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Toyota Prius ZVW30R

Toyota Prius ZVW30R

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I never thought I would like it, but I love it!

Since the 1950th Citroen DS, there was not much of a serious design change in personal vehicles until the Toyota Prius was designed with some updates and successfully sold worldwide. After my beloved top of the range 8 cyl. Lexus, I remembered my Citroen DS home in France and purchased in 2019 a late Toyota Prius. This to polish up my renowned environmental image and to be independent of the petrol prices. I am known to be a rather critical customer. Toyota has never let me down. The Prius has it all, an excellent manufacturing company, a superb design, an unsurpassed proven technology, and a great friend of my often deflated wallet. It's a gutsy car and just what I always wanted.
I purchased my car from Canberra Toyota online at 4 pm on a Friday and the car was delivered to me with all the documents and guarantees by the representative of the company at 5 pm. To purchase a car online is something only a rather eccentric person as I am would do. Nevertheless, I trust Toyota as during over the last 20 years with my Toyota Lexus manufactured cars had never any difficulties. The service and especially the written guarantee makes a decision easier to purchase from a Toyota dealer than from a private seller without any guarantee. It may be a little more expensive, but you have far better purchase security.

Well done Toyota, and especially Canberra Toyota, I can only praise you!

Purchased in February 2019 at Canberra Toyota.

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Not perfect, but very good

We bought one of these second-hand, but in good condition. We also have a 2004 model (still going) so I guess I know enough to compare.
The pros -
Slightly more economical than the older model; seems to sit around 4.9 l/100 km in real-world driving, which is pretty good..
To my eye, a better looking car inside and out than previous Prius'.
Plenty of zip in the PWR mode
A very good stereo is standard - better than the 'Prestige' brand stereo in another car we have
HUD display (Head Up Display) of speed. Surprisingly useful.
They're very popular as taxis, which is a good sign re. their longevity

The cons-
Definitely lighter built than older models; the doors particularly sound cheap and flimsy when you close them.
Some of the buttons and switchgear is not as well laid out. The dashboard generally is a little fiddly, confusing and plasticky.
Not as comfortable (to me) as the older model. Thinner seats.

Engine Size1.8
Date PurchasedJan 2018

Amazing car!

few years ago i was quite skeptical about priuses as i thought they don't have enough power or their looks and etc, but they have upgraded quite a bit from the beginning!
the I-tech version of prius has all the bells and whistles of the top luxury car, leather heated seats, sunroof, solar panels, led lights, radar system and so on with plenty of power!
the car handles very nice and smooth and its super economical , average uses 4.8 or 4.6 if you buy brand new it will be under 3.8 ltr per 100k
everything about the inside is good just one thing that im not a huge fan is they've used very dry and boring plastic for the dash therefore its squeaky and it just doesn't look that good for a top of the range model i think. although they have change that in the brand new 2018 models.
Toyota is known for their reliability so don't worry about that and running costs could be high or low depending who you choose as your mechanic cause a lot of mechanics charge arm and legs for hybrids just for sake of it!

Engine Size1.5
Date PurchasedDec 2017


Looked at a lot of cars before l chose the Prius was blown away by the performance when l tool it for a test drive it's a zippy little car for getting around town but has the power on the open road it is very economical to run l absolutely love it

BadgeHybrid c
Engine Size1.5
Date PurchasedDec 2015

Love it. I don't know why it's not popular here in AU. What are people afraid of it? Ignorance perha

We've owned our 2012 Prius i tech since end of 2012. So far, it's been great, no issues, petrol consumption has been 5L/100. Bear in mind, i tech has 17 inch tire and heavier (solar panel) than none i tech. My friend's none i tech has 16 inch, so he gets 4.5L/100. The car (at the time we bought it) had good features, e.g. radar cruise control and emergency braking (of cos now "all" cars have it), digital radio, electric air con, heated seats, heads up display, touch activated door etc etc. I couldn't find all features on a $80,000 BMW / Merc at the time.

The transmission (eCVT) is superb! Forgot those CVTs in corolla or subaru. This CVT is different than those metal threaded belt driven CVT. This one is the best! It's smooth and efficient in terms of torque and power band. I know those traditional petrol heads don't like it, but so far I can't find any issues of it.

One issue I found so far is that, the front tires seem to have tire cupping issue. The dealer was reluctant to acknowledge that it's a real issue. The answer I got was, you drive too fast and turn corners too hard. This is one thing which I'm not happy about the car. Also when turning, (I know it's not a sports car) the centre of gravity is too high (I guess due to where the battery is placed. It's behind / under the rear passenger seats), hence the rolling during turn is quite noticeable.

The other issue is probably depreciation, not that I'm going to sell the car any time soon but last time I checked, this car is probably only worth a bit over $25000 now (compare it to a hilux, or a corolla!).

I'm not sure about the latest gen prius, but it could be better if solar roof panel could charge the main drive battery. This would be awesome.

Overall I'm really happy with this car. Unless Tesla drops its prices in the next few years, I would buy one more prius before going full EV.

Engine Size1.8
Date PurchasedDec 2012

Economical - Smooth - Comfortable - 7 seater

The 2012 Toyota Prius delivers stellar fuel economy without requiring much effort on the part of the driver. The smartphone-connected Entune system brings live destination search, traffic data, and Pandora streaming to the dashboard. Voice command tech and intuitive steering-wheel controls help to keep eyes on the road.he 2012 Toyota Prius just works, delivering outstanding fuel economy, good cabin-tech options, and a comfortable ride with few compromises.

Engine Size1.5
Date PurchasedOct 2016

Best car I ever owned

Using this car is always a good driving experience. The performance and handling is very good. The interior is roomy and quiet and very easy for a tall person to enter and exit the car. The car is very reliable. Running costs are low due to the hybrid design. Petrol consumption around city and suburbs with constant short trips returns about 5.6--5.8 litres/100 klms but on a recent freeway trip of 120 kms it used only 3.7 litres/100 even including 2 stops. There are too many features to mention. Has travelled 110,000 klms and I have had it since about 80,000 klms on the clock. I would buy another for sure.

Engine Size1.8
Date PurchasedJun 2014

Simply the best

Our first 2010 Prius was great; upgraded to a used 2013 iTech in 2014. Not one problem, fuel efficient, easy to drive, loads of features, love the solar panel on the roof which reduces the inside temperature when parked. The only thing I would swap it for is a fully electric vehicle, which is planned for once we get a solar battery backup installed. Update from 2016 - 2 years later, everything still fine, serviced by Dealer, not one problem, only routine (new tyres), no problem with either battery.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014
Engine Size1.8

Love my Prius 2009

I love my 2008 hybrid Prius bought it new and would never ever buy another straight petrol car a again fuel Eco fantastic 3.9 per 100 km it is by far the best car l have ever had. Just up graded to an I tech 2013 love this car and l would never ever change. Cheap to run cheap to service and so reliable. 10 out of 10

Engine Size1.8

Lovely car, pity about suspension

I had one of the previous models to this one (2003) and it had the same issue - poor suspension. Low to the ground to cut wind resistance and push fuel efficiency but can feel every bump in the road.

Other than that, I can get around 5.1L/100km which is pretty fair. Means a fill up every few weeks. Would like to see the plugin version in Australia, but they aren't selling one from Toyota yet - has to be custom job.
Very fuel efficient. No issues reliability wise. Warranty pricing is $130/service.
Poor suspension in the series as a whole.


This is a little awkward , because I have now had two Prius cars in a row! The NWZ 20 series I-Tech ( which I have given to my wife to replace her Rav $ ) and now I have the the NW30 serties I-Tech..( thats the latest model with the funny front lights.)
I bought the first one to use as my ' Rep's car , as I am on the road a lot and wanted to control my fuel bills..Little did I know that the quirky things in the Prius tend to grow on you and change the way you enjoy driving.At first I tried really hard to be frugal, but after a while that lost its amusement factor and I ended up trying to Fog it in highway and city driving .. The reality is that they drive no different to what any 2ltr car might be expected to behave.. and use around 5 to 5.5 litres per hundred k's depending on how hard you press the peddle!

The I-Tech's are the top of the range versions and have almost every imaginable electronic toy, so they are fun to play with .. The best electronic toy is the Radar Cruise Control!! Press a button and set your speed.. that's normal, but in this system , if the idiot in front of you slows down then My Car slows down and I don't even have to put my foot on the brakes! It will keep the preset distance between me and the car in front.. Terrific for long Highway travel , as well as city driving on freeways!.. Anyway , with typical Toyota reliability, I have cut my families fuel bills by two thirds, and never looked back!
Amazing electronics!


Best car I've driven

I have had my Prius 2012 for 2 months and have enjoyed driving it. Mostly I use it for running around the city, but I have also done country driving as well as sitting it heavy traffic. It is quiet (which means that I can enjoy my music without engine sounds) and even moving from a small car to this car has meant substantial savings in fuel costs. The displays can be distracting at first, but with practice they can help you maximise the fuel efficency.

There are some quirks to maximise the fuel efficency, but there are plenty of websites available to assist with this. My 3 big hints are:
* Use the cruise control whenever possible
* Always break as gently as possible
* Set the airconditioning a maximum of 2 degrees below the outside temperature upto 28 (this achieves a balance between fuel efficiency and comfort.

I would however suggest turning off the internal reversing alarm (it's not needed and is annoying) and installing an external reversing alarm (the car, when reversing can be silent). I'd also recommend getting the front parking sensors installed (it comes with a reversing camera as a standard).
quiet engine, comfortable, has power when it's needed, can manually switch to the "electric vehicle mode"
Internal reversing alarm is useless


Sometimes if parked outdoor under big sun, the battery might enter protective mode, and shows on screen 'EV mode not available'. It is hard to perform head check sometimes, as the seat belt would fix me onto the seat.
Trouble free. high oil efficiency. Durable paint, ultra-low wind drag. Sufficient boot space.
Bit of wind noise in car. Tyre wear faster than other cars with OEM tyres. quite big blind zone when turnning right. It is hard to do headcheck sometimes.

Hybrid automobiles are extremely popular, but few individuals can say that the love affair lives on once they check out the sticker price. Toyota thinks that their new take on the Prius - the Prius C hatchback - will keep the fires burning. As reported by reports, the cost of the Prius C will fall under $19,000 before destination fees. Resource for this article: <a title="Toyota Prius C hatchback makes hybrids affordable" href="http://www.cardealexpert.com/news-information/auto-news/toyota-prius-c-affordable/">Toyota Prius C hatchback makes hybrids affordable</a>how much can it tow? I have a small boat.Toyota says better not to tow anything.

My Prius

When I first went looking, my daughter said to me, no mum, thats embarrassing, you cant drive a battery car. Now! She steals it constantly and I have to beg to get my car back. We LOVE LOVE it. Its comfortable, easy to drive, quiet, and fuel economy, well, its fabulous. I am going to buy the new one very soon. It carries two large dogs to the beach and back most days. You do have to "pip" most teenagers who cross the road without looking and have their ipods in because they wont hear you. That is a worry to me sometimes, but I have driven this car to the outback on the highway for 10 hours straight, it cost less than $45.00. Amazing, as the same journey in my SUV costs me over $140.00 in fuel.
great fuel, looks good, good head height, i can read the speedo without glasses. Shows me how to drive efficiently on the screen.
Needs something across the front of the bonnet to stop stone chipping.

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Prius ZVW30R
Release dateJan 2009
Discontinuation dateDec 2015
Replaced byToyota Prius ZVW50R
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