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Virgin Car Insurance

Virgin Car Insurance

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Never Again!

I had been a loyal member of Virgin insurance for approximately 2-3years with no claims.
My Vehicle was stolen at the beginning of the year so I made a claim.
Not only have I been without a vehicle for two months, I practically begged the company to provide me with a hire car, paid for by them for only 2 weeks.
When I got in touch to see whether I could have the two months insurance I've paid whilst being without a car they told me no. And then went on to tell me when I asked about renewing that I am not being offered a renewal.
You see I wasn't at fault when I made the claim, car stolen and I'm getting the brunt of it all without being given the option to renew.
I'm too much of a risk because my car was stolen. None of it makes sense to me.
Not happy. Not a good company to be with if you actually come into a situation when you need to use the insurance you pay for every month. Appalled with how long its taken, lack of sympathy of a customer and the fact I won't be offered a renewal when I am not and have never been at fault.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelAudi A3
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim DateFebruary 2019
Claim ApprovedYes

Soooooo dodgy don't get scammed

They refused to honour a claim which they should have, making the premiums pointless. the person on the policy got hit by another car but the other person didn't have insurance. Then virgin said they would chase it up and honour the claim even though it was the other drivers fault and this was not disputed by the other driver either. All seems fine until about a month of run around from Virgin they said they can't honour the claim now because the driver on the policy didn't update a minor drink driving offence of low range drink driving. The policy automatically extends annually and they didn't even think to update it. There was no disagreement who was at fault and the victim was not drink driving or doing anything illegal at the time. Both virgin and the other driver agree with that. Yet virgin uses the drink driving offence as their reason to not honour the claim even though they're not relevant to the crash. They also did not inform us for now on the policy will not cover that driver (we had to work it out ourself reflecting on it all and change insurance policies asap).

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelSubaru Liberty BM/BR
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim DateJanuary 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

Avoid this company at all cost !!!!

I insured with Virgin Insurance who are underwritten by Auto &General Insurance in March 2018 because the vehicle to be insured was 10 years old and the company was the best value for money given there premium, considering agreed value and a lower excess. Unfortunately my vehicle was stolen and I have had to make a claim. All I can say is that I wish I had taken the time to read these reviews because I may not have become another victim of this unscrupulous insurance company. Like the experience of others despite having held a rating 1 for over twenty years I have now been relegated to a rating 3. Like others the questions and documents to be provided imply you are perpetrating a fraud on the company are not the victim of a crime. Like others during my first conversation attempting to make a claim I was informed of the excess up front policy, really what you want to hear when you are attempting to come to terms with the fact that someone has stolen your vehicle. Empathy, or considerate are not words I would utilise to describe my experience with the Customer Service representatives or Claims Person, the words robotic, company policy and procedure driven are words that come to mind. The company’s customer service is not existent, I have instigated all calls regarding my claim, despite being told I would receive a call. The whole process is adversarial and draining. Sir Richard Branson the face of Virgin should hang his head in shame that his companies reviews of terrible out number excellent reviews three to one. If you are considering insuring with Virgin please take heed of these reviews, and avoid the toxic experience if ever you have to make a claim.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great Price! No problems at all

I have been with Virgin Car Insurance for 8 months. I chose them on price alone as I have not made a claim for 10 years. The transition was easy and the staff I spoke with were friendly and helpful. Many reviewers have spoken of the 'hidden' cancellation cost of $40, this is only applicable if you terminate the policy before the completion of the 12 month contract. There also is a 21 day cooling of period where the policy may be cancelled with no fee incurred.
I would recommend Virgin Car Insurance to any budget conscious driver.

Insurance claim madeNo

Hidden costs be careful

I have been with this insurance company a year or so. Glad i never had to make a claim as i dont think they would be helpful. Alot of hidden costs, just went to cancel a policy and they charged a cancelled fee. Just ridiculous! Wont use them again

Insurance claim madeNo

Smooth transition

I moved to Virgin Money 10 months ago for car insurance. I recently traded my car in for a new one and the process to transfer my policy was easier than i could have imagined. Virgin Money were so easy to deal with and gave me all the information I needed.

Insurance claim madeNo

Smooth Process

Had to lodge a claim with Virgin when someone reversed into my new car and drove off. From the initial phone calls, visiting the assessment centre, through to booking in with the panel beater, the whole process was very well handled and the job completed within a few weeks. The preferred third party panel beater (Gladstone Motor and Panel) fitted the new car door and did an amazing job with the paint work, like new again.

Insurance claim madeYes

Lied to by Customer Service Rep

AVOID This company at all costs, I was lied to when trying to cancel my car insurance, I have now done so and been slugged with a $40 cancellation fee. WHAT a load of crap, when I originally wanted to cancel I was out of contract. This company has no morals and I know they might get my $40 but I WILL NEVER deal with them again so they've just lost whatever I've been paying and I will now go elsewhere. They have no idea how to treat customers or how to hold onto them. Not the reps fault today whom I've spoken with but they need to also monitor their reps and sack them and re think their policy agreements.

PS: I've scored them a 1 but would be a negative 2 if I could.

Insurance claim madeNo

Absolute pus

Terrible experience when it came time to make a claim. Made to jump through hoops providing a driving record, answering a million questions all because somebody smashed my window and forced entry into my 12 month old car. The claim was cancelled after 1 day after I was asked to pay up front an excess, before even receiving a quote to repair. This company is a joke, don’t be fooled into budget insurance folks.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst service

Worst customer service!Bought a Comprehensive car insurance and they increased it after a month coz I didn’t comply with the requirements, I’ve provided them with NCD1 even charge $40 for insurance cancellation. Don’t buy any Insurance Products from Virgin Insurance.

Insurance claim madeNo

Terrible Customer Service

Rang to get Business quote on Car Insurance and told would get a quote. Chased the quote another 2 times and still not received. Then got on chat online trying to get the quote they told me online different conditions to what I was told by phone. Then just fed me a generic website for me to look up if not satisfied with them. Inconsistent and what Customer Service??? Won't be insuring with them.

Insurance claim madeNo

Roadside assist that has no idea about cars!

First time switching over to Virgin Car insurance. Was down yesterday with an overheating problem. Called in the Roadside assist. The guy came over an hours wait. Then the guy took a look at the car and said he wasn't a mechanic and had no idea about cars! So, he gave us a card to call the tow truck, then left. What sort of roadside assistance which doesn't know anything about cars? Whats the point of him coming anyhow? They should have just gave us the tow truck number over the phone! So stupid!

Insurance claim madeNo

1 Month later STILL NO REPAIR

I put a claim through a month ago, they rang me up and added an EXTRA $500 to my premium on top of the already $2k that i'm paying for not reporting that I had put a claim through on someone elses insurance when they crashed into my car while it was parked in a carpark...
Still, over 30 days later, after paying what they asked and going through the process as fast as I could, I still have not had the claim processed through the system and am still waiting on my car to get fixed.

Insurance claim madeYes

Only chase you to pay them...

I renewed with them for another year after a good first year. When it came time to claim I had to pay excess first and no one could guarantee me that it would be refunded if their investigation saw I wasn’t at fault.

They claim to have called me once, yes just once, in the 5 days post submitting a claim... plus right in the middle of a work day.

There was also apparently a voicemail but I’m still to find where this was left... must be snail voicemail and due to arrive.

You have my home number and email address are they not contactable as well?

Had my policy payment been 30 seconds late then I’d have received an instant text message and email claiming it was unpaid and how to pay up for it.

The other party who hit me is with GIO. They proactively called me and offered me to go into one of their locations for assessment and repair. They booked it instantly and had no issues with the matter being handled with them directly.

You have lost me as a customer not just for car, but home, and travel insurance. There’s no amount of points you can offer me to come back.

Insurance claim madeYes

Massively over priced insurance. Try Suncorp

We have held a car insurance policy with Virgin for 5 years. I have just had a quote for $350 less a year for exactly the same policy. Just waited 10 minutes on hold to discuss why we are paying so much as loyal customers who have never made a claim.

Insurance claim madeNo

Look elsewhere

Called up to seek the correct information about the no claim bonus before paying for my policy. Once I paid for my policy they told me I wasn't entitled to what I had been told and that I'd have to pay an additional $400 to keep my current policy.
Everyone was extremely unhelpful and had no solution for the misinformation that I was provided. It was either pay up or go else where. Just looked at my accounts and they refunded me with no noticed and also cut me short of $80. They waste my time and didn't refund me the full amount.
Horrible experience.

Insurance claim madeYes

You get what you pay for

Recently cancelled my policy as I sold my car. Was told I wouldn't receive a refund for premiums paid, and was slugged a cancellation fee on top of this! What a joke! Great cheap premiums, but I guess they have to make the money where they can.

Insurance claim madeNo

Love it

Competitive pricing especially being under 25 when first bought my policy. Never had a problem with their customer service no long waits on the phone reply to emails in a reasonable amount of time.

Insurance claim madeNo

Watch the fine print and never deal with these people again

Though the pricing was competitive, I missed the fine print and got dudded. I have been a rating 1 driver for decades and recently had my first at fault claim. I didn't read the fine print and was not advised that protect my rating 1, I needed to pay $2 per month or so. they told me about the windscreen but not this. So now they intend to take my rating down from a 1 to a 3. Don't waste your time with these sheisters.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very competitive in pricing !

I recently reviewed my car insurance, as it was up for renewal. I received quotes from AAMI, QBE, Allianz, Budget Direct and all, were at least, DOUBLE the price of the premium Virgin Car Insurance was offering. The choice was quickly made.. thanks Virgin Car Insurance for looking after me !

Insurance claim madeNo

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Good luck getting anything from them... dodgy brothers central they are


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