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Thongs Australia

Thongs Australia

4.8 from 31 reviews

Perfect addition for (European) summer

I bought these thongs and have loved the comfort and durability here in Spain! I’ve also had many people ask where I bought them! Finally a thong that lasts and comfortable. I’m looking forward to the new colors and range!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised

They make my day every time I wear them

As soon as I found out about these I jusmp on to them . Australia made iand built to last .When they first arrive in this cool box so excited. They fit so good. I don’t wear anything else. I brought my whole family them for Christmas and they love them.
Can’t go wrong best thing ever ... well done thongs excellent

Love love love my Thongs!!!

Amazing product!!!! No blowouts!!!!! So comfy and durable. These are the best thing since sliced bread. I love that they are Aussie made too!

Won't go back!

Durable, hard wearing and comfortable. Have outlasted any havvies I've owned in the past and are showing no signs of wear. You can really feel the quality behind these. Ordering was easy, postage was super fast and the service was second to none. The only thongs I'll be buying now!

Quality product and service

Great service and the thongs are such good quality. You can really wear them anywhere very happy with them Great stuff

Great to be supporting a quality Aussie brand!

Not only have these lasted close to 2 years and been of great quality and comfort they are made and manufactured right in Aus!!

Best thongs ever bought

Bought my Thongs in early January 2018, and still have them and still in great condition, would of normally had 4-5 in that time. Can’t reccomend them enough.

These thongs are strong 2 years on! Exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

I purchased my first pair of the classic black Thongs almost 2 years ago when they were first released. Since purchasing they have been a staple in my summer wardrobe and I wear constantly. Living in Bondi thongs are a necessity, I can honestly say after two years of constant wear they are still in perfectly good condition and I don’t have any intention of replacing or throwing away. I recently purchased the Salt Lake pinks as a different colour options and their quality remains on par. Key impressions for me:
- Thongs are aesthetically great, simple and sophisticated. Perfectly comfortable for a pair of thongs!
- Beautiful website, and easy to navigate
- customer service was very responsive to my query about size, and arrived within days to my door.
- uphold marketing Tagline about durability
- locally made and supports small business
I’m yet to find a fault. Thank you :)

Couldn’t ask for better!!

After seeing these promoted recently I read through a few reviews here and thought they sounded pretty good. Gave them a go and will never look back. Summer footwear sorted! Quality is obvious and comfort spot on.

Worst. Footware. Ever

So like some of you. I was tired of spending $25 on a pair of havies that seemed to last less and less. Sometimes only getting a few months out of them. Then I come across thongs Australia. Plain, simple, aussie built thong with great reviews. A few more dollars but more than happy to pay for something quality. Very strongly built, quality thong. The only problem is, it's like walking on concrete! The most uncomfortable piece of footwear I've ever worn. 1 star. And that's purely for build quality, I would hit zero if I could. I'm not even going to donate these to vinnie's, couldn't do it, in the bin they go. And I'll be searching for a new brand asap. *Rant over :)

Great Australian made Thongs

A great purchase, after 12 months of heavy wear they have been everything they are advertised to be! High quality durable rubber, stylish finish and unbreakable. Stylish packaging also makes them a great gift for friends. Highly recommended for anyone who wears their thongs everywhere!

Made switch and very happy.

Havvies man all my life, but thought I would give them a go. Initially felt a little different, but after a few good walks have wore them in and they are super. Haven't had a blow out, which is part of the reason why I thought I would give them a go. Good to see Aussie company producing good quality thongs.

Excellent quality!

Purchased a pair of the black and pink thongs and they have been a fantastic purchase for the summer. Exceptionally durable in all environments and an excellent fashion addition!

Durable, maybe - comfortable, not

I wanted to like these things, the promise was great. The packaging was excellent, reflecting the premium price. They’re heavy and clearly going to be durable. The rubber is strong and has a quality feel.

But they’re just not comfortable!

The top straps are sharp and I actually sanded down the edges to stop them cutting into the base of my toes. The rubber base is hard - no give at all. If you’re used to the cushioning of Havaianas, they’re particularly jarring.

If having one pair of thongs for a few years is your thing go for it. If comfort is important, I’d pass.

Best Thongs I’ve ever owned! I’ll never buy another brand!

I bought a pair of Thongs online and they came in the most beautiful packaging. The quality is far better than any other pair I’ve had. Not cheap or foam like other brands. The branding so really minimal and the size of the women’s straps are nice and thin. No rubbing either! I recommend them to everyone! And they’re actually Aussie owned!

The best Thongs ever

Love these!! Picked some up at Syd airport on the way to Spain. Wore them every day for a month! Durable, stylish and best of all, Aussie!

Awesome Aussie made product

Purchased these thongs online, service was outstanding and arrived the following day. The quality is superior to any other and super comfortable to boot. Really put them through their paces this summer and still look good as new! Have since ordered an additional 4 pairs for the family, cannot recommend highly enough. Aussie made, sensational service and worth every penny, are a must have for anyone with feet!

Rock Solid

From the packaging to the end product this is a luxury experience - like wearing the Land rovers of thongs... luxury with durability

Finally some Aussie made!

Purchased my Thongs online - delivery was super fast and came in excellent packaging with carry bag. Perfect for gifting!
Have worn them regularly and the sole looks like it has hardly been worn, far more durable than anything I had purchased previously.
Finally, an iconic Australian staple made in Australia - which won’t melt on the pavement!

Treat Yoself

These really are the cremedelacreme of summer footwear. I bought initially to support a locally made stylish thong. After excessive wear and travel, these show no signs of ware or damage, they are strong, sturdy and resistant. I recommend this product to anyone who has feet.

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