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TVSN (TV Shopping Network)

TVSN (TV Shopping Network)

2.5 from 304 reviews


Absolutely fantastic channel for new shopping ideas has some of the latest and greatest products which are well priced its also easy to buy a gift for family members and there are great gift ideas

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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Pros and Cons

I have been shopping with TVSN for many years and the positives definitely out weigh the negatives.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Generally if you contact customer service by phone or email, an issue or complaint is resolved to benefit both parties. For instance I just received pants on sale that arrived with stains on them but I asked for a voucher as compensation and received it and I shall soak the pants to remove the stains, which have obviously been put there by another buyer who returned them. Another order had a hole in the top and they've agreed to look into it and that's obviously a quality control issue at the manufacturer's end. Most of the time the products are in very good condition though and if you don't want a product, you can send it back. There can be improvements in customer service and one particular person whose name begins with Wolf.... is very abrupt and always causes me problems but otherwise the customer service people seem lovely.

RETURNS AND REFUNDS: Unfortunately postage costs are ridiculously high to return things and that issue doesn't seem to be easily resolved as they are dealing with a third party (usually with Australia Post). There is also a long wait to get a refund which runs into a number of weeks and I am not happy with that time frame.

PRESENTERS: I find the voices of some of the presenters irritating and the lines that they use to sell are repeatedly annoying such as 'go through the checkout...you know its not yours until you go through the checkout...there are other people waiting in line to buy it so go through the checkout'. My favourite presenter is Nikki V who has a soothing voice, an educated intellect and what seems a more honest down to earth approach to selling and she also gets a message across in a subtle way (sometimes the presenters are not allowed to say some things about the products) by asking a question of the person representing the company selling the products. I confess some of the presenters become so irritating that I have to turn them off and those presenters seem less intelligent judging by some of the comments, which come across as just plain stupid.

The products overall are quite good but you need to use your own good judgement about what you want to buy and understand the terms of sale and what is required to return the items.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Ridiculously overpriced!

TVSN promote the Samsung 65" Series 7 NU7100 4k Ultra HD Led Lcd Smart Tv for the cost of $1699.00 plus p&h of $47.80.
I was almost tempted to buy, but then I checked other stores and discovered they were selling the same tv with at least $400 cheaper plus free delivery! TVSN made it sound like they were offering the best deal. It's a good thing I checked or else I would have been ripped off big time!

Extremely Disapointing

Purchased a treadmill, TVSN have had my money for 2 weeks and I still have not received the treadmill, no one will tell me what freight company was used or give me a con note. Extremely poor service and will not be buying from again. Would not recommend them to any one.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Easy shopping and debit your card ! But WATCH auto debit is computer run and can go crazy VERY POOR service in payments

Easy shopping but watch direct debit in instalments as is computer run and can go crazy as I experienced and had to stop my card .. no follow up from customer service

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

no customer service, excessive postage

Like other reviews I am bewildered at why TVSN charges so much for postage. I do A LOT of online shopping and every site I buy from has free postage over (usually) $100. Many of these sites also have a free return service. TVSN is just not competitive or providing the same customer service as all other online sites. I returned an item two weeks ago and checked tracking details from Australia Post to ensure parcel was received - it was. I rang TVSN to enquiry why I still had not being refunded and was told they were very busy (so are all the other online suppliers after Xmas) and my refund would probably be another 3 weeks - they have got to be kidding. I sent a return back to Birdsnest and the Iconic at the same time I posted my item to TVSN - both these companies refunded my money within 48 hours. I am going to contact Fair Trading in regards to the 5 week wait from TVSN - as I don't think a 5 week wait is acceptable. Also I wouldn't be writing this review, if TVSN had replied to the email I had sent them in regards to the above - yep I sent an email after making the phone call about refund and NO REPLY. I have the answer - stop buying from TVSN.


I received two pairs of socks in one package today that weighed less than 200gms. AustraliaPost charges for Sydney to Melbourne are $8.55 but TVSN charged me $19.80. On the invoice I was charged $9.90 for each pair of socks despite them being the same brand and packaged together. I think that the exorbitant "postage" charge is an underhanded way of extracting an extra 18% from unwary customers.

Woeful Customer Service

Placed an order 2 Jan 2019. Seven days later & still not picked let alone despatched. Sent five emails to customer service & three phone calls. Was told there was a problem with a warehouse crane & MANY orders have been delayed. No email from TVSN advising there would be a delay but was assured on first two phone calls that I would be contacted to discuss my order. Nothing!!!! The problem I had was that the product I ordered was to take with us on a caravan holiday & we were leaving for the holiday on 16 january. Because of the delay, the order would not reach us before we left so I requested TVSN send via express post. They deny that express post is an option & refused to send express. Express post is mentioned in TVSN terms & conditions where it says that there is a possible extra charge for express post. I hate being lied to. Even when I mentioned this clause in the T&C to customer service, they still insisted that I was wrong & express post is not an option.
We have been with TVSN for many years & spent a lot of money over this time. While it is all running smoothly, TVSN are happy but when there is a problem, they do absolutely nothing to assist or try & solve the problem.
It is impossible to speak with anyone in person except for customer service on 132310. I even sent an email to the producers at TVSN to see if they could assist. Nothing, zero, zilch. They still wanted to despatch the order by snail mail even though I kept telling them that was not an option as we will already be on our holiday.
End result was I cancelled the order.

Lynne on phone

Wow what a delightful professional Lynne is ordered wrinkle schmikle she was concise confident friendly give this lady a raise thanks

Poor customer service and management. Could at least apologise for an error

Purchased a set of pillows which had an option of standard or contour. Decided to choose standard as it also states on my invoice however the product came as contour. Called up and explained the issue and they said they will pass it onto management and get back to me keeping in mind they did not offer any apology for the error on their behalf. Received a call from the customer care team on the weekend and was asked to give up my time to go to the post office, send the pillows back and pay for tracking and to also receive no apology nor any compensation for an error made on behalf of TVSN. Very poor customer service.

Cost of jewellery

Range of products is huge but most of the stones are unheard of or basically cheap and priced outrageously high. I am currently watching Dallas Prince and her prices are just ridiculous for very ordinary stones set in silver. Who are they kidding? There are other suppliers who are just as bad and just as expensive for cheap stuff.

Could do better

I have only purchased one product (Wheyless) from this company. Was delivered to my local post office in around 2 weeks. No problem there. My only issue is the blond chubby little female presenter (yes i know her name but in fairness i wont include it.) She often refers to the customers as GIRLS and repeats things multiple times. Also the slim bottle blond who constantly refers to everyone as darling and oohs and ahs over every single product. Also mentions her kids WAY too often. Both presenters annoyme so much if either one is on i turn the tv off and watch the show at another time when another presenter will advertise the product again. I love Lee and Nikki and find them honest and funny. Get rid of the previous two women and maybe i just might purchase more.

No help if there is a problem

I bought an expensive piece of jewellery. As it was only for special occasions, I wore it twice and stored it carefully. The third time I went to wear it, the piece fell apart into 3 pieces. It was out of the 30 day period, so I called and was asked to send the item for inspection, which I did. I got back the item and a letter telling me the item was fine and it was wear and tear?? (after 2 wearings??) Plus this supposedly fine item was now in four pieces. I called and only received rude attitude by the call centre staff member. I eventually had to go to Consumer affairs to get my money back. It was a lot of hassle for an item obviously faulty and not fit for purpose. I would never buy from TVSN again.

delivery woes

Received part of my order Shay and Blue perfume,purchase with purchase,six days after buying them (27/12/2018) but I'm still waiting for the main item and it's showing not been shipped.They said it could take two weeks because it's being sent by courier and I only live in Victoria.I've purchased from TVSN before and never had this problem.I don't think I'll be purchasing again if this is how long it takes.

Bad customer service

Got 2 pairs of pants delivered today one the wrong size the other was huge, and it was my normal size in Ruby ya ya. I live just up the road and wanted these pants for a special occasion so I asked if I could come in and swap them over as she said it will take 10 days for a return and i can not come in to the building.I asked to speak to a supervisor and she came back and said he said the same as me and then hung up. First order and won't be back. This is why i am over on-line shopping as now it become a problem and they can not help me.

Have to turn off when certain presenter are on...

Haven't had any issues with my purchases and generally enjoy watching.
However, some presenters are just too much.
One in particular who can't stop looking at herself in the monitor!!!!!
Very annoying. Seems she just presents to see herself.
Plus the demands she says "...I WANT YOU ON THE PHONES" / "I NEED YOU TO GET THIS NOW" All too much, so I switch off.

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Hi SM Melbourne, Thank you for your review and feedback. We've passed this on to our producers for their consideration in future shows. Kind regards, TVSN

Extremely bad - no customer service

Bought a vase with flowers on 29.11.18 Vase was chipped and cracked. Flowers were beautiful.
Asked for a replacement and to pay extra and buy the flowers from chipped vase.
No answer. Asked again to buy flowers. No answer.
Getting to close to xmas. Sent just the vase back as I didn't see the point in paying to return flowers and then paying for them to be sent back.
No acknowledgement of returned vase.
No answer to pay for flowers from chipped vase.
No replacement being sent back.
18.12.18 Just emailed again asking about flowers 3rd time
18.12.18 Asked about sending replacement product.
Now I'll have to scrape up some money to buy another christmas present because its 6 day till xmas ..... and they are not talking to me.
Are they going to take another part payment when they have the chipped vase and are holding onto the replacement? Lets see how bad they can get.
and I'm a very highly valued platinum for life member. Yeah right.
EDIT: Overnight (18th-19th) and without notice, they have taken a 2nd payment from my account ... not due until 28.12.18.
The replacement invoice has been selected for picking.
No credit on the vase yet and NO communication as to what is happening.
They are helping themselves to my bank account without notification or permission.

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Hi Carole, Thank you for your review and feedback. Can we ask you to please contact us on 13 23 10 so we can chase this up for you? Kind regards, TVSN

biante car

ordered Tuesday night arrived Tuesday morning, very good service thank you easy to arrange buying item & very good quality product

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Hi tezza, Thank you for your great review and feedback! Kind regards, TVSN

Be cautious buying skincare/beauty products, as brands are discontinued regularly

I have tried various brands of skin care & cosmetics from TVSN in recent years, and I have to say how disappointed I am in the way skin care brands (and other beauty brands like makeup & hair) are so easily discontinued. I recently invested over $250 in Evote products, only to see that the entire range is on sale (which from previous experience I know means the brand is on the way out). Over the past couple of years I have tried Osmotics, Flora Mare, Minus 417, Lily Herbceuticals...the list goes on. And these brands have either gone or look like they are on their way out. And when I have enquired about when the next event is for some of these brands, I have never received a response - which essentially answers my question (i.e. there isn’t another event).

How are we, as consumers, supposed to have confidence in trying a new brand, when it is so easily discontinued? How does TVSN as a retailer expect to develop customer loyalty when we are teased like that with brands, and we can’t continue to purchase products? It seems to have become worse over the last couple of years, and I feel so disheartened that I have wasted my money this way.

On the flip side, why would brands then even consider taking the chance of stocking their products at TVSN, when brands are so easily discontinued?

Another problem I’ve found is that, for example, I try a “popular” brand like Skinn, but I can’t maintain consistency because I can’t always re-purchase the particular products I need, because they aren’t always re-stocked at each event. Or - the particular product gets discontinued. When a brand keeps getting bigger and has too many products, there is also the risk of alienating customers when they can’t consistently re-purchase the same products.

At least if I purchase a prestige department store brand, although I might pay more, at least I know I can re-purchase that brand’s products consistently. I just feel that too often when I buy from TVSN, especially in recent years, I can’t repuchase the same products..

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Hi Stacey, Thank you for your review and feedback. TVSN tries to maintain as much consistency as possible in terms of stock/brand availability. Unfortunately This is not always feasible for any number of reasons. We have passed your feedback on and will endeavor to improve in this regard, We do apologise for any inconvenience. Kind regards, TVSN

Bad customer service

I have spent thousands of dollars buying items from TVSN shopping network, I stand loyal to TVSN shopping network, even that their prices are higher than others place, but not anymore , after spending $700 on a Dyson v6 vacuum, it is a lemon , first TVSN shopping network tried to pass the buck , telling me to call the manufacturer, I didn't buy it from the manufacturer ,so I don't know why I should have to chase up the manufacturer for these problems.
So then they told me to send it back to TVSN shopping network for repair , 4 week's later I finally got it back, but the Dyson vacuum come back in a worse condition and with no explanation what was wrong with it and what they fixed , because TVSN shopping network didn't fix anything on the my Dyson vacuum , because after 2 days the exact same problems started again, so from now on I will not be buying any more items from TVSN the customer service is disgusting and I am disappointed and will not be spending anymore money on TVSN shopping network.
and I will be letting everyone know on social media to stay right away from TVSM they just lie to your face.

Hi Frank, Thank you for your review and feedback. We're very sorry to hear you received a faulty product. Are you able to contact us with your customer number so we can look into this? Kind regards, TVSNI sent it back to tvsn and they sent it back after 3 week and fixed nothing , vacuum still has the same problems and got it back scratched in dirty ,tvsn didn't contact me before sending back , didn't read the note we put in the box , explaining the issues with the vacuum , just sent it back in worst condition , that's why we have stop buying items from TVSN ,we don't give money to companies that treat us like garbage and disrespect us and don't care about their customers. That has been our experience with TVSN over the vacuum that we spent a lot of money on just to be stuffed around mucked around and lied to. Now you want us to trust TVSN to do the right thing now , it's too late for that , we have no confidence dealing with TVSN anymore TVSN should be a shame of the way they treated us. Very disappointing.

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