Spacious! Easy to fold and manoeuvre!

Amazing pram! Super smooth with great storage. I can do my entire grocery shop and fit everything underneath. We even fit our 20L esky underneath. Once transitioned from the bassinet, prams folds in one movement. Can’t wait to use the double option once baby #2 is here.

Only negative is the weight. I had a c-section and wouldn’t recommend lifting for a few months.

Great pram

We decided on the Uppababy because most of our friends have one and they all raved about it. So glad we did. Easy to manoeuvre, well built and sturdy. The bassinet is a good length (although our son outgrew it pretty quickly), only downside is it gets pretty hot in the bassinet so be careful monitoring the temperature. We used it as a portacot when we went away in those first few months which was great! Our son is comfy in the seat, we purchase the newborn insert which was a good investment.

Ticks every box but safety!

This is the pram my hubby and I were set on. We just instantly fell in love and couldn’t come close to liking any other pram as much... 8 weeks of using it and discovered how dangerous the top of the shoulder straps are because they are just a hoop not an actual clip... can still say it’s a good pram though like everything ELSE about it. Like the basket is huge, it’s so light to lift and push.. bassinet is a good size, has a awesome sunshade to cover bub. But unfortunately something like a safety feature can’t be a fault for me to want to keep the pram/be comfortable having my children in. For Uppababy to not even careless but just try defend themselves... it’s not a cheap pram, care for your customers!

Regretful Purchase

I was so excited to upgrade to the Vista when we found out we were expecting our 3rd. Unfortunately my personal experience didn't live up to my expectations. The first couple of months using it with just my toddler was great but once we added the bassinet the frame started creaking like crazy and feels really rickety. We bought the skateboard hoping that would help but the frame is still creaky and wobbly. I've tried contacting Uppababy to get it repaired or replaced under warranty however I'm still 1 month later trying to find out what's going on. Also the leather on the handle bar has shrunk and looks horrible. It works well on most terrains but does have a wide wheelbase so can be difficult indoors. My bub will happily have nap time in the pram and the bassinet was amazing, unfortunately he only fit until 3 months old.

BEWARE: Great at first...and then you discover its MANY flaws!!!

At first we loved this pram for it's lightweight yet roomy design. It was a breeze to push compared to many other double/tandem prams and we were confident that we'd made the right choice.

HOWEVER, after a few months use we started to regret upgrading our robust and reliable Bugaboo for the trendier Uppababy. Admittedly, we have two children and the pram is used daily but we couldn't get over just how many faults we had!

Firstly, the brake failed and our frame had to be replaced because the locking mechanism was faulty. Next we noticed a creaking sound when we pushed it - this persisted for a couple of weeks until my husband investigated further and discovered that the welding around the base joins had began to part, almost to the point where the entire pram would've collapsed one day when we were out! Again, we had to have the frame replaced under warranty. Then, with the third frame, we've experienced another brake failure (this appears to be a common fault) which I raised with Uppababy directly due to safety concerns only to receive a very blase, couldn't-care-less response.

On another occasion we've had a front wheel just snap off, requiring a replacement yet again. And finally we've had two snack trays crack along the plastic hinges which suggests a weakness in the design. Again, we raised this as a manufacturing flaw but both Uppababy and its Australian distributor refused to replace both trays inferring that they were mishandled. They were not - it's simply a poor design with cheap workmanship. Given that we were somewhat infuriated by the distributor's response we took the matter further with Uppababy HQ. That was a complete waste of time as they have the most incompetent Customer Relations department I've ever experienced. Weeks would pass and I'd hear nothing or be fobbed off to another email address that bounced back. Nobody was interested in helping whatsoever until finally the Customer Relations Manager directed me back to my Australian distributor!?! Useless customer service!!!

Furthermore, if you have only one child seated in the pram you will often experience wobbling front wheels due to the uneven weight distribution. This means the front wheels will flap like crazy so you can't walk any faster than a crawl - ridiculous design!

Both my husband (who is a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer by the way) and I really wanted to like this pram and in our early days of use we would rave about it and recommend it to other couples. However, over time the shine has worn off and we've realised it's just an overpriced piece of junk that is unsafe for long-term, regular use. Sure, it looks nice and initially it feels like a quality pram but we now regret endorsing it to others and cannot recommend it for use with two children.


PS. Unlike other Uppababy Reviewers on this site, I did not receive any incentive from Uppababy for posting this review.

Love this pram

I searched far and wide for the best pram and I am more than happy with my vista.
I wanted to make sure I would only be buying one pram that would last me a long time as I am planning on having more kids in the future.
The vista is built really really well. The quality is great, it looks amazing. The storage space is spacious - can fit a whole shop for a family of 3 easily. Can add an extra seat for another child. But the best part is by far the drivability. The drive is smooth and it is easy to steer. I am really glad I bought this pram and would 100% recommend it to anyone that wants a really good all round pram.
It's not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for and I'm very happy with my investment.

i love this pram

i found the vista really good as a double pram and not overall heavy to lift when getting into the car or out of it. it fold really easy and at times i could set it up one handed. using it as a double pram was great when my 4 yr old was refusing to walk and it was easy to use.

Great choice

Uppababy is great. Compact and light. Design is nice too. Easy to fold and fit in smaller cars. Just wish i purchased the uppababy Vista. Also the uppababy strollers are great too. Only thing that i dont like about the uppababy alta is that the baby cant lay flat in the pram.


The extension canopy fabric tears out after 6 months of use and it's not covered under warranty for repair. I don't understand why such fragile fabric is used for the canopy. It's a such expensive pram. Not worthy the money.
The canopy extension is useless under windy condition and not long enough for sunny days.
It also take up a lot of space in the car.

We love our vista pram

We love using our vista pram and taking our little one out for walks. It's very strong and the handle is a good length and the wheels grip very well on the ground. The over top hood really keeps the sun out but the luggage carrier could be much bigger

Best pram on the market

I have been using this pram for over a year and cannot fault it. It is smooth the use, incredible storage, love having bub sitting up so high with me and the sunshade is one of its best features. After trying so many other prams, uppababy was hands down the best quality and smooth ride for both myself and bubs. Love that it can accommodate 2 babies without loss to the storage which is so needed with everything babies need. Cannot recommend the investment anymore. Don't hesitate to try it out, you will love it and buy it immediately!

This stroller is very attractive to me.

This stroller is very attractive to me. First of all, the stroller does feel very sturdy and safe, plus a huge basket that is convenient for shopping. Second, there is a great feature that is the height of the seat. High height of the landscape, so that the baby and our distance closer, communication more convenient. The front and rear seats can then be exchanged for easy folding and opening.

Love it!

I bought this pram second hand (although it had only been used for 6 weeks by first owner), as i thought the cost brand new was a little steep. Worth every cent! I love how big the storage basket it - I can literally put a whole grocery shop down there.
Its easy to steer and its great being able to change the direction of the seat, as I loved having my baby face me when he was younger. The one handed recline and handlebar adjustment is also so handy!
It is a big pram, but if you like shopping etc it is amazing!

Highly recommend best buy

Easy to push around on all surfaces. Compact fold and lightweight to lift into the car. Bassinet is perfect even if you wish to use it as a overnight sleep, good when travelling in lieu of bring a massive porter cot. Great material you can wipe down clean. I Added on the leather bumper and handle as a perfect addition - it wears well given the fact its in high use when pushing the pram

Very sturdy

Easy to maneuver and it's a solid build. I like that it has many configurations for a growing family, and the shipping tray below is so large!
Compared to other models I've seen, this is the easiest to change between forward facing seat and rear facing seat.
Initially, I didn't want to pay more than $300 for a stroller but after seeing so many other brands, this seemed worth the money.
Comes with a bassinet to for newborns and the extendable sun shade with vents really sold me.
Another great feature is the height of the seats. I don't want to be bending all the way down to be lifting the baby out of the seat. The handle bars are height adjustable too so it's great for both short and tall parents.

Pretty good but small bassinet and flimsy sunshade

I had done a lot of research and was excited to buy this pram for my first baby. Very good quality and sturdy with big basket (great for groceries). However the bassinet is quite short and my baby outgrew in by 2 months... and you can’t use toddler seat until 3 months so I have to buy the snug seat insert so she can use the pram for the next month. if you think you might have a tall baby, and will be using bassinet, i suggest you look at alternative brand (bugaboo and Joolz have very long bassinets). Also, the canopy is nice but the silver extension part is quite flimsy and it has mesh on the sides so baby still exposed to glare even when it’s fully down...so I need to cover with muslin if she wants a snooze. It’s relatively easy to fold and unfold, but a bit tricky to carry in folded state. Good quality wheels give a pretty smooth ride.

I always wanted an uppababy

I was always going to get an uppababy, I wanted one and that was it! I didn’t look around which looking back I wish I did.

Look, it’s a great single pram - great basket, easy to push, looks lovely but it’s really not great for any terrain that isn’t flat.

That being said though we do like outlets pram but wish maybe it had better wheels. :)

Great recommendation an Bub loves it

We got recommended to buy this while looking around at different options for our new born. Being first time perants it was hard to know what was safe or not but after buying this we haven't looked back. It handles very well and easy to use and fold away! Plus bubs love it

Love it!

Kiddie country customer service was not great. My order was dispatched significantly later than advertised and I was not offered any form of compensation for that. However, So happy with my uppa baby! Was torn between this and the bugaboo and steelcraft but so glad I went uppa baby! it’s so easy to manoeuvre with one hand (ican walk my retriever on a lead in one hand and push baby in the other) easy to fold out and get into our small car too and we can add extra seats later if we want. The basket is huge too!

Excellent pram - highly recommended

This pram is easy to use, fold and reopen and most importantly my baby loves it! It’s built extremely well and gives you confidence that baby is well protected and comfortable when out and about. Only downside (why it’s 4 stars instead of 5) is the price. Very expensive but worth it in my opinion.

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Questions & Answers

Is this pram fit in Nissan MICRA 2017 car boot?
3 answers
Hi Best is to go to the store and ask the staff to try if it fits in your boot. Thats what we did seeing if it fity in the toyota corolla. I think it wont fit. But worth trying. Good luck.Fits in my mazda 2 not sure what a Nissan micra is like, I just split it into 2 and put the seat next to the baby seat in the back or passenger seat if its just me and bubs.I was able to get it into a Hyundai i30 but it is a tight fit. I'd go to a store and try it yourselve as thats the only way to know for sure

Has anyone used the bassinet overnight? If so, do you recommend buying the stand? apparently it's safe for overnight use. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks!
2 answers
We used the bassinet for about 10weeks overnight with the uppababy stand. We used till bub could roll and then stopped using.Thanks Chrissie, do you think the stand is necessary?

Can anyone help please...I need to know which infant safety/capsules can be used with the new Uppababy Vista Henry? Thanks so much
2 answers
Hi Trich, I use Maxi Cosi Mico Ap Isofix. I find it very useful as it can be used as car seat as well. I got this as a gift so don't know the price details. Hope I could help you.Thanks Tara...how are you finding the Vista Henry...I want to buy it for my daughter...bubba will be her first...its just the start of her & her hubby's lil family...so wants something that will grow with them... Do you find it easy to fold & unfold? That's a feature that's important to me..I had the worst time with my eldest daughter's pram...a nightmare...don't want to go through that with my 2nd grandbaby lol...Thanks for taking the time to respond...its great appreciated Take care Trich : )


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