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The PoolCleaner 2 Wheel

The PoolCleaner 2 Wheel

3.3 from 42 reviews

This cleaner is fantastic are requires barely any maintenance

Most people complaining about the cleaner coming up out of the pool have obviously not read the instructions. If it is going too fast and coming out of the water you need to turn the dial on the restrictor and turn it down. Wheels ceasing are usually a tiny bit of bark of pebble caught in the mechanisn. If it is going too slow there is something wrong with the pressure. Either your pump or the pressure relief dial is open too far . Take the time to read the instructions and work out how to use them properly. The wheels should be doing 11-13 revolutions per minute . If it is more you turn it down . If it is less you turn it up. If you cant turn it up the problem is with the pressure not the cleaner. Get the mechanical seal on your pump checked or you may have incorrect vacuum plate that doesnt fit properly.

Purchased in February 2014 at Pool and Spa Warehouse for $950.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Pool Size Average
Small Debris Cleaning
Large Debris Cleaning
Wall and Step Cleaning

A very good cleaner

It worked very well for 6 years. It was very easy to use and it cleaned very well. then it broke some plastic bits inside. I had to throw it out. I would recommend it. It was expensive but worth it. The part that broke was in the main body so it could not be repaired.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

Nearly 2 years old, reliable and going strong

Had a Barracuda for eight years. Constant issues. Can't put chlorine in with the Barracuda as the rubber diaphragm gets eaten by chlorine. Leaves and other rubbish would constantly jam it. This was recommended by my pool shop. Thought it was alot of money for a relatively simple cleaner, but I've loved it. Just set and forget. Resistant to chlorine damage. Had a stick stuck in it once which stopped it, but was easily resolved. Doesn't clean our steps well (three steps stuck in a corner), but neither did the Barracuda. I'd certainly buy another.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

7 years old and still going.

Installed in January 2011 ours has had two sets of tyre replacements (pebblecrete surface) and two sets of the flaps on the underside. This year we got a mini-refurb on it as it was starting to do 360 rotations a lot, even with the new tyres. Problem solved.
It can get hung up in a pattern from time to time, and in Summer with the hot temperatures, it does frequently try to run out of the pool, however, we have found this cleaner to be reliable, economical and a good cleaner overall. We also purchased an inline leaf basket at time of original installation - best thing ever! You can see the leaves in the canister without having to go out and check the skimmer box. We have NEVER had to replace the mesh net inside the canister.
This is our second home with a pool. Previously we had a slightly larger pool with LOTS of leaf issues (thanks neighbours) and so we replaced our Kreepy Krauly with a Jet Vac - best pool cleaner ever. This pool has no pressure line so we are stuck with suction or robotic.
We experience low levels of leaves (since our neighbour has removed his trees), and constant flower petals thanks to our Bougainvillea hedge - no trouble for this cleaner.

Date PurchasedJan 2011

very poor

wheels have seized and now it has broken and they only want to fix it i do not want this fixed again i would prefere a new one or my money back and the staff are disgusting rude and horrible they degrade you as if you know nothing horrible firm

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Gets stuck easily

This pool cleaner is very poor. It continually gets stuck in corners and rarely does the entire pool. I find in most cases I need to manually position it. It seems to favour the slope of the pool and spends 90% of its time in the deeper end. The wheels jam up easily and I have needed to fix them a number of times. Do not buy this pool cleaner if you want hassle free maintenance.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Wheels are stuck.

Wheels siezed up won't move. 3 months old. Its a PIECE OF CRUD! Don't worry about it, just vacuum yourself. Pool guy said it happens all the time. Come with the pool, frustration personified. Buy one for the mother in-law if you don't like her. Again piece of CRUD! Poorer for the experience.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Not worth the money paid

We have a 3spd pump and this cleaner only works on high speed only but not well. It is 1 year old and dealer told me the wheels are wearing down so won’t grip. It jambs all the time and was a waste of $900. We were told that the kreepy type cleaners are not good for our pump as they thump so we opted for this one. The handle broke off and the manufacturer said it was wear and tear and wouldn’t cover it. Luckily the retailer fixed it at their expense.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Bloody thing

Mine is the same
It spends more time up the walls and trying to get out of the pool than it does on the bottom where the dirt is.
When it’s on the bottom it does a good job. Can’t leave it un supervised because it needs to be pushed back down from the edges

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Wholesaler Doesn't Honour Warranty

Crap Warranty!! Cleaner works ok; however a big selling point, and one that I purchased on, was a 6 year warranty; 3 years full replacement and 3 years pro rata. Mine died in the 4 th year, and needed some shafts and gear drives replaced. Lincoln Pool Equipment, the wholesaler, refused any contribution to the cost on the basis it was "wear and tear" and not defective materials. However, the warranty statement says "If it is found that the product has not provided 6 years service life ", replacement parts will be provided, at their discretion, on a pro rata basis. So Lincoln is not an honourable outfit to deal with. If you want a cleaner of the same design, I suggest you buy the Hayward AquaNuat which is identical design, etc, and I am sure Hayward would be more honourable to deal with.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

A great pool cleaner!

I can't fault the pool cleaner after a few years of ownership. We like it so much, we actually now have two, one in a rental property. It runs on very low suction, perfect for a three speed pump on low power. We have lots of leaves and it does a great job picking them up, only very occasionally getting stuck with too many at once, but easy to clear usually by simply switching the filter off and on again, or worst case pulling the cleaner out to remove the leaves. I would suggest anybody who says it's going out of the pool and sucking air has too much suction, ie: setup wrong. Don't blame the cleaner. The slower it runs, the longer it will last. Too much suction = too fast, bad wear and tear and will almost certainly climb out and suck air.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Bev M

Bev M
Ask your pool shop for a SKIMTROL vac plate.
A must for ANY auto pool cleaner.
This will control speed and not make it climb out of pool.
It will work a treat on your cleaner.
Remember to check wheel revs per minute,
Slower is better as a general rule.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

The Pool Cleaner loves gum leaves and nuts!

Our pool always has large gum leaves, and most of the year gum nuts. The Barracudas I tried stuffed their cheeks with nuts and leaves like a squirrel, and stopped working, all the time!

After looking for recommendations for something to cope with gum leaves I bought The Pool Cleaner in Jan 2016. What a little beauty! Chugs around and up the walls (even old pumps like ours can get it up the wall with easy adjustments on the hose). I've now paired it with a Gator Pool Surface / Leaf Skimmer - Automated Inline Pool Surface Cleaner. So now the surface of my pool is cleaned (gum blossoms!!!) as the Gator follows around the pool above The Pool Cleaner - I feel unneeded!

Maintenance Comments
If The pool Cleaner gets choked on a stick (and who wouldn't) follow the instructions and its quick and easy to clear.
I've purchased replacement tires, as they are wearing down, after 19 months, 10 hrs a day running around - but I haven't yet replaced them and she's still going really well.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Expensive and ineffective

Does not lift dirt, does not climb walls, does not clean steps, chokes on leaves, nuts and twigs. Stops every minute. Waste of $750.00. The retailer I purchased from no longer stocks it...too many complaints. There is no problem with my pump, filters or skimmer box. I am very disappointed

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Not too bad at all.

As our third pool cleaner in 10 years I already knew to have low expectations. After all we're asking a lot of devices that run 8 hours a day in a hostile chemical environment. We've had this one for 4 months so far and are pretty pleased. Doesn't climb out of the pool after adjusting the flow regulators and only occasionally gets jammed with debris (small sticks seem to be its nemesis.)Twice I've had to pull it apart to clean out soft leaf debris that jammed the internal cogs. This was a moderate pain requiring a screw driver and the instructions but compare to previous cleaners I've had, on a par. It moves around the pool nice and fast and is certainly less prone to getting stuck in corners and missing areas. Time will tell how it stands up to the chlorinated environment and how often spare parts are required. It is certainly better than the previous Kleva Kleener, which was itself an improvement on the original Barracuda.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Money Saver

So i have had Zodiac Barracuda for years and replaced part after part, and went through three seperate units...
Decided to buy The Pool Cleaner and what an investment, its great over two years and not touched it, no parts worn out ot ripped, it does a great job at cleaning and saves me money compared to others, highly reccomend it.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

It. Just. Works.

I had a G2 Barracuda. Hated that Barracuda. Made a ""doonk doonk doonk" noise all the time it was running, thanks to the pulsing of the diaphragm. It missed cleaning some small areas of the pool completely, the thing seemed to be frightened of leaves. Very finicky setting with the Skimtrol vacuum plate, the G2 either stopped moving altogether, or climbed right up the walls and made a slurping sound. Would jam and stop cleaning with the smallest stick or gumnut. And the replacement parts it needed, time after time!

So I put in The Pool Cleaner. All the above problems went away. It just works. Silent operation, easy to set, doesn't slurp air, covers all the pool floor, doesn't get stuck in corners or on steps. Passing over a bunch of gum leaves all at once will stop it, just drag it to the edge of the pool and pull them off and away it goes again. This is infrequent, so I don't mind.

Total replacement parts bill after having The Pool Cleaner for four and a half years: $20 for some new wheel bushes. A wheeled device makes more sense to me than something that drags its butt around the floor.

I can't fault it. I don't know what after sales service is like; I haven't needed any.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Best Cleaner I've ever had

Over 30 years or so I've had a pool and having used several Kreepy Krawly and the generic form of them from Bunnings I bought a PoolCleaner 6 years ago. It has improved the entire appearance of my pool and coupled with a Zodiac TRi pH Chlorinator with Automatic acid dosing, I've never had it easier looking after the pool. It never gets stuck anywhere, including around the ladder where all others would often get stuck and it is quiet. It never stops and the only time I have issues are if a large item, such as a piece of wood after a storm gets stuck in the throat. Removing such items takes a couple of minutes and away it goes again. The only parts I've had to replace are the two rubber wheels and a couple of the small plastic wheels at the front. These items cost only a few dollars each and are simply like buying a new set of tyres for your car after so many kilometres. It was while I was looking for the above parts online that I came across the one bad review about this cleaner where it was climbing out of the pool and making a noise. I was most surprised at this bad review and have never had that happen in my pool. I would imagine it would be an easy problem to fix by adjusting the wheel speed or simply reduce the flow rate of the water. Anyway, I'm giving this cleaner 10 out of 10 in all areas and it's definitely worth paying a little bit more for it.

Date PurchasedMar 2010

Could definitely live with out!!

This cleaner was recommended by the pool shop as amazing. We have solar panels so thought I would run it at night. My children advised that there was a monster outside!! heavens only knows what my neighbours think because the pool cleaner comes out of the water sucks air and sounds like a monster or someone being strangled. Have been back to the pool shop on numerous occasions. Had the rep out still no luck. Cost me $899 (a small fortune) and a lot of arguments and angst with family members.

I have tried everything to adjusting speed, different valves etc to no avail.

I would under no circumstances recommend this cleaner.

I want my money back so I can go buy a Kreepy Krawley or a Barracuda.

Definitely Not HAPPY JAN!!!!

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Don't see any advantage over my old Barracuda cleaner

Had a Barracuda for many years without much problem, it does get jammed by leaves but not that bad and I can deal with it. My pool is irregular shape, but my old cleaner goes around the bottom and walls with correct pressure without an issue.

Now I got this new "The Pool Cleaner", I just call it TPC here. My setup: 2 floats set at 50-60 CM, line is Max+1 as instructed. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The first hour set sail I realized some issues, when TPC has 11-12 RPM, it does not go up any of my walls. When pushed to 14 RPM it goes up to some less curved (more vertical) walls, but still falls off the more curved walls at just 1/4 of height. Now that's just one thing.

The other most significant issue is when TPC does go up some of those walls, it doesn't stop until it gets OUT of the water sucking in a lot of air and makes a horrible sound. It won't stop until enough air goes into the pump and loss water pressure. Why does the design allow it to get OUT of water?! Looks like a design flaw to me.

Now, I have a TPC that does not go up some walls, and over do some other walls....

I know some of you TPC lovers would argue "that is RPM too high, and why would you want the cleaner to go up walls anyway?", hey, firstly my old Barracuda at $299 climbs all walls without much pressure, secondly it never had a drama of getting out of water sucking air, because it was designed properly. So I was hoping my new TPC at $699 would have an equally good design and do the same if not better. Turns out TPC is not performing any better than the cheaper product, if I could choose again I would go back to buy the same old model Barracuda.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

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Questions & Answers

Why the two wheels are turning but the cleaner does not move.
1 answer
Without knowing a lot more information I can only suggest that the pool cleaner is more or less floating off the ground. It has no weight to keep it down. The first part of the pool hose has to be held vertical by attachments, That way the pool cleaner is in the correct position to grip the pool surface. It is also possible that some gear inside is broken and although the wheels are turning they have no traction. Take it out and take it apart and check it for some kind of blockage like a twig of a broken part. Also check the suction of the pump.

when my pool cleaner has been going for about 2 hours it gets covered in air bubbles (both the hose and the cleaner) and starts to float off the bottom. When i give it a shake and dislodge all the air bubbles it returns to normal operation only to do it again in a couple of hours - how can can i stop this from happening please?
No answers

How much do they cost?
1 answer
I paid roughly $900, January 2011. I would suggest perhaps they have come down in price since then, as it was new to the market at that time. The same cleaner is still running around my pool.


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