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The Good Guys

The Good Guys

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Terrible service, especially their 'concierge service'

Bought a fridge with the extended warranty. The compressor gave up after 7 months. Took over 3 weeks to even get back to me and they did not send the complimentary $100 perishable food refund. Same fridge compressor broke within 9 months of the first incident (16 months from purchase). Again, took a month to do anything at all. Once the repair person looked at it, he said that it should be replaced, and that there'd be store credit soon. He called me two and a half weeks later to ask if the Good Guys had called. I told him that they hadn't, and he laughed, saying that my store credit for a new fridge had been waiting fro over a week. Again, had to sit on hold to the concierge service for over an hour to request the food spoilage card. They didn't have the fridge we bought, so we had to pay over $300 to get an approximate model 0 in a nutshell, the concierge's 'replacement item' policy is a sham. These people take $260 at point of sale promising the world, and fail to deliver. Will never shop at the Good Guys again.

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Don't Know Their Products

Went to G/Guys to buy a washing machine. Told the salesman that I wanted a machine that I could set to NOT spin. He showed me a Fisher & Paykel machine that had 4 options, the last one being NO SPIN. Turns this means it will stop at the end of the wash/rinse cycle for a short period then will spin anyway. I rang F&P who sent out a tech who came out and was not aware that No Spin meant there was only a delay. The first tech said he had fixed "the problem". When it kept doing it F&P sent out a second tech who explained that it was only a delay. Contacted G/Guys and said I told your salesman that I wanted a machine that doesn't spin. I got a whole lot of "spin" from them and now we are in court. Customer Sevirce is something they know nothing about.

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8 months and counting to get my (under warranty) microwave fixed at a repair shop 3 mins away!

So I returned my microwave to to the Good Guys store that I bought it from to get fixed as it had become almost completely useless. A relatively simple task you would think, yet I ended having to spend over 1 hour and 40 minutes in the store to drop it off for repair even though it wasn't busy in the store that day, it was because I ended up having to guide the salesman through the process, otherwise I would have been in there much, much, much longer.

Months & months past until I finally received a text message 3 months later informing me that my microwave was ready to pick up. Finally after 3 months of waiting I went in that weekend to pick it up, as I had been missing the use of my microwave, only to spend another yet 45 minutes in the the same store, as the same salesman, fumbled around looking everywhere for my microwave until having to resort to telling me that 'they must've sent it back to the warehouse' and this was all I was offered as an excuse after 3 months without the product that I'd paid for, even though the repair shop that my microwave was sent to is only 3 mins away!!

Later that week I received another text message, although this time informing me that there had been a mistake with the initial text message and that I would be contacted soon as to when my microwave would be returned...

Since then I've been patiently waiting for the next communication regarding when I can actually receive my microwave that I have paid in full for. Many more months have since past, over another 5 months and 8 months in total, but to this day I have received no further communication.

These 'Guys' are so inept at customer service, I can only suggest that you please make sure to research products very thoroughly before purchasing at The (NOT SO) Good Guys, as you may never see your purchases again if they are faulty and need to be submitted for repair under warranty!

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Such a scam!

I tried to purchase item with advertised 20% discount - did not work. I wrote them and explained issue. They have not answered till discount period finished and only then they answer 'sorry". Also they ignored all details I gave wrote them. Basically they treated me as ""low life" during all our "conversation"

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Alarming approach to customer safety

We had an issue with a safety issue related to one of this retailer's products, a GVA-branded floor fan. The flimsy piece of plastic clipped (but strangely not glued, screwed or welded) onto the front of their floor fan fell off. Our 18 month old could put his hand through. Despite raising our concerns, The Good Guys repeatedly expressed no interest in notifying the manufacturer of the design flaw.

They said they had a business to run and didn't guarantee their products outside the strict 12 month warranty. ACCC Consumer Rights might disagree with that view.

A family's safety ought to be a priority. Being indifferent to customer safety very quickly becomes a serious business inconvenience. In my experience, the Good Guys have shown no interest in standing behind the safety of their product. Interestingly, it appears they have stopped selling this product. The customer service leaves a lot to be desired and the company's safety standards are concerning to our family.

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Very helpful and great price!

I recently bought a Dyson handheld vacc and a roomba robovac. The staff were helpful and knocked of quite a lot from the price without me asking. They gave me genuine advice and spoke to me as a person, not a robot. Would recommend.

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Felt ripped off - but a happy outcome.

Bought a TV from them on Wednesday 13th March for $1295. The very next day, the TV was on sale for $1095. They never told me about the price reduction.
After contacting them, they provided me with a voucher, which was the difference between their price & that of a competitor plus 20%. Ended up with over $300, thus new TV effectively cost $985.

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Terrible After Sales Care

Bought a Westinghouse fridge which stopped freezing. Fortunately it was still under warranty. After receiving a store credit for a new fridge, we were over a week without a fridge. Good Guys Kawana failed to prioritise what was an urgent situation. Service in the past was very good, never had a problem until now. Finally received fridge after being mucked around for 4 days.

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Waste of time buying from them go Harvey Norman as you will get help with issues

Bought a fridge and filled in all details for delivery etc, then got confirmation email but wrong delivery address, Wrong State actually, no contact number to call for help, no response to 5 emails sent for help.

Appalling customer service, currently $853 out of pocket as no one is responding to me after 3 days.
Now have to lodge claim with fair trading.

Nothing good about these guys and look forward to spreading my opinion on every social media outlet possible. doubt they will care about that either.

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Website Scam

Purchased a TV from their online store. Money was taken, no product received (they had them in stock, they had no excuse for taking my money and cancelling the order). They kept my $2000 over new years. Shop elsewhere.

Perfect and seamless service

Did my research and got a great washing machine at the best price. Ordered online late morning and was delivered 24 hours later and installed. They took away the packaging and the old washing machine. Things could not have gone more efficiently.

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The Bad Guys!

A three week ordeal culinating in not receiving the product and still waiting on the refund. Spoke to numerous staff who all displayed mind boggling incompetence and zero care factor.

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Extremely poor customer service

I would give minus star if there is one available. We ordered a GoPro 7 online and came to the shop to pick up one hour afterwards. After asking for a lot of information, we couldn’t get our order because we didn’t get the ID transaction number which is supposed to be sent to us from PayPal. So I asked the female staff who was serving us that if we couldn’t get the ID transaction, could we cancel our order. She showed being annoyed and told us why you didn’t wait until you get the email from PayPal. More than that, while serving us, she was very busy doing something on the computer as well; seemed super busy multitasking. She wasn’t even sure of what she was doing when I asked her some questions.
In the end, we cancelled the order. The Good Guys tunred out to me ‘The crazy worst guys’ ever.

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Very poor sales man

Went to buy a dryer .Salesman told us if we hang a vented dryer on the wall upside down the warranty would be void .Not very helpful .I bought the dryer at Bing Lee the salesman was helpful and knowledgeable

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After Sales Service Shocking

We've had 2 bad experiences. (1) bought air con unit, Installation price quoted ended up being increased by 50% (2) Bought a washing m/c. Made a mess of the house bringing it in. Damaged tiles and did not take away old machines....no room on truck apparently - really, you just took one machine off it. Someone will apparently be out to pick the old one up this week..... ...yeah, right see you never : )

Great example of a company with good products and good presales being very badly let down by post sales and they seem to be oblivious to it/ too lazy to fix it. We bought all of our white goods and electrical goods from there, but not any longer. How dumb would you have to be not to check back on your post sales, telling people 'that's not our problem we use contractors'.....ermmmm its is your problem if you sell installation.

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Redemption Promotion with eftpos card

I have purchased 3 units of Panasonic Aircond in Jan19, entitled $350 eftpos Payless redemption card, but received only $250 on eftpos card. Today on the phone to GG for almost an hour ( waiting time and transfer between different departments )
My Nephew has the same problem, entitled $300 but received only $100 eftpos Payless redemption card, after ending my case i provided GG Customer Care Staff my nephew Sales Order Number, the staff INSISTED my nephew is to call GG direct .. This means my nephew is to waste 50 minutes waiting on the phone to lodge his case to GG to get his short change of $200.

This is GG Promotion ! Why is redemption amount WRONG ( happened to 2 different people ) to start with ..

Dead end to complaints no resolution process

I was convince to buy a concierge protection due to marketing strategy that ill get more with the promised of $20 every 4 months. I got my first one no issue the other 3 didnt recieve updated my contact several times and was told no reffrence numbers for every call . They tell you diffrent things ine will promise solution you call back theres no record of agreement no complaints department. Told coudnt egt the vouchers i didnt recieve. Last voucher sent again to the wrong phone number to my wifes. They admitted something wrong with theyre sustem but coudnt help me. Voucher had error so coudnt use was told will only take 1 hour to fix and its been a week still nothing takes atleats 30 minutes to get through them very frustrating and they try to blame you

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Refrigerator double door 7 month

I bought LG double door fridge from the store. It stopped working on its own after few months,so called up store and they directed to LG customer care service centre and told me within 48 some one will attend.

After 1 day got sms saying technician will be in area at specific time, me and my wife were on job and cannot take leave during working hours.
Tried calling to change time of technician attendance, no response

Fridge started working on its own. After 2days.
Frustrated customer called LG service centre again to ask for technician, finally after 2days The Technician arrives, after some test confirms all ok.
Happy days, bought fridge load of groceries.
5days after technician visit, found fridge started making sounds and things are not cold anymore.

Back to customer care, got response from guy in call centre from Serbia!!!

Again technician will contact you. Bull dust

Technician sends message that he will be in area between 09 and 11, tried calling back few time to change his visit time.
Called call centre to inform technician to visit later same day, at abt 0330 pm.

NO technician has visited me
NO LG customer service has tried calling us.

No efforts being made by good guys or lg services to resolve the issue of malfunctioning noisy refrigerator.

I wish to courier rotten groceries to good guys store owner and manager and lg customer service.

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Went to physical store, manager assured leave it with me and i will exchange in 24hrs. Its more than 5 days. Called up manager , asked what happed. Was told LG technician have to verify, so he need to be booked in!! My next question, have you booked technician for me? NO!! Can you pls book it for me: Yes Sunday evening: still no confirmation CAlled up call centre /Phillipines/Not aware and must go through same story again and I am sarry sir, techinician will call you, when he can bisit you.

Concierge $20 store credit

Very disappointed with the $20 store credit. Very limited time given to start with. Missed out on the first advice. Second advice received and on going into the store to use the credit, was informed that it had already been used! Unable to say how/when/by whom? On check out the sale person rang the Concierge line...and was on hold for an age, to which the check out queue was rather long! I decided not to purchase and came home...and rang the concierge department....on hold for AGES!!!! Eventually it was checked out, that my code had been used...but not in my area...so definitely not me! The code had been duplicated (technical/computer hiccup)..and so a new code to be forwarded to me...extended date!..Which I will use!...
The Concierge agent on the phone was extremely helpful and her apology accepted.
However, I am not happy the way the Concierge system works. One more to use, at that will be it for me!

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Online and in store woes

Received a $20 Concierge store credit to use and used it online towards a purchase that was supposedly in stock, but it turned out it was out of stock. Lovely salesperson rang to advise me of such and suggested I go in store and select an item and that I would be "looked after on price". Did as such, but at the sales counter I was not looked after at all - no discount given as "discounts are not given on store credit" despite me telling them what I was told over the phone and what was printed on their paperwork! Told them in disgust that I would forego my store credit. Submitted a letter of complaint to their head office as per the website and received no acknowledgement whatsoever.

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I would like to know if this Crosley is brand new and dose it have track separation a s I would like buy it if possible. Morris Part
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dose this item have track seporation
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I would like to know if the Crosley stereo has track seporationis this Crosley brand new

Interested to know if people who worked for The Good Guys were pushed into selling extended warrenty and making returns difficult.
4 answers
Yes of course how do you think they make money? they make huge commissions out of selling extended warranties, they get more out of that than what they make out of the products they sell. the company & the salesperson get a kickback for the life of the extended warranty & making returns difficult again so they make $$$ & not lose anythingOh of course, we all know it. I need statements from actual employees contesting to it.I don’t work for the good guys, I do work for JB HI FI. (who own the good guys) As a salesperson you make between $2 - $20 selling an extended warranty. It is more about fulfilling the key performance indicator of selling the warranties than the money. - when we meet the KPI, managers get off our backs. In regards to refunds, if the product isn’t quite right I always try to find out if there is another product that would maybe have suited the customer better, before reselling the same product. If the customer is after a refund then we are happy to oblige, especially if the item is unopened, if the item is opened but still has the box, that’s usually fine too so long as it is resealable condition. If the item is faulty we follow ACCC framework to ensure we are offering the customer the correct resolution in line with our legal obligation. I know that returning things is a vastly different story at the good guys though- they will charge their own staff a 20% restocking fee for a change of mind refund. I once paid for something and changed my mind (item was new in the box and hadn’t left the store). I ended up reselling the item online because they refused to waive the fee, even though I’d ordered the wrong item by mistake.. and was still planning to order the right item from them... so yeah. Good guys are a bit rough.

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