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I took 3 of its recommendation and they all turned out losses. The thing is that they managed to delete all big losers in score card, only keep gainers and small losers.


Stock Gumshoe exposing the frauds

Check out stockgumshoe.com and the author Travis Johnson really drills down to expose the reality of these 'stock pickers'. Most of them are scammers who recommend buying stocks so they can 'short' and make a windfall at the expense of the mug fools. They never mention how many shares they own or their friends own in their 'stock pick' and if they are buyers or sellers.Basically they make money two ways, selling subscriptions and 'pumping and dumping' stock picks. Don't be caught with your pants down when the tide goes out.

Avoid recommendation

I took up a 12 month subscription to Dividend Investor and one of their first recommendations was RFG (Retail Food Group). Having known of an ex franchisee and their problems, I thought “no way !”. They continued to recommend RFG even as it was plummeting, and if you had taken their advice, you would be down 90% of your initial investment. I spent more time on their forum site comparing and discussing their dismal performance with other investors, than I did in taking their recommendations (thank goodness!).
Their head of Dividend Investor touted as the next guru to help you make heaps, no longer works for MF. The ads sound terrific and wealth enhancing, but there is little substance behind the glossy promises. Recommendation ? Avoid !


Took my money, no membership activation, no response

Four days ago I warily paid for a 2 year membership and the money was deducted from my credit card. I was relieved to receive an email welcoming me to The Motley Fool group. HOWEVER, despite trying to log in for FOUR days, I receive a default saying that it doesn't recognise my email address. I being emailing them for four days requesting assistance but NO RESPONSE. I am now wondering to call my bank advising them that I have been scammed???


I love reading the recommendations.

I have made sold profits by following up on the recommendations and making a final decision myself. One must understand that not all recommendations will turn out profitable. Investors need to regularly monitor what they have decided on. I allow up to a 30% setback and concentrate on the recommendations that have had prolonged periods of upward movement. eg. CSL, ALU, ALL, A2M, MGX, ...etc.. all recommended by Motley's. I concentrate on several of their advisors. Funnily enough, I'm not a subscriber. Motley's are very generous in providing free information. Very happy.


Provides some of the worst share advice you can find

To get a feel for how bad this service is, all you have to do is look at the Motley fool's ASX share recommendations over the last 5 years and compare them to ASX market. They have a terrible track record. Worst subscription I ever purchased.

Extreme Oportunities NOT

I wish I had read reviews before joining their Extreme Opportunity subscription, received absolutely nothing for it and now am worried that come renewal they will automatically take from my account.
Im lodging a complaint with fair trading as no answers to emails and no number to call.

Not good!

TMF Australia has a lot of problems. The first is the free site and the click-bait articles, which are usually written by freelancers who are not full-time employees of TMF. The authors of those articles are paid for each article that is published and they often contradict the positions held by the full-timers at TMF (The Motley Fool). The click-bait articles always have a catchy headline like "Why XYZ went up 25% yesterday" or "Jeff Bezos says Amazon will go bust one day" and then a short story based on a few facts and then the "hook", such as "click here for our free report on the 3 best dividend stocks you've never heard of". So many variations on the same theme. Even the full-time employees at TMF don't always agree - some services will say sell RFG and another service will still have them as a hold or even a buy. The worst thing about them is the constant cross-selling, trying to get you to sign up for more and more services - additional subscriptions, and they all come with auto-renewal - which you have to apply to have turned off - via email is best, or using the "contact us" link from any of their home pages. The forums are full of bullying and completely inappropriate language, stories, jokes, profanity, schoolboy humour at its worst, and I have rarely seen any moderation or intervention - usually only if there is a sustained attack on a TMF staff member. The DI service in particular was very disappointing. Very easy to lose money following their recommendations unfortunately. Often the only value to be found is in the better parts of the forums where some of the more experienced subscribers (who are not paid by TMF) offer some very useful advice at times. But even that is probably not worth the emails and constant pressure to sign up for more and more services and give them more and more money.

dodgy service!!!!!

This is a real waste of money. It is just an upsetting assault of automated emails trying to you to buy something else better spend $ elsewhere like Morningstar or a REAL financial service provider. The customer service is terrible as you can't speak with a person EVER just automated bots. Once your money leaves your cc its is damn near impossible to get it back so go directly to the cc provider and dispute the charge as emails are never replied to and the ph numbers are bot duds where no one ever replies. beware

"Dividend Investor" is a bit dodgy

In their marketing for DI , Motley Fool only talks about their wins , not their losses . I paid a $99 1 year subscription to find out more, but after I signed on & read the Recommendation History covering over 2 years , I saw that the vast majority of the Recommendations lost a lot of money ( usually 10-50%) and also substantially underperformed the ASX benchmark . I promptly requested a refund & suggest others do likewise . I think I'm better off selecting stocks with the dartboard method.

Beware Beware!

This has to be some sort of scam. The shares we bought in 2016 on their advice eg.Telstra, have almost halved in price. Greencross have sold without any correspondence to us the shareholder at a 25% loss for us. G8 also recommended have showed consistent losses. I could go on and on. In our experience these are incompetent advisors in Australian shares. They sign you up for annual subscription at an inflated price from you're original commitment unbeknownst to you. I was reviewing my Paypal account and saw the ongoing payments which I cancelled immediately. Steer clear. Do not waste your time or money.

Motley Fool even fails the Pub Test when it comes to Lithium.

I’ve been following the lithium market long enough to know that the Motley Fool analysis completely fails the Pub Test. Across the board.
Motley Fool has published a lot on lithium stocks for the pundits. However very little of it is worth reading. Its commentary for the sake of blabbing on about something they seem to know nothing about.
Motely fool have a consistent record of contradicting themselves even in the next paragraph.

Motley Fool:
The lithium market is expected to remain in a state of oversupply until at least 2022.

...10 days later,

Albemarle rides strong demand for lithium

As far as pure play lithium companies go, I think Galaxy presents the best investment option.

Galaxy remains a high-risk and volatile investment option that would be unsuitable for most investors.

There are many more examples of this, it is systemic. What more can I say. They are full of it.

Unauthorised Subscription

I also have had an unauthorised subscription deducted from my credit card by The Motley Fool...Isle of Capri. It is several years since i agreed to a 12 months subscription to The Motley Fool. How dare this company! And furthermore I am sick and tired of being bombarded by emails of so called investment gurus no matter how many time one unsubscribes.


I, too, joined the ranks of the fooled by subscribing to Dividend Investor. I had some experience in the share market when I subscribed and was keen to pay for some advice as to recommendations that may not be on the radar of most people. Lucky for me, I have not lost a lot of money by following TMF (although I have lost some). I haven't acted on most of the TMF recommendations, either because, 1. I already had previous knowledge of the shares from my own research (which correctly led me not to touch them); 2, I was not confident that TMF had a robust system of due diligence with respect to the stock recommendations; or 3, I had previously bought and sold the shares being recommended and, having sold for good reasons (including profit taking) my own judgment told me not to go back there. TMF recommended stocks that I have bought have all been 100% duds. As I said, the number has not been many so I am not as badly off as many others. TMF also encourages members to participate in online member forums. While this seems like a harmless suggestion to bring members together, a small number of subscribers post very inappropriate messages that are really rude. Some of what happens on these forums appears to be on line bullying. If TMF has any screening or a moderator for posts on these forums, the bar seems to be set at an exceptionally low level because it doesn't seem that anything is ever done to intervene. Sadly I signed up to Dividend Investor for two years and haven't been able to get out of it before the subscription expires, but I will not be renewing. I echo what everyone has said about the continual "hard sell" emails that are sent so regularly and the prime time tv appearances that are really just advertising for TMF. I expected much more from my subscription in respect of technical details and well founded advice. The education that I have received from TMF has led me to be very cautious and reluctant to pay for financial advice ever again. This is the only thing that was worth learning from having subscribed to TMF.

Motley Fool have made a fool out of me. Debited $299 to my account overnight - no warning and no exp

Very low act! When auto debiting an account without a notification or permission says to me that Motley Fool does not have integrity. I have no idea how I can have my money returned

Foolish investments

Recommendations from Motley Fool are long term, 5 years or more. During that time shares price will move up and down from short sellers and other reasons. Look at shares as a business, some days will go well and other days not so well. Over a 5 year period the values of a good business slowly move upwards.

My strategy for buying any recommended shares is to look at Bollinger for a buying point, just to make my balance sheet looks artificially intelligent.

I've not read all the reviews but the ones I've read is about their administration of subscription. Reviews should base on their performance over long term. I've started buying foolish recommended shares 5 months ago and I'm please so far with the foolish performance. A few highly speculative shares i brought on their recommendations are 20/80 ODD against me. They made the risk clear of the loss potential.

Motley Fool will not make me a Warren Buffet but it will give me higher return than the banks and some managed funds. With higher returns come greater risk, educated risk. Some funds including superfunds, under performed and still charge you fees for the loss they incurred on your behalf. Thankfully, new rules will move those fund managers off the platform.

Anyone who wants to invest directly in the shares market I was told to be prepared to 100% loss. I've seen speculative property investors foolishly lost their investments. I've seen buyers of cars ending up being lemons. Ive seen new purchsed franchise business closed down after 4 weeks with a half million loss. . Recently, holiday travellers lost all their money when the travel agency went into administration. Life decisions are all risk and carries no certainty.

Stay away- I was the fool - they are great at PR - unauthorised renewal - locked out from my account

Only found out about unauthorised "renewal" for $299 when received CC statement.
Did not get any notification of intend to renew or confirmation of renewal.
When found out could not get into my "paid account".
Could not contact them by phone as no answer -only left message.
Eventually ended up responding by on line feedback.
Received quick response which surprised me with explanation that I should have been notified by e-mail etc but I checked and its lies as there is no such communication. There was no explanation why I was locked out from my account or why they do not provide or answer telephone contact number.
I requested refund as I did not authorise the renewal and payment and was not happy being locked out of my account and the lies about being notified.
Later in the evening I received two emails one that I will be receiving refund within 10 business days and that by auto renewal has been removed and that I should be so lucky because normally they allow us fools 30 days to cancel subscription after renewal but this was a few days longer.
So I will be waiting for my refund
After reading similar comments about unauthorised transactions I see that there are many in similar situations.
Can anyone advise what we can do about this.

They do have very good public profile as the appear on radio, internet and come across as good in what they do. they seem to be working very hard in selling the image but unfortunately not the service.

Revised the rating to 2 stars as have received the refund on 11 Jan for money deducted.


Alerted by this review, I took note to request in time to stop my auto-renewal. It was taken in consideration with the following mention: 'While we do include automatic renewal as part of our sign-up process, we have no interest in you being locked into something you don’t wish to continue with.'
Fair enough, though I cannot recall reading anything about automatic renewal when signing up.
Was it really necessary for the member support who addressed my request to add this comment?
I suppose read the fine print, if they give you a chance...

Horrible rip off

I signed up to paid service of motley fool Australia I had problem logging in. I could not contact them by phone number given. I emailed them but could they could rectify the problem. From July 2018 I got no service til now from motley fooled but is paid for already. Very disgusted.

Highly recommend for long term self guided investors

If you scrutinise the poor reviews on this website, many are made by investors who are new to investing, buy a small selection of recommended stocks, and are upset when their portfolio makes a short term loss.
I've been with them for years and found their service to be excellent. They are not fraudulent as some posts suggest.
I recommend subscribing to one service if you are new to investing (Share advisor), and reading their educational material before diving into any purchases. Additionally, as you will learn, their recommendations are for long term hold, meaning minimum of 5 years.
The Motley Fool continually try to educate their subscribers, to help them make their own investing decisions, rather than relying on an expensive fund manager, who may or may not have conflicting interests.
This is the way to go if you care about controlling your own finances and managing your own share portfolio. If that doesn't sound like you, try and find a genuine fee for service financial advisor, or just buy a whole market index ETF (and hold it forever).

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Questions & Answers

Does anyone have a phone number or email address for Motley Fool Australia? They have deducted an unauthorised subscription payment from my bank account and provide no means of contacting them to cancel the subscription and retrieve my money. SH
5 answers
Since you are subscribed log in and cancel as per my post. Remember all subscriptions have default renewal unless cancelled also as per my post. Read the conditions.Hi Shane The same happened to me. But I was able to locate a number by googling it and looking through some of the returns. And they were very helpful and quickly reversed the charge. Cheers DavidHi Shane I have problems with them to In "April" this year 2018 I Subscribed for 2 Years and this month June 2018 they emailed me "Urgent" your subscription is EXPIRING I am trying to contact them so far no luck. Regards Warren.

Is it virtually impossible to sell shares over several hours when a real crash occurs? or is it that there aren't any buyers? When i look at a graph of the 87 or 08 crashes, they obviously take place over quite a period of time. So why do people lose so much? Can't they just give sell orders? or is it that nobody takes up their offers, even though the order is at market price? [email removed]
2 answers
For me sometimes there seems to be bull traps You think it’s going up, bull trap, one day, and next day it crashes... ie false hopeDepends on the volume of shares traded. In a heavily traded stock there will usually still be a buyer but at a very low price. In stock with low trade volumes even in good times there may be no buyers. There are two market prices, buy and sell. To sell you must find someone willing to pay the price you set or you sell for the price the market is willing to pay. In a crash the price the market is willing to pay keeps dropping and sellers keep dropping their selling prices to meet the market. People lose so much money because they are gambling. They buy in the hope the price will go up and then sell at a loss when it goes down. Investing is buying because the company is good value now whether the market price goes up or down and if the price goes down to less than it is worth why would you sell unless fundamentals have changed.

What do you recommend- A or B class Berkshire Hathaway?
2 answers
i am a newbie in the shares investing tho. However after done a few readings. Each of the class has their own pros and cons. It really depend on the capital capacity and risk appetite towards a person own desire. Investing is knowing the risk, access it and deal with it.BRK-B (NYSE). An alternative from Australia is to invest in the listed investment company called the Global Masters Fund Limited (ASX: GFL). It may be unfamiliar to most investors because it only has a market capitalisation of just over $21 million but its portfolio is 65.5% Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE) (BRK).