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UK Prepaid Sim Card

UK Prepaid Sim Card Questions & Answers

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What SIM would you recommend for our Huawei portable wifi router? My wife and I are going for three weeks to South Korea and Japan in October and November. I doubt we will need to make calls but would use data for email, Facebook and FaceTime. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely John
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Sorry I have no idea

Will the UK travel sim also work in Amsterdam Belgium and Paris as we are travelling to these places as well as the UK?
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Sorry I didn’t get to use it as the sim failed activation, I purchased a Lebara on arrival for €9 and it worked all over Europe was fantastic, I didn’t go to the UKThe short answer is 'Yes'. I fly direct to Europe from Australia and the UK Sim has worked for us each time in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The european countries included in the coverage are listed on the web site. I am pretty sure that your destinations are listed there.

What is the best option for a pre-booked sim that I can use on multiple visits to the UK and keep the same number?
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UKPrepaid SIM card.....wonder service...no problems

My daughter is travelling from Australia to Italy, Poland, Austria, Malta and finally the UK. Will this card work in other European countries and be cost effective? Thank you in advance
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Hi Barney - you can use the sim card in United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. You can also use it in Poland and Austria but all usage costs extra in both countries. There is more info on the website www.ukprepaidsimcard.com.au

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