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Uncle Tobys Vita Brits

Uncle Tobys Vita Brits

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Best cereal ever

Best breakfast cereal much better than weat bix has a better taste is really good with vegemite as a snack just the best have eaten it all my life and i am 71 years old

an absolute icon

forever in my heart. dont know how i would live without you vitabrits. <3 wit cocoa powder and milk, a trio too pure for this world.

Fresh and cockroach free

I won't be buying this product again as you cannot properly seal them once opened, unlike weetbix which has large seal bag

Top notch for a healthy Brekkie

Consistent product. Doesn't need added sugar - can simply add milk or yogurt and you have a good start to your day. Adding berries makes it perfect. It goes with most any other fruit. The kids like it with choccy milk, but that's a bit too sweet for my tastes.
Superior to the 'bix product.

It is a favourite food of mine

I can eat Vitabrits when I wake up or before I go to sleep
Nothing comparible to this wholesome cereal

5 a day, keeps the cancer away.

I have eaten 5 Vita Brits each morning since I was a teenager. Except for a few years ago when I was able to get low cost cooked breakfasts like bacon and eggs. I put on weight and started to get sick with flu a couple of times each year. Started reading about gut health and realised that I was starving my healthy gut bacteria of high fibre, that they need to power up the mitacondria in their cells. Switched back to '5 a day' and I haven't had a flu since. Seriously Folks. Vita Brits will definitely help your Gut Health and a healthy gut will go a long way to keeping you healthy. Thank you for reading my comment. Cheers

Only 2 ingredients: Wheat, Salt.

Tastes great, looks fresh and healthy. Only 2 ingredients: Wholegrain Wheat (99%), Salt Blend [Salt, Mineral Sea Salts (508,511)]. No added sugars or chemicals. You can add honey, fruits, and anything else to enhance the flavour :)

Buy more plastic!

The product is superb, no question: the miserly plastic packaging is infuriating. Give us enough plastic to do an easily achieved fold over.

Unbeatable cereal

Am 78 & have had Vitas for most of my life. Just cant find another cereal to my taste except heavily sugared stuff. Have Vitas every AM for breakfast except sometimes when travelling and in a motel.

Vita Brits are the best ever!

I have been eating Vita Brits since I was a child. The flavour is perfect, nutritional with many healthy benefits. My record is 18 Bricks on my 18th birthday... plenty of milk as well. Love them so much it gets me out of bed each morning. I have been known to have them as an evening meal!

Something has happened to Vita Brits

I have been having Vita Brits for breakfast for decades and it has been very consistent in its quality. Until now. The biscuits have become very inconsistent in size, some are normal thickness but a lot are very thin. I find myself hunting through the pack to find the ones I want and I'm on the point of finding something else for breakfast. Is there some reason for this inconsistency in size?

First defective pack this week

I have been eating Vita Brits for years and this week my first disappointment. Packet not sealed properly - it's obviously a production line malfunction. If the quality control guys are reading this - the product is labelled 03Sep201705:45 62833607A1. Anyway, Vita Brits tastes so much better than similar products (other brands) - so I will be sticking with it - I do add a little sugar though.

vita brits is min life

M8 wen i wake up in the morning my urge to eat the whole box without breathing is bigger than the sea. Ofcourse i need to buy 6L of milk a week but its worth it. I LOVE VITA BRITS!!!

Vita brits

I have 8 vita brits every morning for the last 45 years and would not have it any other way even my dog looks forward having 1 in the mornings

Excellent Cerial

Uncle Toby's Vita Brits in my opinion is one of the best breakfast cerials on the market. Nice and filling but not too heavy, healthy food hot or cold milk (great with hot milk on those cold days). Sprinkle a little raw or brown sugar and you will never look back.

Every day for eight years straight - Uncle Tobys Vita Brits

When I was just a small boy I would have 3 or 4 Sanitarium Weet-Bix for breakfast, I probably did this up until I was about 10 y.o. Then my breakfast routine changed to toast, and then to cooked breakfasts of eggs and bacon etc. Several years ago I regained the desire for cereal and re-tried my old favourite Weet-Bix, but it wasn't the same. I tried 2 or 3 different types of "bix" before settling on this outstanding product - Uncle Tobys Vita Brits. Their taste and wholegrain nutritional value is addictive (in a good way), and I happily look forward to 5 of them every morning with Liddells Lactose Free Milk. Amazingly, I have not tired of this Vita Brit breakfast in this lengthy time period and I truly doubt that I ever will, as I still do not see another product on the shelves that gives me the feeling that it would be a suitable replacement for Vita Brits. Wonderful product.
Superb taste and wholegrain goodness

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Finally gave up the Vita Brits in search of a new taste and composition of ingredients. Now having Be Natural of nuts, flakes and clusters, containing cashews, almonds, hazelnuts and coconut. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This is a very enjoyable cereal with I can recommend, have been using for past two year's.

Yes i can if i want to lose weight

Well i not sure what to say about it but it don't have good fiber and lots of sugar to make you want to eat more and you wont lose weight i have put it on more then any thing
It dont give you any thing but weight and make me unhealthy with its sugar content .
Any thing misleading about fiber and no sugar just like mitey soft is misleading about fiber and sugar.

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Vita Brits are much like Weetbix: flakes of something that might just as well be cardboard stuck together in a brick. I hated the way they soaked up all the hot milk and swelled into mush. As a kid made to eat this muck I was never quite sure which was worse: Vita Brits/Weetbix or porridge. Yuk!


This is a dense, good value cereal that is probably one of the healthier choices you can make. It isn't sweet at all, which can be a shock, but if you add a bit of yoghurt or fruit or all bran, you liven it up.
I buy these about every fortnight, they are a staple in our house. I think they are much better value than most cereals, which is not to say they are cheap but you get a much denser product and more for your money with these and I suspect they are about 100% healthier than most other cereals on the shelves.
There really aren't any, except the fact that our taste buds aren't always used to a sugar free cereal so they may not taste sweet. Persist though as tastes adjust within days.

Questions & Answers

Why have Vita Brits lately have hard bits of seed in them?? I am about to find another cereal before i break my plastic dentures on the hard seeds,it will be a sad day as i only like Vita Brits.consistency in the thickness of the biscuits would also be an advantage if the hard seeds can be removed.
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I also experienced this, it doesn't really look like seeds though. I'm going to make a complaint about it to Uncle Tobys.

Are vita brits high in fibre just wanting to know as I have been put on a high fibre diet? ....
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Yes vita brits are high in fibre but Kellogs All Bran is very high fibre and yummy.yes wholegrain wheat 99% NO ADDED SUGAR best breakfast cereal for natural goodness


Vita Brits
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