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Worst customer service

I am not sure why TripaDeal has a good review and one of the best on-line travel agent.

To get hold of them is a nightmare... Tried calling them too enquire on a deal and being put on hold immediately and after 10 mins, just have to give up and hang up.

Then after reading the reviews from people regarding this Tripadeal where it was given a good review, we decided to go ahead with the booking. Booked online, credit card charged and passenger details submitted. Received an email stating details have been submitted. And it has more than 3 weeks now and no receipt or booking reference being emailed to us.

Signed in to their website to check on our booking and our login account does not have no more detail than just the statement " Passenger details submitted".

Went to the Online Chat to submit a query and after waited for 5 hrs, received a reply requesting more details. Submitted more details and it has been more than 15 hrs, still no answer from Tripadeal.

How can anyone wanting to book thru them???? The worst on-line travel agent!!!!!

Customer Service
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Booking Type Tour

Forget trying to ring this company

Rang 3 times today to inquire about a travel deal - ended up hanging up after 10 minutes on hold each time.
I have a motto in situation such as this - you can always judge a business' after-sales service by the standard of their pre-sales service.
In this case there was no pre-sales service so there is no way I would risk making a booking with them

Customer Service
Trip Completed No
Booking Type Accomodation and Flights
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Hi there Ocker, We are terribly sorry to hear that you were unable to get in contact with TripADeal. Your call is very important to us, and hope that we are able to assist you in any way possible. Are able to email support@tripadeal.com.au with your contact details, and I can arrange one of our next available Travel Consultants to give you a call. Kindest regards, The TripADeal Team.

Read the itinerary closely and also the fine print

We booked a 2for1 China deal. "Visit and experience ...... (fill in excursion event here)" doesn't also mention the hard-sell expectation to purchase once you're visiting the nominated experience. A change in accommodation venue from within the CBD to outer industrial area of Shanghai was a huge disappointment. This culminated in 'having' to participate in a surprise excursion (not free) as there was absolutely nothing to explore or see in the industrial park to utilise "free time to explore". (All items in quotes here were listed in our original Itinerary). Note that there's only so much you can do in a 3 or 4 hour train ride, no matter how fast that train is travelling. On a brighter note, 2 out of our three guides were awesome, knowledgeable and approachable. The Great Wall is amazing, as are the umbrella vendors for rainy Shanghai. Any of the gardens are a delight. The language barrier really does exist.

Customer Service
Ease of Booking
Trip Completed Yes
Booking Type Tour


I have attempted on multiple times to contact Tripadeal by phone and on hold for over 20 minutes.
They obviously have no staff.
I am trying to confirm a booking.
What a joke!!

Customer Service
Trip Completed No
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Hi there Flo, Our apologies in the delay for responding to your comment! By emailing support@tripadeal.com.au with your contact details, I can get one of our Travel Consultants to give you a call to answer any questions that you may have regarding your booking. Kindest regards, The TripADeal Team.

Not a great start .........

I am trying to make inquiries about the 42 day around the world trip. Have been on hold for 20 minutes. Pity I couldn't talk to someone as per their blurb without having to hold forever .......

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Hi Sharon B, Our apologies for the delay in responding to you! Were you able to chat with one of our Travel Consultants regarding the 42 Day Around the World deal? If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at support@tripadeal.com.au with your contact details, and I can get one of our next available Travel Consultants to give you a call. Kindest regards, Maddi

Ghan trip or take a camel

Booked on line. Didn't get a receipt until I asked for it months later. The details sent by them were a straight take from Southern Rail. They didn't let us know we had to select our own hotel at Adelaide. No helpful advice at all. They wouldn't do the leg work of contacting a suitable hotel. Contacting them was a nightmare , expect 20 min delays and this happened four times. They always promised to ring back for our AM enquiries but didn't get anything until late PM . The operator always had to contact some one else before they could reply. We would have been better going direct to Southern Rail. All they do is get their cut then you get dumped. We should have been warned that they're located in Byron Bay evidently. You really get to know the advertising about what a great team they are but when you're waiting no one checks to see if you've died whilst waiting. We will never ever use this mob again. You have been warned.

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Hi Dennis, We are very sorry to hear that your experience hasn't met your expectations. With this deal, as the Southern Rail was a main feature of this holiday, we use their itinerary as per provided to us for customers documentation. Often our operators will provide us with documentation to share with our customers which displays all the relevant information for our travellers. In regards to your hotel in Adelaide, we have highlighted on the advertised itinerary "After completing the famous north-south crossing of the interior you will arrive into Adelaide where your Top End adventure comes to an end." In addition to this we do also highlight the accomodation under the inclusions section as per below and Adelaide is not listed here: 4 nights 4-star hotel accommodation in Darwin 2 nights accommodation aboard The Ghan “Gold Service” I'm sorry to say, we were unable to assist in booking an addition to the package of the Adelaide hotel your were requesting as TripADeal specialise in packaged holidays rather than independent travel bookings. In regards to the wait times on the phones, we do sincerely apologise for this as it is not the standards we set out to achieve. We do, however, encourage our Customer Service Team to speak with our operators for questions which they are unsure of, simply to ensure we deliver on accurate information to our travellers every time. Where further information is required to be sort after, we feel a a same day response is reasonable. We are located in Byron Bay however this information is not hidden from our travellers and is advertised on our website. Should you wish to discuss this matter with us further, I would be more than happy to contact you accordingly. Please let me know if you would like for me to do so. Kind regards, Sally TripADeal

Borneo a great Trip

Did the Borneo 2 for one trip Great experience. Unlike the other Trip a Deal offers no visits to factories for the hard sell. Excellent guides. Some long bus trips but if you want to see the best on offer that's what you have to do.
All meals were included. All we had to buy were snacks and things to take back home as mementos if we chose.
Very good hotels better accommodation than when we did the China trip.

No flexibility

Refused to change dates for booked tour - could not give it to someone else to use - wasted the trip - very very un helpful
Family now looking for deals but cannot evenlook at Tripa a deal now.


Your was great, very tired when I got back. I found not enough water was offered but in saying that I had an amazing time in both countries. Thu one of the tour guides we had in Vietnam was amazing also Sam from Cambodia was great too. I have been on two tripadeals trips the other one was China and they looked after us really well water overload it was great :)

China great tour, crappy service

Tour is amazing, lots to see and do and quite energetic, but if you don't like feeling stranded in a place where very few know English and almost none can read our alphabet, then don't do it. We had several nights where the tour guides dropped us off at the hotel and we were left to our own devices. All ok until one of the tour got sick, hungry or just wanted some milk for a soothing cup of tea.


Arrival at Kochi, Kerala was the start of problems. The Guides from Special Holidays were not there to meet us. We had to phone them. Representatives arrived with apologies. No Garlanding as promised. Divided the group in 2 with second group dropped at the hotel. There was no guide available so then asked a member of our group to accept hotel and takeover as leader. There was no prior room allocation so it was left to the group leader to sort that. Key Hotel is located 4KM from any shops/restaurants. So forced to eat at Hotel. As a la carte could take a while, the voluntary leader organised a buffet. Very nice food and reasonable cost. So half a day was wasted or individuals did their own thing. Next morning, no guide, so driver takes over. Whilst waiting for company rep and guide, the group leader organisers a tour.
Final the guide([name removed]) arrives and we do a walking tour of the Fort area. Apparently guide was hired for half a day only and was going to leave the group after lunch. Another guide was to do the rest of the tour. Company could not find a guide so [name removed] was asked to take over. He had to run home to get his travel bag.
The guide was not a happy chappy and the tour leader had to most of the work. When asked to guide to shops, always took us to ones of his choice(kick-backs) when better shopping was a few Kl away. Hotels were 2/3 stars. Hotel Abad Copper Castle, beautiful location, but access by jeep, on 4 levels and no lifts. The Manor Backwater Resort had dirty sheets, pillow cases no toilet paper and expensive food. Highly not recommended. The Houseboat, so so. Food not to the excellent standards elsewhere. Staff untrained and unattentive. The driver and his Offsider did a good job, the guide was hopeless. Had absolutely no idea of customer service. In the end he hardly got any tip. Tripadeal let us down in this tour.

Nepal - India - Sri Lanka

Flights were very badly booked with 25 hour stopovers booked at night when only one night booked. A waste of a day. Tour guides not suitable and not very nice.

We have just returned from 12 days in China. It was excellent.

We are older, so it was important for us to feel safe which we did at all times. We were very impressed our guides who spoke excellent English and provided good commentary and information. They catered for the varied needs of whole group very well. The accommodation was good, the schedule interesting and the options excellent.


Just came back from China on a tripadeal holiday. Had a fantastic time, all guides were fantastic. Always on time and very well organised. Thanks to walker, frank, Sam and Emily for an enjoyable holiday.

India Golden Triangle + Goa - 2 for 1 deal

Traveled November 2018 for 13 days/11 nights including Delhi, Jaipur, Agra & Goa. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip with our tour guide Vivek who was a wealth of knowledge and very articulate, helped us to get great pics and very caring. We covered all the main tourist attractions & were also shown many restaurants that were suitable for our lunch and our wonderful driver Dave did an amazing job at keeping us safe. Tipping**We were advised to tip the guide/ driver prior to travel, however were not advised off all the tipping we had to do each time we visited the toilet, took off shoes at temples, porters, wait staff - while this is not much money - it was a hassle as it is very hard to obtain small denominations - thinking it would have been easier to put money into a kitty so the guide could take care of this **Goa extension** - we had a beautiful time relaxing in Goa however the domestic flights/hotel vouchers are issued in country - only 15kg checked baggage. The local tour company were not great, didn't have correct mobile details, were an hour late in picking us up from our hotel. Wifi** only available in hotels (12hrs at a time) not in public places unless you have Indian sim. Overall a great trip and would most definitely travel with Trip A Deal again

India .

Last month I got back from my second trip to India this year with TripaDeal . . A very big thank you to the Indian Travel Company" SpecialHolidays" Who were very efficient and reliable . Meet and Greet ..always there on time . Always able to answer questions. The Guides in Delhi , The Himalayas and Varanasi were excellent . Hotels were good . All the Drivers .. Mini Bus in Delhi for the Triangle , Car in the Himalayas , and Mini Bus in Varanasi .. TY to everyone involved ..you rock !! Tripadeal staff are always helpful , online or on the phone . Don't know how you can do such great deals at such a reasonable price .

European Mega Tour had terrible accommodation - that's why price is low

Most hotels were out of town, at least 30 minutes from tourist spots. Difficult to get around to sight see.
Classic was Venice - hotel was 33 km out of Venice and 4 km from the nearest public transport so needed a taxi.
Or Klagenfurt Austria where we were put up in a new hotel still being completed - temporary stair handrails, no air conditioning and 40 km out of town!
And you have to book and pay first before you find out where your hotels are and then it's too late
Never again with this shonk company


why give 5 stars when you got run around from tour guide ..that is a nonsense . any time all of you members have to argue about tours it is worth 1 star

Festivals of India

I have just arrived home from one of the best holidays in India, thanks to Trip a Deal who provide multiple tours around the world and the Indian Company Special Holidays who organised every little detail perfectly, we upgraded and the hotels were clean and luxurious, our guide was full of very informative information as he had studied history at uni, his organisational skills were perfect. This was a festival trip and I must say the Pushka Camel Festival was amazing, everywhere was a photoshoot, so much colour and we had free time to mingle amongst the locals. But we were also meant to experience the Diwali Festival was a let down, no local festival just kept together in a buffet room in our hotel and all the action was happening outside, fireworks and celebrations all around but not for us unfortunately. This trip was value for money and I would recommend this trip for anyone who wishes to experience a taste of India and all it has to offer.

Tripadeal Come in Spinner

12 Day 2 for 1 China
What initially starts off as a bargain buy turns out to be a tour with many hidden costs. $150 ITOF fee (In Country Transport Operator Fee paid to one of the tour guides for the second passenger) $12 per day per person for tipping the guide and up to $800+ on additional optional tours.(Be aware that these addons are charged at double the normal price....the Mag Lev train was 150Yuan Trip a deal cost, normal price 80 Yuan) Do not pay the tip if you do not do an optional tour as you have not used the guide.
Be prepared for hard selling behind closed doors: Silk, Tea and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also the Terracotta Factory, Pearl shop and Jade shop all want your hard earned dollar for products that are way over priced with no guarantee of the quality or their true value.
Early starts 530 am some days and late arrivals to hotels is the norm with many hours on the bus and the one night unpack and repack is tiring.
The guides were full on with their info on their country but reluctant to really help if it was out side the square of the itinerary, for example where to go to a shop or when we would have lunch sometimes not until 3pm.
Do not be pressured into doing any extra paid tour it is your choice and not all extras are that wonderful. The planned free time is limited to a minimum if you do all the options this means you are put on a time frame sometimes as little as half an hour to do any shopping or lunch.
If you leave early be prepared for bread, warm milk and a banana and a jam portion NO hotel breakfast.
Strenghten your leg muscles before you leave as the public amenities have very few western facilities and no paper more could be said but politeness is in order here.
Highlights: The Mag Lev Train 431kms per hour is mad. High speed rail 300kms per hour is still fast.
Shanghai at night is amazing and the variety of diverse designs in high rise buildings across the cities visited is inspiring.
That was China but wish it had not been Tripa(triple)dealed.

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My son & I are doing the 12 Day China Odyssey at the end of May. Is it necessary to have vaccinations? Also, any suggestions for taking a first aid travel kit & what to include eg: antibiotics, etc. Given I am not a huge fan of Chinese food delicacies, I am considering taking pre-packed sachets of tuna slices.
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Can you use AUD for gratuity and tours on the China 14 day tour.
1 answer
Yes you can.

I have put the app on my phone but can't get into it. ?????
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