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The Good Guys Kitchens

The Good Guys Kitchens

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Installtion is a real issue

Goodguys needs to be held accountable for trade installers they source,the real issue is you pay up front in good faith expecting quality workmanship reality is there sub par lazy installer /plumber who will only do what he feels like doin .$269 gets you / you supply precut hole all they do is insert gas cooktop will not reroute gas line way you want then dont clip gasline or cable correctly .Remember this when you pay upfront no chance havin prior discussion with there trade person they will rip you off ,they will turnup do quickest way and terriable workmanship also be aware as i found out they get pass your signature by sayin goodguys will send you paperwork which when you recieve email job has been closed and you have been had .

Customer Service
Job Satisfaction
Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCranbourne

Installers let them down

Don't do it. It seemed like an economical cheap option at the start. They told us we would save money as the cabinets would be custom built in NSW factory and delivered to our house in Balwyn North. From the start the service was bad as we were given poor advise about where to positioned our bench top. The installers were just as bad.. Once they have your money they will tell you it's your problem. We read the bad reviews but rationalised that only the minority of customers are writing to complain where the majority are the happily silent. Don't get suckered in. I think where they really fall over is the money hungry installers who won't help you with the slightest problem post installation.

Return Claim MadeNo

Service is good

I purchased refrigerator from Maribyrnong good guys. The salesman was good and very friendly.
Even delivery guys was perfect. He was delivering it bit late but very good service. They are really good.

Customer Service
Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationMaribyrnong

It's a great kitchen but comes with a mental cost also.

Well, after 2 years in our TGG Kitchen I thought that I'd include a review. Pros: looks good, functional. Cons: they didn't put in the correct size cabinet for microwave which meant that either TGG rebuild the whole wall of cabinets and fridge/freezer opening or we use a smaller microwave. We decided to use a smaller unit (which TGG supplied us thanks). Hindsight - I would have requested they rebuild and supply what was agreed. Under bench oven isn't installed correctly (is angled, not aligned). When the kitchen arrived the whole of the cabinetry over the stove top had to be modified to comply with clearance specs. When the constituted stone bench tops arrived (in the back of a ute with a bit of thin foam between them) the had chips and one was cut incorrectly and needed to be resupplied. They took forever so we had a complete kitchen that we couldn't use for 3 months. They finally supplied correctly and then took the best part of a whole week to do the install properly. Had to chase them up for the cutting boards promised from the cutout for the sink. They said that someone would come and check and realign all of the cabinetry in about 6mths. 2yrs on haven't seen or heard of TGGK. Not being a kitchen designer but being pretty handy with doing maintenance I've attended to the doors and other various things that needed correcting because the thought of having to deal with getting after sales stuff done was traumatic.
During the process of design and production there is plenty of contact and information. The system seems to work pretty well so long as you're reasonably wise and can spot things that aren't correct along the design path. Once the kitchen is on site and the installers have finished, that's it. Don't expect to hear from anyone, especially if you have a problem or have had problems in the process. TGGK are a business and their priority is making money, not making you happy. It's pretty embarrassing when you have worked for one of the franchises, now the owner very well and then have to go through this process.
Would I do it again? We could have purchased a local custom kitchen at a cost of an extra $10K (approx.) and if I had to do it again that is what I'd do. Having to deal with people in another state over the phone was difficult. Would I recommend TGGK to others. No. We're enjoying the kitchen and it sort of works but it all came at a mental cost which I wouldn't pay again.

Customer Service
Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationGeelong

I would never buy a good guys kitchen ever in my life again, poor and rude service and the quality is poor

Handles have rusted, cupboards didn’t align, the fridge space is way too short for a large fridge. The soft cupboards have fallen off 50% off cupboards in less than 2 years and had to make significant unexpected changes with the builder that stuffed up the electricity access. When you contact them they don’t call you back and they disregard your complaints despite when they sell you the kitchen they tell stress the quality of the product

After sales service

Extremely happy with kitchen however after sales service does does not exist over half a dozen phone calls not returned contacted the good guys which is who we went through to order the kitchen still no luck finally got through and was told that the doors I wanted were $50 each that was find $50 for a courier Was told that I could not pick the doors up myself so I accepted that but then I was told $50 for administration fee that was ridiculous I was told in no uncertain terms take it or leave it

Not happy

Not happy at all with our decision to go with Good Guys kitchens - all milk and honey at the beginning and then you are at the mercy of each tradesperson - no one takes responsibility- they say the installer is expected to oversee the other trades but he really does not - he provides the contact and we have to do the chasing. No one bothers to come around to even see if the job has been completed as per the design or make an inspection of the completed project. I mentioned this in my final survey report but no one even bothered to call me. They are very rigid and no cooling off period. We went to them as we thought - great! All in one! But basically you are left alone chasing individuals- bad experience with Stone people too - visible joints.


11 weeks. No kitchen. Tenants pulled out of rental agreement. Who could blame them. Cancelled contract with supplier. Tried to, illegally, hit me up for $800 cancellation fee. Astonishing! An organization at war with itself. Sales, design and manufacturing blaming each other for the failures of their internal culture and who are openly contemptuous of their customers. Sadly, from my experience, a fairly standard Australian management model.

So far so good, enjoying the kitchen.

The kitchen is very nice and we really like it. Our only negative was waiting for missing or damaged parts to be delivered too long after the first installation. This caused us to wait for the complete kitchen and have more days off work for the missing parts to be installed.

Bad customer service, terrible product availability, average quality. Basically you get much less fo

Unfortunately I walked into Goodguys one day and I thought to myself they have %20 off their kitchens and free design, I should give it a go. I have done ikea kitchen in the past and many DIY jobs around the house so I consider myself a very capable DIYer.

The designer was ok, did some rough measurements (simple layout) and had few good points. After a few hours at the house I got the pressure sale and was told the price is only the same if I sign up on the spot (why not telling me before and wasting 4 hours of my time). I didn’t as same layout would have cost me half of the price even after their %20 off from ikea. Their point of sale was that everyone else is rubbish and their products is made in Australia and of superior quality.

The next day I was contacted by a manager who offered me additional %10 discount and even though price was more than ikea, I thought I would give it a go. They were kind of nice to this point.

On the morning to sign the contract the designer was extremely rude and when I asked two questions she refused to answer and said I can make changes on the day the measurements are done. She was busy and had to go even though she booked the time with us. The measurer was worse than the designer and wanted to give me a cabinet over the fridge which was 10cm higher than the rest of the cabinet and when I refused I was told I am fussy.

They advised me of making a few changes which I ended up having to spend a few hundred dollars at Bunnings, ikea and Aussiecut to custom build and fix those issues. They have sent me wrong parts and they are advising me of leaving gaps where I shouldn’t have and they have made so many mistakes in the parts they sent me.
After sale customer service is horrible. They say they come back to you within 24 hours on their online portal and you are lucky if they notice you within a week. They never apologise or care for the mistakes they made and never try to help you.

They quality of the cabinets is okish but the horrible customer service which has left me with an unfinished kitchen after few months is beyond ridiculous.

I would never recommend them to friends maybe some enemies but do yourself a favour, save a few grand and go elsewhere.

Top notch

We are extremely happy with our new kitchen. Extremely function! I would recommend your company to my family and friends.

Wish I had read these reviews first!

Worst experience ever! Wish I had seen these reviews before we decided to get outlet kitchen done with them. Terrible customer service and were very rude on the phone. 18months later and the kitchen is still not finished. They set you up with a trade company to install the kitchen then take no responsibility when the job is not complete. Wish I could have given 0 stars. Would recommend to go elsewhere for a kitchen.

Terrible, horrible, don’t go with them

From measuring to installation, everything was wrong, after the installation the cabinets measurements was wrong, no customer service, no one know what is happening. Don’t give your money to them, go somewhere ey

Do not use this company

Any savings made by using this company are gone when the kitchen arrived damaged and with parts missing. I have now been waiting an additional 4 weeks for my kitchen to be completed and I still haven't been given a date. I have a number of trades now on hold until the kitchen has been installed. Very Disappointed. Lots of apologies but no action. Use a local company that you can deal with face to face. I trusted the association with the Good Guys. What a mistake.

I was ripped off too with the supposed cancellation fee of $897. For what?!!!

In March 2013, Canberra Fyshwick store had an opening of Good Guys Kitchens. I stupidly paid $2000 to keep approx 4.6 metres of white Silestone at their introductory cost. Since then, I have tried numerous times to get that deposit back but never had a response of any sort, despite all the promises that a manager will call me. I then chased the money through their complaints site on their webpage. I was dealing with another fellow who seemed helpful - until I asked why I was only refunded $899. I had never commissioned a kitchen, just holding price on the granite. They have stolen $897 saying it was a cancellation fee?

Horrible experience

The initial meet and design was great but we have now gone 10 weeks without a kitchen. It is one mistake after another, plans were changed without notice, cupboards installed not to the plan so appliances didn't fit, they have no interest in helping because they demand 100% payment before installation. When they did come out to fix things, it was a poor attempt. The end price was thousands over the quote and the job over all is poorly done. The product seems to be good quality (time will tell) but the stress and hassle of it all is not worth it. Go somewhere else. They seem organised at first but its all down hill after you sign up.

Not all reviews are bad

I didn't read the reviews on this company until after I signed up. I admit to sweating a bit until the job was completed. My problem though. My situation was that I needed a new kitchen ASAP. The property I purchased had a kitchen with 2 cupboards and a set of drawers. I was only ever going to get one quote. I had a rough idea of what it would cost and I cannot handle shopping around very much at all. I was therefore prepared to sign up on the spot if my expectations were met. This I did at The Good Guys, Helensvale, Qld. I went there with measurements, photographs and a design and the desire to Nike. Just Do It. Less than 2 hours later, I had the plan, the costings and had organised purchase of discounted electrical appliances (ceramic cooktop, wall oven, range hood) from the Good Guys. Good Guys staff member who I dealt with was very knowledgeable and caused me to rethink the selections I had made and change them accordingly. Came delivery day and several cartons had sustained damage. It was minor damage to components on a protected pallet and had occurred before Grace, collected the kitchen for delivery. It was then I realised that Freedom is also involved with this company and The Good Guys. I photographed all the damage and reported it via the online messaging system. This process only allows one photo at a time so it took a while. I was met with deafening silence. No answer came the stern response. After several days I became angry that my messages were eliciting no response at all. I messaged both the administrative group and the management team, advising them that an angry me was an ugly sight to behold. The matter was immediately acted upon and a new corner cupboard despatched to me. We made up the difference of damaged components in 2 corner cupboard units from the extra one sent. My friend is a cabinet maker of high distinction. He came for six and a half days it took us to remove the old and rebuild/install the new. Initially he had suggested that I paid too much for the kitchen. After completing the job, he said that the kitchen is of very good quality and he was quite surprised at the standard. The only hiccup we had was when he discovered misaligned clamp rebates on the adjoining joints of one of the kitchen tops. It is a U shaped kitchen. We had already fitted biscuits and glue to the joint and had to move quickly to clamp it together using a heavy duty ratchet strap before the glue set. The glue, biscuits and edge L Clamps hold it all together nicely. We weren't in a position to halt work and order a new top. The bad? The niggling points I mentioned. The good? An easy process that allowed me to design the kitchen and have this company draw it up, manufacture it and deliver it to the small island I reside on within the Southern Moreton Bay Island Group in Qld. I am completely satisfied with the purchase and happy that I went in this direction. My suggestion is that if you want several quotes- go to this company last as some pressure will be applied for you to make the decision on the spot.

So unprofessional kitchen group/ good guy kitchen

We had our new kitchen by kitchen group, introduced through good guys kitchen. Still so confused about the relation between kitchen group and good guy kitchen. But one year after our kitchen was bulit, one of parts on the cabinet was broke. We contacted kitchen designer who confirmed the kitchen has life guarantee and gave us the contact number and person of kitchen group. After we called him a few times, he promised to call back to arrange, but nothing happened. Last time when we called tel:07 3440 8400 and was told she will let this guy know and give us call, again nothing happened. So disappointed and next thing we will try to go to good guy kitchen and see if anyone can help. So unprofessional kitchen group/ good guy kitchen.

1st step getting a new kitchen

We are building a new home and I have been researching kitchens. The 2 staff members in the kitchen installation section at Good Guys Erina were very helpful. One lady was fairly new to it, but still very helpful and she was well supported by a very experienced lady. I was left with the impression of very friendly and honest assistance and when we are closer to the point in the build of final planning of the kitchen I will go in to them again and arrange it.

In store service is fantastic

The in store salesperson at Carseldine was fantastic. No pressure, all my questions answered and was obvious she was very knowledgeable. Based on this I booked an in home design appt. When the person rang to confirm the appt I was told that to receive benefit of any sales offers that I had been given I had to sign up on the spot. I informed them that was not how I made decisions, I liked to think things over and again was pressured that I would only get the sales incentives if I signed up. So I cancelled the appt as my needs as a customer were not being considered. The sales person from store called me back a few weeks later and when I told her what had happened we rescheduled with her reassurance that I would not be forced to sign up. I have purchased all appliances from The Good Guys for years so am looking forward to this consultation.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone had dealings with Good Guys Frankston when having their kitchens done???
2 answers
While I could elaborate I won't, it would take to long. Don,t go near them. It,s all there in the reviews.Thank you...I ended up cancelling them

The good guys Fyshwick, ACT Has anyone in Canberra bought a kitchen from the good guys in Canberra?
2 answers
I purchased mine from the Good Guys in Newcastle and it was supplied by the Kitchen Group in Sydney. (they also do Freedom Kitchens). Even though you are in Canberra, there may be a very good chance that your kitchen will be supplied by the Kitchen Group out of Sydney, Be Careful.No matter where you live expect bad service and a poor quality kitchen with the Good Guys! Fair trading are keeping an eye on them and just need a few more people to come forward before anything can be officially done about them. I wouldn't waste your hard earned money on this company!!

There really are some big disparities between reviews for this company. I think it would be helpful for people leaving comments to mention the suburb they live in or the store they used as there may be a trend evident of where you might end up being able to count on good service and appropriately skilled people. Just a thought as I am very tempted - I live closest to the Capalaba store so if anyone has feedback on that, I would appreciate it.
6 answers
It does not matter which store you go through because the company is a separate entity - Courtsean Pty Ltd trading as The Good Guys Kitchens.- all the kitchens are managed by their Somersby NSW store. What I can tell you is that they take your money upfront and if anything goes wrong they don't take any responsibility to get it right. One of our benches was measured incorrectly and I have had to chase the Somersby office for a replacement. They do not call you to advise you of when it will be ready, the Customer Services Manager speaks to you in a moronic and robotic way and just keeps telling you that they cannot guarantee your delivery in a speedy manner. What should have taken a week has now become a month without a functioning kitchen. They promise to organise an installer, they do, but when things go wrong they basically don't care. I have had to take over the project management of my kitchen - the plumbers refused to bring the fridge inside the house - it was the The Good Guys Store/Thomastown Vic who came to my rescue and organised for their delivery drivers to do so. I cannot speak highly enough of the sales staff at the The Good Guys store. The Kitchen Group people do not offer any compensation for your stress, your time to follow up with them or your time to organise the plumbers, tilers etc. THEY HAVE THEIR MONEY!!Ours was done through the Caboolture store Queensland. We have a faulty bench top and they are trying to blame us and every time I come back they change it to another reason why its us. Still fighting but its very frustrating. Wish we'd never gone near them.Same for us; nothing to do with our local store who are fantastic and very helpful. Had to continually deal with the seperate kitchen entity over the phone; no showroom or office that you can have a face to face meeting. The only way to do that is to make an appointment and wait for a consultant visit. Always had to leave a message three or four times before we received a response. Didn't want to get angry with the lady who answered the phone; she was just doing her job; but in the end she was the one that coped our angry rant. Best way to get a reasonably quick response is to send your email to the management via their message system. Do not use this company! Started off great, consultant was lovely, then that was it. The design was wrong; luckily we thoroughly checked the measurements before the kitchen was ordered. Installation was supposed to take one week; ended up being 4 months. Intaller wasn't competent and he was doing it on his own even though we have a fairly large kitchen. Cost us over $25000 and we had to arrange and pay extra to finish the bulkhead. Now several of the soft close drawers are already broken; only 1 year old. Trying to get those replaced now but clearly they are poor quality.

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