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An experience, certainly.

In truth the content was not very present, it mainly was a motivated talk and elaborate sales pitch to become a member. I understand that's part of the business but I did not leave feeling like I had learned anything, rather I felt extremely connected with the curiosity of the other students however the presentation was lacking greatly in any substantial information, there was also a misfired statement by the presenter where he was likening coaching to psychology and that's a private unacademic school discrediting a hard science. I'd liken TCI to the cult of Scientology.

Speechless for the experience with Matt

I have enrolled myself on the course after during 2days free session. All credit goes to Matt and his team. Matt is such a gem of person who proves that it's not ONLY business for him. He has concerns for the individuals and making a difference to their lives which reflects in his gesture, attitude and approach. Actually the whole team does sound very humble and polite which helps everyone to get connected with them.

Inspiring - highly recommend!

I attended the free 2-day Courage to Coach with Matt Lavars at TCI over the weekend and it definitely exceeded expectations. Matt was engaging, inspiring and motivating and the whole TCI community delivered a fantastic event. Full of interesting content, stories, videos and interaction - it was well-paced throughout and I didn't want it to end! Met some wonderful people and feel inspired and energized to take the next step in my journey - a heartfelt thank you Matt and TCI team. I can't recommend enough - don't hesitate to check out TCI and their fabulous events, workshops or programs, you won't regret it.

Amazing 2 days

Thanks Matt and the crew for the fantastic 2 days of great content learnings, inspiration and laughs.
Met some lovely people, lots of take always and look forward to the next part of the journey.

Just do it!

There is no words or expressions that can describe my emotions. I think i was totally lost and was not clear with the answers of who i am and what i am expecting from my life. Attending this workshop i can actually see my goals clearly and can run towards to make it possible. Matt is an Excellent coach. I have said YES to me and Looking forward to the new path of my life.

I Recommend This HIGHLY !

I reluctantly decided to attend the free event in Brisbane over the weekend with the expectation that I would probably get what I paid for , NOTHING!

However to my surprise I found this to be incredibly high value for the following reasons:

1. Down to earth ,professional conversational training without the hype or fancy visual presentations.
2. To see actual coaching take place first hand and understand the value add that coaching provides to both parties.
3. Great content knowledge regarding personalities , behaviors and the psychology of how we think.
4. No question went unanswered with a very direct and honest response to all.
5. A vast supply of content and knowledge in both hard and soft copy.
6. Valuable conversations with TCI students and employees.
7. The most valuable thing that I come away with was better knowledge and understanding of myself.

I am moving forward with this business because of these people.

Awesome! There

"Your Best Year Yet" workshop was extremely motivating, inspirational and engaging. The delivery of information kept me interested and I was very keen to learn more.... So much of the content resonated with me. Matt is a brilliant public speaker and very creative in his style and delivery. the support team are AMAZING! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this warm community of dedicated people who are so supportive and committed to the art of coaching. A very heartfelt thank you!

Supportive, encouraging, welcoming

I went along with some concerns about the style of coaching training I'd see as I have experience in, and am turned off by, American "ra-ra". Matt's style completely resonated with me and I was impressed with what other students' experiences had been. They had gained a level of confidence in speaking and thinking that I am looking for. Despite my concerns before the weekend, I have enrolled in one of the courses and am very excited to get started. I am still not sure if I will ultimately make a living from coaching but I know I will gain confidence in all areas of my personal and professional life from this course at the Coaching Institute.


Im glad l invested my time in discovering what your company is all about.
I came away with a sense that l am doing ok.
I have no interest in becoming a life coach. But l did figure out what direction l need to take next.
I will be looking into Toastmasters to help me articulate myself with confidence.
Thank you .
It's comforting to know that there are people who are passionate about healing others.

Joanne Sorensen

Fantastic Supportive Group- I felt embraced like in family

The course was jam-packed with value, the environment was enriching and supportive- with so much knowledge and wisdom shared.
My 2 days with Matt Lavars were life -changing, I am grateful

So much great value - loved the energy and connecting with like minded people

This was a phenomenal event and Matt was a great speaker. Was wonderful to meet so many like minded people who are committed to their own personal growth. This event provided me with the comprehensive knowledge and direction on how to start and I'm definitely excited to begin my journey!

Powerful day

I had chance to take a part of two days workshop which was very powerful and full of positive energy. I would recommend to anyone who cannot find their path in life.. if you don't want to be a coach that's OK but you can use it for your personal life in 100%.

Magnificant Experience- much gratitude

The way in which the information was delivered was very entertaining,helpful,clear and concise.
Matt has a real gift for relating to others.Matt's knowledge,experience and the examples he used made the course content even more interesting.
A phenomenal coach and I am grateful for the experiences that I had.The visual aids and his way of teaching ,I feel was very beneficial.He is a superb teacher.I was very happy with the course content.
I didn't think the course was difficult at all. Complex at times but the way Matt explained it made it easy to understand.

Structure to model excellence

The training has changed my life completely. I know have the best profiling tools, framework, structure and coaching benchmark to achieve outstanding results with my clients.

Mind-blowing logical content

Courage to be you by Joe Pane seminar in Hobart resonated deeply. Amazing content, incredible experience, life changing opportunity highly recommend if you're interested in bettering your life with simple changes.

Where have you (I) been?!

Courage to be you... was exactly that. A small touch on teaching self confidence to find the me that I want to be! I honestly though it was all a scam, pyramid sales ect... by the end of the second day I was in love with Joe... his authenticity, his rawness, the content, how he shared it... everything! I walked into day 1 a true skeptic and walked out on Day 3 with an inner self of happiness, energy, being... that I had never felt before. Now to work on maintaining that with my continued training! **very excited**

Challenging and timely training.

The content and delivery were excellent. For me it was a simultaneously fun-filled and challenging week. The course was designed and delivered in such a way that any participant would get out of it what they were willing to put in. Matt Lavars is a brilliantly skilled presenter, ably supported by the Ninja Crew. Due to the nature of the content, the exercises promoted deep connections with fellow students and I am certain I have some new true friends as a result. Thank you. :)

Take the opportunity to turn towards yourself

This is an intensive program, and it's delivered with a near perfect balance of teaching, reflection, practice, wit and humour and lots of neural pathway building fun and spontaneity. And more than that (if you can even imagine!) it disrupts you, if you are willing...and allows you the opportunity to turn towards yourself, embrace what you find and then move forward with new found strength and courage. Huge thanks to Matt and the amazing crew and fellow participants for incredible value!

Meta 1 is a must do for all for your Coaching and Personal Self.

I was rather Satisfied from doing the Meta 1 workshop. It was Satisfying on both a Personal and Coaching perspective. I Highly recommend all who are looking to bring your life to a whole new level to get into Meta 1 with Matt as soon a possible!
Thanks Matt and everyone who was at Meta 1 from the bottom of my Heart!
I Love You All!!!

Meta 1 was more than expected

This was a challenging program delivered brilliantly. Well worth spending time in the room. Epic value- thanks Matt Lavars and the crew x

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Hi there, I would like to thank Matt and the TIC for hosting the amazing course in Auckland this weekend, it has brought up so many things for me and also helping me to release things that I was not able to release prior to the training. It's definitely something I am considering doing. Can you share a list of the participants so that we can connect with each other, I have taken so many business cards but not all that I needed, Thank you once again for the amazing experience.
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