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Disgraceful Service . Customers beware

We as a couple took a Annual Travel Insurance on the 22/4/2018 till 23/04/19. On 02/04/2019 had a live chat with Gina Rabino , giving her the details of the policy. My wife explained to her , she is travelling overseas on the 06/04/19 to 29/04/19. and also brought to attention that the present policy is expiring on the 23/4/19. She requested the policy be extended till the end of April 19 ( 30/04/19). Gina Rabino acknowledged the request and confirmed the request will be escalated to the Executive Team. She also took my number to call back in case there was any additional charges to be paid. My wife provided the number and accepted to pay any additional charges. On the 02/04/19 we received a mail with a copy of the live chat. No reply till the 05/04/19. On 05/04/19 We sent another mail requesting update on our request. My wife left for overseas on the 06/04/19 in the morning. On the 06/04/19 we received a mail from BEN WEBSTER that says- as per your request we have changed your policy start date and it will expire on the 06/04/19. We were shocked to see the changes. We requested for our policy to be extended by a week, but BEN WEBSTER decided to retract out policy due date from 23/04/19 to 06/04/19. We send a mail to the support desk, till date no response. Now my wife is travelling overseas without a Travel Insurance. This company has not responded till date. Really surprised how people cant read basic English and play with others lives. I only hope she returns back safe and I dont have to deal with this company again. Its not worth risking your travel plans with this company. Please Avoid this company. Note. I have not made any claims during the policy period.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Senior
Insurance TypeMulti-Trip
Claim MadeNo

Disgraceful customer service. Very unhappy with the (no) service from Travel with Jane

This is the first time I have used Travel with Jane. I have lodged a claim a month ago. I have phoned and sent numerous emails attaching my receipts for a temporary filling for a broken crown. I have not had one reply except for 'sorry, will look into it' sent a couple of times. They are very happy to take your money however they will not honour the contract. My husband rang the and asked if the tooth was covered (quoting my policy number) and was told I could go ahead as the dentistry was covered. I would not recommend Travel with Jane and will not be insuring with them again.

Insurance claim madeYes
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So sorry to hear about this Colleen. I'll get on this now and ensure you've been contacted.

Very satisfied...

Extremely satisfied with the result of my claim. Unfortunately, a family member was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and I had to cancel my trip.
The claims department dealt with my claim very promptly and I was very satisfied with the result. I will be using Travel with Jane again, I hope in the future when perhaps I can take my dream holiday.

Insurance claim madeYes

Unprofessional Service

Sent 3 emails this week trying to clarify something in their PDS received 1 reply which on research was incorrect another 2 emails sent and still NO reply, no phone call nothing my question simply needed a yes or no reply still nothing. Terrible unprofessional service.

Insurance claim madeNo

Repatriated after car crash in Cambodia

I was involved in a fatal head on car crash, travelling in the back seat of a taxi, within an hour of arriving in Phnom Penh. I suffered a broken neck and my wife was severely battered, the other driver died. In dealing with Travel with Jane in the aftermath, whilst I cynically expected that they'd be looking for ways to get out of, or minimise the cost of the claim, I found that it didn't seem to be their first priority at all, in fact all the people that we spoke to either by phone or email dealt with us professionally, promptly and with empathy. The repatriation on 2 flights was excellently organised with attending doctors and nurses, and we were delivered to Royal Perth hospital without further incident. Together with the 10 day stay in the Cambodian hospital, I would speculate that the total bill would have been around $100k if not more - my contribution was the $200 excess!
Travel insurance is one of those costs that we all hate to add onto our cheapy bogan holiday to Bali or wherever, but I would say to anyone reading, things sometimes happen that are outside your control, that are not your fault and you cannot plan for them. Do not rely on "Go fund me" to get you out of the poo, and know that a bad decision made abroad to mitigate your uninsured costs ( the Cambodian doctor wanted to fuse my broken disc with another with rods, Royal Perth has me in a brace for 3 months) can lead to a lifetime of pain and regret.

Insurance claim madeYes

Horrible experience - buyer beware!

My flights to Fiji were cancelled due to a cyclone. I was unable to reach my destination. Qantas was kind enough to refund the flight however the Hilton in Fiji refused. I had taken out insurance with Travel with Jane. They denied my claim despite the cancellation occurring for something out of my control. It completely defeated the purpose of taking out insurance in the first place. Buyers beware!

Insurance claim madeYes
Oh that's not good at all Manal. I'll give you a call on Monday to discuss.I never received a phone call today?Update: After lodging an application with FOS, Travel With Jane agreed to pay out my claim minus the excess fee. I would warn anyone reading this to carefully examine the GENERAL EXCLUSION clauses buried deep within the PDS.

Would Buy Again.

I purchased insurance for a short trip, which was easy to arrange. I did need to make a claim due to a lost passport, and am happy to say the full value of my claim was paid..
however, The online claim form didn’t work, so I phoned them directly to lodge my claim. That was lost, so I phoned again and it was promptly lodged. My claim was paid within ten days with no issues.
The negatives I can share are the issues trying to claim, and trying to get a quote for annual travel insurance through their website. In the end I phoned up and was told that as they only cover up to 30 days, the quote won’t be produced if you put in dates longer than this.

Insurance claim madeYes

Superb product!

The site is easy to navigate, the premise of the discount satisfying, and (I've read a few policy T&Cs in my time) the wording was clear and I was confident I knew what I was purchasing. A no-fuss policy for a great price. Communication was also excellent. Will buy again, and completely recommend.

Insurance claim madeNo


I discovered very easy to purchased online and nothing is complicated just straightforward and will continue to shop with them again. Never make any claim so I can’t really tell if they service is good, in the past 10 trip we were with TID and again never make any claim and in term of their online service get them 5 stars.

Insurance claim madeNo

Excellent travel insurance!

Easy to set up and great service! The policy was easy to set up and the company aligns with my politics. Super satisfied with my insurance, I won't ever use another company again!

Insurance claim madeNo

Easy, last minute purchase

I was extremely satisfied with my travel insurance. I was frantically putting together the last few essentials for my trip and Travel with Jane was easy to navigate, clearly displayed what was included and sent through documents quickly. I will definitely use them again and have already recommended it to friends and family.

Insurance claim madeNo

Would choose anyone else!

Such a great price with so many inclusions. There is so much communication and nothing is hidden in terms and conditions. A very reliable, trustworthy and perfect insurance! Would highly recommend.

Insurance claim madeNo

Hassle free travel insurance

Travel with Jane was easy to sign up for, simple to understand, and incredibly affordable. I felt confident that should I need to claim, Travel with Jane would be uncomplicated and hassle free.

Insurance claim madeNo

Janes unite!

A fabulous insurance initiative.
Online - easy to use, but if you get stuck support response is immediate.
My favourite part was making a statement about the gender wage gap with a discount of 15.3%.
Plus my name is Jane!

Insurance claim madeNo


As a first time purchaser of travel insurance I’m blessed to have chosen Travel with Jane
Applying for the subscription was easier than I had ever imagined and surprisingly easy to understand.
The Customer service staff are very attentive and had answered all my queries.
Wasn’t put on hold forever either.

As a pensioner my domestic luxe subscription is affordable and covers all my needs
Jane thanks for supporting us women
For that I give you 11 our of 10

Insurance claim madeNo

Easy to use! Great value!

I was lucky enough to avoid having to make a claim so I can only comment on how easy it was to choose which policy to take! It was really easy! The best thing is the gender pay gap discount.

Insurance claim madeNo

Excellent insurance at a great price

The policy was clearly worded in plain English, the website was easy to navigate and the purchase process was smooth. I will definitely be a return customer next time I travel.

Insurance claim madeNo

Easy to use, inclusive design.

I was very happy using this provider. They had great coverage which suited my needs, and everything about their interface, design, and policy made me feel comfortable and happy to use them. Strongly recommended!

Insurance claim madeNo

Bali... belly, volcano, scooter accident.....luckily none!!

Travel with Jane provided me with piece of kind when travelling with my young family to Bali this year. The product was easy to purchase, easy to understand ( no industry jargon, just plain english) competitively priced (discount for females

Insurance claim madeNo

AMAZING Service!

I recently had to find a new travel insurance company as mine did not cover asthma anymore. I got quotes from two other companies which were really expensive. I was recommended Travel With Jane. I had an online chat with them and established that they cover asthma. I got a quote (which was nearly half the price of the other companies that I had received quotes from) so I booked the Travel With Jane policy straight away. Upon receiving my documents I realised that I had put the date that I was flying home, not the date that I arrived home. I emailed them to let them know and it was changed within two minutes of my sent email and the new certificate had been emailed AND there was no extra cost. Brilliant service; I recommend them to everyone and truly I can't recommend them enough!

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

Why would my first application for annual cover be refused due to our age, 75 and 73 ...then when I applied again it was accepted. I'm worried about taking the policy now.
2 answers
I think we've sorted this Betty - but it was due to you asking for an AMT policy that was longer than 30 days. We don't cover these.Thank you

Can I extend an existing policy if I decide to stay longer?
2 answers
You sure can... up to a year.I would never use them they gave me incorrect information and I asked 2 times for a qualification to their reply they would not respond, very poor service indeed.

Travelling to Hawaii in January 2019- the Big Island where they had a volcanic eruption earlier this year. Volcano has settled down, air is clear. In August it was said that the eruption is over. If flights are cancelled in January due to a new eruption will I be covered to return to Sydney?
1 answer
Yes - if you buy your policy today you're covered.

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