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Never use TopBuy or Fastway Couriers

I agree with the many who have posted here about unsubscribe not working. I have tried many times to unsubscribe and have noted by these reviews that the unsubscribe button has not worked for over 12 months. As far as contacting them privately, they have so many items on their site that you cannot get to the contact button at the bottom of the page. I will block their site from my email and report them to the ACCC. My experience was not a happy experience. I did not receive an email for the items that I purchased so couldn't remember who they were purchased from, I will say they were delivered using a courier called Fastway. I needed a tracking number to track this parcel and because I didn't have the email with the purchase I couldn't track it. Fastway cannot track parcels through your name, they also use an overseas call centre who can be quite rude. One person hung up on me and when I called again and asked for the supervisor, he refused to talk to me. I did eventually get the parcel. Would not use TopBuy or Fastway again.

Marketing Scam

This is a marketing scam company. Once they have your email address, you can't get rid of them. Unsubscribe does not work ! Avoid at all cost !!

Hey Nine Lives, thanks for reaching out to us here. I'm sorry to hear that you've been receiving promotional email from us and the unsubscribed seemed to have not worked for you. I will be sending you a Private Message shortly for your email address as this is a public forum and I do not want you to reveal your email address here. Once I have received a reply from you, I will remove your email address completely from our mailing list. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks.Despite promising to rectify spam emails, TopBuy has done nothing !! To remind everyone, TopBuy's website "Unsubscribe" to future contact, does not work ! Every day, I received unsolicited marketing emails from this company. Today there were 3 !Hey, I am sorry to hear that you are still receiving our newsletters. I have sent you a message requesting for your email address so that I can look into this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Purchased 2 pairs of chuck taylors with no issues

Have brought 2 pairs of chucks with no issues, Quick delivery time. Was sceptical at first but when sale was for chucks that were $39 couldnt help but take the risk. Authentic chucks with no issues so far.

Do not buy iPhones from them!

Three years ago I purchased allegedly a brand new iPhone 6 plus for $1100 from this company online. I have a transaction record from PayPal showing that the iPhone 'was never locked'. This year in July I got suddenly locked out by the Find iPhone program. Apparently there was a previous owner (I learnt that investigating a serial number on the Apple website as my iPhone had been purchased abroad). I suspect that this is a scam online as the original owners of iPhones lock them to their iCloud accounts and after a certain time report them as stolen claiming money from their insurance. My advice to anyone who thinks they can get a really good deal buying an iPhone from this company is: 'Stay away, you will get ripped off!

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Hey Dorota. Thanks for this report. Oh No! I'm really sorry to hear this. Can you please provide me with the order no as this is something serious that needs to look into ASAP. I will also send you a Private message for further details just in case you missed my message here. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks, Sharmani xx


Ordered 2 shirts.They cancelled one :out of stock.Reimbursed me after 6 weeks and three emails .The other shirt was too big.I received RT number :Their recommended courier was not available.Did send it by Aus.post according to new instructions.Still no refund after 2 months.(according to topbuy:did not receive it).Will never do any business with them.Shocking!

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Hi Hannie, I'm sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been great and you're still awaiting for a refund. I will be sending you a PM now to get more information in regards to your return item and see what has transpired from the time you received the product to the time your order was returned to us and see how I can remedy this- Sharmani


I purchased cotton slacks for a very good price and they arrived within the advised time frame. My only complaint was with the packing of the goods. They weren't folded and put in the delivery packet but just screwed up as much as possible and shoved in the packet. They couldn't have been more crumpled if you tried. I appreciate the goods were very cheap but how hard is it just to fold the goods before sending.

Hello Ros, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are really sorry to hear that that the packaging was poor and it could have been done well. We would like to have this forwarded on to the relevant department and ensure that better packing is done. Could you provide us the order number please. Thank youThe order number is 25559182.Hi Ros, Apologies for the late reply and thank you for your reply with the order number. I will forward your feedback to the relevant department to improve on the packing. Thank you.

Liers at customer RT support

I purchased a product which ended up oversize. I made a return request that got accepted with a RT number on 9th which was a Friday. I was going to send the product back on Monday 12th but I received a email from a Muslim named Nish Hamzan, saying they can not refund me because the item has been used. In fact I did not use the item but just opened it to find out it was oversize.
How can they decide if the item was used without looking at the item when I have not posted it to them yet?
I will destroy the items myself and chuck in the bin.
Dont expect any refunds from Top Buy and I will never do any business with them anymore. Be careful everyone.

Hi Fran, Thank you reaching out and pass on your feedback to us. I'm very sorry to hear that. Appreciate if you could reply with the order number for me to check and investigate this for you. awaiting for your reply.Yes, They have finally decided to refund me the money. ThanksI'm glad to hear that your money will be refunded. Thank you for letting me know here. :)

They will never leave you alone... SpamSpamSpam

Slow shipping but ok prices and the spam emails never stop after unsubscribing. No matter how many times you unsubscribe they just resubscribe you.

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Hello Dylan, our apology that you seem to have an issue with the daily mails. Once you have unsubscribed withing 48 hours the emails to that account will stop. Unfortunately this has not happen for you. If you could send us a private message with the details, we can look into this for you. Thank you

Lack Of Customer Service

Order placed on 24/1/18, with a quoted supply date of 7/2/18, and a despatch advice received showing goods sent on 27/1/18.
The link for the tracking brings up no information and you get no response to email requests for information.

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Dear Scott, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are really sorry to hear that you have been left without your order and the customer service experience has been poor. We are sorry that there has been no proper communication with your order. We'd like an opportunity to investigate your order and would appreciate if you could provide us with your order number. Thank you

Can not find out where my order is- processed but not shipped!!!

Can not find out where my order is- processed but not shipped!!! I have paid for it, even though they said it would not me charged until shipped- NO ONE can get me a tracking number- I keep getting the same response- researching the issue. This WAS a Christmas present!!! They should not send an email and tell you that you can get a tracking number on request- I have been requesting for over a week because the product has not arrived, they cant even tell me its shipped, just daily they are researching the problem- ERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Dear Mom, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are really sorry to hear that you have been left without your order and the customer service experience has been poor. We are sorry that there has been no proper communication with your order. We'd like an opportunity to investigate your order and would appreciate if you could provide us with your order number. Thank youorder number 1736. Your site is no longer available via the link that was in that email.Hi there, our order number has 8 digits and they currently start with the number "2". Could you please check on the order number once again and reply us and we will be able to assist you further. Thank you

Watch Out

Appalling service - ordered in November with promised delivery between 2nd and 9th December. Still not received by 20 December. Will not answer emails and have requested refund 3 times with no response. They took my money, watch out everyone.

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Hello, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are really sorry to hear that you have been left without your order and the customer service experience has been poor. We are sorry that there has been no proper communication with your order. We'd like an opportunity to investigate your order and would appreciate if you could provide us with your order number.

Ordered 10 days ago and product has not even shipped!

I ordered my product 10 days ago and thought I would have it in time for Christmas. Now it hasn't even shipped yet and no communication from them why it's late or if I will even get it! No response from them at all to my emails. This is a horrible company. Do they think people have money laying around to go replace kids Christmas presents that they don't ship? This was my sons major gift. Hopefully I get a refund before Christmas so I can replace his gift!

Good morning, and thanks for sharing your thoughts here! We can certainly look into both this order, and the issues you have expressed in regards to getting in touch with us in an attempt to provide you with a resolution to this situation. For this to be facilitated, we would like to request that you either give us a call on (02) 8081 0976, 9am - 9pm 7 days or provide us with some details such as your order number so that we can locate this purchase and get in touch with you regarding this orders status.I have contacted you several times. All I get is "we will look into this" The latest response is "we can't refund you!!!!!!! WHY NOT???? I DO NOT have the product! IT was NEVER shipped out. My order number is #2040 That is also a strange order number. Normally order numbers are a lot longer than that. I WILL get my refund!!!!!!!Hello, has your issue been resolved. Please do let us know . Thank you

Terrible service

Worst service online ever, this is the 3rd time my order has not arrived, after waiting 1 month, tracking not working they have not supplied! Unacceptable, shall not be ordering again from them again.

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Thanks for the feedback, L Mac, and for leaving this review! This turn of events you are reporting does seem very far removed from the standard of service we are endeavoring to provide, and I hope to offer my apologies to you for this. If you could kindly supply us with your order details for the purchases you are referencing, we can pass this onto the buying team and have the suppliers reviewed in regards to the sub standard service you have mentioned in your review. I look forward to hearing back!

Order not received

Purchased items early November and still not received. Made 2 attempts at emailing them - not reply. But they have taken my money already! At 7/12/17 - have just been notified that they could not fulfill my order and money would be reimbursed. This is not good enough as should have been notified sooner. They would have been presents. If I could give Top Buy a minus figure for rating I would. You need to pick up your game.

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Good morning TOW! Thanks for providing your feedback! I do hope that you will allow us to look into this further by providing us with your order number, however, it regrettably sounds as though when our team received the stock from our supplier, it was found to be miscounted, and as such the stock to fill your order was not available. When this occurs, especially when there have already been delays in this purchase, we will look to refund the customer as to not inconvenience them further by having them wait for replacement goods to be located, due to this process often taken far longer than the customer would prefer. Nevertheless, I would love to offer my deepest apologies to you for the frustration caused, and if you could provide your order number to me here I would be very happy to review this matter further and get back to you.

My order never arrived!

Made a purchase online for a Christmas Tree skirt. It has been saying dispatched for weeks with no working tracking number.
Have tried to contact them multiple times but no response given.
I wouldn't be ordering from this company again.

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Hello Sga, thank you for taking the time to write us a review. I apologize for the inconvenience with your order and its Christmas Season, to have this issue is frustrating. Please, could you provide me the order details to look into this for you and I will be able to assist you further. Thank you


WORST service EVER! keep bullsh*tting telling me that my parcel has been shipped on 10.11 today is 24.11 and still nothing! item NOT trackable, but they tell me rest assured my item is on the way to you! BULLSH*T! I have lodged a dispute with Paypal to get my money back and they wont respond to that, I just want my money back, WILL NEVER EVER purchase from them again, they are nothing but liars and scammers!

Hello there, I apologize for the inconvenience you have been through with your order and for how things have panned out for you. I can assure you that we do not intend to treat our customers in such way, and your feedback is very valuable - thus it will be forwarded to the relevant department for further reviewing. However, if you have already raised a dispute via PayPal then our team will respond to PayPal and you will be notified by them. I would like to also assure you that we are not scammers and or lairs. We apologize that you see us that way, and if you would like me to help you have this issue resolved - please do reply with your order details. Thank youIve tried to call your number, it doesnt work. You keep telling me my order is on the way even though it was posted 10.11 i still have NO product. No one is replying to my messages on your site. My order number is 24353397. Tell me where my order is other than telling me lies and saying its on the way with your fake tracking numbersThank you for providing the order number, I will have this looked into for you and get back to you the soonest. I have tested our phone lines, and it is functioning perfectly. Our number is 02 8081 0916. We will be in touch with you the soonest.

never got anything i ordered and not responding

I bought a few things i received emails saying my things have been dispatched weeks later because i never received anything i tried using the track my order function but you cant track something that doesn't exist they using fake numbers to make it appear your things are coming. Now i have written several messages asking for a full refund. Noone will respond and theres no numbers you can call. They also run ozsales from what i read do not buy from topbuy website something really dodgy about it.

Dear Dim, thank you for taking the time to write us the review. I apologize for the inconvenience you have been through with your order. I can assure you that we do not place in fake numbers for tracking IDs. When an order is dispatch it could take 3-5 business to track or at times 5-7 business days to track them. However, in your case its mentioned as weeks and therefore we will need to check if there is an issue with the tracking events not showing up when you are try to track the order. Please provide us the order details to check on this for you and get back to you. Thank youYou have my order details and if someone bothered ever replying through your website even you can see all tracking numbers are fake 1 iteams tracking number is not even enough numbers.it would be lovely to be able to post what comes up when trying to track the orders. Its been a month on most this that apparently got dispatched only one iteam got dispatched later. Oh funny that nothing can be tracked you say your not scammer then return my money yous took and sent me nothing. Like i have asked in atleast 6 messages that noone would even reply too.Just to make a point and get some form of answer as noone will respond from the website . How is it out of 7 or so items not 1 can be tracked you say you dont use false numbers to scam people into believing their items are coming and after talking to Australia post there is no way any of those numbers are tracking numbers. You say wait 3 to 5 days to be able to track it or even 7. Dispatch was the 1st or 2nd of november on the last item sent. Today is the 23 of November pretty sure that is more than required time to be able to track an item i you say this company not a scam why does noone answer any of the contact us messages and i even gave my number in the messages to contact me noone has or will because you wont refund me my money i just want others to know not to use your site because its a hassle to get back your money or even get help.

Quality is sub standard

I purchased 4x exercise leggings.
The quality is very poor and one had a massive hole in it on arrival. The material is so thin, almost see through. Stitching is bad. Looks nothing like the pictures. Cheap China import, low quality and a waste of money. No longer buying anything from Topbuy!

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Hi Sunette, thank you for reaching us through the private messages and also on our wall. We have responded to your Pm and are currently waiting for your response to have this issue looked into for you. Thank you

Not as Descibed

I have purchased a few things and have never had an issue but the last couple of orders have been dispatched direct from China and are not quite as described. The sizing was out and the material disappointing.

Hi Susu, thank you for writing us a review of you recent experiences with us. Please allow me to apologize for any inconvenience caused with your orders. Each sales event will have a size chart available, displayed in the product page. As we source hundreds of different brands - located all over the World, please make sure you check the sizing before purchasing as there are variations in standard sizes for different country.The sizing was checked but the garment did not match the size chart

Not too bad. Good customer service.

Had some issues with my phone.. But despite them being really frustrating to deal with they did help me repair it... Badly... But they helped me nevertheless! Would consider buying from them again.

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Hey Hamish, thank you for taking time to right us your feedback. Thank you

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I received a dress that I ordered through Groupon. I would like to return it for a refund as the dress is to small. How do I go about this? Margaret Donnelly.
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Hi Margaret, we would have you start a return via the Returns section in your account, from here we can assess and help you get the item returned, amiI cannot find the returns section. How do I do this? MargaretI am still waiting for information on how to return my purchase. I am not very happy with your business. Margaret Donnelly

Recently you have had on your side Liliana Reversible Sofa Protection . Am I able to buy now?
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Hello Maya, I apologise for the delayed reply. Can I check if you are still wanting to purchase it or if you have already done so ?

I have placed my order over a week ago and have not received no email. Can you please get back to me? Order number is 830031029 thanks
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Hi Julio, the order above does not belong to TopBuy. Could you provide us the link to the website you made this order with. Thank youColin did u oder from topbuyjust.com and have u record your oder yet I'm having the same problem

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