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Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets

Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets

Apple & Cinnamon, Berry, Big Bowl Creamy Honey, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon, Caramel and 6 more
3.5 from 41 reviews

Crap not good

Not good flavor and a good place to get the oats was my first day and the food is crap but I had a lot going to try the food and it was crap

Purchased in December 2018.


Used to purchase these fast and easy ways to make breakfast but then realised that there is sugar in all of packaged cereals. Get rolled oats from supermarket and put in fresh fruit with no sugar! Eat fresh and you will be healthy.

Purchased in December 2018 at Woolworths for $5.50.

The vanilla variety pack

The best flavors ever are the peach and the blueberry I am so happy with them the best pack uncle Toby’s have ever released I would suggest them to anyone, it is a shame Woolworths have removed them nationally I’m going to have to stop buying your products

Purchased in February 2019.


The portion size is perfect for me. I have a piece a fruit as well for breakfast. Taste is great, keeps blood sugar stable and great for keeping the weight on check.

So disappointed

On opening sachet found cereal mixture with 2 minute strawberry pieces. I then tried blueberry with the same result. Have had to go and buy fresh fruit varieties so that I might have a decent meal of this.I still have receipt showing purchase but am unable to upload proof of purchase.

Tasted off

Have had it many times BUT THIS packet tastes of off milk. I threw out my milk and bought new milk thinking it was that. But the same thing happened with 3 sachets. Have thrown out the lot and won't buy again

No thank you!

Not like porridge at all. Slimy and artificial tasting. Made me feel sick. I was so disappointed. Can I take it back?


Not only does it fill me up, but it's perfect for dinner and/or breakfast! It's so delicious and I recommend it for sure!

Quick, warm and hearty breakfast

I eat these for breakfast when I'm in a bit of a rush (as I'm a uni student). It's very fast to prepare and it's a much healthier option compared to other cereal that's loaded with sugar. They do taste bland if you use water because it's literally just oats, I don't mind it though. You can add some nuts or berries to make it taste better.

A quarter sugar

Bought these oats on a whim as our kids love honey on their traditional oats.
They were difficult to get the right consistency and quantity (one sachet is definitely not enough for a kid, and would be a tiny portion for an adult). Kids enjoyed the flavour but then I realised the nutritional panel said the sugar content was 23.2%. Now of course a lot of that sugar content will come from the honey, but the second ingredient is sugar. In my view, definately not appropriate for an everyday breakfast and best reserved as a treat. Unsure how it earned a 4 Star health rating. Traditional stovetop oats with a little drizzle of honey + cinnamon will be our choice for winter breakfast.

Tastes great & even feels healthy!

Lovely thick porridge in 90 seconds, with no flavour added. This should be everyone's start to the day! Great for overall gut health & lowering cholesterol.

Perfection. Food of the Gods!

This is the best food. imagine everything happy and turn it into a food. Thats what Creamy Honey is. Go Buy IT!

Love these Oates,

Uncle Toby’s Oates , Best thing to come on the breakfast market I used to stir my oats with a wooden spoon in a pot which took time but now easygoing they come in sachets breakfast has never been so quick and tasty with all the flavours,

Love them.

Quick and easy! The newer packs come out of the microwave hot and runny so I let them sit for 30 seconds and they thicken perfectly! Having said that I use unsweetened almond milk with mine. The plain are unsweetened so I add my own fruit and flavorings, but the honey obes are perfect for my sweet tooth.


Love this product. I prefer these sachets over their wholegrain range as i find these cook better. They are quick and easy for the mornings and i am able to eat a great breakfast everyday that fills me up.

So Disappointed

I have always loved the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon sachets and have been using it for as many years as it was first brought in. Alas, the last 2 packs I purchased have been a disappointment to say the least! I could have purchased a pack of plain rolled oats and had it with a half a teaspoon of white sugar and it would have tasted better! Not a skerrick of cinnamon and no brown sugar (I know these two tastes well)! What's going on? From now on I will only get the plain oats and do it myself. What a disappointment and a waste of money. I'm not asking for my money back. I don't usually keep dockets. Just an improvement.

Unexpected Guests- Dead Bugs For Brekky-yuk!!! Can't Eat Them Anymore

Found a Dead weevil. I search everyday, cook them but can't eat them. This morning found 4 foreign suspect objects.

Warm and delicious

Hits the spot. Fills me up and makes me want to eat it for morning lunch and dinner. Mmmm!
Uncle tobys know how to make healthy porridge that tastes just right!

Loving it

This cinnamon and brown sugar combination is fantastic. I started to eat oats everyday after tasting this oat meal.i can eat this not only as a breakfast but also as lunch and dinner.

Not the same as they used to be

The last few boxes of original oats that I have bought have been powdery and very runny when cooked. I have even tried using a bigger bowl and using 2 packets and that doesn't work. I have bought this product for a long time so quick and easy but now they aren't very nice at all. I buy most of the time at Woolworths so tried Coles and they were no different. Have you changed them or do I keep getting the really bad batches? I actually sent a packet to you some time ago with the same complaint but will no longer buy this as it is still the same.

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Questions & Answers

Where can u buy these?
No answers

Where are the multi mix packs sachet of flavors? you used to be able to buy a pack that had think maybe 5 diff flavors in it, fruit, cinnamon etc such a variety but no longer are avail in my local shops anywhere that I can see. I miss them much
No answers

Where can I buy this variety, as they didn't have it at my local Woolworth?
1 answer
I'm not sure. I saw them advertised on Facebook on their Uncle Toby's page. I now mostly shop in Coles but have seen them the sporadic times I am in woolies. Hopefully they will return to shelves in time for winter.

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