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The Optical Superstore

The Optical Superstore

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Glasses out of focus

Glasses were out of focus
They were sent back but came back just the same
I could see better out of my very old pair than I could out of the new ones from optical ones

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationAlbury

Staff no support !

Went in to get glasses for myself and wife. Wanted advice over two for one offer and the poor attempt at service was appalling. Treated like a fool for asking questions. Will never go back to that shop.

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationAdelaide CBD

Life changing! For all the wrong reasons!

Pathetic service, treated like a child, l was told I must be putting my glasses on top of my head, when if knowing my prescription it’s the last place I would put them!Substandard product. 8 week wait between 2 warranty issues for work safety glasses

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Will NEVER go back!

I went to see the Optometrist at Stockland Optical Superstore in 2016 because I had laser surgery done for narrow angles in both eyes in 2015 while living in Canada … I was given a new pair of glasses and was told everything was fine. I went back in the following year (Dec. 2017) because I was unable to read the street and road signs while I was driving and most things were out of focus. She examined me and said that nothing had changed and that was the best she could do for me…confused I again told her that everything was out of focus and I was unable to read or see the road signs while driving. She got very huffy and said “Well that is the best I can do for you! You have to expect that when you have cataracts”…CATARACTS??? What are you talking about what cataracts??? I don’t have cataracts??? Well, she said, you have the start of cataracts in both eyes and this is the best we can do, you can’t have new glasses, your only option is cataract surgery!!!
Devastated I went home…I have spent all this time not being able to see, until I saw an add on TV for Richard Watt…so guess what!!!! I have new glasses and they have given me more time before I really do have to have cataract surgery!!!!!
Would have been nice if she had of told me that I had cataracts in the first place, and telling me that surgery was my only option was just B S! she should have said that this was out of her league and advised me to seek help elsewhere...
When it comes to our eyes, see a proper Optometrist and not these so called superstores...you get what you pay for!

Product Quality


The store was ok. Staff were alright but it was the price I couldn't get over. One pair of bi focal with transition lens and the cheapest frames was $318.00. After I had mine ordered my husband went to OPSM to get a new pair for himself. His eye test bifocals and drops in the eye were $30.00 and his frames $50.00. After the $318.00 they now want $20.00 to put the drops in. How do two optometrists vary so much?

Waste of money

I bought my specs from the Kippa Ring store 7 months ago. They seemed fine at first but that didn't last long, esp coz I have nerve damage due to a congenital brain condition. I went to OPSM for a second opinion coz I bought glasses from them before, & they told me that the left lens was weak & that's my good eye. I gave Optical a copy of the script from OPSM & they said there's nothing they can do about it. I didn't want a refund I just wanted glasses coz I can't see without them but all they seem to care about is money. They stuffed up my script & now I have to suffer for another year. Cheap but crap glasses. Never using them again.

Terrible rude staff at elanora not the first time I’m never going back

The staff were condescending the first time I went, but thinking the glasses looked ok I persevered and booked an eye test online.

I was a few minutes late as it was a busy day and I couldn’t get a car park and am slow to walk being disabled. They wouldn’t listen to my reasons and cancelled my appointment without offering another. The staff were rude and unhelpful rolling their eyes when they thought I wasn’t looking. Truly AWFUL experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy I will never set foot in that store again and nor will my friends or family.

7 minutes

Called to make an appointment. Was offered cancelled appointment that day which I took. Arrived 7 minutes late to find my appointment had. Wen given to someone else. Wasted journey ( on my lunch break) no phone call, no offer of another appointment. Lost business.


I am a single income pensioner so new glasses are a serious purchase for me. Sadly, I chose to return to Optical Superstore because Mt Sheridan is where I shop and the only spectacles shop in that centre is the Optical Superstore. I knew there was a risk as I have had two previous purchase fails at the other Optical Superstores in Cairns.
I thought perhaps being a new store the frame quality may have improved but that is not so, these frames rusted and have not lasted even 5 months, painful to wear and I'm sad to say even the lens are very unsatisfactory.
I have great difficulty communicating with the staff as they tend to talk over the top when I'm speaking, ignore the complaint and certainly failed to offer any warranty or service apart from almost daily in-store adjustments at my inconvenience.
Very poor service.

Excellent outcome from my poor choice of frames

Recently it was time for eye test and new glasses. I've been an Optical Superstore customer for many years and went to the outlet at Knox Shopping Centre, Melbourne. I always buy two pairs of multifocal glasses one of which has transitions lenses. This time however my choice of one set of frames with very wide and dark coloured arms was unwise. There was always a shadow on the lens and it seemed a bit like looking through a tunnel. Wearing my old glasses I spent a few weeks considering options and decided to buy another new pair and write off a poor decision. Last week I picked them up and yesterday returned for a slight adjustment to them. Lunchtime was not too busy so I told my sad story to Pam who encouraged me to go home, get the poor choice and bring them back as maybe they were wrong size or could be adjusted. Did so and when I returned and they were checked I was told I could select new frames and they would be replaced free of charge. I am so very pleased with this offer as there was no fault with the glasses, just my choice. All the staff are friendly and helpful but I would like to mention Kath who helped with my first appointment and Pam who helped my yesterday. Wonderful service and attention and I thank these ladies and Optical Superstore very much.

Complain about service

My husband had an appointment at the Southport store to have his eyes tested 20th July. On arrival was told there was nobody there to test them. He has got terminal cancer and it was a big effort for him to get there from Helensvale. Service not good enough, we won't be back.

Staff with Attitude

I have ordered Contact Lenses for the last three years and today there was an issue with the website so I called the Capalaba Store. Natalie informed me that she could order them in but that as my prescription expired on the 1st of July, I must have an eye exam. I informed her that I don,t need a prescription on the online store and she informed me that I do. The issue is that when I told her she was misinformed, she frankly stated she is not and I am welcome to go back to the website and try and if I get away with it then good luck to me. This type of attitude is uncalled for and I will look to take my business elsewhere.

Ok service and eye exam but absolutely terrible glasses and lenses.

Both my wife and I went into the Booragoon store and selected frames and had eye tests. My wife's lenses lasted three months and are scratched and unusable...the frames are hopeless and unserviceable. My glasses are similarly useless with the added fact they don't focus on what I wanted them for..too late so sad. Overall, this years experience with them is 100% worse than we had last year...otherwise why did we go back? Very disappointed with the product and recommendations. Whatever happened between the last year and now has clearly impacted on their ability to provide an acceptable product... we won't be returning.


I ordered a pair of glasses from the Albury optical superstore they took a month to arrive properly first I had to ring store after hearing nothing for 2 weeks they apologized and said they were sitting in lab with no name on them and they didnt have my phone number written down properly then promised in a week had to call in ten days it seems they sent wrong script so offered them to me anyway then offered to redo them and give them to me for free like it was a gift
It was poor service then after a bad review on local guide I was harassed to take it down because after all I got the glasses for free...sorry business gone wont be back again.

Service lacking

I found the staff at Riverlink lacking manners and good customer service to busy being argumentative instead of listening. I will never go back.

Sun glasses tint is terrible! Staff difficult

I have had six pairs of glasses done. Two pairs of those were Prada sunglasses. The staff assured me they could match the tint. When I got them back the tint on both was pink and much lighter than the old ones, to the point where I couldn’t use them. They were supposed to be black on one and brown on the other.
When I bought them back both staff members were argumentative and difficult. They offered me half price on both pairs after I had them remove the lens and both the old ones back in. I said that wasn’t right as I paid more. After both of them arguing and holding the lens up to the light and telling each other they were fine, I told them I wasn’t doing this and I would apply to the tribunal to get a decision.
She then gave me full price in one and half on the other.
When I got them done I asked if they could tint match, they assured me they could and if there was any issue I could take them back.
Instead I’m left upset after feeling attacked by both staff after I wasn’t happy.


At the Wagga store, there is an attitude of professionalism and pride demonstrated by the ladies. There is always a friendly welcome and helping nature. I am always impressed by the staff who work as a team and ensure their customers are treated well. Have only ever tried one other outfit years ago, and would never swap now from OS. Excellent service, knowledge, guidance, prices.

Excellant Sevice but product expensive

Been going to Optical Warehouse for 12 years - Have always found their service very good - this time I required a change of prescription in my glasses and I found their product very expensive after seeing adverts from other companies. Advise is to check around before committing,

Would like to receive goods as ordered

Did not receive the frames I picked out. A family member and myself paid for transition lenses but received multicoated. Was informed that we could receive the lenses we ordered if we paid an additional $60 each. Was not offered lenses as ordered as a replacement as it was another staff member's mistake. Was not offered refund so we could go to another optometrist service.

Can see through the glasses

Oh dear when I purchased a new pair of glasses with an expensive frame I was looking forward to seeing better not worse. Everything was blurred I couldn't see through them, they were uncomfortable to wear. So I returned them as they were incorrect. 2 ladies were insistant they were the correct script, with very long faces & unpleasant manner. They were unpleasant to deal with & made me feel like I was imagining things. Worse customer service, not a bit helpful or apologetic. Last year had a problem with glasses from the same store one lense was incorrect & had to have that rectified, now this. Had to have my eyes tested again for the optometrist to explain this was normal with the small change made. I don't think so, why would you prescribe something that made it harder for me to see?? After yearsssss going to this store this is the last time. Time for a change & hopeful some customer service!!

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Questions & Answers

If I purchases glasses through you what happens if I have a problem with the glasses? How long will you fix them?
1 answer
Anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks and guaranteed to break again within a couple of weeks

Can you give a certificate of ability to drive car?
No answers

Anyone had issues with lens coating its like its peeling off?
2 answers
No, but mine wore off just through normal every day wear, and cleaning. (I can be vigorous with a cloth)Yes, my husband is on his 3rd pair, all doing the same thing

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