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Uncle Tobys Shredded Wheat

Uncle Tobys Shredded Wheat

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Not as good as before but still good

Why is it that a good breakfast which is just wheat and no sugar has to be expensive. Just 270 grams for 5 bucks you feel like you are paying for air. Would buy Mini wheats but they add sugar. It seems they market them for kids. Why not let people add their own sugar.
I concur that Shredded Wheat is a bit different to before but it still hits the spot.

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $4.00.

horrible new packaging

After buying and eating these for years I recently bought some for the first time in a few months and wasn't happy when I opened the box to find new packaging of them , although they seem to be smaller , might be mistaken i hate the new packaging so much I wont buy them again they are awkward to undo to tightly packaged and have definitely made it harder to unwrap. Although this may seem petty to you I will not be buying them again unless you revert to the old way . thx had my rant ....... cheers from Mr severely disappointed

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles.

Disgusting reduction in size

Other posts sum it up. Change of size leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Not too late to reverse a bad decision.

OMG , what’s happened to the size???

I’m extremely shocked as to how the Shredded wheat have shrunk in size??
These used to be my absolute favourite cereal but I’m really saddened that they are now half the size they used to be..

Not as advertised, and less convenient. Bit stale, poor packaging procedures. I used to eat three.

Well, understandably the taste and colouration has changed due to the switchover from Canadian to British wheat--however, that's no excuse for my still-fresh-after-being-imported-to-Australia Shredded Wheat to suddenly become stale after the switchover. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the fact that Shredded Wheat was packaged LOOSELY in brown paper packages, three per package, whereas now they are packed VERY TIGHTLY into white, inked paper. I mean, even the texture has changed; there's less crunch.
Continuing to print 'Using a recipe unchanged since 1893' is a nice little scam; utilising said recipe doesn't necessarily mean that said recipe is still being followed--and there's more to a recipe than simply gathering ingredients and baking it; you've got to get the food to your customers while still fresh.
I should also mention that I used to eat three per meal--or simply share the spare, or save one for later. Adding butter and Marmite (or Vegemite) used to make a nice snack. Having two stale Shredded Wheat per packet is an unwelcome change, as it requires more packaging waste (ink included), and is not objectively more convenient, especially when it's more difficult to get the Shredded Wheat out of the box.
Fresh bread is typically stored loosely in brown paper bags for added crunch--mushrooms are stored in brown paper for freshness as well. Give this some thought.
In summary, it tastes stale, it's inconveniently packaged, it's not following the original recipe, the texture, and flavour has changed, and the product is simply not as advertised. All in all, I am somewhat dissatisfied.

poor product

Since change of your shredded wheat to smaller pieces you can keep them now changing my ideas for breakfast goodbye uncle tobys

parasitic worms

taste and looks like actually an actual colony of baby tape worms. also is the wheat version of dry ramen. bad. just bad.

What have they done?

Garbage taste now and I am sure it is a smaller packaging.
No more shredded wheat for me after 60 years.

nice but very expensive

$1 per serving is pretty bad for cereal, i'll buy the w-uncle tobies weeties instead. I like how this has no added salt or anything though

Terrible taste

What have they done to Shredded Wheat they are absolutely vile left a terrible taste in my mouth very disappointed with them especially when i have eaten them for over 60 years yes 3 a day but never again. So goodbye Mr Shreddy unless you return to your proper and original taste.

Been eating shredded wheat from late 1970's in UK and late 1990's in Australia. Don't fix it, if it

Several months ago I noticed the biscuits are packed in two's now - OK I thought no problem - it may be the most popular serve. Then I opened the pack and my jaw dropped - the biscuits where not the same - slight shine, more compact. OK I thought - poured the milk, waited a minute and hooked in. Umm, this tastes nothing like my cereal! The beautiful wheaty texture and after taste was no longer there. Bland, fake!

Didn't you learn watching Cadbury's try to change to palm oil ? Crickey - sort it out - I'm outta here!

Hey honey, I shrunk the cereal!

I don't have an earlier version to compare, but have my Shredded Wheat biscuits shrunk? We used to have them sent over from England before they became available in Australia. I'm sure they were bigger not only in the olden days, but a few months ago. Perhaps they think we won't notice the shrinkage if they change the packaging. News flash, folks, I won't eat more if you make them smaller.

Great UK...not Canada!

Has made my day, UK version much better than Canada version, more dense therefore more taste, can get your teeth into it, Canada version was too light and airy! Two pack serve better than 3...who eats 3, therefore stays fresh!

New Shredded Wheat

I thought is box same...opened up new packaging 2 not 3....is less messy but biscuits compacted & different colour. Had to google to check...why change a great product ? Not the same as the highest rating i would give since. Mx

Not the same.

Smaller more dense pillows, it is not the same. I am never buying them again. Disappointed they changed my favorite cereal.

Another good product bites the dust

Surprised and disappointed to find something different in the familiar box. The wheat biscuits, clearly sourced from somewhere else, are ugly and tastless when compared to the old ones.

Not a good move

They reduced the size, they reduced the taste.
They think we don’t know. Who are they kidding!
Bring back the old one, product of Canada 280 grams.

Once again an example of cost cutting executives who do not understand the market.

The changes made to Shredded Wheat by Uncle Toby's have put many people off buying what used to be their favorite breakfast cereal. I have eaten Shredded Wheats for most of my life, 75 years, the taste of the NEW biscuit is absolutely disgusting, the colour looks like, well words fail me. my wife and I have tried them three times and have given up. Until the very unlikely return to the original biscuit formula I am one of many who will no longer buy this product. My wife has thrown out the remainder of the packet and as pensioners wasting food is not something we do lightly. Another lost customer.

Change it back

Used to be my favourite cereal.
Why change a winner.
Texture and taste are not the same, cutting costs and making products smaller will also loose you customers.
Change it back.


SW used to be my go to breakfast once a week. It now has absolutely no taste and is like horse feed. Could not eat it at all we even gave it our chickens and they wouldn't eat it either. Very angry about this change I even rang uncle Toby's and the customer service lady didn't really care all she could say was sorry. Uncle Toby's need to change it back.

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why has shredded wheat changed. for years we've been eating the original biscuit but the last box I bought is darker and smaller & doesn't taste as nice.
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Because even though the new box says 'recipe since 1893' they are now a product imported from the UK. They were formerly imported from Canada. I agree, the current biscuits are inedible.Ditto.Absolute rubbish.Go back to the original.I'm 75 years old & have been eating Shredded Wheat since i was a child growing up in the U.K & in later years when we moved to Australia. Once we've finished the last box I bought I don't think we will be buying it again. It's just not the same.


Shredded Wheat
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