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I got it in the Arena!!

I arrived at 5:30pm and waiting until the concert started which was at 8pm.

Yes i was nervous coz i thought i wouldnt get in, but then i realiased they are selling rows C-E, i thought they were only selling my seats the whole time but they were not!

Yes, Blackpink's Concert in Sydney was sold out, but i did still get in!
I also think another reason was to why I got in, I did purchase the Tickets Off Viagogo, when Blackpink's Tickets went on sale, like straight away.

VIAGOGO did rip me off by $400!
My VIAGOGO tickets were valid!
MY VIAGOGO seats were very good! I just have a long distance problem, so I didn't see their faces until like i actual focused on them lol.

When BLACKPINK came out i was just crying and my throat hurts alot, since im writing this Viagogo review a day after the Concert!

I don't think my mum and i want to use Viagogo again, since this place is a big rip off!

I'm just happy my tickets were Valid! And i finally got to see My Queens BLACKPINK after waiting 2+ Years to SEE THEM!!!

Worked well for me

I bought tickets to Michael McIntyre, which was sold out. I expected they would charge over the face value, but it was only $24 extra on a $109 ticket, which was acceptable.
No trouble scanning the tickets at entry and seats exactly as they said.
Lost a star through anxiety after reading reviews after I made the purchase

Fraudulent misrepresentation of concert ticket values. Think $3k for an Adele ticket(!)

If the above star-rating system allowed minus stars, that is what they would get. Two words: "criminal enterprise". They are based in Delaware, headquartered in Geneva, but currently under 'investigation' by the federal government. Gee, I hope that doesn't take too many 7-eleven donuts, I mean 'years'.

I offer this review independently and have not been bought by anyone, just giving my personal opinion. Freedom of speech is a helluva drug.

Don’t buy ticket from Viagogo!

Purchase 2X $100 tickets end up paying almost $800 for the tickets, lodged dispute with bank & Viagogo refused refund & confirmed tickets are valid. Arena rejected one of the ticket as someone has scanned the ticket before me! What a scam! Stop buying from Viagogo!


tickets $220 each, after sale completed total was $602. No notification about a $75 Per person booking fee!
Do your research first,and hopefully a legal body will take these guys down!

Scammed by viagogo

, they sold us tickets that someone else already purchased! Then we discovered that the tickets were half the price viagogo charged us. Nothing else to say but very disappointed people

Scam, took my money and didn’t provide tickets

I purchased tickets, they debited my PayPal account then said I didn’t make a purchase, no tickets. Wish I’d read these reviews first. Wish me luck on my paypal dispute.

No customer service/contact

Very dissatisfied was given a couple of tickets to Rudimental in Brisbane for my birthday. The dates were changed and was unable to get a refund or get in contact with Viagogo to rectify.

Cancerous scammers, they are like scalpers

At vivagogo every ticket is on offer at an increased fee from reputable ticket sellers. And you might still get a fake ticket. Do yourself a favour and use original sellers.

Don’t ever buy tickets from here

The tickets I purchased were double the price, I came across this site via google and didn’t realise what it was. I have been told they are fake. This is disgusting they are allowed to do this.

Just purchased tickets

Oh dear... wish I'd seen this BEFORE I paid $1k on two tickets to Hugh Jackman in August this year. And wish I'd checked with the venue first - I would have then known, BEFORE buying the tickets, that the venue cannot guarantee tickets sold by anyone but their authorised ticket seller, which is NOT Viagogo, obviously.
Would be great to know if there is anyone out there whose Viagogo tickets were legit.

Facebook site helping u get refunds

Get on victims of Viagogo Facebook site to get help with refunds from banks . Viagogo are scam artists and all the banks and accc know all about them. Do not buy from them under any circumstances

Would never use viagogo again. A rip-off!

Booked 2 tickets, was assured of row A. When I received my e tickets the seats were row X!
Booking fee in excess of $90 and now very difficult to contact them and get an explanation.
Tickets are a gift to my dad, I am now embarrassed to give them to him.

Make me ripoff victim #2541!

Went to buy tickets. They were listed in Australian dollars. I checked out and...wait for it......it changed to EURO!! The Australian dollar is worth only .62 Euro, so I ended up paying hundreds of dollars through this bait and switch. Watch out for these scam artists. STAY AWAY!

Viagogo a mob of thieves

I purchased a ticket for the Eagles concert in Melbourne Australia. I printed the ticket and attended the venue only to be told the bar code was a fake and the ticket was a scam. They added a booking fee of $100 to the cost so all up a $400 rip off. They are scammers, don’t use them under any circumstances. Go to a genuine ticket retailer not these thieves

Disgusting pricing - absolute lowlife scumbags!!

My 19 year daughter bought tickets on here not realising it the actual price and I am so far away from her at the moment so she ended up paying for 4 tickets $982 and could've bought them on ticketek for $385. You need to be shutdown. This is an absolute ripoff. She is upset and has said that she will never buy any tickets ever again and we don't even know yet whether there real or not as it's not until 17/08/2019.


When purchasing footy tickets I was charged above the price stated AND huge processing fees. It DID NOT stipulate these fees prior to paying despite saying so. Absolutely disgusting. Do not use this website.

its booking fee is almost half of the ticket

GOT7 original price is 112 dollars from ticketeck, but viagogo changed $182. so its booking fee is almost 50%; GOT7 original price is 112 dollars from ticketeck, but viagogo changed $182. so its booking fee is almost 50%


Hi guys. This website actually makes it really hard to make a honest and open review. You have to tone it down from truth. This is a scam guys. Please do not buy tickets through these guys. Absolute scam.

Dont Buy Through Viagogo.

I will never purchase tickets through viagogo ever again.
The price was bumped up during the purchases process.
I had to wait two week after the concert to receive my refund.

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I have just purchased 6 tickets for an AFL match in Perth WA for next month. Have received tickets (in another persons name). Have contacted Viagogo and they assure me these are genuine and valid. I know i have paid too much for these tickets but I am stressing that once we get there we wont be allowed in OR they also sold the same tickets to someone else. Have contacted PayPal and I have Buyer Protection so not sure whether to take the risk and go or cancel now!!
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I have contacted the bank for dispute, NAB asked me to obtain the invalid ticket proof in order to proceeds with the dispute. The scan man didn’t allow us to take pic of the scanner to show invalid & contacted Arena Rod Laver, they can issue the proof. Make sure you get the proof for invalid ticket if not allow to get in.My only experience with Viagogo was good, tickets were valid. If not, I would rely on Paypal after the event, they have come through 100% for me with other sellers.Thank you and yes I have contacted PayPal and they were very helpful so I’m hoping for the best but if not I feel reassured that PayPal can help me.

Hey has anyone who going blackpink concert for Aus bought ticket from viagogo got in yet ?
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I got in!!!Anna, what time did u get there?I got in too!! Got there at 5.30pm. Outer doors opened at 5pm, inner doors at 6pm, concert at 8pm. I didnt want to risk my concert tickets because i paid $500 for two $150 tickets. Ridiculous.

Hey is anyone seeing blackpink in Australia and bought tickets from viagogo?
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I did and I’m really worried if I could enter or not I’m scaredI did as well, im going to sydneys concert! Im very scared and nervous tooBought Blackpink tickets for over double the price and told that the offered ticket seats were unavailable. Waiting for the replacement tickets but the concert is starting in an hour.