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The Kate by Halo

The Kate by Halo

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Hair does not straighten properly and burnt my hair very disappointed

My partner purchased this as a xmas pressie 2 years ago as a combo with a hair curler. I have used this once a week for the past 2 years and I'm so upset that I've wasted 2 years using this and also feel bad for partner as he spent so much money on it. I was pregnant when I first started using this straightener and blamed the pregnancy for my hair being so dull and not straightening the best. And then spent the following 15 months blaming all the changes in my body after having a baby for my hair being so lifeless. I also noticed slowly slowly my fringe was being burnt off and will take probably a year to grow to grow back.
I randomly went to target and bought a remington hair straightener for around $50 just to try something new and to my surprise this straightner is amazing and does the job as you would expect a pricey hair straightner to do. Ot was only then i realised this hair atraightner is crap!!! Please dont waste your money on this straightner it just doesn't do the job you expect it to!

Purchased in December 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Medium
Hair Style Wavy
Straightening Time 30 minutes


Amazing have used both cloud 9 and ghd and had nothing but problems with quality and styling with these two brands . this styler works miracles for my thick course hair would highly recommend :)

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Curly
Straightening Time 30 minutes

Premium price, average results

Like many others, I too fell victim to the sales patter from Hairhouse Warehouse when I strayed into their store last year. Looking for a replacement for my workhorse GHD’s which I’d had for over 8 years and had sadly gained their angel wings I needed to find a new pair of straighteners fast.
I was interested in purchasing the GHD Platinum ones, but the sales assistant instantly told me not to buy them as they had so many electrical issues (true for this model).
I asked about other brands, but she kept telling me the technology in Halo’s The Kate was outstanding and the fact they weren’t made in China more reputable. I’d never heard of the brand. In the end she convinced me to buy them as they had a sales promo on, which saved me $50.
Whilst the straighteners did their job, and I was enjoying having control over a variable heat, I found I needed to use them more often for touch ups which began to destroy my hair, leaving the ends looking dry. I never set the temperature above 180’C as I have fine hair.
Last week my Halo’s took a small tumble off the bathroom shelf into the sink and the plates ended up damaged, chipped and scratched. On closer inspection, I noticed the scratches revealed a silver plate under the coating. I was always lead to believe these straighteners were ceramic plated, not coated. I felt even more disappointed with them.
This week I brought a new pair of straighteners, the GHD Platinum + to replace The Kate’s. The difference is overwhelming. My hair no longer snags in the plates, it feels softer and smoother, and the results last till the next hair wash. I’d forgotten just how amazing GHD’s are.
Don’t waste your hard earned money on Halo’s The Kate, spend a few more dollars and get the hair straighteners you and your hair deserve. For a brand that aspires to compete with all the other premium straighteners out there and has a similar price tag, you really aren’t getting a similar product.

Purchased in February 2018 for $200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Straightening Time 10 minutes

Same fault and can't refund it

I've used it less than 8 times before one of the plates stopped working. I asked for a replacement and it stopped working within 1 and a half years. Unfortunately since it was out of warranty, I couldn't get a refund or a replacement despite this being a manufacturer's fault. Won't be coming back to this again.

Purchased in November 2017 at Hairhouse Warehouse Online store for $219.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Length Medium
Hair Style Wavy


Well let's just say I submitted a review about my experience to Hair Warehouse and surprise suprise, they refused to publish it! Therefore I will post here instead, because people deserve honest reviews, not just the 5 star ones.
I bought these about a month ago while on holiday in Australia. I went to Hair Warehouse with the intention of buying either Ghd or Cloud 9. After talking with the sales rep I was convinced that Halo was a far better option. "Cloud 9 quality for a GHD price" is what I was told. Even when I changed my mind and went back to GHD I was told Halo would be better for my hair type (straight but thick, freshly blond). Well little did I know, this is a Hair Warehouse exclusive product! Trust me if I knew they were only pimping their own product, I never would have purchased. Sure its not the worse straightener ever, but its certainly not on par with Cloud 9. If I was still in the country and able to return, I would!

Purchased in March 2019 for $249.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Medium
Hair Style Straight
Straightening Time 10 minutes

Genuine review from a paying customer!!!!! 5/10

I have to agree with another user below and say that I believe most of these reviews are fake...
I went into hairhouse warehouse vic gardens with the intention of looking at possibly getting a new straightener. I have previously owned a GHD and was told by a friend that cloud nine is the best brand to get on the market these days. Somehow I ended up with the manager of the store convincing me that these halo products we're the best ones to get because they're made in japan and compared them to the high quality of older GHD models. She barely took the actual product out of the packaging to show me. I too noticed that the plates only touched together at one end, but ended up buying it anyway along with a new hair dryer in the same halo brand. I absolutely love my new hair dryer but I am fairly disappointed with the straightener. It does heat up quickly and feels very hot when on the maximum temperature, but I can't help but feel I'm using a cheap (but still quite expensive!!!) knock off product simply because it is not a reputable brand. I've had these products for 6 months now and honestly wish I had've just kept my money and bought a cloud nine or new GHD straightener.

Worst Hair Straightner

The hair becomes frizzy after one hour again. I was recommended this product by southern cross hair house ware house outlet.It heats up so quickly, thats true. Other than that nothing good about that product. Do not waste your money

Great hair straightener.

I was choosing between this straightener and a GHD, but ended up going with The Kate.
The plates glide over my hair easily with no snagging or pulling, and it heats up so quickly. I like that I can choose the temperature it is set at too. It leaves my hair shiny and smooth due to its special black ceramic plates.
The only reason it isnt a full 5 stars is because I would prefer the plates to be a bit bigger. It takes slightly longer and I have to use smaller sections of hair because the plates are smaller than what I'm used to.


I really can't live without this hair straightener, I use it almost every day. It's just the right size and the right weight. It's easy to use and you can choose the temperature you want. This is a great hair straightener.

Quick and easy to use

I bought this after my old GHD died after reading terrible reviews on the new GHD.
It has been great so far, heats up quickly and is easy to run through the hair quickly on the way out.
I haven’t noticed any damaging effects on my hair but I am careful with using heat protectant before straightening. Overall a great product - I bought as a pack from hairhouse warehouse where I also got a hair curler - really impressed with the brand!


I have had my straightener for many years and use it almost daily. I have struggled with many other straightener but this one gets my hair dead straight in half the time, amazing!

Worst straightener ever

Don't waste your money. An absolute piece of junk. Doesn't straighten my hair properly. At best I can only achieve a substandard result. It's frizzy again after about an hour


I have frizzy-ish hair. THIS straightener is the ONLY straightener that works for me. I have tried almost every straightener and none of them give me the same smoothness and shine as this one does. It is truly remarkable.

Best ever straightner!!!

I bought this about 2/3 years ago. Best investment ever. I tried all the other top straighteners available at the time (including the GHD) and the 10 second test proved this was the best for me. I have super thick, curly, stubborn hair and it straightens so much faster than any other I've ever used. Definitely highly recommend

Absolutely amazing

My daughter has this hair straightener and I asked if I could use it one day. It was AMAZING!!! , I have thick curly, frizzy hair and most of the time it’s tied up, I’ve used a straightener with ceramic plates which took me close to an hour to get my hair reasonably flat, I told you my hair is frizzy.
The halo not only straitened it in half the time, it left it feeling soft with no fly away bits. It’s lightweight, slimline feel makes it easy to manipulate. I’m certain you will not be disappointed if you purchase one.

Omg I love I love I love

I’m so satisfied with my Kate hair straightener it only takes like 30 ish seconds to get hot. I have very thick hair and it takes me 15 minutes to do all my hair. It’s very easy to use I originally bought the ghd and it broke on me twice after one use so then I got the ghd from hair house warehouse and it was the best decision ever.. it gives u a nice shine to ur hair and not make it dry cause if they plate on the flat iron.

No bad only

It’s not easy to use as the hair straightener is so heavy! The store manager kept promoting this one to me when i was in store that I didn’t even notice the weight of it, the hair straighter is just okay cuz the outcome of my hair after using that is not really good, it’s just normal, so please do not listen to what they recommend in store

Excellent hair straightener

I love my halo hair straightener, heats up quick, adjustable heat temperatures and it slides easily through my hair. After years of using ghds I can honestly say I 100% prefer the halo.

So fantastic

this product is amazing, doesn't burn your hair or damage it, get compliments all the time, my hair becomes sleek and smooth and looks healthy, would definitely recommend to friends and family

Perfect to heavy hair

Very happy with the product. I love to straighten my hair almost everyday and having this straightener has made my life heaps easier. its easier and quicker to get warmed up. My hair being too heavy, the results are beyond my expectations.

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Questions & Answers

I am very disappointed in the Hair straightener after 18 months one of the plates stopped working. I returned the straightener to Hairhouse Warehouse to have them replaced. The sales woman was so rude and was not interested. My daughter saved for a year to purchase the "best product" at the time. They were merticulously treated by my daughter and were never dropped. Up until the warranty issue they were fantastic, but with poor post sales service, I will be purchasing something else, not a halo and certainly not from Hairhouse Warehouse.
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I just bought a Kate and the instructions say that you can use it in any country as has this specific feature built into it.

Does anyone have the instructions around still? What do I need to chance to use it in a different country? (voltage-wise, since it’s dual-voltage)
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Which straightener is better a ghd or a halo
2 answers
I still use my old ghd that I have had for years. I am also now too scared to buy a new ghd because I have read so many bad reviews of them now too. apparently, they now make them in China and that's why they aren't as good anymore. I would still like a new ghd but scared of wasting my money yet again. My hair is very thick and curly and with my old ghd my hair stays nice until the next time I wash it. When I used the Kate my hair was only nice for an hour or so then it was boofy and the next day my hair was all over the place. The girls at hairhouse warehouse now say to use a titanium plates straightener but I still think I would stay away from the halo brand and try something else now.GHD are now crap. Dont waste your money. My 10 year old plus GHD is way better than the new ones. I just purhased one last week and used it yesterday. I had to get my old one out to finish my hair as the new one just struggled to smooth it.


The Kate by Halo
CategoryHair Straighteners
Price (RRP) $249.95
Heat Settings22
Max Temperature210°C

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