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Ripoff artists

Hah! It's funny to see you offering to help here CC. Now that the "cat's out of the bag", methinks you're simply trying to salvage what you can for your scam company.

What was your offer of help when you sold us that dud piece of Real Estate in Nebo? None, Nada, Zip, Zilch. Paid $450k in 2012 and we had to sell earlier this year for $235k as the repayments on the loan were killing us with the rent dropping to $220pw. It was costing us $19,000 every year just to hold onto it. We have accepted our capital loss now, but at least we're paying a much smaller mortgage.

No - after we raised our difficulties with you, your help consisted in showing us the door from your much celebrated "Midas Club" or whatever you call it. After you had collected a $12,000 membership fee, you weren't too interested in helping us then! The $22,000 commission you collected from the sale was also not enough for you to try to help us to recover from the disaster. We became baggage for you.

Beware readers. All is not as it seems

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Thank you for your feedback. I understand your unhappiness with the mining downturn and resulting drop in mining town property prices and symathise. Unfortunately like many other real estate companies - the property team at Think Investment Realty who you were referred to have no control over and can’t predict things like government changes ( initiating the mining tax) and Property cycles which can cause downturns in property values without warning. We do however pride ourselves in our client care and we always try to assist in any way we can. Hindsight always has 20/20 vision, it is unfortunate (with hindsight) you didn’t select one of the other low risk properties on offer at the time you met with the property team. The hope of receiving the unusually high incomes that mining Property offered was no doubt the reason for your choice. It is also the reason the Property team had you sign the warning statement pointing out the increased risk associated with mining towns. The choice of Property always rests with the client. As we have said before. We are always happy to assist in any way we can, we have never ‘shown anyone the door’ so if we can be of any assistance please call the office at any time.

The best financial team in Australia!!!!

Thank you to the whole Thinkmoney team for outstanding service and results! I worked with other teams before getting referred to Thinkmoney and I’m pleased to say Chris and her team are truely the best in the finance business. Since joining the team in 2013 I’m well on track with my financial goals through property investments. Strongly recommend no matter what your financial goals might be! thanks again!!

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Thanks so much Bill. You have been achieving amazing results. Keep up the great work.

I wish I found Think Money sooner

If only we found Think Money sooner we wouldn’t have been starting over again because we would have known not to sell our property. However since finding Think Money just over 9 months ago we have paid off over $25,000 of personal debt, brought a property through our SMSF and we now have a didn’t more effective way of budgeting and are saving to buy a home. I can’t recommend Chris, Jack and the rest of the Think Money team enough for what we have achieved over the last nine months, without them we would still have a mountain of debt and struggling to enjoy life because of the stress of our debt.

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Thanks Jodi. Love working with you. Xx

Learn from my mistake

I was unfortunate to engage these people for financial advise. I signed up and it was the biggest mistake of my life. Very poor advice, broken promises, ridiculous fees and referred me to a property manager who then committed fraud. This experience has cost my family hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please listen to the bad reviews on here. I assume they must be writing the good reviews themselves. Even the accountants and solicitors they partnered up with over the years won't deal with them anymore! BEWARE! I am not sure how they sleep at night and how they are still in business! Don't let what appears to be good customer service and enthusiasm to help fool you!

Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear you are unhappy. If you would like to call the office I am happy to discuss and assist in any way. When we refer our clients to another business we have no control over how that business is run unfortunately. As it may have been 10 years or so since we have spoken,feel free to call, we are happy to help. Chris ChildsYou didn't want to help, we have already spoken. You can't undo years of poor advice. Too much money lost.

Do your research it’s basically a scam

If you read the lowest rating reviews you’ll get the insight into think money that reveals it’s ultimately a scam. Everything friendly & family like is in fact fake & evil. I never went but made an appointment. Now I’ve read reviews I think people need to be warned. Looking back on the phone call to suck me in I can hear the con man in the man I was talking to.

Hang up on them, if a client stop immediately, unsubcribe their emails.

Everyone working their will have low - very low morals & probably a deficient empathy part of the brain, which is the root of most evil & caused by an unloving childhood, some or all may even be psychopaths or at least most of the traits & loving scamming people. Yes it’s a job but there’s plenty of jobs in reality, coz most unemployed aren’t looking for a job, so there are always more jobs available than people looking for a job.

Simply read books on finance from the library for free, pay no one coz their just paying themselves, everyone of them, regardless of the company.

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Hi Anon Thanks for your feedback. Just checking I have this correct. 1/ You contacted us 2/ you read some minority neg reviews 3/ You have Never met us 4/ you are happy to put in print we are evil fake con men Just checking. :). Have a nice day.


Our Financial plans have never been better. With the continual advice and support of Chris and her "Think Money Team" we are so much more financially secure then ever. With the help of the Dept Reduction Platform we have paid more off our home loan in the last 4 years than we did in the previous 15. We continually rave about how wonderful our experience at Think Money has been and would recommend it to anyone.

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Thank you Amanda and Paul, we love working with you too. Success comes from the way you stay connected and follow the plan. Appreciate the feedback xx

Wish we had of joined 20 years ago!

We joined Think Money in October 2017 and have never looked back.
We have been able to plan realistically for our retirement, and seriously reduce our debt in a matter of months.
We were sceptical at first, but after the first appointment with Melissa and Chris, and not to long after, Claire we have never looked back and our only regret is we didn't start 20 years ago.
Think Money has changed our lives, so, if you are looking to take back control of your life and finances, we can highly recommend Think Money and team.

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Thank you so much. We really appreciate your business too. Looking forward to hitting many more goals together.

The plan is coming together!

We have put ourselves into the best financial position we’ve ever been in by following the debt reduction and property investment strategies from Think Money. Chris and Claire have been fantastic, always have time for us and follow our progress, cheering from the sidelines. This is so much appreciated. Make the plan and stick to it is our mantra and it’s paying off for us. We are eternally grateful to Chris and the Think Money team. Thank you All!

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Thanks very much. We appreciate your feedback. Looking forward to achieving big things.

Awesome Team, Awesome Support, Awesome Results - Thank You :0)

Think Money came highly recommended to us by friends who had achieved wonderful results. Upon entering the office for the first time we felt comfortable and welcomed by the team of professionals. We didn’t have to wait long before being introduced to Chris who took a genuine interest into our personal wishes and financial outcomes, we felt very at ease with Chris and her easy persona while explaining the intricacies in laymen's terms to what could be achieved if we chose to partner with Think Money.

At first like any new way of thinking it can seem a little daunting to absorb what is being conveyed, thankfully Claire’s skills guided us on our way to budgeting nirvana! While we are not budgeting experts and do some times 'fall of the pony' Claire is there to nudge us back on track.

After our skills had been honed, we enquired when we felt it was the right time as to the possibility of being in a position of making the first step towards our first rental property. Chris formalised an individual strategy for us and the TM team to assist in the execution. Suffice to say the whole team are so friendly, welcoming and supportive, nothing is ever too much trouble and we are now signing property number two.

Debt reduction has been a massive part of our journey, we thought chipping away bit by bit at our mortgage was the only way we could get it paid off quicker, the online calculators that we plugged the numbers into told us so, ten to fifteen years and it would be gone, amazing, or so we thought. Now having been shown how to budget properly, manage our spending and be in control of our finances, our personal mortgage will be gone in just a few short years!

We are so grateful to Chris, Jack and their amazing teams for their continuous support, guidance and knowledge in helping us achieve a better than brighter outlook for our future and hopefully an early retirement plan :0)

Thank you ALL at Think Money - without you, we certainly wouldn't be in the awesome position we are in now xx

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Thank you so much Claire and Tim. We love working with you too. Xx

Life Changing!!!

Since joining Think Money just over a year ago, my Husband and I have learnt not only about debt reduction and investment property, but how to goal set and approach life from a whole new perspective which has been Life changing !!! We would never have achieved this on our own and the difference this has made to our lives is priceless!! We no longer have room for negative people and embrace the future no matter what curve balls are thrown at us with an excellent support team in Think Money !!

Best thing we ever did!

We were in the biggest financial mess of our lives, stressed and with no relief in sight. When a friend suggested we ring Think Money and give them a try. We had nothing to loose. These wonderful , kind and hardworking team, listened to us for hours, gathered all the pieces of our financial disaster and presented a plan to us. It hasn’t been an easy ride (especially for them) as we presented probably one of the biggest challenges they had ever seen. But their guidance, hard work and support has been outstanding. Two years later and things are finally looking amazing. We have a long way to go but we are so sure that we will get there. We can’t speak highly enough of this incredibly professional team, that has risen to every challenge our difficult situation has thrown at them. They always met us with the most positive attitude and not only guided us through big challenges but empowered us with knowledge , and showed us their kindest side. The financial guidance has been perfect for us, but it has been their human side that has totally amazed us. Making that call to Think money was the best thing we ever did !

Best financial advise.......Most definitely!!!!

My husband and I have been with Think Money for 20 months.It has been one of our best decisions.We thought before joining that we were doing great with our finances even though we were going nowhere fast.Firstly we started with debt reduction,we followed the advice of Think Money strictly,we used the money tracker and soon learned where our money leakage was.In one year we had payed $40,000 off our mortgage,we were lucky to have paid $7000 a year doing our finances the banks way.We now have two investment properties being built.All I have to say is don't listen to negative voices,nobody twisted my arm up my back nobody forced me to buy investment properties.I couldn't have done this without C.C and her amazing crew.I will continue to listen to the advice and guidance they give me.If you are thinking of going and seeing them and follow their great advice You Will Win..Happy Days

Think Money has taken the stress out of day to day living!

I use to live pay check to pay check and stress about how much money was still in my account and if I could pay my bills before the next pay day. I went to Think Money and with their guidance and support I have set up an easy to use budget and no longer stress about when the next payday will come. I now know that I will not only have the money I need to pay my bills but that at the end of the month their will be money left over. Their budget software is easy to use and lays out your expenditures and income in an easy to understand format. The staff are incredibly friendly and offer great advice as well as sharing their personal experience with debt reduction.
Thanks so much Think Money Team.

Best financial advise...Stay away!

We have we had nothing but worry and stress and instead of feeling secure in our future we now are full of uncertainty. .. thanks to the generic advise that [name removed] and her clones dish out. Between the misleading info on fees charged and the group of unqualified and unlicensed people so they can fly under the radar. .. there is nothing and no one to trust here. You can get the same and better guidance elsewhere at a fraction of what you will ultimately pay with these crooks. And if you do pay but don't have the cult minset they'll just take your money and leave you to rot. Their connections with developers, who never want to see you when there is an issue to the dodgy and the recommended SMSF advisors... that get banned from practice ...show how greedy they are, how uncaring they are. When they talk Superannuation....run!
The best thing to do is stay away!

Walk away-we are so glad we did

I never write reviews, but in this case I feel that I need to warn people.

If you are looking to buy property. Do your research. Read lots of books, listen to podcasts and make sure to listen to more than one person so that you can decide what works for you.

At first Think Money seemed good, their debt reduction strategies made sense and they took time to answer questions and were very friendly. But really in the end they are just trying to sell property and although they will spend time answering questions about debt reduction they provide very little detail about their property choices and instead tell you that they have been doing this for so long, and just know it works. They are spruikers. You pay 12K and they sell property to you that they get commissions on. I am happy to pay someone for providing me a service but the commissions that I pay need to be clearly stated and upfront.

I remember being in CC office and asking lots of questions about the type of properties they buy, why they choose those properties etc. All fairly normal questions, given I was considering paying 12K and then perhaps buying property from them.

The answers were very evasive and when I asked, how the real estate arm of Think Money gets reimbursed if I buy a property from them, CC did not want to answer that question at all and became very defensive. It became very clear that they could happily treat "you like family"provided you did not ask the tough questions. I have since learned that many spruikers make huge commissions on selling overpriced properties to uneducated property investors. Many of the property buying sessions are in groups and they try to keep everyone excited (and buying). I guess, it would not help to have someone in the room asking too many questions. Thankfully, we walked away (2 years ago). We got educated from a company that does not sell property but instead teaches investors how to choose property to buy that is right for their goals etc., where to find it, what to look for etc. There is much less conflict of interest. We have since bought 4 investment properties.

Look around, there are much better companies out there. We are so glad that we did not proceed with Think Money. Makes me worried every time I pick up a Profile magazine that others might be getting "sucked in."


DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE - they may as well work out the back of a shed. They make their money by letting you invest in sub-standard areas that no one else can sell and make huge fees on unsuspecting buyers and sell you over-priced properties that will take you a life time to ever reach the price you paid for it.

There property management department Pro Edge Property Management are just as bad and actually work from home and have absolutely no idea. This has destroyed our future.

Nearly Destroyed Us

We went to Think Money to get ahead. We have almost lost everything, our own personal house and our mother's savings and super to get us out of a huge hole and we're still not out. The two properties we bought have lost us over $200,000. This company is not reliable or reputable and could end up destroying everything you've worked for.

not good... owed me money and never paid

Did some work for them and they never paid. Chased them gots all sorts of excuses. a very average run company. Agree they owe the money but do not pay.


Think Money DOES NOT hold a Australian Financial Services license , if they had one they would be held accountable by ASIC under law but they are clearly unable to obtain one. simply look at the genuine reviews from people who have suffered from this company. and what about all these positive, glowing reviews ? you mean the ones that pop up on the same date (obviously been asked to come and post here). funny how these positive reviews get a thank you but the unsatisfactory reviews don't even get a response.

When CC throws the chocolates at you - throw them back!!

How coincidental that so many positive comments written within a 3 day period? It's as if it's been orchestrated? Ask Think Money about how they recommended Chinchilla, Moranbah and Kingaroy to their previous customers, who now own properties worth much less than what was paid for them, and rentals far below their "this is what you can expect" . Ask Think Money how they DISAPPEARED and gave NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER when their "buy off the plan and resale" scheme ended with many people losing their entire deposit Where were you then CC? Don't trust them, their wealth creation seminars are great fun, but come at a great cost. When CC throws the chocolates at you - throw them back!!

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