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V Energy Drink

V Energy Drink

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V pure 5 natural ingredients

Taste crap and feeling sleepy after drinking that's why it's so cheap redbull better in same size ..so try that one.


Honestly loved the orange v definitely need to bring that back. Could live off of it. The orginal is still good just the orange is alot better

Love V Pure

I have been searching for an alternative to the original V for a long time. This product is sweetened with apple juice instead of the highly processed sugars in the other products and it still tastes good!!!

V bling is delicious.

I know V bling is full of sugars and chemicals and cans are bad, but it is so tasty. I absolutely love it and the packaging is wonderful. It taste best ice cold from fridge and served over ice. Delicious. To bad it's a limited addition :( wouldn't drink too many though. Don't wanna put on weight.


I have been drinking the Bling V since it came out I think it taste the best by far but lately I been buying them and they have the green v product inside.. it's been pissing me off as I went to a few stores to try more to see if I can get a true Bling v. I found that the ones labeled with expired date in the 2nd month of next year have the wrong product.. has anyone else had this problem?

Very addictive, which I'm not opposed to

Good drink for a boost of energy. Though it is quite addictive, which I don't mind at the moment. I like the blue flavour, though I tend to go for V zero because I drink so many...

This drink is my addiction expecially the Green can Wow,

What can i say about this drink V the green one,,,,??. YIAMMY iam Addictive to it ,i have it every day ,is it good for me???

The poor cousin of Red Bull

Only drink this stuff if I can't get my hands on a Red Bull. Tastes ok but not my first choice

I love the taste... but V gives me the runs...

I've drank V occasionally on and off for years. It matches perfectly with certain foods. But really, I shouldn't have another can. Simply because it does give me the runs. I find myself spending so much longer in the bathroom after a can of V than any other energy drink. And following them, my energy is completely drained for the rest of the day. For me, the effect of V is to actually disrupt my digestive system and to deplete my energy levels. Does anyone else have this issue?

V pure

Well done guys. Well done. Finally a natural energy drink that tastes good and isn't battery acid. About time someone did it.

Not that great

I don’t see what’s the big deal with this brand. The taste is nothing different from other store bought brands, maybe it has a slightly better aftertaste. I used to have it when I was working long nights, but I’ve switched over to another brand. I need to have more than one for the effects to kick in – and I’m pretty sure that’s not good for you in the long run. It’s become pricier too!

I love the new V coffee

Is much as I love you and you ice coffee the night owl in Redbank Plains Qld is selling your v ice coffee for $6.99 to me that is a pathetic price that cost more than a kids meal at McDonald's.

This is the first shop that I've seen selling your drink so expensive everywhere else is 5 dollars which to me is still expensive but hey way better price than 7

No1 energy ⚡ drink by far

I drink 2 500ml original cans per day, and it's just like having a strong tasty cool coffee. By the energy boost you receive not in tasting like a coffee. Nowadays everything's getting so fast, and instead of getting left behind I choose to get a blast and keep up. The taste is smooth, I feel sick when trying other energy drinks. V's em up

Heart attack & diatietes in a can

V energy is and will kill u
Not to
Mention all the energy drinks pumped with chemicals and sugars
Need a heart attack ??? Buy a energy drink !

Bring back the real black!

Why was the original black deleted, Graphite it nothing like it and a very poor replacement ! Every flavour bought out lately has been crap, I dont know what V does for product research ? However it is done its flawed ! Still dont like Red Bull, going back to buying Red Eye from supermarkets
Black tasted great !

Can't get enough!

V is the best and only energy drink that I buy, I love the taste and the price I can't understand why these were negative points in some of the other reviews? I am still a fan of the original green 250ml can and love when the supermarkets put the 4 packs on special, I find it very refreshing and not as sickly sweet as the others especially red bull, I am currently pregnant so I am desperate for when I can have my next V fix!
Love the taste & the price
Not safe for pregnant woman :(

Good standard energy drink

Regular consumer of the drink. Tastes better than some, a bit of an off aftertaste. Unlike Red Bull it contains Taurine - not sure if that makes much of a difference. Good for an early start or working into the night.
Decent taste
Not much of a kick, getting more expensive

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I just came out of hospital with stomach ulcers that have been caused by my consumption of V. I only drink V at least every second day and only one, but over a period of time has caused me to have ulcers. I strongly recommend that one every week is enough. If it can burn into my stomach lining, it will do the same to you :/


overall V is a good product with lots of different flavours to choose from, cann get a bit plain and boring if your always drinking it, needs more energy in it and an inexpensive product compared to others however i only buy it on special for $1 each.
V energy drinks tastes really good, variety of flavours, good substitute for coffee, gives some energy, dfosnt cost as much as other energy drinks, come in a good sized can.
you need to have more then 1 to get a decent amount of energy, really bad for you, gives me a head ache.


I used to buy these a lot because they were the cheapest energy drink on the market but I refuse to buy them now due to how expensive they have become. The only good thing I can say about the V energy drinks is that it does give you a boost in energy and basically does as it says on the can.
This drink gives you a boost of energy when you are feeling a little drained.
It doesn’t taste too great at all. It used to be one of the cheaper brands on the market but has grown in popularity and therefore has also grown in price.

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It taste gr8 IMO


I love V, it is a great tasting drink and very refreshing! It is easily available and not too expensive. It comes in several different flavours and sugar free options!
Great taste, gives me a small energy boost, fairly cheap, can get sugar free.
The energy boost really isn't huge.

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Questions & Answers

Is there a fake V energy drink in the market?
No answers

Is it healthy to have v energy drinks every day? ?? Trully addicted to it
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No , As it has lots of sugar. Maximum one -three a week.

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