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Uncle Tobys Oat Brits

Uncle Tobys Oat Brits

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Daily source of fibre and energy. Love them.


I used to boil rolled oats for brekie though found this product a few years ago and switched to them. Easier to prepare and more versatile. Pity they're not 100% oats.

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Best breakfast ive ever had - been eating this for 10 + years and i hear it is potentially getting discounted. Do not do that uncle tobys. We all love the product and it tastes amazing and helps balance me to get through the day with a full belly of energy.

Where have they gone!


Gave these to my growing now teenage son for years, Still searching for a cereal repacement he likes. Loved the healthy oat fibre content.

Bill Evans

Bill EvansMelbourne

Best breakfast meal I have ever had.


I was disappointed when OatBrits disappeared from your shelves. Hope for a return. What is the proportion of oats? How much wheat?

August 5th 2018 Update: Best cereal that I have ever tasted - where can I buy it?

Repeat- Best breakfast meal that I have ever sampled I. Why take them off the market? I have tried both Coles and Woolies. Will have to resort to porridge!

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Bill Evans
Bill Evans

Awaiting comments from Uncle Tobys'. Back to Kellogs!


AndySouth East Queensland, QLD

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55% Oats


I was very disappointed to find they are 55% oats, with wheat making up supposedly the remainder, since they just list wheat, without the percentage. I don’t know if they’ve changed the recipe over time or not. Disappointed.



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Excellent breakfast


Two oatbrits together with half to three quarters cup blueberries, tablespoon of honey two table spoons of Greek yogurt and splash of rice milk, enough to carry a person thru till a short lunch.

A healthy start to the day


Was a long time vita Brits fan but moved to wheat free option with Oat Brits and really enjoy. By themselves they are a bit bland so I add about 1/4 cup of dries cranberries to 3 crushed Brits with milk which adds some sweetness and a kick of taste!



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best morning food!



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The best healthiest start to my day


Thank you to Uncle Toby for making Oat Brits. I don't eat dairy so I had to come up with a way of eating my oat brits. I put one brit in a bowl with a teaspoon of brewers yeast and a teaspoon of ground flaxseed and a bit of bran. I then pour near boiling water over and mix and then add a little cool water and a sliced banana and a handful of blueberries....yum! A beautifully healthy start to my day and it keeps me going for hours and hours,

Accidently purchase


Oats Brits purchased because of the packaging [I wanted Vita Brits ] accidentally. Both myself and my son think they are terrible.

If I start my day with Oat bits the rest of my day goes swell!


Love this alternative to a full wheat product. I love the texture, I love the taste and I'm not eating wheat every meal. Anytime of the day is the right time to have this ad a snack but I find to start my day off with this staple is a great day. Oats are yummy and good for your tummy. It's my favorite. Today I could only find them on Coles shelf and I think Woolworth my have now already taken them off the shelf. I will shop only where I can buy them so Coles is now we're I choose to do my regular shop.



Love this product. It has helped get my cholesterol down


I started eating oat Brits when I saw that they contained oats, as I wanted to get my cholesterol down, and they are quick and easy. Since starting on them, and in conjunction with using other cholesterol lowering foods, my cholesterol has reduced from 6.5 to 3.5. I am thrilled, and quite frankly I would eat them even if they didn't taste good- which they do! They are similar in texture to weet bix and vita Brits, but with the added bonus of cholesterol lowering properties. In addition, and importantly, they are economical, unlike many cereals which can be quite costly. Thank you- I love them!

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I am finding Oat Brits very hard to find in stores. Woolworths no longer stock them, it seems. I have found them at one Coles store, but this is not very convenient for me. Why are they no longer readily available?

My favourite breakfast cereal


Most wholegrain breakfast cereals with no added sugar will taste a bit bland if you simply put them in a bowl and pour milk over them. You need to be a bit more creative than that. I add dry roasted almonds, raisons, milk and a bit of spice. The end result is absolutely delicious.
I hope Uncle Toby’s never discontinues this product as it is my all time favourite breakfast cereal.


InalNSW, 2263

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Nestle's Uncle Tobys Oat Brits. Loyal customer, Very unhappy with this product offering


Oat Brits Have changed


We recently purchased Oat Brits as we usually do but their receipe must have changed as it is like eating bricks. They are more dense and too heavy on the stomach. None of my family like the new recipe which is unfortunate so we are trying other cereals at the moment.
Too heavy on the stomach


rafSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Yummy and Good for You


Only bought this because this the first time because the pack said "You'll love it or your money back". Believe it or not, it has replaced Weet Bix in our house! Delicious and there is an extra dimension to the taste because of the texture. You can have it crisp, chewy or soggy depending on how much you let it soak in the milk. I love it chewy (you can't get that with Weet Bix) .Also, tastes good hot (microwaved) or cold. Really filling too, and good for you! If you have high cholesterol it is the ideal breakfast.
Taste, texture, everything!



Yummy and so good for you!


Ive always wanted to eat oats because they are a healthy and filling breakfast but I cant stomach rolled oats (looks like glue!)
So Oatbrits are perfect for me. They taste very similar to weetbix but they are more filling and you get the added bonus because they can lower your cholesterol. Plus they are easy to prepare and you dont need to heat them up.
Easy to prepare, low in sugar, filling.
More expensive than weetbix :(



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A great alternative to traditional porridge that seems to heavy for summer. This gives you all the benfits of the traditional oats but combined into a biscuit. Served with fruit the tasty and healthy start to the day.
I love the benefits of oats but find traditional oats too hot in summer so this product is perfect. Tasty, convenient and low in sugar



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Good idea but not exactly nice tasting


I'm a big fan of Weet-Bix (and Weetabix) for breakfast. When I saw Oatbrit in the shop I decided to get some. I've been eating a lot of porridge (trying to reduce my cholesterol) and the benefits of oats in something like Weet-Bix is potentially a great idea. However, having just eaten some now, I'm quite disappointed with the taste of them. It's not particularly a pleasant flavour. Perhaps it was the best flavour they could manage with ingredients? All I can say is that I'm going to have to force myself to eat the rest of them in the box.

Questions & Answers

Bill Evans

Bill Evansasked

Where can I buy Oat Brits in Melbourne. Woolworths?
[email removed]

3 answers

Being a resident in Sydney I buy the oat Brits from our local Coles supermarket, hope this helps, Colin.


I’ve bought Oat Brits from Woolworths, but some of the smaller Woolworths stores don’t stock it. I’ve also bought them from IGA stores. I’m in Queensland. You may have to shop around a bit. Hope this helps.

Bill Evans
Bill Evans

Yes - I did see them in Coles but they seem to have run out. Has Uncle Tobys stopped production?

rod claessen

rod claessenasked

who are the stockists for Oat Brits? Have tried Coles & woolworths and they do not appear to have stock.

1 answer

They can be hard to find. My local Woolworths used to stock them, but no longer do. I get them from Coles now, but you may have to search for them as I'm not sure if every store has them. Good luck.

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