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Virgin Mobile Broadband

Virgin Mobile Broadband

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VM Broadband now forces ALL customers onto an automatic excess data upload plan instead of cutting o

I had been with this service for years, very happy with it. Until Dec 2017 they migrated everyone to a new plan that has automatic activation of extra data at EXHORBITANT cost. It used to just prevent access once my data limit was reached and I had the option to buy more data. Now it just buys more data without you even knowing about it and having no way to deactivate it! Shameful and disgusting practice of Optus to do this. Yes Optus own this brand name! I wasn't asked if I wanted this new plan it was decided by Optus to migrate everyone to it without their consent. Currently trying to get these excess data charges removed as I had no warning and no way to know that I had exceeded my data download for the month and was having my account debited huge amounts in excess data charges. I have data on my phone plan which I would have used instead had I been made aware I was close to my limit for the month.

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I'm now following up with Dept Of Fair Trading since VM seem to be uninterested in this issue.Virgin mobile are making me pay 100% of this excess data. I have cancelled my account with them and referred this on. They have told me that all TELCO's automatically charge excess data in the same way. I think that's total rubbish since someone I know has a data plan that shapes data after the limit rather than charging excess data plan.


No reception inside my home, have to go outside to make and receive calls. Customer service is a nightmare! Mistake signing a contract with Virgin

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good service

I have had an iphone 7 plus contract with Virgin for a year now and it has been great. It was so easy just to go in store and get the phone with no complications even though i had to change my number over from telstra. I found that the pricing was great coming from a students point of view and also the coverage is awesome!

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Pity they are closing

After some bad experiences with competitors, I found Virgin Mobile. They're quote was really good, and the support they have through the app, online and calling was excellent. Their coverage was strong too.
Unfortunately they have decided to (or have been made to) stop operating and gave me a few months to research an alternate provider, and also arranged a similar quote with their parent company so I wasn't left out in the cold.
Virgin were really good , and I'd have been happy to stay with them, if they kept their doors open.
If they resume operation at any stage, I'll be keen to compare their services and return.

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good value

im on the promotion for 32 dollars a month with 20 gb and 500 dollars to call overseas and it all rolls over. Amazing

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Great service

I get no interruptions and use it on my ipad as a backup and it's always reliable. Speeds are decent for the price. Would recommend 100%

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The best internet I could ask for.

The service cost $60/month and gave me a phone line (Australia wide) and unlimited internet usage. A sim card went into the side as was a plug for a desk phone. A 3 minutes set-up straight from the box. The system was password enabled at my request. Best of all, the service call center was in Australia!!! So good to speak with a local service center. I found the internet and phone system to be extremely reliable as long as it was plugged into the power point and the power was on. For it's value, it was the best available in my opinion.

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Virgin Mobile Broadband Now Force Customers To Accept Extra Data When It’s Not Wanted

UPDATE: (extra star added)
Although Virgin continues with their auto adding of unwanted data packs to their accounts, I must give credit to their customer service unit, which promptly contacted me and answered all questions well, plus refunded the charges for unwanted added data...KUDOS.

Also, Virgin's broadband services has improved greatly in the country area I live in. It's many times faster (at least 10x but probably much more) and with far fewer disconnections. For that alone, they're worth trying. I've been with TELSTRA, IINET, WESTNET (iinet), OPTUS, and several others. Currently, this Virgin mobile broadband service beats them all for value and connection easily, but there were major teething problems before the system upgrade. It's now far better than the ADSL2+ here where previously it was far worse.

Credit where credit's due...

Thank You VIRGIN!!!

If you have issues with your Virgin account, I suggest contacting customer complaints direct as they seem good and can take action. The online chat was useless.

If Virgin changes their auto data adding to OPTIONAL, I'll give them 5 stars.

ALERT: Virgin’s new Mobile data policy.

Virgin’s new broadband data contracts will automatically add data (and charge 10x the normal contract rate per GB) to an account if that account’s user runs out of data before monthly rollover is up, Irrespective of whether the customer wants more data or not. There is NO CHOICE!!! This makes it nigh on impossible to use up your monthly data without Virgin unilaterally adding more data at the exhorbitant rate of 10X what you normally pay.

This is a significant change from previous Virgin broadband policies where once the monthly data was used up, that was the end of it until next month’s rollover.

Kudos to Virgin for including data rollover of any remaining data you have left per month to be included into the next month (albeit a common practice now and finally some honesty to the adage, you actually get to use what you pay for).

However, Virgin should offer data packs for customers that run out of data as an OPTION, not as a compulsory additional charge, which other carriers offer when monthly data runs out.

Virgin’s texting service warning of % data usage is also of limited help in avoiding these extra fees as texts are received many hours (even days where reception is patchy like where I live) after the fact (after Virgin have already charged you for data) and in this case, all at once (ie, texts for 85%, 100% and ‘now you’re being charged for an addition 1GB’ all at the same time!!!). Useless!!!

I contacted Virgin about this and got nonsensical responses via online chat so lodged complaint with the Ombudsmman. Virgin did respond with a call from their customer complaints department fairly quickly (GOOD) and offered to remove unrequired data fees (also GOOD), but alas informed me that they can’t switch off Virgin’s new compulsory imposition of expensive extra data packs (POOR). This is not the complaints service person’s fault and they were as pleasant and as helpful as possible (KUDOS), but Virgin need to review this policy or they stand to create unnecessary resentment among customers and accumulate bad word of mouth.

I’m going to continue my Virgin contract as generally I have been impressed with their upgraded data speeds and consistency, but for many people like me, broadband is one of the larger monthly bills and having it needlessly added to is not appreciated. Apart from this, Virgin have been providing a good broadband service and considering I have had data theft issues with at least 3 other carriers, I would still suggest people check out Virgin’s packages for comparison; with eyes open to this policy though.

If Virgin do change this policy to a customer choice setting, then I will alter my rating accordingly.

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Terrible cust service, slow or stop your service

When you are out of contract they slow your service down then stop completely. No internet and make it hard to ring out. When you ring to find out was is happening they tell you they don’t support that plan and they offer a more expensive plan. Might be a cheaper option at the beginning but you are better going with a more reputable carrier who looks after there customer and has good customer support.

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Good Connection

We signed up for 12 months with Virgin Wi-fi 3 months ago and so far it have been good. We are in Sydney and use 3G network on 2 laptops and we have no issues. It is handy that any unused data can be rollover for next month's usage. Setup was easy, just visit a Virgin shop and it takes 10- 15 minutes, Good price too.

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Convenient and one of the cheaper mobile broadband plans around

Bought this a few years back as my housemate did not want to share a naked broadband plan. The price is much better compared to a lot of other broadband plans. Get a further discount by bundling my mobile phone plan to it. Haven't had issues with their customer service so far. Speed used to be ok although it has slowed down quite a bit in the last few weeks.

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Broadband data disappears like magic

Reading a few reviews here and it seems i am not the only one experiencing this issue. I am on a 13gb plan with Virgin and over the last 2 months the 13gb have disappeared in a matter of days (5gb download/day) we only use the internet to check emails and social media at night. Customer service not able to give details of where data is going. Having serious doubts about the accuracy of data download information and will be cancelling this service.

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4g wireless internet crap

Between 6pm and 10pm the internet speed is terrible!! Latency is Horrible there tech support blame the speed on your end but the magical thing is how come the internet speed is good through the day then 1 it hit 6pm it's poor, fix your phone towers!!

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Stay away.

When I first got on virgin mobile broadband, things weren't too bad. However, lately the customer service has been well below standard. They don't respond to online messages, and when you phone them, although I do get through quite quickly without have to be on hold for long, talking to their customer service reps on the phone is like talking to a 6 year old kid, under-skilled and can't help much. Recently I've cancelled my service (after facing a fair bit of resistance from them), and doubt I'll ever be going back. They wouldn't let my number be ported to different mobile broadband service either.

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Stay Out Of Virgin Mobile, 4 Days Waited For Sony Z5 Conection

What a joke, 4 days waited to get my Sony Z5 connection, it is absolutely ridiculous nightmare,
I have been loyal with virgin Mobile for complete 4 years, last Friday, just upgrade to another 2 years contract.

Virgin has a big problem switching the existing service to the new phone, Sony Xperia z5, this has become unimaginable consequences, NO SERVICE FOR 4 DAYS, the wait is still on.

Just too much stress to deal with VIRGIN MOBILE.


January 13th 2017 Update: 6 Days Waited For Virgin Mobile New Phone Activation

What a joke, 6 days gone by, virgin mobile can not active my new headphone, can anyone believe that? been through 5 phone call to customers service, each average about 1 hour, 2 hours waited at Robina virgin shop, they knew they had problems, keep telling the same excuses, they need 48 hours to turn on my new phone.

Everyone should think twice after reading my feedback!! this is my 3rd renewal with virgin, connecting to a new hand phone from existing customer is big nightmare.

Today, i am into 2 years contract with absolutely no connection on my new phone.

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Virgin 4g - I give it a 1G!

Virgin mobile internet is dead slow and not good value.

I had better speeds with my old Samsung S2 on 3g then I get on 4g with a Huawei gr3 in Sydney town. I have DSL at a remote bush property that has no mobile cover - equivalent to Virgin 4g in the city.

There ain't much point having all this data on your plan if you cant use it.

Drat I knew i should have signed on with Vodaphone or Aldi or Boost!

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Data disappears like magic.

I have USB Mobile broadband. On Christmas day I was busy cooking and celebrating with my family and friends. The modem and computer were turned of .
On Boxing day we went out most of the day and again everything was turned of. I am the only one in my house that uses the internet. I also have passwords on everything.
But when I went to sign on this morning I found that 5.5gb of data had been used. I phoned Virgin and after some language difficulties, the data usage was explained as that there is someone in my house is using my broadband. Not so I live alone. The next explanation was maybe I downloaded the data but forgot about it?? When I asked for the data to be reinstalled I was told more or less, no chance. i appealed and asked them to check my average usage over the last 3 years (as my daily usage is about 250kb a day. But no luck. Can not recommend Virgin.

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Final Note I have finally had enough of Virgin broadband. I am cancelling as of today. As in the last 2 days 2.3gb have gone even though I was not at home, and nothing was connected to the internet. Virgin broadband is a huge rip off and dishonest. I advise anyone considering Virgin "DON't" or you will regret for ever.

Excellent suits me.

I have been using an optus Virgin 3g usb stick for about 6 years . I use a $99.00 365 day plan
and I have found this excellent

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Terrible phone and customer service

I've been with them for almost 2 years on a plan and i have nothing but regret. Apart from not putting individuals in their customer service centres that can understand or communicate with individuals effectively they lack basic knowledge that a professional should. Do not go with this company if you want to maintain your sanity and money. Go for a more reputable brand. They will scam you of your data when they think you're not continuously checking. They are an extreme waste of time and it's almost like they are automated not to listen. I will recommend all my family and friends against virgin mobile

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Drop outs continuous.

The connection is really bad. Since the upgrade of the tower, the service is hopeless. I'm cancelling my 2 services today! 12 months of bad internet. It was better than Telstra originally.

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I have a Virgin Mobile wireless broadband service and wondered what speed it typically operates on and how this compares to what is available on the NBN? I will of course soon have to switch, either to the NBN or another wireless mobile network, so I would like to be able to accurately compare the speeds available.
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Is anyone else out there using Virgin 4g postpaid broadband service having problems with the Huawei MF920A wi_fi modem? Specifically the modem battery expanding after only a few months service, such that it can no longer close the modem case? And the service starts to get slower and slower? What experience have others received when contacting Virgin support online or by telephone?
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We had that happen with the ZTE mobile modem. I understand it’s the lithium battery that can do that and some are more prone than others. Ours started doing it after about 9-10 months. By end of contract, we knew it needed replacing and upgraded to 60GB plan with new modem. The Virgin modems shoud have warranty for 12 months so you shouldn’t have any issue getting a replacement as it’s a battery fault that you can’t fix or is repairable. Also, it happens through normal use. I found Virgin’s support excellent as long as you go via their complaints department. Those guys are on the ball. It was a waste of time to do other avenues like online chat, but you can try it. We’ve been very happy with new service upgrade; getting very fast speeds in country area where snail’s pace was the norm.


Virgin Mobile Broadband
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