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Tiger Mobile

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Tiger is a con

I have waited 18 months for my phone. They have shut down their mailing address and both their email addresses.

I can find a rating lower than 1.

Absolute rip off, I still don't have a phone!

Terrible company terrible service 6 months later $600 later I still don't have a phone. They don't answer emails no phone to abuse them! Consumer affairs now. Jacqueline Perth WA

Never never ever buy from Tiger Mobile

I bought gift for my bro and sister note 3 & S4 but in first week note 3 becomes blank and s4 had no network reception. However so many times tired to email, no reply finally went to South Australia telecommunications complain and then got reply. I suggest never buy from Tiger Mobile they are cheats. They sell old phone to you, after repair both phones wend sit again.

Fraudulent Liars!!!

Oh how I wish I had checked these reviews BEFORE I purchased from Tiger Mobile. Original purchase date was 3/7/15, phone arrived 3/9/15 with a screen that was not attached properly. After repeated emails I got in touch with [name removed] [contact information removed]
To which I was told to return the phone to Tiger mobile. They lied and said I had damaged the phone by dropping it. Luckily I had photographic proof that they had intentionally tampered with the phone to make the fault much worse (their photo verse my photo taken before posting back).
Was told I would be receiving a refund but then received the phone back in the mail mid November. Now, 2 weeks after [name removed] Director, Digital One Distribution (Tiger Mobile) stated that he would send me a satchel to return the phone for a refund of the phone only (not the 2 lots of postage I have incurred) I am still waiting to receive the satchel. My worry is that with such a fraudulent transaction thus far - do I send the phone back and chance that he will not action the said refund and then I am let with nothing?
[name removed] has been great and I urge anyone having problems with Tiger mobile to make contact with SA Consumer and Business services. This company need to be held accountable for their lies and scams.
5 months and counting from placing my order for a NEW (not reconditioned/faulty) phone. Very unethical company that should bot be allowed to trade!

Used Phones Sold As New!

I paid for a Samsung S5 in May and did receive it in July, about 6 weeks. The packaging didn't match up with the model no. on the phone but it appeared to be ok otherwise. The only problem was that often, people I called could not understand me as the call was either garbled or they got feedback echo. I contacted Samsung and they told me to look for a symbol that the phone was Australian sourced. It was not, therefore no warranty. I ran a scan that came back with the message "This phone is rooted." While I got a chuckle out of this in the Australian vernacular, what it actually means is that Tiger Mobile or their associates have been tampering with my phone, possibly to cover up a stolen or refurbished unit. I was glad to see someone else recommend the SA Consumer people. I might try that although I'm not sure they will deal with someone from Victoria. I, at least got something for my money which appears more than others have done. What can I say? Steer clear of this company and maybe try to find some way to close them down!


Well unfortunately I am not proud to say that I can top all of that. I have been blocked by my mobile phone network , Vodafone as of the 29th of November. When enquiring why my mobile phone has 'no service'. They informed me that the IMEI No. has been registered as being 'lost or stolen' and is no longer able to be used in Australia on any network. When enquiring further, I informed them that I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Tiger Mobile off their website and it appeared new and legit. They told me that a Tele-communication company has recorded my phone as being stolen and can't give out further details and that I need to contact the retailer I got it from. I have done that via email twice now with no response in the last week. Disgraceful. Without jumping to conclusions it appears they are selling stolen phones. I have lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman and not sure what other authorities to contact at this stage. But I will. I'll be very surprised if I get a response from them.

If I could give Zero stars I would

Absolutely appalling, they take your money for products they don't have. Only way to contact them is by email, which are now bouncing as undeliverable.

Matter with my credit card company now to arrange for the refund as I've waited long enough

Tiger Mobile Criminals - How To Get Your Money Back.

In short: I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Tiger Mobile months ago. The website clearly said "Brand New" but it was a refurbished phone. It took over a month to arrive and when I asked for a refund, as it wasn't new, they declined. They were rude and dishonest. I ended up contacting the Government of South Australia, Consumer and Business Services and got a full refund with their help. http://www.cbs.sa.gov.au/ They contacted Tiger Mobile on my behalf and I eventually received a full refund, months and months later. In the interim Tiger Mobile tried to offer me a cancellation option with a fee of 25%!! Do not take this option! If you have been ripped off by this company I urge you to contact Consumer and Business Services, SA also. Good luck!

Buyer beware

Phone has not arrived at 15 Oct after paying on 9 Sept. No refund received and their email address has permanent failure. Guess we can kiss our money goodbye as they must have gone out of business although the website is still live. New buyers stay away or you will lose your money like me

Don't Do It

Really would caution against buying from Tiger Mobile. Ordered an iPhone 5s on the 19th of August and never received it (now October 9th). Received careless, generic replies to my emails before they stopped getting delivered/started bouncing back. Opened a dispute with my bank today to get my money back. Do your research on this company and it's reviews before you buy.

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Was able to get my bank to do a charge back to my credit card. Make sure you chase these issues up ASAP as there is only a short window in which they can do it!!!

Still Waiting

Ordered a new Samsung Galaxy S5 plus accessories on 19/8/2015. Still waiting for delivery despite 21 business days timeline expiring and numerous requests for an update. Have now requested refund and they better not charge me that $25 fee as they are in breach of their contract!

Worest company Ever

I have never seen such a horrible company. I already purchased for S4 mobile before 5weeks but nobody has contacted me yet. I emailed several times but you just sent me an automatically generated email. Your phone is not working.
Today, I contacted Consumer & Business Service in SA and also lodge a dispute to the commonwealth bank. Hence, please refund me my many back and thank you fr leaving me without phone for more than 5 weeks.


On the 27th of July 2015 I ordered 4 iPhone 5S' coming to a total of $2605.99. I have emailed them numerous times asking them eta. They keep emailing me back stating "a tracking number will be sent to you shortly". I have received numerous amounts of these emails over and over again. It has now been 33 business days, and I am still waiting for a reply as to where my phones are. There is no customer service available if you have any issues, only via email (which takes between 3-5 days). It is highly recommended you not order from these people, as they are scammers. Please do not order from this company!!

Warning ! Warning! - Tiger mobile - worst company ever

Waited over 35 days for a new samsung galaxy 5, today I was notified that I will get a REFUND. Now we will see how long that takes? Tiger had no intention of ever delivering product in promised time and only after they make you wait the grace period do they refund your money. Notified consumer affairs , department of fair trading. Whatever you do, Do not buy anything from this fraudulent company. Warning! Warning! Warning!

horrible customer service

l brought an iphone 5c for my daughter it took months to arrive. When it did it , we turned it on the next day it started vibrating .Did not even use the phone. Returned it to Tiger Mobile. It's been two months now am still waiting for my refund . They have bad business minds. Will see what will happen next

Worst Ever

These guys are amazing at misleading and deceptive conduct never again, have not even received the phone and lost $383 dollars. Have the police called in for theft

The Worst Company I have ever delt with

I purchased a iphone with this crap company. After countless emails because they don't have a customer service, and 78 days still no phone. On the 79 day I contacted Consumer & Business Service in SA. As soon as I told them I had contacted Consumer Protect They immediately sent me an email confirming my phone had been despatched with tracking number.
This mob don't deserve to be in business.

Worst customer service I've ever received in my life

I ordered a phone over 6 weeks ago. After emailing them multiple times, I have received careless, short, uninformative replies. They have breached their own Terms and Conditions for postage time, which is an outrageous amount of time as it it. I'm absolutely disgusted with this company, and I would rather pay full price on any product than have to go through this again.
Inefficient, rude, late, and zero customer care and no communication between customers.

Pick up your game, Tiger Mobile.

Terrible company

July 8th I placed an order for a Motorola razr. Pretty sure it's been close to, if not over 30 business days. I have sent them numerous emails asking for an eta or a tracking number, none of which have been replied to.
I, like many others, made the mistake of buying from tiger before even googling their name. Big mistake. If they don't reply to my latest email I'm contacting Mastercard to get my money back. Spend the extra money and buy elsewhere.

Don't buy anything from TigerMobile

Return my phone three times in one year for repair and each time they keep the phone with them for more than 5 weeks without giving me any updates. Went to consumer affairs as well to claim refund which TigerMobile refused.

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Questions & Answers

How is phone bought at your end be repaired?
1 answer
Not able to be repaired in Australia - Samsung say I would have to return to country of origin, which of course I have no idea where that is - instead, I bought a Huawei Y625 for $179 and should have done so in the first place. A quick glance at it would not be able to tell the difference between the two phones and it works perfectly and actually has a stronger signal pick up than the Samsung. Regards Peter

As I tried to buy a mobile phone and had major problems to use it. I would like to ask why is this mobiles site so hard to use?
3 answers
The site wasn't difficult to use, but as it is clear that these phones are supplied from Asia direct (Tiger Mobile not handling them) you need to pay attention to long time delays referred to in their terms and conditions. These delays are in business days, so 21 days = over 30 as business days. I think people are nervous with their money being held for a whole month without supply of product and most (if not all) of the supply/quality problems are with I-phones not Samsung androids. My S5 Samsung was in a sealed box out of Hong-Kong and worked perfectly (still is). Very happy with it, but I admit the way TM are doing it is very risky for online shoppers.Pretty much same as Alan Wallis' answer, but I had two phones sent to me, neither of which worked properly and which both had to be returned, at my expense. I am now attempting to get my money back as I do not want a third dodgy phone. I suspect the phones sent to me were refurbished, as the packaging was very damaged and battered. I would go elsewhere if I were you.Ok kool / thanks / I tried to fill in an order at the local library on tiger mobiles and it wouldn't work so I decided not to bother with the online shop / thanks again

Hi all, Im a 16 year old girl and both my mother and I saved up $350 plus postage to get the Samsung Galaxy s4. My mum has brought phones from there before (nokias etc but not a smartphone) and we have had no problems what so ever. It says 1-21 buisness days and today is the 22nd buisness day, we have emailed them and they have replied before but now are not. Should I just get a refund and get the phone from a different place? Or see how the phone is when it finally (if ever) gets here? Plus my mothers pastner (the one who brought her phone as a late christmas present) is very anxious he has lost his money -.-
3 answers
Do not cancell your phone contact your bank and have them reverse the credit cardSadly the Bank will NEVER reverse a transaction they will only run a dispute process. The Banks actually enable crooks to get away with fraud and the Bank do NOT view you their customer as important. All you can do with the Bank is dispute the transaction. They then ask the seller who can tell them anything . The Bank always takes the sellers side.Try to get them on email again or they don't deliver you can contact the cops or the department of fair trading.

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