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Toned by Ashy Bines

Toned by Ashy Bines

2.2 from 253 reviews

Awesome quality for price

I almost never review products but really felt I had to write a review for this one. I have had a wonderful experience ordering Toned active wear. Great quality, excellent price point and I’ve genuinely loved every piece I have purchased. I’m surprised to see such bad reviews especially comparing this activewear with anything else of a similar price on the market. I’ll be buying again that’s for sure!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Cheap material, not true to size &bad customer service!

The material is cheap quality. What a disappointment. I should have checked reviews here. I only went on her squad girl reviews....they are defiently bias opinions or they haven't felt and tried good quality workout wear. Sticking to my Nike active wear! Also beaware NOT true to size and customer service is a joke. Never again!

Product Quality
Sizing Slightly large
Product Appearance Not as advertised


Postage was fast.
I have a few items from a couple of the collections.
The crop tops I have are great. I don’t have a big bust so they do the job just fine.
I love the mixed mesh sweater - I wear it quite frequently in my day to day life.

However, the blackout leggings are a let down. Yes, they are squat proof and you can’t see through them but the fit is awful. I tried a second size because I thought that could’ve been the problem but had the same issues with those - loose fit around the calf and the waist.
They are annoying to wear when exercising because the waistband doesn’t sit right and rolls down.

I would only buy from this brand again if they came out with something I just had to have.
Other brands of activewear that are similarly priced are a lot better quality than this.
There are also other brands that are more affordable and of a much better quality.

Product Quality
Sizing Slightly large

Overall the products are ok

I bought three items from toned, emerald green luxe full length leggings, braided back crop top, and the Sammy top.

Leggings: I’m 180cm and I found the leggings were a good couple of inches too short for me considering they’re “full length” the fabric is nice and stretchy for yoga but they show up sweat very easily. they always slip down a lot even though they’re high waisted, so aren’t very good for high impact workouts and running. I also found the fabric to be some what thin as they showed up underwear lines quite badly. I love the colour and detail in the tights but I wouldn’t buy those tights again.

Crop top: I found the crop top really nice, good fabric medium support as I’m small busted love the detail with the straps, would buy again.

The Sammy: really liked this top nice fabric and fit of the top, would get this again too.

Shipping was very fast for my products which I was impressed with.

Product Quality
Sizing Slightly small
Product Appearance As advertised

I love Toned - Ashy Bines!

I don't understand all of these the bad reviews... I was scared to buy after reading all of the negative comments and I'm glad I decided to give it a try! I just received my Love Ashy Crop and The Jess top and I love them. The fit is perfect, the fabric feels nice and made with great quality. I opted for the cheaper delivery as I was happy to wait, and it only took 1 week to arrive with full tracking. I accidentally typed my address wrong, advised customer service and they responded quickly and it was delivered to the correct address. I'm a big fan of Ashy Bines and excited to wear my new outfit :)

Customer service and Quality

I bought one pair of tights and I knew straight away the size would not fit once I got it. Not true to size at all. The waist part doesn’t stretch like any normal tights. So when I wasn’t happy I sent them back and it was delivered to them since 18th of December 2018. I haven’t received any email by them, so I emailed them to ask when would I expect a refund as it’s been over a month (23 business days). I get a response email the same day saying “it can take up to 14days to process so don’t worry if you haven’t heard from us, we haven’t forgotten about you!”. Honestly I’ve never experienced a company that are so slack with their returns and take longer than needed it’s beyond rediculous. Also I find it very sly that they don’t include that on their website, definitely holding back information to customers unless you email them.

Great service! Not sure about the products.

Received my leggings and was very impressed with the website and fast shipping.

Have also been a big fan of Ashy Bines for a few years now!

However, the product itself is not very practical. My leggings are loose in all the wrong places. I cannot run or do any activity in them without them falling right down to my hips (high waisted leggings). They do not hold anything in and do not offer any support.

I know I have not ordered the wrong size because if I went any smaller the leggings would be too tight on my legs. :(

Not sure if I have received a faulty product or if this is standard with all the leggings.

Lost tracking

I couldn't track wouldn't change or nothing kept saying it was still in distribution for 2 weeks. contacted customer service after a week told me give it a few days then track again. Should be on its way blah blah. Then got a email saying they are unsure where my order has gone we are going to refund the money asap, here's a discount code for next time (will be no next time) I did read up on the reviews but wanted to be my own judge & test the quality but didnt get that far. Lesson learnt! Trust the reviews!! Very disappointed. Have never had this happen with anything i have brought offline, will diff stick to my usual online shops.

Best workout gear ever brought

I have purchsed through toned even since it had started and could not fault it one bit! I have brought tights,tops, slouchey sweaters amd OMG the we support you bras... i have never found a sports bra that has so much support then this crop, i play alot of netball and basketball and this crop holds these babies down, im not a small busted women either. I would reccomemnd these bras for high impact sports.
Love love love!! Keep up the amazing work TONED Xoxo

Spend your money elsewhere

Very poor quality, stitching easily breaks, I've purchased better quality from Kmart. Well over priced and am a very disappointed, never to purchase again customer.


Pathetic product, pathetic customer service. No professionalism and when they won't give a refund they stop answering.Looking at the reviews now I should have stayed away. Going back, I now have noticed every negative true review is followed by some ridiculous over the top review. LOL -Its obvious those reviews are coming from perhaps those trying to fix bad but true reviews. Lies, lies, Lies. Stay away. Save your money and insanity.

A bit of a let down

Purchased more than once, I will never purchase a new crop top here again as the “we support you” don’t support anything. The treading/seams of the tights do not last long and the customer service is terrible. I will continue to purchase Tights due to material and fit but never a crop again, will be heading straight to LJ. And a heads up to the customer service team - putting babe at the end of your sentence doesn’t fix my issue so please stop.

Exactly what I expected. Love!

Although there was about a 2.5 week wait between order and date received, I absolutely love the quality, fabric and design of her active wear. I am a LJ lover but I will now purchase Toned as my go to active wear from now on. 100% love!


No PROPER support, She lies, doesn't know what she is talking about most of the time. Money and time waster!!!

Happy with my purchases

Very happy with the tops I got. The quality appears good. I got the long crop in a small... it could be a bit tighter so I'm going to return it and ask for an extra small. Took just over a week to be delivered to me in Brisbane.

My second review (first was 3 stars)

I have previously purchased Toned by Ashy Bines and had left a review of 3 stars due to the ‘dodgy’ customer service I received, though I really enjoyed the products themselves.

I’m back to write another review as I’ve purchased from the urban range, and would like to say the customer service team’s professionalism has improved dramatically, postage time (I have opted for free postage both times) has improved, and so did the tracking capability of my package.

I’m unsure whether the Toned team read these reviews but they’ve really stepped it up since I last purchased in the collection which included the mesh blackout tights.

It is clear the company are making changes and improving all the time and I will no longer feel hesitant if I need to contact customer service, or worried about my parcel potentially taking a really long time to arrive.

Do not buy!!

Online. Purchasing was horrible. Delivery got lost! Took months for them to finally arrive all customer service said was “it’s been sent babe”.

Quality not worth the high price

Now my review would be on some of the earlier launches...unaware if quality has since improved. However, prices were just as high back when I purchased and I was sadly disappointed. Which is understandable for a new business though...it's trial and error after all. That being said, my items were definitely cheaply made overseas with many loose/faulty sewing stitches, uneven fit and just not the same good quality fabric and design as other products in that price point. Customer service is okay, I was in fact able to return my items. I find it confusing on the reviews that mention the quality being so great for the price...maybe other brands in their area are also low quality so it's standard? Who knows..

Some of the less expensive items were OKAY and worth keeping, but definitely overall not worth the price for the poor craftsmanship.

I do wish Ashy and her company would take into consideration the negative reviews and make adjustments in the future. That's my only other complaint with the brand...it always seems like only the positive reviews are even listened to. :(

Amazing customer service and quality

I have had nothing but positive things to say about this company.
Quality is amazing for the price and customer service is outstanding.

Disappointing quality and fit

I really wanted to love her stuff and gave it a go to support an Australian small biz- but will never buy again. Really bad fit (brought tights- the ones with red and white at bottom) and material. Shoddy quality and stitching. Feeling thankful I purchased on sale and did not pay full price. Other small Australian brands much more worth the money. Very disappointed.

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Can you please do a maternity line?
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Must have grey tights stay up while sprinting/running. Black out tights slip down. Did I lose weight and that's why the slip or do they have no support to stay up?
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Hi I have awaiting a return address to send item back for a refund. still with tag. sizing not good. returning from Sydney Australia. Can I please get help? guessing I will also need to pay for postage myself as well
1 answer
Toned has free returns. If you look at your order, there is an email address you can send an email to to request a return. If tags are still on, there should be no issues. Other option, there is a Facebook group (TONED BY ASHY BINES BUY SWAP SELL (OFFICIAL)) where you could try to sell or swap for your correct size.

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