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Urban Edge Conveyancing

Urban Edge Conveyancing

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I called them 5 times throughout the day..... ALWAYS engaged, disgusting business. The mobile is disconnected. I only went to them because my Land Sales said they were doing business with them. Hence, had no choice. If you do have a choice choose ANYONE ELSE. cheers

Warning! Do Not Use This Person

They didn't even provide a notice of acquisition to the council at the time of settlement and hence the council rates were still in the previous owner's name. This was not discovered until months later as all the council rates invoices were still being sent to the previous owner and interest had consequently accrued on the outstanding balance.

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What more can I say, 22 out of 26 reviews find Urban Edge's services to be 'terrible'. I can't add much to what is written below other than to warn that using this service WILL cost you more money in the long run. However, worse still, it will add a whole lot of STRESS to your process, and cost you your time. I worked as a solicitor and thought I could keep a close eye on the process however the lack of contact makes this very difficult. Be prepared to do a lot of tidying up after your settlement.

Do Not Use This Company

This company cost me over $700 on top of the fee due to a delayed settlement. They were terrible to deal with, and never returned my calls - i was constantly chasing them. I would recommend going with any other company and paying a higher fee to avoid further fees down the road from their lack of professionalism.

Stay away from at all cost

Do not use. Simple.
The director who handles everything (first red flag) is unprofessional, arrogant, incompetent. These are kind words to describe the services given.
Put my deposit at risk.
Delayed important tasks which would take 5minutes by a week which meant a delayed settlement and lots of stress.
Has a poor understanding of contract law.
Has a poor understanding of what information a client would need.
Unreachable by phone for days at a time.
Doesn't answer questions via email.
Had to chase constantly to make sure simple tasks were completed.
Forced me to make contact with vendors solicitor to tell them what was going on.
Save yourself a lot of stress and time go elsewhere.

0 star

Careless [name removed] of Urban Edge/Budget Conveyancing.

[name removed] made too many various mistakes on all of the forms that were sent to me to sign. Not only incorrect address, DOB, Name, but also transfer of land form was incorrectly filled with other property’s information. I had to check every details and followed up with him. He sounded rude and no sense of apologies. He told me to just cross them out, but I refilled the forms again myself for cleanness.

[name removed] wouldn’t reply to emails that contained question marks. I had to call him to get answers, uncleared answers. This was not the worst. When the settlement was approaching, [name removed] didn’t communicate efficiently with my mortgager and caused my settlement delayed. When I complained, [name removed] returned swear words over the phone and hung up on me.

This was how [name removed] was running this kind of ridiculous business and he survived so far, amazing [name removed].

1. Errors in Transfer of Land:
- incorrect volume number and folio number in the original copy that were sent to vendor for signing
- incorrect street name of purchased property in the amended copy that was lodged at settlement
- no apology received

2. Errors in Duties Form 53D Principal place of residence concession declaration:
- The purchase price was $700,000. [name removed] answered “Yes” to “The dutiable value of the property is more than $130,000 but not more than $550,000”?!!
- incorrect date of birth of the second person
- we were even not eligible to claim this concession for that purchase price
- no apology received

3. Errors in Duties Form 62 Purchaser Statement:
- incorrect street name of purchased property
- incorrect person on the second form. The purchasers are in joint names and the forms should be filled in for each person, but two forms are exactly the same.
- we received two days before settlement and asked for posting back to the conveyancer. I was worried the mail could be delayed and then I had to hand over the forms in person at settlement office
- no apology received

4. Shortfall and delayed settlement
- I received email from urban edge to get a bank cheque of 100k for the shortfall on the settlement day. I didn’t have access to such large amount in such short term notice. The settlement was delayed with interest and resettlement fees charged.

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Stay Away.. Complete Crooks!!

Operate as husband and wife business under Budget Conveyancing and Urban Edge Conveyancing. Too many complaints so changed business names from Budget to Urban Edge but still same crappy service. I got conned by them twice before found out that was the same company. First occasion was when they were operating as Budget Conveyancing and mis-spelt the vendors names incorrectly on the paperwork resulting in delayed settlement and financial penalty from bank and they even charged me extra due to delay. 2nd occasion when they were operating as Urban Edge Conveyancing; Sent through my signed paperwork twice but lost them??!! All sent to their PO Box at Charlton with tracking and lost on both occasions?!! Never answered phone calls and emails as well; if lucky got some automated email response with the same message several times. Booked settlement date with vendors conveyancers without final bank approval which is very strange and unprofessional! Bank requested for paperwork but no response and caused even further delays! Called them once and managed to get through to the office number and a woman answered and informed that the man (one man operation) was no longer looking after my file and that she was and could not hear her properly as there was children crying the in background and said she would call me back as she was occupied!? Very unprofessional! more than a month delay in settlement and no response or update as its always me chasing up for update on whats going on. Not worth $579 and should have gone with a decent and professional conveyancer for another $100 more! Learn it the hard way. Beware that they operate the business under multiple names to avoid detection and not get scammed like how i was!!

Very good service, communication may not be immediate but Joel gets the job done!!

We were quite happy with the service! Joel did a good job and provided the service we required, most people would probably have chosen this company due to the price, I feel they did what was necessary in regards to selling our property.
I've seen some negative feedback and think if you require a chatty voice on the other end of the phone when you ring your conveyancer, then look to someone who charges $700.00 plus.
If you want the job done with little fuss then Joel's the person for the job!
Very happy with the service, thank you Joel!

Cheryl. G 8.11.2016

Avoid Urban Edge Conveyancing

My partner and I purchased a property that settled in June 2015 using Urban Edge Conveyancing, namely [name removed]. Whilst this transaction was going on [NAME REMOVED] was just about un contactable and abrupt to say the least. As the transaction was underway and we were living interstate we let them proceed. After about nine months or so after settlement you can imagine our shock when the previous owner contacted us to inform us that the property had not been transferred from his name. We have since found out that the previous owners bank still holds a mortgage over the property. Urban Edge's response to this was to send us all the legal papers for the transfer unstamped and to tell us that they don't do the transfer, what does a conveyancer usually do? I have used conveyancers many times and this is a first to me. It would now appear that we are to be hit with a hefty fine for not lodging the transfer. If you want half a transfer done, use this company, if you want the job done in a professional and proper manner, avoid them at all costs. I agree with the review by BeeGizmo, this company should not be allowed to practice. VERY Disappointed.

Great conveyancer, good communication

Can't recommend them highly enough! I don't understand the bad reviews at all. Have used Urban Edge twice, and both times, can't fault the service. Have used another conveyancer for another property and charges twice the amount and only half the service!

TERRIBLE!!! Bad communicators

Urban Edge Conveyancing leaves everything to the last minute. They changed the settlement time without informing the vendor and the buyers. Communication with them is very slow at times, especially closer to settlement date.

Worst conveyancer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never answered or responded to calls. I did most of the running around myself. I had to send him copies of contracts and other documents even though he was already sent copies,and had to deal with purchasers conveyancer to get any information instead of Joel dealing with it as he should have. He didn't send land documents until Sunday night (settlement on Monday) after at least 10 emails requesting them. Settlement was a disaster with no response or confirmation documents or receipts for owners Corp fees despite being requested several times. Other customers information sent in error to me and he didn't even notice.
Urban edge conveyancing should not be allowed a license.

Do not use unless you want to do everything yourself!!

It is now more than 3 months since our property settled. We did not receive a disbursement summary; we had to put it together ourselves. Worse than that though the utilities (rates and water) have not been paid despite the cheques being issued at settlement. When asked why, we were told it was our problem so to contact our bank. We are still awaiting full settlement and re-issue of these cheques. I will never use this company again.

Cheap and nasty! Don't be fooled. Avoid at all cost.

Terrible to deal with. Documentation provided by [name removed] was incorrect and consequently settlement was delayed and I incurred default interest charges.

The Worst Conveyancing Experience

Urban Edge Conveyancing is the worst professional service I have ever had in a decade. [name removed] is so rude, non professional and arrogant when talking to him. He has lied about emailing me Transfer of Land Document earlier which he did not. It would have cost me interest charge 12% if I did not personally gone to vendor's conveyancing agent to drop off. I am planing to sue him in coming days and if any affected client wants to join me for the class action, feel free to leave a comment.
I doubt in his professional abilities and contacting relevant departments as well.

Urban Edge Worst Ever

Urban Edge Conveyancing is definitely the worst conveyancer ever. [name removed] is incompetent, lazy, arrogant, liar & does not know what he's doing. Did not want to do settlement, we had to push him to do it which is what he was getting paid for. On settlement, he sent us the wrong land tax bill which he claimed we had to pay before he could do settlement which we paid then I personally had to chase up through Victorian Land Tax office to get refund which hinged in him getting our property submitted to them. This took him almost a week to do after settlement as he does not submit like most modern businesses via the net. He lied several times & told us that he submitted the land title & also contacted them & I found out through the tax office that he had not even contacted them or submitted any paperwork. After overpaying around $7000 we finally got our money reimbursed after several weeks no thanks to [name removed]. You would think he would make the effort to correct his mistakes but I had to chase it up and he was rude & arrogant throughout this whole process. Don't use him whatever you do. You will regret it. I did.
Garth & Lara Robinson from NSW.

Amazing Service

Joel & the team at Urbanedge turned my conveyancing mater around in under 48Hrs after another firm stuffed up.
Amazing service, no problems, bailed me out big time!!

You Pay Bananas You Get Monkeys

I don't know how this guy still holds his license. Never around. Does not reply promptly to emails and calls. Settlement venue was out of CBD. He changed my settlement time 2 times during the day and blamed the other conveyancer. My banks agents called me looking for him. After 30 minutes, I was told he finally sent a lady (we are assuming is his wife) to the settlement when she had no idea what to do. Our banks settlement people had to fix up the documents he had prepared because lady had no idea what to do. He was uncontactable through the process. Has still not provided me with break up of costs. Do not believe testimonials on his own web page. Clearly he does his own, regularly. Overall my fault, thought I would go for the cheapest conveyancer, actually cost me more. Wish I paid that $90 more to the solicitor who quoted me and had my job done with no stress.

Terrible experience

Unprofessional and rude. I had to sent all my documents 2 times as [name removed] has missing them. . I kept requesting for feeses and stamp duty details, they didnt give any details of feeses till the date of settlement and no details about stamp duty. On the morning of settlement date Joel ring me and told I was short of $2000 in my account that will delay the settlement and i will be paying penalties for delaying settlement . That was really shocking. Urban edge made this dealing hard rather than making it easier, i dont recommend them to anyone not even to my enemies

Excellent Service

great service for the price - automated messages kept me informed with regiular phone calls to let me know what was going on. Settled on time and were ready for a settlement one week before it was due. Definitely recommend these guys

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Questions & Answers

Does anyone know the ABN number for Urban Edge Conveyancing?
No answers

Has anyone had dealings with this person from the other side (as in the person buying from someone using this company)? It is just as big a nightmare from that side as well.
5 answers
My conveyancing company has been on the other side a couple of times and it's been a nightmare! So many things done wrong, NO attention to detail whatsoever. Must be costing his clients so much money in penalty costs...can't understand why people still insist on using this idiot! Cheap for a reason! He must be shut down and banned ASAP!Finally got through the maze of incompetence and settled 5 days late. I just can't imagine what the vendor went through. Impossible to deal with on any level.We used them both for buying and selling and both were an absolute nightmare. There has to be better options!!!!!

whats the address for Urban edge Conveyancing?
1 answer
that was all online and over the phone dealing.. couple of times I tried to book an appointment with them to meet in person but I didn't get an appointment from them. I am pretty sure their office is in Carlton, Victoria.

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