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Uppababy Cruz

Uppababy Cruz

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Price is creeping up but is the quality?

This pram is good - there's no doubt. Great basket, easy to operate & fold, zippy. But once you get right up there with the Bugaboo and Joolz price tags... is this enough?
I recently purchased a Bugaboo Cameleon (on sale) at $999 - that's the RRP of the Cruz. By the time you add on a $300 bassinet - the Cruz is actually more expensive. There's no perfect pram and the Cruz outdoes the Cameleon on a couple of things (ahem basket & recline function) but below are my 2 main reasons for switching from this pram:
1. SUN CANOPY: I live in QLD and that sunshade is pretty poor. The extendable UPF50 thing is such a joke, I don't even know why they bothered. It looks cheap, feels flimsy and doesn't help much at all. You might be reading this thinking huh - that's not a deal breaker surely. Well consider this: for the first few months they are mostly reclined, their fresh eyes looking directly up at something even adult eyes can't handle. They can't be in the sun at ALL as their skin is so fragile they can get burnt in the shade. So now you're clipping a wrap to your pram just to get from your car into Woolworths which is a pain, and if you've chosen the Uppa for its sleek look, kinda ruins the look imo.
2. SUSPENSION: I knew this wasn't an 'off road' pram... but I didn't think that I would slow down on the carpeted sections of Myer or would get covered in my own coffee trying to walk home. I'd recommend this pram to city dwellers with their perfectly polished sidewalks everwhere they go. I live in the suburbs and I sometimes have to stroll on old-style, uneven footpaths, gravel driveways and (gasp) GRASS! I bailed when son was around 10kg but I don't think you'd call the Cruz 'zippy' and 'easy to manouvre' when its loaded at max load. Side note -- The retail stores are all advertising the Cruz as a 22kg weight limit with a 7-10kg basket capacity. However the TechSpecs on Uppababy.com clearly say 15kg for the seat and 5kg for the basket..... https://uppababy.com/au/cruz/tech-specs/

Lightweight and easy to push!

the uppababy Cruz is a great pram and I would recommend it to anyone who needs something lightweight and easy to move. It’s particularly great in shopping centres as you can zip between aisles very easily. The only downside is because it’s so lightweight it doesn’t take uneven surfaces or anything slightly rough very well, we end up lifting the pram to ensure the baby doesn’t wake if we are pushing on uneven surfaces (even pavements that are a bit tired). Other than this I would recommend it!

Love my pram!

This pram is lightweight and easy to fold up and down. I also like that you can fold the pram down when the seat is outward facing. It's easy to maneuver and has plenty of basket storage underneath the basket. We bought an insert so it converts to a bassinet so you can use it at many stages.

The perfect pram

When I was looking for a pram for my first baby, I tried so many including the most expensive prams out there. But when I tried uppababy I feel inlove with it, it's lite, it have a big basket ( which is VERY HELPFUL) and with my back problems it's high enough so when I'm picking up my boy it's easy enough. I love the colour and the fact that it's very easy and SMOOTH to drive around. I would definitely get the double seater once I get a second baby. Totally inlove

Worth the money, no regrets!!

We've been using the Uppababy Cruz now for 7 months. We have been extremely happy with our decision to go with this pram. It is extremely lightweight and easy to lift in and out of the boot. The pram itself manoeuvres with such ease. We also purchased the bassinet, infant snug seat and parent organisers and found all of these extremely useful and complements the pram very nicely. The basket is huge and can fit so much shopping. I have definitely recommended it to all my friends and family!

Perfect !!

After going to a reds baby seminar we went to baby kingdom to purchase this uppa baby Cruz
It was very simple to decide in comparison
Reds baby I give 10 points for wheels alone
But the Cruz takes it away with the rest it's an easy decider once you see them one after another

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Reds baby in comparison is nice but too heavy and awkward Wheels are the gold star alone for the Reds

Money well spent!

We were recommended the Uppababy from friends, and we are thrilled we listened to them! We purchased the bassinet which was extremely convenient during the newborn months and allowed bub to sleep on the go. When our little one was 3.5 months we transitioned to the regular pram with the infant insert and found this to be extremely easy to transition.
Highly recommend the parent organiser, and love the little compartments in the basket below.
Easy to fold in one piece once you use the normal pram seat. The bassinet is easy to store once you no longer need it.
The grandparents have said that this pram is by far the easiest they have manouvered which is also a great win!

Very happy Mum and Bub!

The UPPAbaby Cruz is very easy to manoeuvre, fold/ unfold and pack into the car! We are very happy with the quality and variety of additional accessories that are available. My very fussy 4 month old baby girl is very comfortable and therefore I’m very happy we chose this make and model.

Very happy with my decision!

After A LOT of research my husband and I decided on purchasing the Uppababy Cruz.
Not only is the pram super stylish (I get so many compliments - especially for the gorgeous tan leather accents) but is it very lightweight, folds easily and its narrow stroller style design makes it easy to manoeuvre through tight shopping aisles even with one hand.
I would definitely recommend the Uppababy Cruz stroller to friends and family

Light, practical and stylish

After looking for the perfect pram I found it in the uppababy cruz. It was the lightest one with all the features I wanted, has big storage underneath, very easy to push, can fold and unfold with one hand, very sturdy and also looked very stylish while being at a great price. The basinette is also overnight sleep safe which was a massive selling point for me. My husband has already spilt coffee on it and was easy to remove the lining and wash it. Highly recommended.

Awesome Pram!

Shopped and tested pushed a decent amount of Prams. Wife decided on the UppaBaby Cruz, and I chose the Gregory Leather design. After using the Uppababy for the past 3 months... We love it!!! Its easy to maneuver even around the local supermarket and the local weekend markets we have here in Darwin. Its easy to fold up into the car, and the extra large basket is super handy to carry everything the baby and the parents need. So far the build quality is great and its everything we could of hoped for.

Perfect Stroller

The Cruz is such an easy stroller to maneuver wheather out at the shops or taking a stroll to the park it’s great on all surfaces. It has a 50+ extendable sun shade which is a must when protecting a baby on those hot hot days.
It’s light weight easy to fold and has an amazing basket for those extra toys or those massive shopping trips a must have for anyone with one child or more. Excellent quality that will last for years.

Awesome value for underated pram

Bloody amazing pram for the cost. Paid $799 from baby kingdom for our first born. I love the huge basket at the bottom and it’s easy maneuverbility. Only thing I don’t like would be the two parts to take pram a part to fit in the car. Annoying but all quality prams are like this.
And the shade cover isn’t as good as the bugaboo.

Good mobility

It is super easy to manoeuvre around turns. The benefit is that once the pram is being used you can collapse it as a one piece so will make it easy to fold and unfold. It is strong and sturdy however it is a tad heavier than I would have liked.

Very easy to drive around and looks nice

Bought the 2017 Uppababy Cruz special edition (nothing special just leather handle and different colour) for my new baby. Our bundle includes the bassinet (for newborn), stroller + pram. We have been out many times now with the bassinet pram (our baby is too young for stroller for now) and are loving the pram as it is easy to maneuver (easily to control single handed if you are a coffee drinker); it is easy to fold and not too heavy to carry and to be stored away in car as well as sturdy and safe for everyday use. Overall happy with quality and will recommend this to other parents.

Good pram, smooth and easy to use. Only wish there was one hand fold/unfold

We bought this at baby expo with a great discount. Being first time parents we didn’t know what we need. Uppababy was on a very good special and it looked amazing so we bought the Cruz with the bassinet. The bassinet was great however only last 3 months and my baby outgrew it which is a shame as they said the bassinet is for 0-6 months. The pram looks great and it’s very smooth on road. However really wish there was one hand operation for opening and closing as sometimes I have the bub in my other arm. Other than that no complaints. It’s a good pram!

Feel like a celebrity with this Pram!

I spent so much time reseraching for the best pram until a friend who had an older model Uppababy pram suggested the new Cruz that had just came out. I haven't looked back! I was nervous at first to assemble it but it was soooo simple. Once assembled it is so easy to open and close the pram with so much ease. I also bought the bassinet to use on the pram frame and it is as simple as clipping on the tabs on the side. It had a slot that changes from red to green to show you that the bassinet/stroller seat is set in properly and safely. When closing the frame of the pram, carrying it is so light and it fits well in the boot of the car wether you may have a 4wd to a sedan. The best part is that it has some accessories if you want to modernise your pram such as leather handle covers (which I ordered as well) which make it look stylish and is convienient, you can also add as an accessory an attachment where you can add your phone and a waterbottle for yourself as well. I love that this pram is not just great for baby but also customisable which gives me the feel of that celebrity treatment. Better than anything it is so easy to manuver with baby and I love that you can rotate the bassinet/stroller seat to have baby facing you or outwards. The pram also comes with a rain cover and netting that you can use to cover baby for extra security during weather changes. Love this product!!

Questions & Answers

Anyone else have the problem of not being able to use the basket at all when the bassinet is on?
No answers

We were told that you could avoid the bassinet phase all together and use the infant insert + chair for a newborn. Anyone have experience with this?
1 answer
Yep! We didn't purchase the bassinet and just use the insert with the wedge underneath. It doesn't lie the baby 100% flat but you'll find your baby might like to be slightly upright anyway (if your baby is refluxy and/or likes looking around like mine!). Save yourself some $ as they are only in the bassinet for a few weeks anyway.

How does this pram perform when not in shopping centre / footpath terrain? What about the compacted gravel of walking around the botanical garden?
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I took my pram to the Bathurst Show over the weekend and it performed well. It only got harder to manoeuvre when the basket was full and heavy. If you will be using the pram on lots of rough terrain I would recommend something with more suspension though.


Uppababy Cruz
Price (RRP) $1,099.95
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age6+ months
Max User Weight 23 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialSolid
Weight10 kg
Folded Dimensions13 x 57 x 91 cm

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