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makes sense - all good

Tursa seem to source relationships with workplaces - sent me to three appropriate jobs, with encouragement and a heads up perspective, within 6 months; did not pressure me to apply for work that clearly was not sustainable. They have also made me aware of ongoing work-related training. Very helpful.

Cold Hearted, Money Hungry.

The Tursa I attended in my previous suburb had issues, but were pretty quick to fix what went wrong. But when I had to move, I was faced with nothing but issues. Be prepared to be treated like the lowest of low if attending the Caboolture Tursa.

First meeting was okay, seemed like I was going to get legitimate help, promised to chase up some promised driving lesson hours from my old Tursa as I never recieved them, but the system said I had. I was also enrolled in their Job Ready course, which is basic knowledge but was only 6 weeks instead of 26weeks or work for the dole and i was told the course would cancel out any work for the dole activities. Before I go any further, all over my file were notes of my mental health issues, which the system gave me reduced job search numbers which most Agents took into consideration.

I started attending the course, which was useless and even the instructor said it was a waste of everyones time. I then found out I was pregnant and took 2 weeks off with a medical certificate as morning sickness was relentless. When returning, i was fully prepared to start the course over again, with the rare day off due to doctors and hospital appointments. I let my agent know this who then proceeded to tell me no, that it wouldnt work and id have to organise all my appointments around Tursa schedules or I'd loose my payments. When pregnant, if the hosiptal has booked an appointment its either because it needs to be done at that stage in the pregnancy, or its because thats the only available appointment. My agent was telling me I'd have to cancel and reschedule. Mind you, this job ready course is 5 days a week, 9-4 for 6 weeks straight. She said the only way out of it was a medical certificate. Which I went and got to give me time to sort it out.

Once that medical certificate expired, I came back for what i believed was a regular one on one appointment, but turned out to be a 1hr long job search appointment. I was then scheduled to come in a couple days later to have a one on one appointment. When doing so, she adviced me of future appointments, which worked out to be 6 appointments in a matter of 14 days, only 10 of those working days. When asked why so many, she told me simply 'because thats what I scheduled.'

I went home and found a government page with all the rules, terms and conditions that Tursa and other job agencies need to abide by, i printed out the info, highlighted the relevent pieces and took it into my next appointment with them where i was told, and i quote "tursa doesnt need to abide by those rules". I was threatened once again with the loss of my only income, told once again to cancel the pregnancy appointments that overlapped with Tursa and once again, was told to get a medical certificate to give me time off or my payments would likely be cut. Was also telling me that if i were to have job interviews, not to tell them that i was expecting a baby

I was put through so much stress, she was calling me daily to see if I had gotten a medical certificate and reminding me that I'd loose my payments if i didnt. I was anxious about going into appointments with her, I'd panic before going into the office and then burst out in tears in the car after the appointment. I finally got a medical certificate from my doctor after breaking down in her office. Both of us knew that if Tursa was more flexible with their appointments, that I wouldnt need the certificate, my doctor could have gotten in trouble becuase the only way the certificate would be approved was if it said i was currently incapable of going to appointments or working. Which we knew wasnt true.

I handed it in, my Agent literally stayed on the phone to me to make sure it was processed, and once it was she said "problem solved". Was too late though. Damage was done. Stress was caused. My babies heart beat stopped. It had stopped during that week of her putting me through so much, but we didnt find out till a couple weeks later.

Its now been months since it happened. Im terrified to go in for appointments. Im scared and on the verge of a panic attack everytime. So i keep getting medical certificates. I cant do it. I cant sit in front of that woman and pretend like things are fine.

Only yesterday i went in for an appointment. She was rude off thr bat. I asked about the driving lessons which she has kept postponing with every appointment. She tells me its pointless. Nothing they can do to help with that. Its not her problem. She enrolls me in another job ready course and then tells me ill need to do work for the dole too. When i asked about it, she tells me that the course doesnt cancel out work for the dole like she had originally told me. When i try to explain to her thats not what she had told me earlier, she tells me thats my opinion and that I would know these things if i wasnt always away on medical certificates. So I break down and cry. I tell her why i cant stand to come to the appointments. Once again, "thats your opinion". Its actually the opinion of doctors, but thanks I'll keep that in mind.

She then tried to insinuate that i needed drug and alcohol councilling, which i dont drink and never used drugs. And then when i went and stood at the front recpetion at the end of it to wait for forms, she was talking about me to other staff, loud enough for me to hear so i called her out on it. She tried to say she wasnt, but i had a friend standing right beside me who heard it too. She snatched paperwork off me at the end and proceeded to tell me that its a pleasure to deal with me and she cant wait till i transfer.

I wouldnt recommend Tursa Caboolture to anyone. Ever.

Great help to me.

I have found them very helpful and have had all positive dealings with them. They updated my resume brilliantly and put me on a course that improved my confidence in interviews and lots of other stuff. All the staff I have dealt with have been really positive and nice.


I was with them when I moved to the city I'm living in. The first guy assigned as my EC was actually a good guy and would bend over backwards to help me but years later I was assigned to a couple of incompetent who constantly stuck me on "work for the dole" and tried to cut me off every fortnight for one lame reason or another and I ended up becoming an alcoholic and seriously considering suicide to get away from them. Any work and tafe courses I was interested in were not taken seriously.

The description of Tursa as a "job provider" is inaccurate

I left my first appointment at this place feeling like a piece of crap after the way I was treated. The staff member I spoke to was incredibly rude and aggressive and basically accused me of trying to rort the system because I started a home business. I started the home business as a SAHM before I was even required to look for work and referred to a job agency mind you. According to them, any work I do through self employment is “null and void” and doesn’t count as an activity. Oh but apparently I can just start studying to get them off by back and that would be perfectly fine. They don’t seem to care about what you want or need and they treat people like children.

After my initial appointment, I had a much nicer person as my advisor but he is so incompetent. Tursa hasn't done much to help me get a job. The only thing they did for me was reimburse me for costs. All their appointments were a waste of time. I was expected to drive half an hour to the office just to sit at a computer for an hour and search for jobs. What's the point of this? I understand that some people might not have access to a computer or printer at home but for people who do, why do we have to attend the centre to do something we could do at home?

Once I found work and I informed my advisor, he changed my job plan so I didn't have to apply for jobs anymore. However the next day, I got a msg saying Tursa had referred me to a job. When I queried it, I was told it wasn't a new job, it was the job already had. Tursa put into the system that I found the job as a result of their referral. I believe this is a sneaky way to justify their existence to the government who funds them.

I have to say the problem isn't Tursa alone. It's the whole jobactive system. It's no wonder there is a current senate inquiry into it.

Scamming the government

They do nothing and get paid. My first agent (yes they call themselves agents) said multiple times he just wanted minimum work possible and the whole company was basically a scam. He also called work for the dole basically slavery.

On the second year i was moved through 3 different agents. Who wasted my time with job ready courses (where you were taught how to use a toothbrush...) and forced to attend a business course. I have no experience beyond some Unpaid IT work. I fail to see how a business course would help.

They found 0 jobs for me, gave me 0 help with my resume or cover letter despite me constantly asking and were just a complete waste of time and taxpayer money.


I have had very negative dealings with this company, the staff are aggressive and unfriendly and are clearly lack any basic training. While making small talk with one agent my words were constantly twisted to be put in the worst possible light and was never even shown any basic level of humane treatment. They really are out to "get you" and this seems to be standard practice.
They falsify paperwork for government money (this was proved in a gov investigation and they were forced to pay back millions) They treat the unemployed with utter contempt, they are.

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