for him. He has concerns for the individuals and making a difference to their lives which reflects in his gesture, attitude and approach. Actually the whole team does sound very humble and polite which helps everyone to get connected with them.

Inspiring - highly recommend!

I attended the free 2-day Courage to Coach with Matt Lavars at TCI over the weekend and it definitely exceeded expectations. Matt was engaging, inspiring and motivating and the whole TCI community delivered a fantastic event. Full of interesting content, stories, videos and interaction - it was well-paced throughout and I didn't want it to end! Met some wonderful people and feel inspired and energized to take the next step in my journey - a heartfelt thank you Matt and TCI team. I can't recommend enough - don't hesitate to check out TCI and their fabulous events, workshops or programs, you won't regret it.

Amazing 2 days

Thanks Matt and the crew for the fantastic 2 days of great content learnings, inspiration and laughs.
Met some lovely people, lots of take always and look forward to the next part of the journey.

Just do it!

There is no words or expressions that can describe my emotions. I think i was totally lost and was not clear with the answers of who i am and what i am expecting from my life. Attending this workshop i can actually see my goals clearly and can run towards to make it possible. Matt is an Excellent coach. I have said YES to me and Looking forward to the new path of my life.

I Recommend This HIGHLY !

I reluctantly decided to attend the free event in Brisbane over the weekend with the expectation that I would probably get what I paid for , NOTHING!

However to my surprise I found this to be incredibly high value for the following reasons:

1. Down to earth ,professional conversational training without the hype or fancy visual presentations.
2. To see actual coaching take place first hand and understand the value add that coaching provides to both parties.
3. Great content knowledge regarding personalities , behaviors and the psychology of how we think.
4. No question went unanswered with a very direct and honest response to all.
5. A vast supply of content and knowledge in both hard and soft copy.
6. Valuable conversations with TCI students and employees.
7. The most valuable thing that I come away with was better knowledge and understanding of myself.

I am moving forward with this business because of these people.

Awesome! There

"Your Best Year Yet" workshop was extremely motivating, inspirational and engaging. The delivery of information kept me interested and I was very keen to learn more.... So much of the content resonated with me. Matt is a brilliant public speaker and very creative in his style and delivery. the support team are AMAZING! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this warm community of dedicated people who are so supportive and committed to the art of coaching. A very heartfelt thank you!

Supportive, encouraging, welcoming

I went along with some concerns about the style of coaching training I'd see as I have experience in, and am turned off by, American "ra-ra". Matt's style completely resonated with me and I was impressed with what other students' experiences had been. They had gained a level of confidence in speaking and thinking that I am looking for. Despite my concerns before the weekend, I have enrolled in one of the courses and am very excited to get started. I am still not sure if I will ultimately make a living from coaching but I know I will gain confidence in all areas of my personal and professional life from this course at the Coaching Institute.

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Hi there, I would like to thank Matt and the TIC for hosting the amazing course in Auckland this weekend, it has brought up so many things for me and also helping me to release things that I was not able to release prior to the training. It's definitely something I am considering doing. Can you share a list of the participants so that we can connect with each other, I have taken so many business cards but not all that I needed, Thank you once again for the amazing experience.
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