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Used Transferwise to send money from UK to NZ..the rate compared to XE was slightly better, it was a sizable amount at preferred rate that offered additional $1000 over XE. After several emails and calls requesting assistance for a technical issue, I was informed that the 24 hour transfer deadline had passed, as such the great rate I had secured was lost. It took 9 hours 45 minutes for an advisor to contact me to try to resolve my transfer issue. I requested an extenstion of 9 hrs 45 mins but was refused....Reason? ye sorry most of our operators are based in Europe so could not respond to you in NZ until morning time.. I explained situation and asked why the helpline just rang out..no information..no links to follow. total amateur hour..I usually use XE and for very good reason it appears,...professional, efficient and transparent.

Rates and Fees

Suspended account for no reason

Customer service was no help and rude when I asked why my account was suspended. I had been using them regularly for over a year but all the fees I had paid them in that time was not enough to earn helpful customer service.

Absolutely Disgraceful

Do not use this company! They are an absolute joke. they claim 1 day transfer NZ to Australia.
2 weeks later we are yet to receive funds. They continually ask for documents. Once sent. they say it will be transferred. by the next day. When the next day comes. All you get is a another email telling you the transfer is paused and ask for the same documents again. once sent again. they then email the following day asking for 6 different documents including birth certificates and letters from Govt with your address. This is after they have my passport and drivers licence. The funds were for an emergency. But they don't care. They have your money incurring interest. So they hold it for as long as they can. Don't be fooled by their fake advertising. Promising 1 day processing and their higher exchange rates. 2 weeks and still chasing the money they took instantly. How about you ask for required documents prior to taking funds? Scammers


was told I couldn't change a transfer.then call back to be told I could.then be told my rate was lost, and to receive my money I had to accept a lower rate than the one offered online with higher fees ! contacted support, 3 emails and 4 calls later no replies.24hrs later my money sits with them,quite large amount of money, and no idea if.im going to get it or lose it.dont bother using them, pay a higher fee, when things go sour at least you get proper support..

All the Review need to be fixed!its freak out everyone

I was bit worried when i read all the reviews after using transferwise service for sending $550k.

Cant sleep and crying for "too late for read all the fake reviews"

My money lil bit late but it comes straightly to the bank accounts and no scam or whatever deactived account?

Please everyone write honest reviews,stop freak out everyone.


Don't use TransferWise - it's customer service is TERRIBLE !!

I have used a few firms over 10 years and I have used TransferWise on multiple transactions in many currencies over 9 months. With this last transaction I needed help and emailed them but as my emails were not being answered with anything other than an automated response, I called them and after being hung-up twice automaticly because their human didn't pick-up, I did finally speak to a person BUT it was like talking to a robot...My experience was that TransferWise have no understanding of what customer service is or a wish to fix what was a simple issue. In the exd, their poor and slow response cost me over $USD200. So, I'm writing this to warn you.... if you use them and there is a problem you will be on your own. There is no one there to help you at TransferWise. No personal service or wish to deliver one. My experience was very very poor. Don't use TransferWise - it's customer service is TERRIBLE !!


Once were disruptors

Once were fast and reasonable. Previously 1-2 max for international transfer. Something has happened in last 6 months. Exactly same transfer details now 5+ days. No reasonable explanation from Transferwise


It’s almost impossible to talk to some from transferwise

I can’t even delete my account as no reply. So many other transfer companies to use. So I’ll use one of them. Don’t use them if you can help it.


The worst!!

I have send 30.88euro and the receiver got just 13.77 euro. They say that “because of your recipient's bank may charge fees to receive payments sent with SWIFT. In addition, the recipient might be charged by any banks that handle the money along the way. We don’t have control over when these fees are charged, or how much they cost.”
Please don’t use them, you are going to lose money.



Smooth, fast, inexpensive. This company is a game changer for international transfers. Maybe some bad reviews could be due to incorrect account numbers being input by the user? My GBP to AUD transfer was completed and the funds arrived in Australia within 1hr! It used to take 3 working days as standard. Plus my recipient bank did not make their usual international transfer fee charge as the money was sent from TranferWise within Australia. Very happy with my TransferWise experience.

Over-promising and under-delivering

I used TransferWise several weeks ago to send a small amount to Indonesia and was impressed by the speed and experience. However, today I tried sending a larger amount to Indonesia via Apple Pay (they promised the funds will be delivered in 5 minutes). The money was successfully debited from my debit card but it never got sent (waited for 2-3 hours). I spoke to the Customer Service and they said the conversion process may take a longer (up to 2 days) but assured me it rarely happens. After waiting some more, I decided to cancel the transfer request and the app said that my transaction cannot be cancelled. I refreshed the app and it said that my transaction has been cancelled and it will take 3-5 business for the funds to be transferred to my bank account (there was warning in the app about this). After waiting that long and now having to wait 3-5 days to get my money back, I will NEVER use TransferWise again.

No problems so far - would definitely recommend

Have made four transfer from Australia to a Chilean bank account with no issues, the money has always arrived earlier the the expected two or three business days. Payments have been made on our end via credit card. Once I accidentally hit the refund button on transaction a few hours after making it. I re-did the transaction as I needed to send the money and was worried that I wouldn't get the refunded amount for a long time however it was back on the credit card within 48hrs.
Transactions were from 500 - 2000Aus and we were really careful when adding the receipts bank account details. Using a credit card is slightly more expensive but quicker and easier then using a bank account so was worth it for us.

Frustrating lack of communication - took 9 days to verify my account

If I'd known how much time and effort it would take just to get my account verified so that I could send a payment to a supplier in the UK, I'd have gladly paid PayPal the extra $3 or so and be done with!

That's the quick summary, but if you want the gory details, read on...

The initial sign-up process appeared to go smoothly enough. At the end of it, there was a message on my main account page that said "Your account is being verified. We'll be in touch if we need more information, so make sure to check your email. It may take us 4-7 working days, but we'll try our best to speed things up."

I not only kept an eye on my email, but also on that page throughout the next 7 working days (that's a week + 2 extra days = 9 days) and nothing budged. My supplier was still patiently waiting for their payment, but since it was apparent that "we'll try our best to speed things up" was just a meaningless platitude, I decided to try to contact TransferWise to find out what the delay was.

Handily there's a local Sydney number I can call during Australian business hours. "Ring... ring... ring... ring..." it went for about 2 minutes. It wasn't a local ring, but it didn't bother me that my call was obviously being transferred to an overseas call centre, as much as the fact that after 2 minutes it just hung up on me. TWICE. I'm not silly enough to try that a third time, so instead, I sent a message through the contact form on the website, the response to which was "We'll reply within 2 business days". Not real impressed!

To their credit, I did get an email reply within about 3 hours, which said "Apologies for the delay in verifying your business. We’re are currently experiencing a high volume of contacts. We’ll get back to you with updates on the business on-boarding process shortly. Meanwhile kindly upload your ID document..."

What the?? I had KINDLY uploaded my ID document NINE days ago! Were they implying that the process had stalled because they didn't get my upload? Or were they really experiencing a high volume of "contacts" (whatever that means) - and would they really get back to me with "updates on the on-boarding process" if my supplier and I just sat around sipping lattes?

Anyway I went back to the website and uploaded both the front and back of my driver licence, per the instructions there.

Almost immediately, I received an automatic email that said "Thank you for uploading a copy of your ID document earlier. It looks like there’s more information printed on another side, which we need to check to confirm your identity on TransferWise..." yada yada yada, implying that I'd only uploaded ONE side of the licence (which was WRONG as I'd uploaded both) followed by "If we don’t receive a new copy in the next 2 business days though, we’ll have to refund any money paid in – we can’t hold your money for too long. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask – we’re always happy to help!"

ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP? Gimme a break. I replied to that in a big, bold, red font that said "I uploaded BOTH sides of my license and everything is clearly displayed!"

3 hours later I received an email that said "Good news, we’ve confirmed your personal documents! Thanks for providing the info we requested this time."

THIS TIME?! So now they have the temerity to suggest that I hadn't already provided them NINE DAYS AGO? And if not, then why didn't they let me know at any time within those 9 days? I have the distinct feeling that if I had done nothing, my account page would STILL be sitting there saying "We'll be in touch if we need more information...we'll try our best to speed things up."

But that wasn't all the email said. It also said "We would love to know how satisfied you were with the experience. It’s so we can know what we’re doing well at, and what we need to work harder at." Ha! My chance to let them have it, with both barrels, in writing.

And 3 minutes after that, I FINALLY got another one confirming that my account had been verified.

And then... 3 days later, another email asking me to complete ANOTHER survey, after I'd already let them know my feelings 3 days prior. Do they even read their survey responses, let alone receive them? And guess what - this survey response was limited to just 500 characters - so if they want to know more... well, I guess they'll just have to read it here.

My impression is that they are likely a small, understaffed outfit, and certainly one that hasn't got a clue about customer service.

And my advice is, if you are likely to want to use their services, then best give it a good couple of weeks to allow for sign-up delays, before you need to send that money.

First time user - never again

Tried Transferwise to avoid ANZ's international transaction fee of $12 for a small amount of Euro to Germany.
Hadn't used the service before so relied on the call centre guy to talk me through it.
He said I had to send in AUD... in other words, work out how much 30 Euro is in AUD and send that amount. (Straight up I thought that was odd... I have done international transactions before on other platforms and have always done it in the recipient's currency)
So I worked out what the conversion was and entered the correct amount in AUD.
The receipt comes through and turns out the amount was short -- because Transferwise deducts their fee before sending your money.
I called Transferwise as soon as I realised the error and they said "sorry there's nothing we can do" as the difference between what I was meant to pay and what I ACTUALLY paid was below their minimum transaction amount (??!!)
I called ANZ (where the funds came from) and there was nothing they could do immediately - I have to wait 10 days for them to "launch an investigation" for pete's sake.
Meanwhile I am left in no man's land because of sheer incompetency and lack of accountability on the part of Transferwise.
Never again.

Horrible ending!

I have been with Transferwise for several years now.
2 weeks ago, they suspended my account due to some compliance related matter.
They requested a large list of explanation for recent transactions (which has been happening for months!) and bank statements for the accounts I used.
Then silent.
I called them over 10 times to ask for an update and they said they were looking into things.
During the last phone call, I pressured them and said that I needed this done within 24 hours as they were freezing my funds in their accounts as well.
5 minutes after that phone conversation, I got an email saying that my account has been closed and due to apparently "regulatory" reasons, they cannot disclose why they have come to this decision.
I honestly think they were just lazy to verify everything I said and decided it was more cost effective to simply let me go!
This is the actual wording of it...

Dear Kiran,

Unfortunately having reviewed your account, in line with the terms of use accepted by yourself, we have decided to close your account. We are unable to provide any further information on this due to regulatory restrictions.

Account deactivation can occur for a number of reasons, including but not limited to security concerns, detection or possibility of duplicate accounts, or transactions not being within our risk appetite as a strictly regulated financial institution.

Your recent transfers with us were resumed and will be sent out shortly.

I am sorry that we cannot be of more assistance to you, or offer you our services in future.

Kind regards,

Great rates and support

I've been so impressed with the Transferwise borderless account. Great rates and very good support when you have a question or don't understand something. I have no hesitation recommending them

My money was stolen by Transferwise.

I've transferred money through Transferwise but they didn't deliver it to the recipient. I asked them for refund and they said, there's no guarantee to refund your money!!!
Do not trust them!!!

Best rates but not a financial institution

Fast and rates are good (mid range)
Also accurate and what they state actually goes into account. This is for Aus to Thailand bank account transactions. No fees at Thai end.
However, you are trusting the owner of an app to move money from their account in Thailand to yours. Why no fees because money goes into their account in Australia and then they just transfer money out of their bank account in Thailand. Why it is so quick.
So I am not sure if they will honour or chase a mistake. This is not like a company you can chase in Australian if something goes wrong.
Tip. I transferred a small amount first to ensure I got the bank numbers correct as this is now registered in the app and I wanted to make sure it works. I will now increase this and hope nothing goes wrong.


I was in need to get proof as an account holder with TRANSFERWISE - contacted their customer service and got was I needed in less then 24 hours.
Thanks Syakirah for your prompt action.

Shit company

No one answers the call . I have been trying to reach them but this company is fake and they don’t have any customer care people to help . For last 2 hours they don’t pick up and cute the line . It’s a scam

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