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Valco Snap 4

Valco Snap 4

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Awesome pram and good value

Smooth ride feels very light, I transitioned from a 3 wheel stroller with pumped up tires , so it felt a little hard on the bumps at first.
My daughter fitted in snug and it has a great pulley system for either laying her down or sitting right up still being securely fastened with the 5 point harness.
The built in hood is great for sunny/rainy days and the basket/carry compartment underneath is deceivingly big. Really easy to fould down and put in my car and popping it back out is quick and convenient in parking lots and impatient drivers and my child (: overall really great product I have had it for two years now and it still works perfect ... I would definitely recommend

Great in the beginning but bad quality so only enough for 1 child.

We loved the pram in the beginning as it was lightweight easy to manoeuvre and light weight with big wheels. But first thing broke at less than one year. The materials used are not good quality. Now with almost 2 years (one baby) it broke in so many places. screws fell off, one handle cuffs came off and the material broke in 2 different places. It has had a normal use, no extreme use. So all in all, I would have bought another brand if I had known.

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Hi Malin, sorry this has been your experience. If you would like to call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000 they will try their very best to help you with these issues :)

Brake cable snapped

I was initially very happy with this pram. It’s super lightweight and very easy to fold. Fits in the back of a small car with groceries, with no problems. Today however, I started to hear a clicking sound with the wheels and it turns out the left brake cable had snapped and the wheel is now locked. I’m now deciding whether to replace the brake, or just go with another more reliable pram. Unfortunate, as I had gotten so much use from it, but it’s failed just as I needed it for baby number 2.

Hi Jd2, I have replied to your private message as well. Please call our customer service team, they will be able to help you with this right away. Our number is 03 9581 8000.An update to this issue - I called the number and was sent a new brake. Unfortunately my pram was out of warranty so I had to pay the replacement brake cost. It took 3 days to come. It came without any instructions, but was easy enough to work out (after watching instructional videos from other brands). Hopefully this will last. I have to say that the customer service of Valco is very good - if only their products were too.

Can't Fault It!

Bought this pram back in 2015 for my first child. I have used it so much and I honestly cannot fault it's functinality, maneuverability and durability.
I gave it a good scrub last year and it came up near brand new and I am now using it for my second baby.
The low cost purchase price is unbelievable and I am so glad it was recommended to me from a sales member at The Pram Warehouse instead of the more costly Baby Jogger.
All of my friends and family are on the their 2nd, 3rd even 4th prams but mine has well and truly stood the test of time. So so happy with this product!


It is a very good product. However it is quite unbalanced, leaning toward more toward the back which can be dangerous for the kid when they try to climb on top of the stroller.
I tried using it in the city and for shopping, very nimble, able to turn on the spot and fits in most buses and trains.
Good little handy thing to have especially when it rains

Great pram!

We bought the Snap 4 tailormade in blue denim. Its been an excellent purchase. Really glad we got this pram. We wanted something light but not too filmsy. And not too expensive either. At 6.6kg this pram fit the bill. We haven't had any issues with it and been using it for a year now.

Better then expected

We went with this pram for two reason, it was a good price and it folded up into a good compact size to fit into my very small car boot, but I’ve been really happy with it as a overall. It’s easy to maneuver around, it’s very light to lift once folder and it’s been easy to clean to! I love the carry basket underneath and it can be reclined to and Angle for bubs comfort.

Brake Cabke Alsi Snappes

Excellent pram to use but have had problems. Brake cable snapped on one side and have had a wheel replaced due to faulty bearings.
The pram is just out of warranty. For the price the pram should be far better quality. We bought a $49 stroller in Bangkok which has had more use and less problems.
Will not buy Valco again.

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Hi Mark, I am so sorry this has been your experience. Can you please call our customer service team, they will be able to assist you with this over the phone. Our phone number is 03 9581 8000

Good basic pram

This pram is light, easy to fold and i can maneuver with one hand even with my baby and all baby stuff on the pram. We love this pram alot but not my baby. He was insecure and prefer to be able to see me when he is on the pram.

Valco snap- Brakes

Amazing compelling customer experience . I reported the brakes have snapped, within a week they organise a new one without a question. Apart from that it is a very good pram.light weight and quality product for the price
100% I recommend to buy stuffs from valcobaby

Thanks valcobaby

love it compacts also

this is extremely easy to maneuver around i love the fact that it doesn't have those cheap plastic wheels and they have the pump ones, all these prams these day with those cheap wheel and still costing a fortune. It is very easy to unfold and carry very compact for my small car! love the quality and build so happy i got this pram.

Light weight

We are using valco baby snap4 baby pram. It is very light weight pram. Easy to carry when boarding into trams or buses. Breaking system is very easy even when busy condition.
Very comfortable for babies during their sleep.
Can carry by closing it with one hand without any difficulty.

I've tried quite a few prams and this is the best

Light weight, durable, best hood on the market (talk about sun protection!), easy to manoeuvre and simple to fold. Want more? Okay! It also has a great basket size, 5 point harness for safety and if you buy the sports pack you can take it almost anywhere thanks to the pneumatic wheels.
I seriously love this pram and I've tried a fair few. It stacks up well even against most of the more expensive models and you can tailor it to your style by choosing from a variety of hood colours.
I've had mine for over 3 years now and while I have changed the wheels once, the pram is still going strong with occupant number 2.

Light, compact and comfortable pram

We bought the Valco Snap 4, 2 years ago at Bubs Baby. It is easy to open and fold, light to carry and comfortable for your babies and toddlers. I used it forward facing when my baby used the capsule and then back facing. I recline almost horizontally when he is sleeping. The canope is good enough to protect him for the sun. I bought th uv sun shade protector as well. Value for money. Last long. The only thing is that there is not much space to put your shopping bags but it is one of the lighters pram in the market.


It's super light! It's much easier to handle with, fold them and put it in the boot. The seat part can face two ways. I quite like the design of this pram, it looks fashion. Though this pram does not very large, the baby sit there won't feel the space is small. it is much better if the seat could adjust to flat.

Great pram

This pram has been a godsend, it's light, easy to maneuver and has never given me any issues. I love that I can just open it with one hand as I pull it out of the car. I took one star off as if the back has shopping on it then the pram tips when I take my daughter out. Though I guess this is the price I pay for having such a light pram. I've used it for 18 months and still really love it.

Great pram - easy to transport

Awesome pram as it's really lightweight, great to carry and transport in the car, folds down easily and even fits in the passenger seat of a small car - great for a short trip when you can't be bothered putting it in your trunk or ute. Wheels around very easily and can be pushed with one hand - simple to turn. The only negative point is it's tricky to put things in the basket on the bottom as there's a carry strap dangling in the way..
would buy again!

Great pram, just doesn't last very long...

It is a fantastic pram. Easy to fold and unfold, great for traveling and for bus/train. It fits in a full car too.
The only problem is it doesn't last very long. After one year the break is stuck so am I! The pram would not move any more.
I left message on the website 2 months ago and no answer and I tried to call them, busy all the time...
I am going overseas and wanted to take the pram and don't really want to buy new one as my kids are almost growing out of it...

Hi, I am sorry you have been unable to contact us or get through to us. If you would like to private message your phone number to Valcobaby Aus on Facebook I can organise for someone from our customer service team to call you :)Sorry, I don't use Facebook. If you check your own website for customers' enquiries as quickly as bad reviews, then my review would be a positive one...Hi thanks for the feedback but unfortunately that is not my department and I don't have access to that information. I can however help on this site or facebook, if you should choose.

Great, still going strong 3 1/2 yrs later despite being my main form of transport!!!

Easy to maneuver
Easy to fold/unfold. Super light.
5 point harness easy to use, can be just used as a lap belt (3 points) if preferred.
Happy with build quality *with exception of the brakes.
Excellent customer service

Brakes broke twice, first time was a pain as I was out and about. Second time I knew it was coming (makes a ticking noise when walking) and requested a new one to be sent before it actually broke. Customer service sent them free of charge straight away, must be a known design fault for this batch.

I'm now onto my 2nd child and it's a still going strong. I'd definitely recommend Valco products.

Perfect stroller for everyday use.

We light but sturdy, easy to fold, it has a handle for carrying once folder and a sholder strap (which is awesome if you have to take a few steps and there is no lift nearby).
Construction is good, we bought this replace an old pram as we were travelling to Europe for a month, the best decision.
At at price that doesnt break the bank.

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Does the valco snap 4 accept steelcraft onyx capsule?
No answers

Hi, We were very impressed with the Snap Ultra Trend in store but then notices the front wheels did not give a smooth ride. We checked other demo's but all gave a "shopping trolly" bump a as it rolled. Can anyone speak of having a wheel problem?
1 answer
Could all terrain tyres be put onto this pram?

Hi, I recently bought a second hand Snap4, and have noticed that there is a screw and nut missing on one side of the frame. Anyone know if i could i get a replacement at all? Thanks!
1 answer
Hi Kelly, please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000, they will try their very best to assist you :)


Valco Snap 4
Price (RRP) $349.00
Seating Type Single and Tandem
Convertible Yes
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar
Weight6.2 kg
Folded Dimensions36 x 52 x 77 cm

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  • GTIN14: 09315517090392 and 09315517660922

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