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The Layby Store

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I had called after making my final payment on my layby, nobody mentioned that they had gone into liquidation and still was told my product would be on its way. After reading all the other comments here, how they had no matter is ridiculous!!!!! So apparently with all this money they received they failed to deliver anything!!!!!
Absolutely disgusting, I hope whoever was the boss of this scam is bankrupt too!!!


As of the 21st May 2015 the layby store has gone into liquidation. I paid off a playground for over $2000 over a 1 year layby period and don't see myself ever getting the product or the money back.


I've just seen these reviews, but I had trouble last year with them. I paid off a $1000 flight centre voucher then they just wouldn't send it to me. They literally Laughed at me and said we are just waiting for something or other..etc etc...some crap excuse. So I went and got a stat Dec signed by a JP to say to my bank I have not received what I paid for and therefore my money can get refunded. By the end of that week....oh surprise surprise... My voucher arrived! These halfwits made me jump through hoops to get what I paid for. It would have cost them more to refund the money coz of the fees they charge, so they sent the voucher instead. That was mid 2014... So they would have been in trouble then... Grrrrrr Im sorry I never wrote my bad experiences online as it might have saved a few people :(

This doesnt make sense

This company received nearly $350 000 in payments and yet they had no stock, no buildings and no cash? With only a few employees apparently, the only reason this could have happened is a total misappropriation of funds...THEFT! Also, to take our money up to and including the day they went into liquidation has to be a crime. They knew what was happening. I wonder if a petition to the fair trading ombudsman would get us something done to get money back.

They were definitely trading illegally!

This company was still taking orders and payments right up to the end- my last payment to them was the day before liquidation. They knew exactly what they were doing- can't we get this guy in trouble for trading illegally as he had no intention of giving us our products or refunding us when they were still taking our payments?! They were still actively marketing their store and sending out weekly email brochures encouraging us to place more lay-bys.
I would feel so much better about this loss of hard-earned money if he was actually sorry for doing this to us, but I strongly suspect that he is only feeling sorry for himself. I hope he has lost more than just his pride because those of us who trusted him have lost a great deal.

Layby Store stole me family's dream!!!

I put in lay buy with Layby Store Flight Centre vouchers to the value of $10,000 to be completed by November 2015! 52 weeks lay buy.. Do the maths as to how much money I have lost! These vouchers were my family's dream holiday for next year! Thankfully I believe in Karma!!!!!

Michael Turner a FRAUD

Michael Turner owner of The Layby Store I hope carma is as nice to you as you were to me and many others. I like most of you payed out thousands to receive nothing but a lovely letter stating company in liquidation. I doubt very much that a possible buyer would honour all orders that never happened. Why would they? That would be like giving away free stuff. I am furious and if I had my way with this man I know what I would do. I bet he is living the high life with all the money he scammed from all his customers. My order was finished last year I overpayed for it and of course still never got it. A month ago I went to Fair Trading they managed to get an answer from The Layby Store telling me that I would get my goods by Friday last week. On Monday I processed a claim with the tribunal only to have them say back that it is out of their jurisdiction as the company is in liquidation. Well I cried I honestly cried I could not believe I couldn't do anything about this. Later that day I received the letter from the liquidator and even though they say we could still have hope I don't believe we do. We are all out thousands while Michael Turner gets away scott free probably driving a nice car we payed for, living in luxury that we all payed for and whatever else his hundreds of customers payed for. I hope there's hope but I won't hold my breath.


I like thousands of others have been duped by this company. Like many others I received a letter from the Person that is handling the Liquadation through SVP!! I am hopefull someone will buy the company and honor all our laybys. As being $2000 out of pocket is not fair.

just wrong

i cant beleive i was 4 payments from paying my fiances birthday present to be told they are in liquidation . i received a letter yesterday and not only did i get that news just to top it of they took money yesterday aswell i was told by the liquidators that my layby should have been cancelled and it still hasnt i thought it would be great to pay my partners birthday present off as his birthday is july and we are on a pension and are getting married in august so funds are tight now ive just been screwed thanks laybystore i feel robbed :(
ps everyone who was still paying watch ur bank account if they take money still go straight to bank we need to put a stop to this now

doesnt deserve even one star

like everyone else that is slowly finding out that these crooks went into liquidation 5 days ago , i am $3000 out of pocket for my flight centre travel vouchers i had 4 weeks left in payments on after almost a year of paying .
these people are disgusting that did this to everyone here , still collecting the money and knowing that they couldnt deliver . i'm devastated for my self and everyone else affected .

The LayBy Store in Liquidation! Very unhappy

I have requested a cancellation and a refund a few weeks ago now. And this happens. Will I ever get my money back as for God knows how many other people out there affected? Very very frustrated annoyed upset and all the names you can Think of to justify how I feel. This company played us all. I really hope that I get my money back and hope those affected gets justice in refunds.

The layby store in liquidation..... I want my money back!

I was about to pay out my layby early and lucky I did not, they also took out a direct debit the day before the liquidation.. I am hoping we get our money back.. all of us that are affected! Being on a low income this has hurt me hard.

I have been ripped off by this company also

Firstly the large tv I ordered was no longer in stock by the supplier.. I was then told it could take up to 10 weeks to deliver if I was to choose another tv (smaller and a different brand).. I struggled to pay the weekly payments and once I had finally paid in full I was shattered when told I may have to wait 10 weeks for delivery!!! When I wanted my money back they then charged me 10 or 20% cancellation fee ? I've been trying to cancel or downgrade my current layby that I have but no reply and they keep charging me $12.50 and taking it off what I have already paid each time my payments disonower as I cancelled my debit card


I am now going into the 12th week of waiting for goods purchased in Feb. Most phonecalls are met with an answering machine, and their terms and conditions do not make sense. Customer Service below par. WILL NEVER PURCHASE OFF THEM AGAIN. Have now got Dept of Fair Trading involved.

Absolutely pathetic!!!!

Placed an order for an iPhone 6 plus. It has been paid off now since the 14/01/2015. After trying to contact them for 2 weeks, I finally get someone answering the phone. Sorry for the delay we are waiting for sales to get back to us. I emailed and phoned even sent text messages, Nothing!! A month ago I sent an email 6 times one after ther other finally got a reply 4 days later. Saying that we are having dispatch delays. Ummm ok 3 months later you are having dispatch delays. It will be 4 months on the 14/04/2015 and still no phone!!! Not impressed at all

horrible! go with someone else!!

Horrible. Thought I was getting a good deal. I had to get a refund for financial reasons and its taken over 3 months for it to be processed!! And while I'm typing this I still don't have my refund. They're open 2 hours a day only. I asked questions and phoned every week only to be told 'I can't say' please don't risk it just go with another company. They should not be a business they have no customer service skills can't give answers even when you nag them as much as possible! They just don't care.

Is this fraud? Phone disconnected

My item has $30 remaining of a $630 layby. Their phone is disconnected and no product or money to be found. People have asked how are they still in business? I don't think they are?!! Very sad as been paying for 12 months to get ripped off.

How are they still in business?

I am staggered by the number of bad reviews by this company (adding mine to the list). I had placed an order for an Xbox which has been paid off for over 5 weeks now. Not only are their prices awfully high, the customer service ( for 2 hours a day!!) is absent from the scene. No calls are returned and no emails responded to. This is clearly a sham and I am amazed that they are still allowed to operate. This has to stop.

Dont start a Layby

I don't think this website even deserves one star. I submitted a 12 month layby in Sep 13 that was fully paid by Aug 14. I didn't receive anything by the end of Sep for I emailed the layby store and they replied saying my item could take up to 10 weeks to be delivered as it was 'bulky'. Didn't receive my order, nor have I received any response from my multiple emails or phone calls. They're crafty people though as after 10 weeks you can't submit a payment enquiry to your bank to get the money back. Needless to say I'm still trying for my money back all these months later.

Appalling Service!!!!!

I cancelled my order with the Layby store 20/01/2015 it is now March and I've yet to receive my refund. They are a very unprofessional and unreliable company that I do not recommend for any consumer who wishes to buy through them. I recieved so many lies & stories as to why the refund wasn't being processed.

I now use MyLayby their quality of service and honesty is well worth it.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone gone to the media like a current affairs?!
2 answers
Not yet that I know of. I'm still chasing other avenues of help at the momentI've emailed A Current Affair!!!

I have just found out that The LayBy Store online have gone into liquidation. I have paid just over $4000.00 dollars in a year for a flight centre voucher. I have 4 payments left. What do I do? Will I get my money back? If so how long will it take to get my money back? This voucher is supposed to be used to buy my airfare to Europe and the States. Luckily i have postponed my trip until next year! Can anyone give me any advice? Cheers. Jim
10 answers
I have since stopped further payments! I don't know what else to do! I seriously cannot afford to lose this money! Am so worried! In the meantime have sent the liquidator 2 emails and will ring tomorrow morning! Thanks for the advice Brock! I'm stressing big time!Hi Jim,, YOu should have received an email from the accounting company handling the liquidation? All I have been told by the accountant is they will be issuing a report on the 29th May with further information, there is no guarantees to getting money back as there are no assets to be sold off. There is a facebook page called The Layby store Liquidation.. where people are sharing information etc.. sorry I have no other info.. its very stressful .. so many of us out of pocket.Jvarva - It's a terrible situation and so many people have been affected. Please join our group on Facebook. The info we can share, the better. I know of one person who has already received their money back, hopefully we will receive ours also. Please join "The Layby Store Liquidation" group on Facebook. Hope to talk with you soon.

I am also having similar issues with these inconsiderate people. I had a vacuum on Layby worth $800 and December last year I thought I would find out how much further I had to go on my payments. Well turns out I overpaid by around 6-8 weeks. Finally got a hold of them to be told my refund of the overpayments will be processed the following week. Yeah right! Try over a month and I received my refund. It's now April 17th and I still have no vacuum. The last time I could get a hold of them was over a month ago to be told they have not got my item they are waiting on their stockists. I am furious absolutely appalled. I wrote them an email last week saying I will take legal action if I don't get my item or a full refund within 7 days. Today is that day and they are no where to be found. The way they have handled this is so wrong it makes me sick I'm so upset I don't know what to do?
2 answers
Hi there. Yes this "company" is quite pathetic. I wrote them an email 2 weeks ago. The reply I got was " we are sincerely sorry. Your email has been given to our manager for a reply". I still haven't received a reply and probably won't either. The only advise I can give is to ring Fair Trade in your state. They will let you know what to do. I have to get together all email sent and received, write what has happened and send it in. I also emailed Fair Trade my account page from they laybe store showing all the payments and how much I have paid in full. I hope this helps :) I was actually thinking about emailing A Current Affair.Thank you for your quick reply and your help. I will on Monday get all necessary paperwork together and call fair traiding. I'm starting to think there is no manager (haha) as any other company would have been straight on to it but as you know you only have a two hour time frame to ring them an even them 90% of the time they don't answer. I am very surprised they are still aloud to operate. I fully agree with you and I will also go to A Current Affair they need to be stopped I am a single mother of three and times are tough I was really looking forward to receiving my vacuum but now all I want is refund and I will go buy my own. its just so frustrating. Thank you heaps again :)

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