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The Global Work & Travel Co.

The Global Work & Travel Co.

4.9 from 436 reviews


Booked a trip to Costa Rica, my Work & Travel Expert Keira was extremely helpful and the process was ran very smoothly.


So amazing! Lovely people to talk to! Can’t not wait! They helped with all my questions! I feel comfortable traveling with them

Davo is a bloody legend, fantastic service, definitely recommended.

Canada working/ holiday trip. experience was fantastic, exceeded my expectations. Process was easy and simple. very easy to adjust bookings. Dave is better kendell


She was really helpfully and helped my decision really clear that i really wanted to go to Canada in September.

Excellent service

was super helpful with all my questions and needs. will 100% recommend to friends and family about the company :)


Amazing people. Fantastic service. Helped with everything I needed. We’re happy to answer any questions I needed to be answered.

100% Satisfied

Nicole has been very accommodating and extremely helpful with setting out all of the requirements for this trip. If it weren't for all the information and her support I would have second guessed myself and possibly not even taken the step into this new journey. For anybody wanting to teach abroad I would definitely recommend signing up with Global Work and Travel. :)


I booked a Canada trip and it was easy to adjust and you did meet my expectations and I’m keen to go and with the day trip.


Yes everything was fine. Questions all answered. Great service and really enjoyable conversation with the people speaking in the phone

Great interaction

Cape town south Africa community project life skills
Great enthusiasm from trai, awesome customer service. She asked great question to find the best fit.

Good service

Good service, prompt replies, good communication, plenty of information, good references, good bloke, easy to talk to, good bloke, good bloke

Very kind

My coordinator was amazing!! Super helpful! She helped me through all my questions and concerns! I am beyond excited to be a part of this!

It’s alright

It’s alright, just took my time filling this out so it was a bit on and off. But other then that great service

Unreal, help.

So much help with every question I had to ask plus help on every activity I want to do. very confident my dream working holiday will be exactly how I dreamt it

This is amazing. I can’t wait to go

I booked a working trip to Canada. Booking through this company it met all my expectations. Aswell staff were very helpful.

This is amazing!!

This opportunity is amazing and I can’t wait to head over to Canada!! The help provided was amazing! Can’t beat it!

perfect trip.

dan was really nice guy, really friendly! would love to have bevy with dan. really helped me understand more things about the trip.


Very happy with the service. Helpful staff and very easy to sort out my holiday. Thankyou very much global work and travel.

Amazing opportunities and such an easy process

I booked a 6 month program in Thailand and the process was super simple. My work and travel expert Riley was a great help and a genuine person. Can’t wait to catch up with him on the beaches in Australia someday!

Awesome service!!

Riley and Scott are amazing. Both of these individuals answered all my questions and made me feel VERY safe. They are always available to answer any questions. Love the team and can’t wait for my trip!!! I’ve always wanted to teach abroad and these guys put my dreams into reality!

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Is this company also do a "regular" travel booking? or specialises only in "working"type of holiday? Thanks!
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