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Absolutely terrible. Very poor quality, very slow delivery

I have purchased 50 customized mugs for an event. They have been advertised as 2-7 days turn around time. I placed the order on the 31.01.2019 and was assuming by latest the 10.02.2019 i would have the items. Big mistake, the order showed up on the 19.02.2019.

Out of the 50 mugs, about 30 had misprints mainly on the edges of the images. The images were blurry and of very poor quality. I am ordering and buying photo mugs regularly and so far have used Snapfish, Vistaprint, Kmart, Harvey Norman, and a few others but the photobookclub ones are of by far lowest quality and i would definitely not buy again from there, no matter how cheap they are it's still to expensive for this kind of quality.

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Hi, We are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with PhotobookClub. Our mugs shouldn't have printed with the edges of the images being blurry and we are sorry that this was not noticed earlier. We are very happy to replace the misprinted mugs for you, please email smile@thephotobookclub.com.au with your order number and at least 2 photos of the faults.

Not great sevice if something goes wrong

I have used this company many times before with no problem, but this time had a bad error come up on page 70 of a 100 book wouldnt let me do anything, contacted them the guy i talked to wasnt really interested in helping me, just wanted me to log him into my computer (who would let an unknown onto their computer, you dont actually know what he is looking at) and he kept putting me on hold, then got angry with me cause i wouldnt tell him my password, so you can understand why i have gone to another company

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Hi Meridy, Thank you for your review and I am very sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with our Customer Support staff. If you wish to escalate this, please email smile@photobookclub.com.au

This company and their products are worth everything !

This is not the first time I have been using their services. I already have a few photo books, canvas and a calendar. The programme is very user friendly I can watch when my delivery is coming and the packaging is great- never had anything broken or scratched. The colours are great and generally speaking I am very glad I found them on the internet and started using their services. Thank you again for making my memories last forever:-) having photos on your USB drive should always be only a back up:-)

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Hi Karolina, Thank you so much for this great review!

Great service

I have been a customer for a number of years with no problems then I did a book, 3 copies as 2 were gifts, when they arrived most pics were too dark so i contacted them, I had a great response they offered to reissue my voucher so I could re do the books & told me to make sure I did auto correct & to alter the brightness & contrast on any darker pictures. i needed to do this as the pictures were from 4-5 different devices. I was a lot happier with the result of doing this although it does take time to do to every photo but the result is worth the effort.

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Hi Murray, Thank you so much for your great review!

Dark print photobooks

I have been using The Photobook Club for a few years now. Prices are always good. Found the printing on photobooks is not as good as before. It is a bit too dark. Always have high res files. Calendars are ok. Hope they can fix their printing on photobooks.

It’s ok, not great

Customer service is slow and all promises on site such as delivery time is embelished. Have placed order and am looking forward to the products ordered.

Production time is a joke. Customer service is even worse

I purchased two items with a 2-7 business day production time frame. 24 days later and my items are still showing as in production. I have tried calling countless times and no one ever answers, I have sent emails too however no one has replied. An utter waste of money as my items will not arrive in time despite my allowing more than enough when ordering.

Long time customer, never again

Long time customer, almost 8 years now. I have never had to contact them about my orders. Don’t believe their 7 day processing time and don’t bother with express post. They will not fulfil their promises. Put my items on hold because they thought there was an issue, which there wasn’t and they didn’t even bother to contact me to fix this proposed issue.
When telling them about the issues, the customer service are robots and don’t help you.
Long time customer no more.
Never been so disappointed with a company after ordering from them for so long.


I’ve been with photobook club for years now, they are very helpful. I love their products and find them very reasonably priced. When I’ve made mistakes with the ordering, they’re always helpful. I have ordered 40-50 books for myself and as gifts, I’ve lost count.

the worst

I made a massive error in purchasing what I thought was a great 'sale' price deal for 5 calendars, 3 lots of 10 magnets and 3 photobooks. Christmas presents all lined up. But no. The user interface of Photobookclub is ridiculously clunky and really non-intuitive. In this day and age of design your own website and optimised ux design, there really is no excuse for this. Unless of course, it is for setting the honey for the trap, which photobookclub are certainly doing.
I found that when I went to purchase one of the sets of magnets I had designed, I inadvertently voided the other two sets, so I had to cough out extra cash to purchase them - which I did. I know, I'm a fool.
The design of the layouts is really ugly and kitsch and very limiting. There are some really good products in this domain and you'd be completely remise to make these guys your choice of the others on the market.
I was so put off using their product from 'the Magnet incident' that I put off working on the books and calendars I had bought for so long but decided to work on them in the week prior to the coupons expiring. Only to find they had of course already expired - earlier than their date. I would have to pay $5 per month a piece to reinstate them. Wow.
It is an absolute wonder to me how have these guys been allowed to do business in Australia? And a wonder how are they not under investigation for their fraudulent and deceptive business practices? An absolute wonder.
Do yourself a favour by choosing any one of the other photobook companies on the market for your gifts and memories books.

Usually great, production issues at the moment

I love the books I've had so far, but there's something going on at the moment. The website is claiming 2-7 business days for production, but I'm on 20 business days and counting on my last photo book order (it was claiming 2-7 days when I placed the order, too). I've been in touch with them a few times about it, and I saw someone else leave a similar comment on Facebook (where their review tab is suspiciously missing) so it's a known issue at the moment, but still the website carries on claiming 2-7 business days for production. Meanwhile, I ordered a different product and received it within a week.

Underhanded ways to get more money

Having purchased groupon vouchers for products from photo book club, was disgusted to see extra charges applied after ordering online. Upon phoning the company I was told straight away that the 20 pages were now 24 ( which was the ONLY option I was given. Service told me that I had to delete pages, NOWHERE was this said in any part of the ordering process, hence I had to having to pay extra. I ordered a soft cover 20 page booklet and it was NOT offered anywhere on their site.

Only one minus

I have been very happy with this company and its products. The help given over the phone was excellent and deliveries have been within a few days. However I feel the last two books have been darker than I would have liked. The last book which arrived within 3 days is the darkest. Too much contrast -Too colourful but missing the in between tones. If there is a next time I will not use the enhance feature and may lighten all my photos?

Book 15 has just arrived

Have been using Photobook Club for quite a few years now. Book 15 has arrived and of course it is magnificient. Am now using the Lay Flat Books, and yes it is worth the extra cost. Next time I am planning on using the Pro Lay Flat to try it out. The better your camera of course the better the pictures, we have a Cannon 500. Have also done 3 canvases and am waiting on the 4th, which I have no doubt will be great. I had a small problem with not getting a voucher emailed, that day it was looked at, next day sorted. That was really good service in my book.

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Thank you for your lovely review!

Even after a reprint, the photos aren't square on the page!! :(

We recently placed an order for two Pro-Lay Flat photo-books using the downloadable wizard PC software. I spent hours ensuring that all the photos were placed where I wanted them, including border thickness around the pages.

When we received the books multiple pages had virtually no border, and worse still the photos were not square on the page as if the book had been trimmed/cropped slightly crooked. I checked the wizard program to ensure that everything had snapped to the page squarely, which it had. I immediately contacted customer service to advise of the problem and they agreed to reprint them.

New books received. Whilst the borders on the newly reprinted books are only marginally better [they're still not the correct width], the most frustrating thing is that those same pages that were crooked in the original books are STILL crooked in the new ones!! This comes after the customer service person advised they were going to personally inspect prior to dispatch!

Comparing the original to the new books reveals that the colours are darker on the reprinted version too.

So far we would certainly NOT recommend this service to anyone who values their photos.

Heed the warning!

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Hi Adz, thank you for taking the time to review us. Our Operations Manager is currently working on this issue with you and has contacted you directly.

Too Dark

My sister and I have been using The Photobook Club for our travel albums for a few years now. Love them. In January I put together a 100 page book of our latest trip and was so excited about how it was turning out that I paid to get another book printed as a gift for my sister prior to receiving mine. When we both received our books we were so disappointed that they were nowhere near as good as our previous books, on some pages the pictures were far to dark. I didn't leave a comment at the time as I thought it was our photo's (despite some on the same day looking great) I have recently printed a couple of photo's to scrapbook and they are fine. Was thinking of buying a new voucher to reprint but I have already printed 2 and they were both the same. May have to try someone else next time as we were so disappointed after so much time and effort going in to putting the book together.

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Hello Shaz, I'm sorry to hear about the issue with your photobooks. If you can contact us directly we can resolve this issue for you. Please forward all details of your orders and some photos to sophie@thephotobookclub.com.au .

Personalised Drink bottles

Ordered 3 personalised kids drinks bottles. Was charged P&P on each separate bottle. Package x 1 arrived containing all 3 bottles-Lid broke off one on opening, Toddler dropped second one on ground-only from height of a 2yr old. Whole top/lid broke. Left with one out of 3 bottles. Lid is difficult to screw on. Unnecessary parts. Leaks drinks.
Complete rip off. Cheap products/plastics at high prices. Do NOT buy these bottles for your children. Absolutely useless. Will never shop from here again.

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Hello Lanne, I'm sorry to hear about the issue with your drink bottles. Please contact me at sophie@thephotobookclub.com.au and I can assist you.

Photobook Club / Shop

I have been ordering my photobooks from Photobookshop for a few years now and if I have a problem with a voucher or done something dumb, it is best to give them a call. Each time I have had my problem sorted out and able to carry on. Love the quality of the books and delivery service. Always buy the vouchers when a sale is on!

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Thank you for your great review Anna! :)

Dark, Darker and Darkest

I too have been a loyal Photobookclub user and have purchased many books through them. Over the past 2 years I have found the pictures to be getting darker and darker. I am so disappointed with my last few productions. In the past I have had to have some reprinted due to the darkness and colour disparity. I keep going back because I love the products and service, but no more!! I have beautiful photos that deserve to be shown at their best, not this inferior product I am now coming to expect. They do use some excuse about colours on computers being different to printers, but I have so many beautiful books from several years back that do not reflect the same darkness that my most recent ones do. So enough is enough!! I am moving on .

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Hi Kerryn, thank you for taking the time to review us. I am sorry to hear your photobooks are too dark. If you can please send some photos through to sophie@thephotobookclub.com.au I can have these assessed and we can reprint the book for you.

Worst company ever

I ordered a photobook & spent A LOT of money and time on it to find out that half the photos didnt work. No one bothered to let me know though, they just printed it & sent it out like normal. When I contacted them about it they didnt care. I asked them how to change the template on a new one I had created (and spent hours on organising all the photos in chronological order) and their response was to just delete it and start again. I will be deleting it and will NEVER using this company again.

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Questions & Answers

Lost my voucher numbers
1 answer
Hi Karen, Thank you for your question. There is a way to recover any vouchers that are lost. Please email smile@thephotobookclub.com.au with the email used for your account and a customer service representative will be able to locate your vouchers for you. Thanks Karen, and I hope you have a great day!

I am unable to open my existing project Margaret
1 answer
Hi Margaret, Hope you are well. There are a number of reasons why an existing project could not open. If you have used the Software, it would not be found in Design Online and vice versa. Please email smile@thephotobookclub.com.au for more information. Thank you Margaret!

my voucher expired yesterday. can i still use it today?
1 answer
Hi Toby, Unfortunately once the voucher is expired, the Voucher Code would not be valid to use. However, I am happy to extend this voucher for you for an extra week. Please email le@photobookshop.com with your Voucher Code. Thanks Toby.

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