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Toyota Prius C NHP10R

Toyota Prius C NHP10R

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Relaxing and economical

If you want a relaxing, easy to park, ecomomical and no fuss car this is it. The outstanding feature is how quiet it is in stop start traffic which is where this car is most at home. Mechanically excellent and reliable. Real word ecoonomy can reach 3.9lites per 100km and averages around 4.9litrs per 100km. The digital display is fun. Highly recommended for city dwellers.

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Date PurchasedJan 2012

Amazing to drive, silent and reliable. GPS is the only poor feature

Everything in the car works great. Oh man, it's so smooth to drive. Each trip fuel cost is so helpful. It assist you in becoming a more greener driver by driving on eco mode. Not great on pickup from 0-100, if that's your thing then it's porbably not a good fit.

Auto temperature control, classy steering wheel. We got the green colour one which can't be missed on the road even during those misty and rainy days. Steering is so responsive but tight and so is breaking.

Only downside for us is how crap the GPS works and voice control works. We still use our mobile phone as GPS. If this worked better then it will be 5 star ratings.

Can't fault anything in the interior or exterior. I feel like driving it all the time so definitely looking to make some long distance trips on it.

3 year normal warranty and 8 year on the battery really offers that peace of mind

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Silent, reliable and safe

I really love my car! I amazed time and time again how fuel efficient it is. I also like the look of it the Prius-C has a similar look to the Corolla. I am short, so I don't need much leg room but if you are 6 ft and above the leg room may be an issue for you. I have given some tall friends a lift (although they did not make a complaint) look a little bit uncomfortable.
If you want a small car with low cost on fuel and is reliable, this is a great car!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

A Twitchers Car, if you love HO model railways and like to sneak up on pedestrians or cyclists


I guess if you spend a lot of money on a thing and you like to review stuff then there is a natural tendency to be self justifying of your purchase. So when I had the chance of a go in a Prius recently and then logged on to PR to see what others said, I was horrified at their level of satisfaction. Talk about smug, well I am glad you are happy.

But it's not a very good car, sorry, nor is it green at all.

and it looks odd.

and you can't see out the back window.

The basic drive train under the odd skin, is a similar one from the late 1990's and that's a long time ago. That's 10 years before the first I Phone. Toyota has made it lighter and given it a bigger petrol engine, for what reason I can only guess. Petrol electric battery gave great fuel economy for its time, but its time has past and much more conventional modern cars, those are the ones whizzing past you as you do your best to get better economy, are getting the same or better economy. Best my electric gizmo could give me for the day was 5.3 k's per 100, my normal car gets 5.1 for the same type of usage.

The old fashioned Nickle battery weighs a lot and has to be pulled around everywhere you go, oh and then there's a thing called Nickle mining, vast generator of sulphur and acid rain. Very non green.

On I Phone's, the Gizmo as I have renamed the little red slug, has a mobile phone charger built in but it won't charge i phones. No SatNav either, so when your i phone runs out of battery, as they do twice a day, you had better have packed the old road map book thingo or you will have to stop at the shop, buy a newspaper and ask people, just like we did in the very olden days.

How did it drive? In the town, light and breezy, really pleasant to be in, but on the fast motorway I know another reason you all drive so slowly, it's twitchy. A combination of feeling heavy and much too light steering gave me the impression while going up the Blue Mountains (the Prius natural home) it wanted dart up a tree.

Another odd thing, so, remember when cars had clutch pedals, yep if you're old you know where it was, well the Gizmo has its parking brake hidden a little to the left of that spot. Why Mr Toyota would you do something so French, ie French is to do something automotively that is different just to be different.

and lastly I know you Gizmo owners will say you have no need to overtake anyone but if you ever want to get around a B double travelling at 110ks before it hits the uphill single lane that is coming up and slows to 80ks for the climb, you can't.

On the other hand [name removed] hates it so it must have some winning ways.

Me thanks for the go but no thanks I would not buy one.

Now who do I know who has a Tesler?

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Date PurchasedMay 2016

Serves its purpose

Drives surprisingly well, freeway or local roads. Who wants to be a racer when u want to beat yr previous best..
U are always trying to lower your fuel consumption. Turned my wife onto a better driver lol. She's competitive.
2nd hand, it's the best car on the market for commuting.
I live on the central coast, work on Sydney.
Cost me $5.92 for the trip this afternoon.
The computer told me, lol.
I set the fuel price when I refill.
114 kms, 4.8 kms/ltr.
Costs me $25 In the rodeo lol.
Cruise control all the way up the M1, didn't drop below the 113 set once.
The missus loves it, charcoal grey with alloys, reverse camera and tells her how to get there.
$12500 well spent.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

She does it for me

This is my 2nd Prius. I bought my first one 12 years ago and it never missed a beat. Our kids are grown up and no longer at home, so I didn't need the room that my first Prius has. This one suits me just fine, even though there is a surprising amount of room in the back for when I need to carry passengers. The finish is terrific, the colour is lovely and the drive is ok. My only disappointment is in the lack of storage in the cabin - nowhere to store your sunnies (if you want them handy), and the arm-rest console is miniature - and it could do with more on-steering-wheel controls. I agree that it struggles a bit with quick take-off and steep hills, but that's not the whole reason I bought it; I wanted comfort, reliability, maneouverability, quality finish and good looks, all while doing what I can for the environment.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Good car around town

Physically a compact car. Back seat can just about accommodate our two six footer sons. Driver seat is ok could have better lumbar support. ENgine is very quiet silent when you start up - a bit of getting use to. You would notice the petrol engine kicking in as it can be a bit noisy. Sufficient power to cruise around town with a full load. Don't expect good pickup. Excellent consumption as low as 3.8l/100km. Interior and dashboard very basic. Do have good display of fuel economy. Small booth space as expected, but sufficient for our shopping. We have enjoyed driving this car and would recommend it especially if it's a second car or just driving around town.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Just st love my Prius

Fun car to drive, never misses a beat, almost forget to fill up though....becase it takes so long for the tank to empty and it cost less than $50.00 to fill. Yes, it is tinny and rattles a bit. But this is a car designed to save $$$$s. You want the trimmings with quietness, get a Camary but you wont say so many $$$s. Don't think about it...buy one !!!! One thing I notice when I get into the "other" hybrids, I feel the changes from Perol to electric and back... not with Prius. And when I sell it, I won't lose so much because they are always in demand. Only down side, picked it up...Brand new, a dozen stone chips over the car. They did not repair before I went to pick it up...hoping I would not notice?.

BadgeNot I-tec
Date PurchasedMay 2014

A charismatic little car

My wife loves her little 2014 Prius C. We both like the light steering & easy parking. It's not as nippy as some cars but holds it's own once moving. The CVT combines with cruise control to maintain 110kph on the freeway, even on the steepest hills. It tells you it's working hard on the steep freeway hills (Mooney Mooney Bridge between Sydney & Central Coast) though, but settles back to low revs back on the flat. Personally I find the driver's seat lacks comfort (needs more lumbar support), but my wife thinks it's fine. Mostly there's only one person in the car. In 42 months it's covered 19,726 k's (& has been serviced 7 times). It took a while to get used to the engine cutting out every time you stop, but it's a great idea to save fuel wastage. This is our eighth Toyota (including my work cars).
I've read (& watched) many Prius C reviews. Motoring journalists generally don't like it, but interestingly owner reviews & comments are overwhelmingly positive. 6 July 2018 - this is my last update, as we've now sold the Prius. Retirement beckons, so we won't need a second car any longer.

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Date PurchasedNov 2014

Buying a Prius C i-tech 2014. Best decision I ever made :-)

I had a Mitsubishi Mirage manual 1.5L 1998. It was a good car but lacked guts when 4 or 5 people are inside for hills and country driving.
I researched and was looking for an economical car that was reliable, had some guts for hills and country driving and easy to maintain and very importantly has Halogen lights. These are brilliant.
This is my forth Toyota, I've had 3 coronas and one was a station wagon. I tended to buy cars that were 10 years old or older and keep them. All these were reliable and died because I keep cars until they die, which for a Toyota is 20 yrs old plus.
Well my first new car I bought 2014 in September - Prius C i-tech 2014. I am so impressed. I had to get the hybrid, the Mitsubishi had bad lights and I feared night driving for 18 years. Now I drive anywhere at night. I am so relaxed. I can even see the pedestrians walking on the footpath.
When I first bought the car I felt the seat was a bit too firm and the shocks were a bit hard and I felt all the bumps. I drove to Orange from Moorebank and back on one tank with 5 people in the car. Coming back I decided to go Bells Line of Road from Lithgow. The road is a pleasure to drive and has one of those magical signs that is a circle with a line through it, you can go for it ...as long as it's safely...or at least that's my understanding ;-)
I had been driving it very carefully and economically until I saw that sign. I went for it and WOW...no body roll, none, that extra power with petrol and electric carefully placed half way into a corner pulls you through it. I'm not going to complain about hard suspension any more and the seat holds onto you and you don't find yourself rolling about and clasping onto the steering wheel to remain upright. I was thoroughly impressed for a "small car". Everyone I have had in this car have all been impressed with the spaciousness and leg room, except the person sitting behind me. I'm 6 foot 3 inch and I have no complaints, I have plenty of room, with the seat well back of course. The head room is excellent too.
The boot is small but now with 4 doors for the Prius C and not 2 for the Mirage I tend to put my shopping on the back seat. The "leather", really, it's vinyl is great. Spillages on seats are easily cleaned up.
Service from Peter Warren Toyota has been excellent. They replaced a noisy right mirror, with a smile and are easy to talk to. Sounds like an add, but I am happy to not be chasing and debating with people about warranties and customer service.


It literally cut my weekly fuel bill from $65 to $25 per week

I bought this back in Decemeber 2012 from Toyota Waterloo. Back then for work I drove around 100k's a day and it was killing my wallet. In a nutshell if you want a small little econo car this is great.

As stated in the title that it is a great money saver especialyl if you drive a lot.

For long trips its great and I can drive from Sydney to Canberra and return on a full tank of E10 and still have around 100 km spare.

The only downside is when you are doing very short trips as the engine revs to get battery power it can make your fuel consumption go to around 6-7L per 100K as opposed to my current average of 4.7L per 100km. ALso if you are stuck in gridlock the batter keeps draining and the car keeps charging due to no momentum so you will use more petrol than normal BUT still far less than any normal petrol car you use.


Our new baby

When my wifes Corolla had to go ( very high fuel consumption in the city)I spotted the just arrived 2014 Prius Cat the dealer. Salesman pointed us to a high spec Yarris.
I have already a 2005 Prius and a His and Hers would be kind of unusual.
got the Basic because Alloy wheels and Manufacturer GPS does nothing for me ( reversing camera -yes)
Now I can not get out of the car.
My weekend challenge is to beat fuel consumption shown on the label of 3.7L for city driving.
I get down to 3.3L/100km on many trips.( no aircon or heating)
If I get less than 850km out of a tank E10 I am having a bad month.
Traffic lights become your friend , red ones your best friend.
Recommend it to City users , not interstate Drivers or V8 freaks.
Next best thing to an all electric car but with unlimited mileage
and with no electricity cost.

Lovable little city run-about

We got our Prius c for my wife but I also regularly drive it. I wouldn't mind the extras in the i-Tech but when we went down the list she either didn't need the extras or didn't care enough about them. Plus it meant no loan was required! :-) I probably could've convinced my other half about the I-Tech but those vile vinyl(?) seat covers turned me off. They are slippery and unpleasant to the touch. Toyota could've done better.
Even the basic c model has a lot of convenience features, leaving little for wanting.
For a small car, it has decent room at the back and around the seats. I'm over 6' tall and not complaining. The styling is OK. The front could be a bit better. The only thing I really dislike is the horrible tail light assembly. I'm yet to meet ANYBODY who would say "it's actually not that bad". The way I think about it, when I drive it I can't see it. Just another small thing. The carpet over the foot rest will be guaranteed to wear off in the long run and the accessory carpet doesn't protect it. What the..., Toyota?
The design was obviously made to a budget but the compromises were cleverly done by Toyota. Longevity was clearly on the mind of the designers.
It's actually not very difficult to get near the official consumption figures. It absolutely thrives on congested city driving. Unfortunately, it misses a few extra kW power which becomes painfully obvious when going uphill. C'mon Toyota, just another 10kW please! A bit larger traction battery would've been nice, too! Same volume Lithium would've been both higher capacity and lighter. That, I would've paid a little extra for! I don't have complaints about the braking, the suspension is acceptable but the steering feels a bit weird. This may also be partly caused by the tracking/wondering tendency of the tyres. Otherwise, the Potenza's are not bad and actually quite sure footed in the rain.
If you ask the Prius c to do 110km/h on the expressway, it will do so but it will make you know it's not entirely comfortably with it.
When it comes to saving money, it doesn't stop with the fuel. Insurance and maintenance costs are also low. Coming from a mazda 3, those costs have been slashed in half for us.
I think giving it 5 stars would be a bit over the top. It's not a perfect car but it's definitely a lovable one and has a lot going for it. Sure, it's not a boy racer car but not everybody wants one. Fur us, it's a second car for the family and fits the bill, perfectly.

BadgePrius c

Prius C is Awesome!

Bought mine recently from Scarboro Toyota. Very happy with the service as well as the car!

I decided to go with Prius C i-Tech for the additional sat-nav etc. It's also more affordable compared to Prius or Prius V. I learned how to drive it properly from watching the YouTube video about 'eco' and 'pwr' mode.

- The boot space of Prius C is quite small (260L).
- Fuel consumption is really good. Fuel tank is 36L and this can go up to 800+km (depending on how you drive).
- Comfortable vinyl seat (for i-Tech)
- in i-TechLED lights working really well during night time.
- Sat-Nav and aux and bluetooth also working quite well
Fuel Efficient, Eco friendly, Functional display on dash
Leg room for rear passengers is not spacious (children will be fine), 260L boot space, might not suit tall people


Love Prius C

I had my car for 8months now. Fuel economy is excellent. I love the car. I would like to add following which are not bad but would help someone reading about the product.
1. Acceleration is poor. This is expected the nature of the car. Further you should focus on gradual acceleration and deceleration for best fuel economy.
2. I had Nissan Tida before. Compare to that width of the Prius c is less. Prius C is More compact.

Overall I love the car and recommended someone who more concern about fuel economy than going fast.
Fuel Economy


I love my Prius C

I bought mine last year and I couldn't be happier. I wanted something smallish but safe and comfortable now that I have to drive across town in traffic every day. My old hatchback was a manual, and whilst I prefer to drive a manual car, being stuck in traffic in one is frustrating. The Prius is a pleasure to drive, it is quiet, efficient and no stress at all. I purchased the iTech for the extra perks since and the seats (that fake leather stuff) is nice and easy to wipe down especially when you have kids with grotty fingers. I regularly get under the 3.9 figure for fuel consumption and I don't drive like a nanna. It's actually quite zippy at the lights thanks to the electric motor...but of course everyone overtakes you a few seconds later :)
reliable, goes for weeks without fueling up, lots of techie toys, quiet
sometimes the sat nav is really slow type in an address, and I have had FM stations just jump off the station randomly. The brakes feel wooden and are weird to get used to at first. ..other drivers will assume you drive like an old person and cut you off.


Pretty amazing

Pretty good car. I bought my 2013 model from Northpoint Toyota and had a really good sales person. I had saved up and was paying cash for the car. I got the i-Tech model with a heap of accessories like interior illumination included for a really good price. Personally I think the iTech is well worth the upgrade.

The digital odometer with the energy monitor next to works so well. This means sticking to the speed limit is much easier than regular cars, but other drivers tailgate a lot and you realise people (knowingly or unknowingly) speed a lot.

The only thing I had problems with was the multi function display. Sometimes the song names don't appear when streaming music from my iPhone 5 via Bluetooth for an unknown reason. Sometimes the Sat Nav won't find some addresses that it should have. For example West Terrace in Adelaide (one of the main roads in the heart of the city). And it's slow to respond, but once you have the address in it works well. Tells you when there's a traffic jam or roadworks ahead and suggests a quicker route. I haven't mentioned this to the dealer yet as not urgent, but I'm guessing they will have a fix seeing how it's under warranty still of course.

The fuel economy, interior design, digital odometer and comfort factor make this car a winner. Northpoint Toyota Hillcrest - couldn't ask for more - really great dealer compared to the others.
fuel economy, interior design, speedo, comfortable, easy to drive and park, smooth ride, one of the cheaper hybrids, good dealer.
sat nav needs a good software update, Bluetooth streaming works 95% of time, but sometimes doesn't display songs for an unknown reason.

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another Toyota no thanks

great car highly recomended

Prius C 2012
I purchased the base model as opposed to the i tech and could not be happier, although as the base it comes with everything, auto transmission, cruise control, climate control, Bluetooth, reversing camera, 2 usb points, all 4 grab handles, hill start assist, steering wheel controls, the list goes on and on, although it only has a 36 litres fuel tank, I can still easily get over 700klms out of it, with the hybrid electric motor and the 1.5litre petrol engine it is not under powered and has plenty of room for both passengers and cargo . comes with the standard 3 year 100,000klm Toyota warranty, the hybrid battery comes with a 8 YEAR 160,000KLM warranty , and also the fixed price servicing as an added bonus.
*** I would not recommend the ITech, it's $3k more for alloy wheels, bigger spoiler, headlamp washers, electric folding mirrors and satnav, keep in mind to update factory satnav it is $300 approx. the price difference is not worth it
the multifunctional display is packed with information including cost of trip and eco score

TransmissionCVT Automatic
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another Toyota no thanks

Questions & Answers

What is the best fitting australian standards baby car seat for Toyota Prius C i-tech?
1 answer
Sorry I can't help here. My youngest is 21 and no grandbabies yet

I am thinking about buying a Prius C but I am a little concerned whether this car is sluggish going up hills, especially if there is 4 people in the car. This is the only thing holding me back from saying yes could anybody help me with making my final decision :)
3 answers
Hi Tanya, I think this car will be a bit slow to take off going up the hill (not as sluggish as a snail though). I often have 5 people in my car and the car still operates fine going up the hill.I would say you feel bit slow but for me it is not an issue. You can always accelerate max and it will pump the torque from both petrol engine and electric motor. Another point would be, if drive a Prius the way you drive normal car it would not be enough fuel efficient. To get best fuel efficiency you need to master the slow acceleration and slow breaking.I now live in the Hills area of Sydney which if you know the area is hilly.With regards to Hills and the Prius-C its not a powerhouse. From my experience it uses very little petrol and is configured to be very economical but if going up a hill you just accelerate more. I just believe that because by default it is in eco mode your used to no or little engine noise. I have gotten it up to 140kph racing a mate up a hill. He was also surprised it had guts because the car try (as mentioned above) is wired for economy.


Toyota Prius C NHP10R (No Badge)Toyota Prius C NHP10R i-Tech
Starting Price $24,040$26,540
TransmissionContinuously Variable (CVT)Continuously Variable (CVT)
Drive TypeFront Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
Fuel TypeHybridHybrid
Wheels15" Steel15" Alloy
ANCAP Safety Rating5 Stars5 Stars
Fuel Consumption3.9 L/100km3.9 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 36 L36 L
Engine4 Cylinder 1.5L4 Cylinder 1.5L
Max Power54kW @ 4800rpm54kW @ 4800rpm
Max Torque111Nm @ 4000rpm111Nm @ 4000rpm
Country of ManufactureJapanJapan
Safety Features
  • ABS (Antilock Braking System)
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
  • Reversing Camera
  • Seat Belt Reminders
  • Traction Control
  • ABS (Antilock Braking System)
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
  • Reversing Camera
  • Seat Belt Reminders
  • Traction Control
Extra Features
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-In Navigation System
  • Power Steering
  • USB Port
  • Voice Control
  • Automatic Headlights
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-In Navigation System
  • Immobilizer
  • Power Steering
  • USB Port
  • Voice Control
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)
Release dateJan 2012Jan 2012

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