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Virgin Mobile

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Sad to see Virgin being phased out :(

I have been a customer with Virgin for 8 years and have nothing bad to say about the company. They have always been very helpful, never been overcharged, and if there's been a slight issue it's been dealt with prompty and professionally. I am really sad that the service is being phased out and I desperately do not want to switch over to Optus. Once my contract is finished I will now have to go with another provider. Wish they would still keep it going :(

Value for Money
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Plan Cost per Month: $82.00
Included Data per Month:10 GB

Misleading transfer offers

I am having a horrible experience regarding transferring my service to Optus. The offer I was given was that the current charges on my service would be waived if I transferred to Optus. I have recently received a final notice for the amount in the offer that I was told would be waived. When I spoke to one of the consultants via the chat line. I was told that amount would only be waived if it was my last bill. I would be more than happy to pay a final bill but to be told I still have to pay this amount plus my final bill is disappointing. When I clarified that it did not state this condition I was told and then proceeded to tell me since I had one last bill after this billing period the amount of the bill would stand and I would have to speak to the billing department to organize a payment plan. Disgusting service...the consultant apologized and said she understood why I was upset...but did not acknowledge that the offer was not written in a way to clarify these conditions. And judging by the similar comments on product review Virgin Mobile should be paying attention as to how many unhappy customers they have.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Plan Cost per Month: $90.00
Included Data per Month:4 GB


Worst phone company- misleading website, poor customer service. Can see why it has been phased. Richard Branson would be appalled. The. Implant now is very badly run and it is obvious why it is folding

Value for Money
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Plan Cost per Month: $40.00

Glad they out

So good this company is out, rubbish, customers service the worst ever thanks god. Enough is enough stealing and misleading people with bad manners and the wait on the phone my god, you know a company is bad when you waiting more than 30 mn seriously disgusting anyhow no more people bless

Rip off!

I’ve been with them for years, signed up with a byo deal and was charged full price from day one. $100 extra I paid over 10 months, and when I tried to fix it no one could help me. My data, which was part of my plan, I could not access at all. Tried to fix this multiple times to no avail. Now to add insult to injury have been sent another bill after I’ve changed provider. don’t waste your money, they will overcharge you for services you can’t use!!


I cannot recommend this company less. After being happy for years, they started cutting off my service without even sending me the bill. They will not engage and offer me a resolution, and even after lodged a TIO complaint they STILL breached their direction and cut it off again! Today, after trying to engage them again, I was threatened that if I did not make a payment of 1000 ASAP they would cut it off again. I called the TIO and they have to remind them yet again they cannot do this. They are the worst type of people and for other reasons I do not have access to a landline, so continually compromise my personal safety by turning off my service.

Ripped me off

I had a horrible experience dealing with Virgin Mobile when trying to transfer my plan over to Optus.
They charged a Bill after I had already changed my service and they are going to charge me again for the effective period when I had changed my plan to over to my new operator Optus with pro rata fees.
I would definitely not recommend this company they are happy to take your money and there customer service is unhelpful at resolving any queries which you might have.

Virgin will rip you off - Never go with them!!

Compared to other providers this company is pathetic.
They try to rip you off with any little chance they get. Their customer service has never been good at solving issues when it comes billing matters. Other providers are always negotiable on billing when they over charge you.

Customer service? What's that?

Contract has finished (Thank Heavens) so I ring to confirm there will be no more payments taken.
30 minute wait time on phone!!! Then they can't access account to check.
easiest answer, just cancel payment and go to another supplier.
No wonder their service is closing down. They wanted to transfer me to Optus at the same monthly rate even though I have paid off phone!!!
I'm off to Kogan $18 month for 13GB. My wife is with them and it's a better service.
Sure hope the Virgin Mobile crew aren't involved with the airline.

Can't spell

My gripe with Virgin is their support system and contact team.
I haven't received my account due statement on many occasions because their seems to be a problem with their staff spelling my name.
My name is Jennifer they keep spelling it Gennifer!!!!!!!!!
I received a msg on the 1/1/19 to say that l needed to pay the bill otherwise my service would be suspended on the 3/1/19.
So l went to pay online but you guessed it, obviously they decided to block my account immediately. So l finally was able to contact them on the 2/1/20 using my husband's phone.
It was confirmed they still have my spelling as Gennifer. FOUR TIMES l had to correct them, about the spelling.
I asked after paying the bill when will my service be restored and the advice was oh immediately, just restart your phone.
That was over 24 hours ago and l still don't have service. Go figure!!!!
So just as well they are phasing out of Australia because in my opinion good riddance.
I might beat them to it and phase them out sooner.........

Virgin giving us a “F”inal overcharge!

Besides the regular black spots, and system queuing / delay, I had finally left virgin a few weeks ago.

I was late by week or two paying final bill which has been now paid in full and
Then I was receiving emails from virgin threatening debt collectors and virgin chasing up $$$ after last bill paid!
And hope that they don’t sc**w us over with the credit rating too...
I have always been polite at all times to them on the phone and this is how I am treated on breakup.


A TERRIBLE company!!
A TERRIBLE company! Awful customer service - they really don't care. They overcharged me, but refused to believe that I was right. Due to the bad service, I changed suppliers and then they chased and threatened me for about $116 but it supposed to be $10. Later they charged me $45. Customer service is 0/10. They make me wrong. They thought that customers are fool. I would like to not even 1 star.

They stealing people’s money

I’m at home and I do have wiFi Any my Internet
On my phone was of and , I had internet for no reason my Internet finish And virgin try rep people of and aging charge me $10 , I do not pay one dollar and if is like that I will Chung my plan, I called before I say I don’t need extra internet,
2 times I paid $10 extra, but I will not pay anything this time because on propose I tend my phone internet of and see how you guys stole money on people

Final "fck you" bill for me

So.. I finished up with Virgin back in mid-November. The reason as my phone has a massive battery leak (like 100%-0% in about 20 minutes) and I was aiming to get a new phone/replaced phone with the company so I searched about for a store. I was surprised to find in my search that all the Virgin stores had closed down. I then later found out that Virgin mobile was shutting down.
So when I called Virgin regarding this - and a phone replacement. My option by the company was to get a new phone from Optus and I would have my account turned to an Optus service provider.....
Well, I'm sorry....
I was screwed by Optus on a few occasions... I had an IT issue a while back, called customer support and I was stuck on hold for 8 hours (with two wrong department transfers).... utterly appalling they could leave someone on hold that long...
About 13-15 years back, I moved into a place, connected up with Optus on the phone and was with them about two years. No problems really.. Then I moved house and I was there for about a year with an Optus phone connection. Moved to Queensland and had the phone connected for a month and then had it disconnected. I called Optus as to why my phone was disconnected and the response I got was that my phone had been disconnected because I had my final bill owing from the first place I was with and I argued that if that'd been the case why was I connected up to my second place and then the third without this having been addressed earlier?
They said "we had our systems upgraded" - like this is my fault they've got a sh*t computer system?
Well, to add insult to injury I asked them to forward the bill to me as I was moving to Melbourne. I didn't hear anything from Optus regarding the final bill and we'd moved to Melbourne and was there for about 4 years. We never bothered with a home phone but had internet. The Internet was TPG as my experience with the Optus internet package was x amount of gigs per month for the cost was ridiculous when you could get unlimited with TPG for $59 where Optus was 120gigs for $89 to $99 p/m.
Well before our move to Sydney 4 years ago, we went to go for a loan and lo' behold.... I had a black mark on my credit.. I eventually tracked down the black mark which prevented me getting a loan for the move and who did it happen to be? - OPTUS - !!
So what had happened was that Optus black marked my credit because they never bothered to forward the final bill to me. I'd completely forgotten about it, but my mobile phone number had remained the same for the whole 8-10 year time period. So they could have contacted me but clearly hadn't.
When I found out it was due to the final bill, I paid it then and there on the phone during that call and asked them to remove the black mark.. well they didn't.... so I had to ride out the last 2-3 years of my black marked credit due to their incompetence.
So, back to Virgin.. that was the option? go to Optus because they're the one who's closed down Virgin? - No thank you...
So because I changed over to Vodaphone to actually get access to a new phone that didn't have a severe battery leak, I had to pay a massive payout for what was left owing on the phone because all the virgin stores had closed down and I was being forced to direct my services request to Optus.
I never had a problem with Virgin until this point, today. On top of that, when I tried to log into my virgin account to find out what the final bill email was all about, I couldn't log in because my account has been deleted. So how the f*ck are you supposed to examine - or even pay - the account. Utter garbage. i'm glad the company's mobile faction is gone... pathetic...

Sad to See You Go

I moved to Virgin Mobile from Telstra almost 10 years ago because Virgin offered way better deals price wise than Telstra did. When I was leaving Telstra I will never forget some rude customer service person in a Telstra store laughing at me when I said I was going to Virgin and he also said to me "You'll be Back." Since I moved I have had nothing but 10 years of good service from Virgin Mobile and continued great deals on new phones and plans. I am sad to hear that the business is being shut down by Optus and now I have to figure out who will win my business.

Worth for money

Got a postpaid with phone. Worth for money. Great customer service support. Love it. Planning to move another account from other operator.

Pretty good

Seemed okay! Have been with them since the start. Don’t recall any service disruptions except once and they apologised and gave a credit. Call centre service staff have really grown into becoming good customer service staff. Always v polite and fun to deal with. Now with Optus!!! Lots of service disruptions?? Internet and phone... no apologies no texts adv of service disruptions?? I don’t trust them so much unlike v mobile.

Terrible connection

Virgin mobile connection has been increasingly bad. I bought it to replace my another mobile data and at first it wasn't too bad. Eventually, it turned out to have even worse connection than my old one, and for double the price! Connection is sloppy and keeps dropping out, I can't even load a simple webpage, not to mention videos. Very disappointing.

Worst customer service ever

My concern is not the service but the customer service reps who answers my 2 calls yesterday and today.
Waited for 15 minutes and then when reply they have very hard to understand accent and when you finally understand they don't give you any solution for your problem.
Very happy that you have gone Virgin.....bye

Bad service with no customer service skill

It is the worst service provider ever and waiting to talk to customer service for more than 20 min and they even don't know what service is ... There are 100,% better service providers so don't go for this vergin .....

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Questions & Answers

Since we are moved to Optus are the conditions going to remain the same?
No answers

Hello, good morning. I am in Sydney and currently a customer of Optus but considering changing to Virgin as I can get a better phone plan for less dollars which is always good + get Velocity Points. Is it worthwhile changing just to save a few dollars and gain some points? All feedback welcome - Please and thank you.
5 answers
Yes it is definitely worthwhile changing. I was on a pre-paid $40/month plan with another provider where I had an existing phone and needed a new phone. I shopped around and found Virgin Mobile had $40/month and you got a brand new phone with it. I got the Samsung Galaxy A5 which is fantastic. It offered everything I was getting before but with a new phone added!! Unlimited calls, unlimited texts and great data.Thank you Charley and Joanna R were replying to my question. Your help is greatly appreciated :-)In my experience the customer service with Virgin is pretty much non-existent. I've never had an issue with Optus, they offer a good deal. I'd rather haggle with Optus than switch to Virgin.

Why can't my wife or I get any service? We are unable to make calls as our phone has been placed in 'sos' mode for some unexplained reason-sadly disappointed with Virgin's service. We frequently experience data or call problems. Please call me to explain on 0403876045
2 answers
Yeah I know what you are on about as this has happened to me on a few occasions / if this happens again dial 1 1 followed by 2 which will connect you to the triple 0 turner emergency services though please be aware your name, phone number and will not be displayed and you will provide that information to the appropriate emergency operation servicesThis probably happens because there might be too many people using the optus repeater network nearby / If you are unhappy with the service you could try switching to optus if you like though I found telstra to the most reliable source or you could just stay with virgin mobile so there you have 3 options

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