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Well, I didn't realize I was getting ripped off until I received message that Metallica concert was cancelled and money was to be refunded. When I checked my acct I was deposited $893. I was pretty certain my ticket purchased was around $160 and I bought 4. Anyway, I contacted Viagogo and found out there was a whopping booking fee of $200! I did not see that when I clicked on PAY. Well, all I can say is Im glad the concert cancelled nd I got all my money back!!

Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue YonderSydney, NSW

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buddhi g.

buddhi g.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Even got cancelled..viagogo fully refunded me


Out of all the negative comments here..surprisingly my experience with viagogo has been super smooth..Metallica Aussie tour got cancelled..two days after they sent an email saying they'll be refunding..then another mail asking me to update the getting paid method so they could pay me back..week later I sent them a message through their message centre asking how long it'll take for the refund. They rang me this time and said it'll take 5-10 days. Two weeks later after the cancellation of the event I got a full refund. I was very happy with the whole process to be honest..


TonySouth East Queensland, QLD

Goviavia are hopeless


They ripped us off $477 for wwe tickets in Brisbane. Dont not buy anything off them . Stay away. Tried to contact them . They rang me from a number in Melbourne. I rang straight back. Said number is disconnected


djellis69Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Warning.. This is a SCAM and rip off...


Saw tickets advertised in Instagram for Hans Zimmer. Said tickets running out fast. Prices look reasonable abd not wanting to miss out, jump at the chance. What should have been $120AUD for ticket turned out to be double that when all the hidden fees are added in.
Trying to call or contact someone at viagogo is impossible. Using the Contact Us website sends you in endless circles, getting nowhere.


Amanda B.

Amanda B.Sydney, NSW

Surprised me with a full refund


When Metallica Canceled there recent tour , Viagogo sent an email
And informed me I would be getting a refund and the amount that was to be refunded. Well true to their word I received a full refund. Thank you Viagogo!


RizwanSydney, NSW

This is a scam company. - WARNING!!! - PLEASE STAY AWAY


bought Hans Zimmer tickets. They showcased like everything is selling out and only a couple of seats are left which is a lie. Paid $250 for 1 cheapest level ticket which should have been max 125. They are doing a great job scamming people as they appear 1st in Google.

Laura P.

Laura P.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Thankful customer



shawclanPerth, WA

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Trick you into paying too much


Stay away... unfortunately they trick you into buying tickets at an inflated price. There is a Facebook group which is very helpful in getting your money back as what they do is illegal.


HarleyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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I'd vote 0 stars if I could - STAY AWAY



ArekSydney, NSW

- 5 stars


I never again will use this company and never recommend to anybody. This company is designed to ripoff customer not to help him.
Viagogo has to be removed from market as soon as possible

Sudeep H.

Sudeep H.Sydney, NSW

  • Verified customer

Being over charged by more than $130 on two tickets than actual price


I bought two ticket for metallica concert, they charge me €312 (around AUD $510 i.e. $255 each) for section 605 2, row, but when they sent me ticket it says section 604 7, row for 188.62 each. It means they charged me more than AUD 65 on each ticket and provided me wrong information. i know its my mistake that i didnt compare with other sites but still they overcharged me way more than actual price.


RunnerSAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Create the impression of limited tickets


When looking for tickets, the site makes it look like there are limited numbers available thus warranting higher prices. This is deceptive and dishonest and should be stopped. Tried to contact them for a refund, well good luck with that. Finding someone to speak to is harder than finding a unicorn! This company should be shut down or at least made aware of consumer law.

Tony L.

Tony L.North Queensland, QLD

Dreadful scam!


We bought tickets to the Edinburgh Tattoo. The tickets came to the hotel we were staying at, and appeared to be official. When we arrived at the event, people on the gate told us they had been cancelled! We managed to sort something out at the venue, but were nearly turned away. Greatly disappointed by the whole thing.
Avoid Viagogo at all costs!

Completely out of pocket


I purchased 3 tickets to Metallica at $500 each after being charged U.S dollars and payed for accommodation in Sydney only to read on live nation that they wont be accepted at the gate. We are not regulars to the concert scene so didn’t think anything of it. Losing the money is bad enough but ultimately we are missing out on an act we have been waiting to see for a long time. So disappointed and ripped off. Never again.



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Fraudulent thieves


Purchased tickets from this abhorrent bunch of thieves for Fleetwood Mac 7/9 got tickets Ticketek face value $274 each paid over $600 each as they charged in US dollars as well. How do these people sleep at night ripping people off should be jailed for their blatant thievery.

What else can one say about lowlife that would do anything for a buck

Lance D.

Lance D.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • Verified customer

Sent completely wrong tickets


After paying almost the same price as an additional ticket on service fees for an NRL game they sent me somebody else's ticket with their name, account number and details



Never had a issue with the site


I have used this site 6 or 7 times as Ticketmaster had sold out. I’ve never had an issue at all, smooth communication and transaction with the seller. I think the majority of people who reviewed on here haven’t done their research or waited to long to purchase their tickets. It literally has a map for most concert or sporting events, click on the stadium map and it shows you exactly where you will be sitting, I have seen seats in same sections sell for $80 and $1000 each. It depends on what the seller sets the price at. If you are willing to process your credit card for $500-$1100 for a row Z ticket you have a duty of care to yourself to at least research where that is located.

Colin m

Colin mBundaberg Queensland 4670

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Absolutely Mortified


We obtained 4 seats for Hugh Jackman total cost in the vacinity of $1550.00, thinking we were getting really good seats. Guess what we were in Row Z & Row ZZ the 4 seats cost $57.10 each total cost $228.00.
I would like to know where the rest of the money has gone. TOTALLY SCAMED!!!!

Terrible service and ridiculously expensive!


Found out I could resell my tickets to viagogo and was told I would get money back (not all of it though) and then as they didn't sell before the concert, I received nothing. But was specified an amount of money back.
Three tickets to Bryan Adams cost over $500 (they weren't that good of tickets/seating arrangements) and I was going to get less than $400 back. viagogo did not honour what they said and told me it wasn't there problem.

Pathetic company and swindlers of much money.

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My elderly mother bought U2 tickets for November 2019 in Sydney for my disabled brother. The order has a section but no seat number. It also says they will be posted from the Netherlands. She paid over $600 for 2 tickets. Has she been ripped off? Supposing the tickets actually arrive in the mail, will they be allowed in the venue?

1 answer

Unfortunately there is no way that you will know if the tickets are valid until they are scanned at the door. Tickets sent from the Netherlands sounds completely absurd to me. Official tickets were sold by Ticketmaster and were available to pick up at local outlets, or were sent to you as a ticket on your mobile phone. The cheapest seats to the concert are about $50. If the section area on your tickets is something like 717, 720, 604 or 603, these tickets are worth less than $100 each. $600 for two tickets is very expensive and a rip off, and if the tickets are valid you are probably in the back row. I'm sorry to give you the bad news but unfortunately this is the experience of buying things from Viagogo.

Martin B.

Martin B.asked

Is Metallica and Viagogo in cohorts with each other to benefit from peoples love of music?

2 answers
Amanda B.
Amanda B.

Not to my knowledge


Not to my knowledge either. The rip-off is from viagogo only.

Dallas S.

Dallas S.asked

Can anyone locate any contact info to request a Metalica ticket refund through Viagogo?
I keep going in circles on the website

6 answers
Dylan W.
Dylan W.

there is a FB group they might be able to help ... Victim Of Viagogo #VofV - Australia & New Zealand try emailing them on customerservice@orders.viagogo.com get the ball started

Dallas S.
Dallas S.

I did receive an email today from Viagogo to state they would be refunding the full cost
Fingers crossed

Jo V.
Jo V.

I got the same email 7 days ago that stated full refund would take ‘ a couple of days’. I’m starting to wonder

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