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Horrible customer service, I never got the package I paid for.

The customer service was horrible, I never got what I ordered for my child's birthday and had to buy something else from another site.
Total scam, read the other reviews and don't waste your money.

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Please reach out to customerservice@toyuniverse.com.au so we can assist you, as we don't have a Billy in our system with a lost order nor have we received any communication from a Billy about an issue.

Do not use this company

I ordered an item that after over two weeks, I needed to chase up for an update. I kept chasing it and their customer service so apathetic towards the whole thing. They blamed everything on Australia Post and finally when I lodged a complaint with Aus Post, they gave me a proper update. My item had been lost and Toy Universe didn’t offer any advice, updates or guidance. I had a massive delay with my first order and gave them a second chance but I will NEVER use this company again.

Return Claim MadeNo
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Hi Orla, we're really sorry to hear you are upset about your experience. We do offer 2 types of shipping, insured (for an additional $1.99) and uninsured, as Australia Post does from time to time lose items as is unfortunately the case with your order. As you chose uninsured shipping Australia Post is refusing to offer you any compensation for the lost item. As emailed to you we are following up with Australia Post to rectify this but unfortunately, it does take time for a response from AusPost and we're sorry to have lost you as a customer.

3/5 items were missing parts!

I ordered 5 items and 3 of them were missing parts inside. I am extremely disappointed as my child whom was looking forward to playing with new toys wasn't able to. They told me they had none left and wont be getting anymore in. Then why sell it???

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We're sorry to hear you are having issues with products you received. As you have not answered our messages please contact customerservice@toyuniverse.com.au with your order number and the products which were incomplete. All of our toys are protected by product warranty and if they are out of stock a refund is given.

Scoot and Ride Highway Scooter

I can only comment on the service and purchase of the scooter as I bought it for my grandson from the US. Easy transaction and super fast delivery. By all accounts he is having a ball learning to ride. Great price, will be buying from Toy Universe.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

The WORST Customer service, did not take responsibility!!

Received the LEGO in bad crushed, damaged condition which bought on ebay.
And they stated stated there is no damage to item.
"Buyer received full refund. There was no damage to item,buyer insisted on return"
Check out what I received, guys

Thanks for the feedback, we provided a full refund and never stated there was no damage otherwise no refund would have been provided.Never stated there was no damage?!? Guys, I have the print-screen of their feedback on ebay. Disgraceful!! Toy Universe. https://imgur.com/a/QaNqWhAYour feedback on eBay was removed by eBay as they deemed your information both inaccurate and not representative of the service you received. We understand you are upset as your LEGO box was slightly crushed in transit however this does occasionally happen and you have received a full refund.

Disappointing customer service

I will not buy from Toy universe again. Their prices are not competitive. The Lego I purchased was 25% dearer than other major department stores. The second item I purchased was faulty. So although they promptly refunded the amount for the faulty item I simply would not pay $10 shipping for one item only. Toy universe are not willing to reimburse a portion of the shipping. Although I understand that this is their decision entirely, I must say, I am very surprised that an online toy store is not interested in keeping their customers happy. I certainly wont bother to buy from them again.

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Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately, we don't discount items after purchase simply because another retailer has dropped their price a few weeks after the purchase has been completed. You can always return the item you are unhappy by visitng our Returns page.


This was my first visit to this online toy store, and sadly I was disappointed. I ordered an item and paid for express shipping (which should have taken a maximum of three days to arrive - I don't live that far from their shipping warehouse), and it took seven days to arrive, missing an important birthday. Whilst it was their courier/delivery service that let them down, I'm hoping that by writing this review they will realise that they need to change their delivery service from Australia Post, as Australia Post is clearly letting them down.


Paid my laybuy off for 6 months then at the last minute they tell me one of the more expensive items weren't in stock and had to wait 5-10 days for a refund. Then my order arrives and my god let me tell you how shattered I was. Two of the items are missing!!! After 6 months and almost $800 with them you'd think they'd get it right, especially for the top prices they are charging everyone.

Hi Matthew, please reach out to our customer service team on 1300 961 747 or customerservice@toyuniverse.com.au as we have not had any contact from you about your missing items. All layby orders are shipped in multiple boxes and they could still be on their way. If items were not able to be shipped, we would have notified you.What a load of garbage! I messaged you guys instantly about the missing items were yous responded via the chat thing on your website so you definitely had contact about my missing items and then to have the hide to call and ask me to take down my review Thanks Matthew, we have since called you and rectified the issue to your satisfaction. If this is still not the case please call our Customer Service so we can assist you further.

Appalling customer service

I had found items in my laybuy were overpriced compared to other retailers, I called and requested that those items be removed from my laybuy as they were over charging. I was advised to finalise my laybuy and that they would attempt to remove them and refund the items. I was the. advised that this was not possible despite the fact my items had not been shipped. Toy Universe did not allow me to cancel my laybuy despite that being my right as a consumer but has instead forced me to over pay for items that I can apparently pay to ship back to them for a store credit. Do not buy from this company if you expect decent customer service.

Thanks for your feedback Kaz, whilst we understand you are disappointed our Layby terms were clearly displayed when you placed the layby some months ago and changes in the last 4 weeks of your layby are not possible. We pack and store your layby to ensure fast delivery for you and all of our other customers. We did give you the option of cancelling your layby which is your consumer right, however you have decided to keep the layby and have it delivered. We are sure you understand that you purchased these items some months ago and a sale at another retailer does not automatically entitle you to a discount at our store. If you are still unhappy with your layby please contact our friendly Customer Service Team and we can cancel your order so you can purchase the items elsewhere.I was never been given the option to cancel the laybuy. These items are also not on sale but regular price at the other stores. I would have happily cancelled the laybuy.We have reviewed your chat with our Customer Service Team and you were clearly given the option to cancel your layby and decided to keep the layby. If you have changed your mind this does have to be done in writing so please email us on customerservice@toyunivers.com.au and we will action your cancellation request.

Love this store!

I purchase all my toys from here. Great prices, great service, speedy delivery. On the odd occasion when a product hasn't worked as well as expected, they have replaced or refunded on first request. I love the flat postage fee of $10, it's cheaper and easier to order all my presents online and have them delivered. I also purchase a few extra gifts for childrens charity at xmas and they deliver them to the charity for me. Makes me feel good and it's very little effort on behalf at the busiest time of the year. I can't fault them. Highly recommended.

Money Hungry! Avoid.

I purchased a gift April 25th and received an email on May 20th to say my order has arrived! I thought surely this was a mistake, but no, the arrival of my gift was informing me that the gift was returned to the warehouse.
As this was a gift I was optimistic that it had arrived on time, however there was nothing to let me know it had arrived, sat at the post office and then been returned.
I contacted customer support as soon as I knew and they gave me 2 options:
- pay them $22 to resend OR
- pay them $15 to get a refund!
This was absurd because both options are over half the original purchase price.
I proceeded to ask for a FULL refund as they failed to send a notification that the parcel arrived, however they went ahead and deducted the $15 without my consent!
I will NEVER use this money hungry company again and I suggest if you don't want to donate your money to them, neither should you.

Thanks for your feedback. Your live online tracking was sent to you by email the day it was shipped and your order arrived within a few days, it was not picked up by your recipients for 2 weeks, Australia Post has a policy of only keeping orders for 2 weeks at which point they return them to sender, and charge us the $15 return fee. Unfortunately, as much as we would love to we can't send reminder emails to every customer who has not picked up their parcel, nor are we the ones charging the $15 return fee, we are simply passing on Australia Post's cost. Whilst we are sorry you are upset the Return to Sender fee is clearly listed on our website and the responsibility for picking up parcel from the Post Office, if you are not home to receive it is up to the customer. We wish you all the best.Toy Universe did send out an email notification saying my product had arrived, 1 month later! This was a notification from your company saying "Woo Hoo! Your ToyUniverse has been delivered" On May 20th and it turns out that email from ToyUniverse was letting me know the package was delivered back to your warehouse. How convenient for yourselves, that I do not get a notification until I have to be charged $15 to get nothing. Further more, when I look at my original payment the shipping fee was $10, not $15.Australia Post charges us $15 for each RTS, your order was at the Post Office for 2 weeks, a card had been left in the post box, multiple emails were sent and no pick up occurred. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for every customer who doesn't go to the post office - our RTS policy is clearly stated on our website : https://www.toyuniverse.com.au/pages/delivery We actually only make money when an order is delivered not RTS, which is why we send notification emails when you order is shipped with a live tracking number so customers know where their order is at any time, customers can also call or email us at any time to see what where their order is located.

So good! Great products and fast shipping

I was looking everywhere for Baby Born accessories and this website was the only place I found. Not only that, they had great options at such competitive prices and the postage was fast! So good.

Terrible service

Ordered about 8 toys 3 weeks prior to Christmas and only 1 arrived. Took 2 days to get a refund and ironically they did not refund postage! Hopelessly unprofessional outfit. Avoid at all costs.

Ordered 4 toys for children's gifts for Christmas; received 3!

Today I received my order for christmas. It is missing a toy. I am absolutely appalled. To make matters worse I've tried to ring the customer service line and there is no answer. I've tried emailing but have received an auto reply saying they won't be back in the office until the 27th of December. I guess one child isn't getting a gift?

There's also no invoice inside the box or any sort of paper work to provide some sort of explanation why there is no missing toy

My granddaughter is going to love these

I ordered various toys for my 4 year old granddaughter from Cabbage patch interactive doll to hatchimal all for Christmas. I know she is going to love all of it! She particularly loves fireman Sam, so I bought her the fire station which comes with a fire engine. Seeing as she takes ballet lessons I bought her Emma wiggle ballet barre.I know she will be so excited as she opens each present. I just hope she doesn’t ask if I bought her anything!!

Ordered Friday, Arrived Monday.

Happy with order! Was hesitant considering the reviews on here, but needed this product for Christmas and it wasn't available unless you paid hundreds in shipping fees on Amazon or Ebay. Ordered it on Friday, Arrived Monday, spoke to customer service to ensure this product was definitely coming as it's not available in stores, and they assured they had it. Received tracking number, product arrived safely and intact! Really happy with the process from start to finish.

Definitely would use again!

Customer Support non existent .

Item unsuitable for age recomended, unstable . When put together the digger bucket twist and wobbles,and is uncontrollable . This item is a ride on digger ( shovel ) . Just to add some construction is needed. Toy Universe has a return policy that states they will give a in store credit as long as the item is unopened. Well try putting a item together without unpacking the thing. How are you to know if it works or not . Do not order from this online company.

Exactly what I wanted

I was having trouble locating a specific item. After going to 9 different shops with no luck I'd almost given up. Then at 10pm on Sunday night I came across the toy universe website. Placed the order then and there. The very next day I received an email stating my order was shipped and on my doorstep the following day was my item. Going to have a very excited little boy when his birthday finally arrives. Thank you so much.

Don't opt for collection from the warehouse and you'll be fine

I arranged a Christmas layby which all went to plan, so the first part of my experience was good. However, when I went to collect my order from their Erskine Park warehouse, I didn't have such a great experience. I collected the box and came home and to my dismay, discovered that only one of the items I had paid for was in there. I phoned up to let them know that I hadn't received all my items, and the girl I spoke to was apologetic. I waited while they checked that my remaining items were at the warehouse, and was then informed that I'd have to come back to collect the rest of my items. The next business day, I drove back there to collect my order again - which was no easy feat in itself with 3 children to shuttle around. After waiting and waiting while the warehouse staff tried to locate my order, I was then informed that my items had been shipped to my house. I said that it seemed highly unlikely that they had been shipped when I had spoken to someone on the prior business day who informed me that my items were right there in the warehouse! It turned out that my items were in a box on someone's desk in their office. After a lot of effort and inconvenience, I finally have all the toys from my Christmas layby. I understand that these things happen, mistakes are made and that's fine - it was just really inconvenient at a really manic time of year, and there didn't seem to be a great level of acknowledgment of the error on the customer service side of things.

Most of the staff is helpful and friendly

I like the fact that you can laybuy all year but think the 6% should be clearly showen in the grand total so you know exactly what your paying in admin fee i have many kids to buy for on Christmas including my two youngest children as my youngest child is three i will be buying toys for Christmas and birthday for at least 8 years and thought this would be great but i feel like i need to watch how much i buy because the admin fee can become more then I'm willing to pay. I found most of the staff friendly and helpful until today i called to finalize my payment today and was told i would receive a call back telling me how much i had to pay. I received an email about 15 minutes later i have copied and past the conversation.

You have 2 payments remaining on your laybys for a total of $66.90

i have checked my bank statements
i have paid
5 payments of $33.75
1 payment of $300
and 2 payments of $61.10
one order is the total of $102.50
the other $518.71
total of $621.21
amount that should be left is $30.26
payments made
31.10 $33.75
19.10 $33.75
12.10 $33.75
3.10. $33.75
7.9. $33.75
27.8 $300
24.8. $61.10
10.8. $61.10

The total for your layby is not $621.21, it is $658.48 as it includes the 6% non refundable admin fee, this leaves you with $67.53 and not the $30.26, which has been divided into 2 payments as per our previous email.

I sent the confirmation of my two laybuys one stating the total was $102.50
and the other stated $518.71
then asked where was the 6% stated in the grand total

It does not state it in the total when you checkout, but when you read and sign the layby form it is clearly explained as below :

5. An administration charge of 6% of the total value of the products ordered will be charged at the commencement of the lay-by term in addition to the first payment and this fee is non-refundable.

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Thank you for your review, our layby terms are clearly stated on our layby page and in bold on the layby agreement we ask you to read and sign, whilst we understand that some customers don't read the information we send our fees are stated clearly prior to you starting a layby.

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