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Uncle Tobys Plus Antioxidants

Uncle Tobys Plus Antioxidants

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Pantry bugs / insects

I bought couple of Uncle Tobys Plus Antioxidants boxes from Costco Marsden park last week. We have been enjoying the cereal untill today morning when we found the pantry bugs/ insects in the cereal. (Attached images). My kids were shocked to discover them and we have to stop consuming the product.

Purchased in February 2019 at Costco.

Just the best

I have used this product for as long as it has been on the market was not a cereal person but this changed my mind and now it is part of my regular breakfast tasty nutritious and consistently good like the new packaging in my pantry ready to try

Very nice

I love the blueberries and cranberries as they are two of the best antioxidents in this breakfast cereal, I find a little less corn flakes would bring out the other flavours more, But still a very delicious cereal

With or without milk!

This cereal is even delicious to eat dry as a snack. Crunchy, tasty and very filling. Handy to eat anytime of the day or night.

Love it!

I love the berries in every bite! It tastes so good and is a pleasure to start the day with this product.

Healthy and Delicious!

I like this one so much, it is tasty and healthy at the same time.
If you buy it when it is on sale in Woolworths or Coles,then it is cheap too.
Made from natural ingredients , less sugar , dried fruits and flakes.

So far so GOOD

I bought The Antioxidant Plus and Omega Plus, I have it with Jalna Greek Yogurt and am absolutely loving it with a small cup of coffee in the morning. Keeps me full and satisfied


I love it! The blend of the fruit, wheat and cornflakes are delicious! The yummy berries are perfect with the yummy cornflakes and wheat. I would eat this everyday!

Yummy Cereal With LOTS of Fruit!

While sometimes it can get a bit soggy, Plus Antioxidants is a very refreshing choice of cereal as it has a nice texture with tasty wheat flakes, bran sticks with the pleasant addition of blueberry & cranberry pieces! I HIGHLY recommend you add some Ocean Spray® Craisins for even more fruity GOODNESS!!

Berry Unsatisfied

As a teens, I try to give me fruit for breakfast. I thought there would be more berries in this cereal, and I doubt that they are even real fruit.

Loaded of SUGAR

This product is really, really loaded with sugar NOT fruit. Don't fall for the shamless packaging and marketing. Great for a really, unhealthy start to your day.

Berry Unsatisfied

As a young mother of two, I try to give my kids fruit for breakfast. I thought there would be more berries in this cereal, and I doubt that they are even real fruit.

Actually very nice

I usually hate breakfast cereals that claim to be packed full of fruits etc, but I can confirm that this is one of the few cereals that does actually have a lot of fruit. Great tasting with a real mix of different types of cereals in the mix. Very enjoyable.

Unforgettable experience!

In a rush to scoff something prior to heading to work I found my wife had bought Plus Antioxidant. After struggling to open the cereal bag for what felt like minutes, the bag finally torn open right down both sides, spilling the contents onto the stovetop, kitchen floor, and into my yet-to-be tied workboots. I gathered what I could and put the salvaged cereal into a Tupperware container we usually reserve for dog food, and I took that practical joker of a bag and savoured screwing it into as small a ball as I could and piffed it into the wheelie bin. WHY Uncle Tobys, why do your cereal inner bags insist on shredding haphazardly down the sides instead of sliding open across the seemingly impenetrable seal? Maybe ask the little elderly hunchbacked lady in Thailand who "earns" 8c per day sealing these bags like Egyptian tombs to set the sealers to a temperature below that of the surface of the sun. I did eat it on consecutive days, but being a Value Pack it will probably end up being shoved to the back of the pantry for alien archaeologists to find in two thousand years' time and conclude that this cereal must have been a revered commodity to have been transferred from it's mint condition packaging into a hardy airtight container, but they'd be as mistaken as Shane Warne's alien-monkey-human evolution theory.
On a positive note, I did have a snippet of joy during this whole experience, however that was as I removed the unopened box to the bench prior to evenly distributing it's contents throughout my kitchen like some kind of floor tile fertiliser.

Contents have changed

I have bought this cereal for at least 18 months and really enjoyed it.
Last week I bought a "Value Pack" from Coles and as soon as I opened it i knew something was different.
Then I noticed the packaging doesn't list sultanas anymore. That has completely changed the taste and I don't like it!
The Uncle Tobys site still shows it as having Sultanas however.

Now I have to see if I can get my money back but I don't like my chances
Used to taste good
Expensive, ingredients have changed - is that because it is supposed to be a value Pack?


I am really not sure what all the Antioxidant Lift means, and I have my doubts about it really working. However, all cereals claim to be doing something or another and are supposed to have so many things in them that are good for you. This cereal was okay to eat. I didnt really taste the blueberries, but the cranberries are certainly tangy, which I dont really like. Overall, this was an okay cereal, nothing too exciting or tasty to make me want to eat it regularly.
I kept receiving this as a sample from the supermarkets and that was handy since it was a single individual serving size. It was an okay cereal to eat, nothing exciting that made me run out and want to buy it. It was strange that the flakes were very light and thin, so you dont have to really bite down on them like you do with some cereals.
A bit too sweet for me to enjoy. I dont mind a little bit of sweetness, but not this much.


I hate breakfast cereals that claim to be packed full of fruits etc, but I can confirm that this is one of the few cereals that does actually have a lot of fruit. Great tasting with a real mix of different types of cereals in the mix. Very enjoyable.
This cereal is packed full of dried fruits. Great tasting cereal (coming from someone that grew up eating Coco Pops).


this is a lovely cereal however i wish that they didnt come in such big packs, it doesnt get soggy and its got a nice fruity taste, the dried fruit is lovely
this is a very tasty breakfast cereal. Its very tasty, has alot of fruit and also is quite high in fibre. This cereal doesnt get too soggy when left in milk, the berries make the milk taste very fruity
expensive and the size of the packs, mostly only bulk packs are available now and normally i like to change and try different cererals. Buying a large box is such a waste


Overall, I really like Uncle Tobys PLus Antioxidant lift. It stays crunchy, and is good for you, although I think it still is quite high in sugars.Good quality product, plenty of berries and 'bits'. comes in a large box which is handy! easily available from most supermarkets, and have specials quite often.There are a few different flavours of Uncle Toby Plus, but I like this one the best. A good alround family breakfast. Nice added in muffins for a bit extra texture.
Great tasting, loads of fruit,anti-oxidant addition a bonus.keeps you fuller longer.
pricier than some, but I still think value for money.


I love this cereal because for a cereal that is good for you it really packs a punch on flavour. The blueberries and cranberries are lovely and sweet, for dried fruit they are really quite moist and chewy. The flakes are light and tasty but do soggy up quite quickly so you need to eat them fast. The fact that the product boasts its anti-oxidant qualities is a bonus in a day when it is being plugged as being so important. Such a nice healthy breakfast that even kids will enjoy.
Great flavoured product, nice and filling and healthy for you too!
Just a little bit too expensive.

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