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comments from much younger man!!

wearing Fable shirt and very handsome/much younger man said I was best dressed woman in restaurant - pure compliment/no ulterior motive as he then left - it REALLY made my night! :0)

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

massive let down due to poor customer service

i placed an order on the 12th of march for three shirts & was charged $447 accordingly. Received the package on the 14th, only to find that 2/3 shirts had been delivered. There was no note/explanation as to where the third shirt was (rose quartz). Immediately emailed the Fable team, and sent a message via facebook. I ordered the Rose Quartz shirt specifically for a work event on the 19th of March. was advised that the third shirt will be sent out via express post on the same day (14th March); and that I will receive it by the weekend. Today is Tuesday the 19th, and there is no sign of my missing shirt. No explanation as to why it was never received to begin with.
I am utterly disappointed with the Fable's level of care. Having worked in customer service myself, I understand that orders can go wrong. But it is essential that you do whatever you can to rectify the mistake; which hasn't been done at all in this case.

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FOLLOW UP: dealing with The Fable customer service team has left a sour taste in my mouth. i feel it is necessary to give an update on here regarding my issue. it is only fair that potential customers are aware about both sides of the business before dealing with them. 19th March: emailed the fable asking for an explanation as to why I hadn't received the missing shirt as they had promised. I asked about the refund procedure so that I can take my business elsewhere. Received a response with the delivery address - again no explanation as to why they didn't dispatch the shirt on 14th march when the issue was raised. 19th March: I responded asking whether the third shirt was on its way? Would wait until I receive it, so all three can be returned together. Never received a response. 20th March: I sent a facebook message wanting my tracking number. Finally the founder responded. She apologised for the stuff up, and mentioned they had new members on board; and acknowledged that their level of service slipped in this instance. Arranged to call me the next day, stating that a complimentary piece would be provided as an apology. 21st March: The founder called. She suddenly decided that it was all my fault; and that the Fable had done everything correctly. Her wording was "I had a look at the tracking number; and it states that it was delivered on Thursday 14th at your house. So everything was done correctly from our end." I was puzzled, and said im sorry if this was my fault. I was home all day on Thursday, and received the one and only parcel that day. In case the postman returned later on; they would have left an Australia post slip..which I never saw. The founder then went on to ask "given that the business has done everything correctly; do you mind taking a look at the review you posted? its damaging for such a small business." I said I would look for the Australia post slip; and if that was correct, id happily amend my reviews. The founder emailed me the tracking number after the phone call. Funnily enough, this was the same tracking number I had received once my original order was placed. this was the delivery that I had received WITHOUT the rose quartz shirt. She wouldn't budge; demanded that I go and chase it up with Australia post as there is proof of the parcel being delivered. This lady had no idea what she was on about. Clearly didnt understand what the issue even was. Made it sound as if I never received any delivery period. I called the founder again, and this time she straight away accepted that this was indeed the same tracking number that she provided, and that the rose quartz shirt will be dispatched today with a complimentary piece. Absolutely disgusted with the treatment I have received. I understand that sometimes customers falsely accuse businesses for freebies. But the Fable disregarded their own teams acknowledgment with having missed the shirt; and went on to accuse me of having received it. Would I shop here again? Most definitely not. Not even sure if ill receive the shirt I rightfully paid for.

Claiming not received return and no further replies to emails

Extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with this company who state they have not received returned items even though tracking proves they were delivered and signed for by [name removed]. Will not provide any contact phone number as requested to discuss this, I am paying for two silk tops that I have returned and am being told have not been received despite evidence to support they have been, am getting no replies to my emails and am find this is not acceptable

Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Slightly small
Product Appearance As advertised
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Thank you for taking the time to write this review. It's very useful to us and your feedback is valued. As per our recent emails, we apologised sincerely for the mix up which happened with your return being temporarily misplaced due to a new returns process we've implemented. We pride ourself on offering great customer service which the reviews here will testify to however we are not perfect and do make occasional mistakes. The personal mobile of our founder was offered to you to call at any time to discuss the issue further. We understand your exchanges have now been delivered however should you have any further issues you are more than welcome to get in touch and we will find a solution for you, as we do with all customers in the odd instance that we've made a mistake.

Work uniform sorted

I have four of these shirts, they almost completely comprise of my work uniform as a lawyer. I go for a slightly bigger fit to make them especially comfortable and to sit like they do in the photos. The quality and ease of washing is amazing, I just wash in normal cold cycles, and the fabric hasn't changed at all. They've stood the test of regular wear for the last 2 years now, and I just adore them. They're the only shirts I want to wear for work. Can't go past them and worth their reasonable price by far!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing Slightly small
Product Appearance As advertised
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Thank you for sharing this review Julia. We're so pleased you're getting such good wear our of your shirts. Enjoy. :)

These shirts are incredible. The fit is gorgeous and the quality is amazing. Absolutely recommend them to anyone.

The site was easy to navigate. I am extremely satisfied with the range of products and the quality of the material is excellent. If you’re after beautiful silk shirts, these are the ones for you.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised
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Excellent - we're delighted to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience :)

Excellent quality elegant blouses.

I rarely buy things on-line and was more than pleasantly surprised to receive quite quickly, such an excellent quality blouse.
It pleased me to see that the factory was run on ethical lines and the workers were paid an honest wage.
I am especially pleased that these silk blouses can be washed and have ordered another two items.

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We're delighted to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience Joan. Enjoy your shirts. :)

The perfect shirt summer/ winter ( even wear it on a hot Brisbane day) stylish, versatile, and well

The Fable website is very easy to navigate and there is sufficient variety to created a stylish versatile wardrobe. Bought xs and is a perfect fit. Excellemt product, easily washable, quick drying, love the slim fit. Loved that it was ethically made and from a natural product. Even loved the packaging and prompt delivery.

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Great to hear, thank you for sharing this review Noella. We're pleased you enjoyed both the product and service we offer. :)

The Indian silk original is much better than Chinese silk

I have about 5-6 shirts and 4 T-shirt’s.
I love to orignal silk shirts (made in India), the cut, size was perfect for me and they did not crease. I have more recently purchased the new Chinese silk shirts. I find the fabric does not feel a good, it is thinner and more see through and creases a lot. The major issue and why I am writing this review is the Chinese silk seems to shrink- resulting in puckering among the front and seams. I have persevered, but I’m not happy.

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Thank you for sharing this review Rebekah. It's very useful to us and we value all customer feedback. You are correct in noting a difference between our original Indian silk versus our more recent Chinese silk. The Chinese silk is a higher quality yarn, which is both thicker and softer. The decision to change was made with quality alone in mind. While most of our customers prefer our new fabric, we do understand it comes down to personal preference. We're sorry our new version hasn't worked for you in this instance.

Gorgeous, well fitting ethically made silk shirt.

This is the first time I’ve purchased from The Fable and I couldn’t be happier. The fable make silk shirts and their online shop is excellent. The postage was prompt, The fit of the shirt is excellent, the silk flows beautifully but isn’t too translucent so I can wear it to work without a slip (I chose a blue colour). It’s a very flattering shape. I measured another shirt prior to purchase to ensure it would fit well and bought a small, it’s true to size for me. I’m planning on getting every colour and pattern now!

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We're delighted to hear. Thank you for sharing this review Laura. Enjoy your blue silk shirt, we hope you're getting alot of good wear out of it. :)

Great shirts and even better customer service!

Received a T-shirt that was sized incorrectly. Great follow up from the customer service team. Going to send me a replacement of the correct size and even let me keep the incorrect one! This will make the two tshirts I have purchased from them, I will definately be looking to purchase a third in the near future.

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Thank you for sharing this review Celeste. We're so pleased you're enjoying our range. We, like every one, aren't perfect and sometimes make the odd mistake in dispatch. We will always find a solution should this happen though and are pleased to hear you were happy with the outcome. Enjoy your silk t-shirts :)


Beautiful shirt.Feels great to wear plus looks great also.Ordered a medium which is my normal size . Perfect fit.Very fast delivery.

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Great to hear, thanks Antonia. Enjoy your shirt :)

Wonderful shirts. Beautiful quality and great customer service

I’m so glad I’ve found your fabulous shirts. They are great for work. I’ve just ordered my second one but I’m sure it’s not going to be the last!

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Wonderful - thank you for sharing this review Sharon. We're so pleased to hear. We hope you're enjoying them :)

Never looked good in a shirt until now

I have never, in all of my 34 years of life, looked good in a shirt. I have a large bust and stomach and am small everywhere else -- this makes 100% of shirts I've tried so far look frumpy on me. I have honestly tried everything, including shirts specially made for women with large busts, with no success.

My Fable shirt arrived today. I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous fabric, but STILL thought I would be disappointed with the way it fit me. But when I put it on, I couldn't believe it -- it draped so beautifully across my chest and stomach, but fit perfectly in the arms and across the shoulders -- it made me look so elegant!! I'll definitely be coming back for more. Thank you, The Fable!!!

Transparency is an issue

While this is a very pretty top, overall I am disappointed. I bought the top for work wear as the product description definitively states that this shirt is not transparent and a bra is not visible. This is incorrect. It is so transparent that I feel uncomfortable wearing it at work without a jacket. The sizing also runs small and the fabric is clingy. I think both the transparency and clinginess could be fixed by using a better quality silk. I expect better for the price and would not be inclined to make another purchase unless these issues are addressed. At the very least the product description stating the top is not transparent should be amended as it is misleading.

NOT true to size, although great quality and service

I am generally a 14-16 shirt in brands such as Sportscraft, David Lawrence, Veronika Maine, Trenery, Country Road, Witchery, Boden, etc.. I have silk shirts from all of these brands, as well as linen, cotton etc. The fit in the other brands is good, though in a couple, because of button placement, I have some gape issues at the bust which is easily fixed with double sided tape.

I had read so much about the quality of the Fable shirts and service, I decided to take advantage of a recent sale and purchase 3 shirts. I measured my shirts from other brands and decided to purchase 3 shirts in XL.

The shirts arrived promptly and were packaged beautifully. They came with a sample card of all of the fabric swatches, which is great as it takes the guess work out of future purchases when it comes to picking colours. The quality of the silk and workmanship is better than most of my other shirts from the above mentioned brands. I was eager to wear them! Until...

I tried a shirt on and it fit generously in the arms, shoulders and bust. These are areas that are hard to fit for me and I generally have to size up to fit these problem areas and tailor a shirt by adding darts to make it more fitted in the body and hips if it looks too big in the trunk, and it is why I decided to size up to the XL in this shirt. Unfortunately when it came to doing up the last button at the bottom of the shirt I knew I had to send t back - it was too tight. My hips measure the same as my bust, so I was really shocked and disappointed the shirt didn’t fit and was too tight in this area - especially given the fit in other brand shirts I own.

I decided to compare measurements of the Fable shirt with the Boden shirts I own (Boden run small compared to Australian brands). I measured both shirts laid flat on a table and compared the measurements between shirts, and the measurements on the website. I realised the shirt measurements on the website are done with the shirts held taught - which means they can get an extra few CM of measurement out of the shirt. The thing is, most people don’t wear their shirts this way or measure them this way. If I don’t stretch my current shirts and hold them tight when I measure them, they’re the same size, give or take a cm.

I am considering sizing up to XXL - which is 1-2 sizes bigger than my regular size in other brands. I don’t believe these shirts are true to size as the brand keeps insisting. When other people have raised the issue of sizing they say it is the standard size in Australia, but judging by the brands mentioned above - which are all Australian, except for Boden - the sizing at the Fable is NOT consistent with the sizing of brands people are more familiar with and would use as a yardstick for sizing.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t think the XXL will fit and I’ll most likely end up getting a full refund. It is such a shame more sizing and styles aren’t offered, but I understand that in order to keep the business successful they would only sell what they know they can shift and not introduce too much into their product line (I’d do the same thing - introducing other styles and sizes is what has ruined a lot of other boutique Australian brands, and they may only be able to get a shirt made in runs of 10,000 or so, and it may not be economically viable to get larger shirts made). Still SO frustrating though! I wanted to love these shirts and if they fit I’d be buying 2 in every colour.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to share this review. Your feedback is incredibly useful to us and we have noted all points for consideration for future productions. We're happy to hear you enjoyed the over all quality and service we offer and are sorry our shirt cut hasn't worked for you in this instance.

Be careful these clothes are very small

I have nothing over size 14 in my wardrobe and many items are smaller. I read the sizing carefully and ordered XL and am so glad I did. The shirt & top do fit me, but they wouldn't need to be a fraction smaller.
The quality is good. Regarding the packaging, it is lovely, however I would have expected the items to be ironed, they were very creased. i have just spent a long time ironing them. I haven't worn them yet, but they now look lovely.

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Hi Heather, thank you for taking the time to write this review. We're so pleased to hear you've enjoyed our product quality and packaging. We've noted your feedback regarding the creases. We do steam all orders prior to sending however as items travel folded in a box they will arrive with unavoidable fold lines. If you leave them to hang in your wardrobe they will naturally fall out :)

Size comfort excellent but shirt is see through bra is visible

Galaxy shirt.
Lovely fit and feel.
However description clearly states it is not transparent and bra wont show. This is inaccurate.

Hi Tania, thank you for sharing this review. We're pleased to hear you're enjoying the fit and feel of our shirts. We have updated our web site as a result of your feedback regarding the transparency of our Galaxy shirt. Just a reminder we have easy returns and exchanges if need be :)Thanks for acting on the feedback. Also thanks for offering full refund of purchase price and postage.

So comfy, that you can't leave home without it

I am on to my 7th shirt all purchased within 3 months. Comfy and doesn't require ironing, comes in a lovely package too. Id love to know how to get rid of grease/oil stains on your silk shirts, if there is a FAQ somewhere.

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Wonderful - we're so pleased to hear. Thank you for sharing this review Kim. In regards to grease / oil stains, depending on how bad they are we would probably recommend taking them to the dry cleaner. Our shirts are washable however professionals will do the best job at removing tricky stains.

The perfect silk shirt!

I have 3 of The Fable's beautiful shirts and highly recommend them! I feel really good and comfortable when I wear them and I get compliments every time. Thanks for making such a lovely product!

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Wonderful - we're delighted to hear. Thanks for sharing this review. Enjoy your shirts :)

I am in love with this shirt!!!

I'm a lover of all things quality. This shirt is exceptional quality, is light and feels soooo beautiful on my skin. Most importantly, I feel amazing wearing it. Super stunning and now I want one of each colour!

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We're so pleased to hear this. Thank you for sharing your feedback Elle. We hope you enjoy your shirt :)

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Questions & Answers

How the trouser fabric feedback?
1 answer
Hi Neeru, Please can you elaborate? I'm not sure what you mean when you refer to trouser fabric feedback? Very best, Jessica

Hi, just wondered if the sizes have changed recently.. Bought 2 size M shirts a few months ago that fit great, but a recent purchase of an M has me swimming in the shirt? Please advise. Thanks.
1 answer
Hello, thanks for reaching out. We haven't changed our sizing although our fabric has changed slightly so depending on when you placed your last order, this could be why you're noticing a difference. We have easy exchanges and returns so please send us an email at info@thefable.com.au and we can find a solution for you :) Jessica

Hi there! is the white spot or rose quartz colour transparent?
1 answer
Hello Lana, Dalmatian isn’t transparent however we recommend wearing a nude bra with Rose Wuartz as it has a degree of transparency. Very best, Jessica

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