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Virgin Money Travel Insurance

Virgin Money Travel Insurance

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Application process great and good coverage

Awesome application process - could do it in 2 minutes and very competitive pricing. I used the insurance for my trip to Europe because I wasn't covered under the credit card insurance.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Adult and Child
Insurance TypeSingle Trip
Claim MadeNo

Rubbish! Will hide behind 73 pages of terms!

Do not use these people for travel insurance! they will hide behind 73 PAGES of terms and find something in those 73 pages to deny your claim and say you should have read every single one of those pages and tried to think of every possible outcome that may happen to you when travelling. used them once and will never ever use them again and would strongly recommend no one does. if you have any family member in particular over 84 then DO NOT USE THEM

Insurance claim madeYes

Waste of money

Had a massive nose bleed which required A&E treatment in Spain. This caused us to miss our return flights. Tried to claim the cost of extra flights to be told it wasn't covered. I used Virgin as a big name company over cheaper options. Total rubbish & a waste of money!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Very bad

Got travel insurance for myself, partner and daughter. Had our camera stolen in Thailand, made a claim and lots of hidden fees came out. Fees of "wear and tear" "making a claim over £150".
Altogether we claimed for $650AUD and had all the receipts and paperwork. We will receive a refund of $200.

Insurance claim madeYes


I had my insurance claim through Virgin who harassed me so bad & victimized I went to the Ombudsman and reported them for Bullying.
Please go through a bank or your travel agent.
l still am out of pocket well over $3,0000

Insurance claim madeYes


The policy pricing was very competitive, even when adding a pre existing medical condition. The online policy was user friendly, questions were straightforward and easily answered. Telephone Customer Service was also friendly and helpful for any follow up questions.
We were devastated when due to a health issue we had to cancel our holiday 9 days before we were to leave for Canada . The service we received from Allianz Global was impeccable. We received a text message acknowledging receipt of our claim 2 business days after mailing. We received a very friendly and courteous telephone call 3 days later advising us that our claim had been approved in full. This was followed by a letter and Statement of Account giving us full details of Allianz assessment. The money was paid into our bank 5 days following. We had heard so many horror stories leading up to making our claim, we were surprised and delighted at their excellent personal and friendly service and efficiency. From our experience ***** stars to Allianz Global

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst travel insurance I have ever been on!

First of all the company overcharged my account for my policy, then when I called to fix it they blamed me like it was my fault. Secondly I tried to make a claim for $120, I provided all the relevant information and they denied it. Mind you the insurance was about $470 so they still made money. The customer service people were bad, but the claims people....

Insurance claim madeYes

Stay away from Allianz

Bought this Insurance to travel to Europe and the US in 2015. Due to Delta flight delays in Las Vegas, we missed our connecting flights from Los Angeles to OZ, We were re-booked on another flight the next day out of L.A. but due to the delays we also missed our flight from Melbourne to Townsville. It was a very painful and stressful process that went on for about 3months (we kept persisting) before they reimbursed our flight from Melbourne to Townsville. Basically, the work that Allianz should be doing (contacting Delta for confirmations and delay reasons) - we had to do ourselves, as Allianz steadily refused to reimburse us. We had to contact Delta in the US several times and get them to actually put down in writing what the flight delays were caused by and that none of it was our fault. Even the staff at Delta found the requests ridiculous.
We travel extensively around the world (6 times in the last 7 years). It was our first claim. NEVER again Allianz AND please read your policy before you commit to buy travel insurance. Virgin Money should look for another underwriter.

Insurance claim madeYes

Easy, great customer service and quick responses

Great value insurance. I purchased an annual gold cover. I lost my glasses on one overseas trip and the whole process for claiming was easy, quick and on the whole, a pleasant experience. I found the customer service to be consistently great. Wouldn't think twice about using them in the future.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst Underwriter (Allianz) And Insurer In 30 Years.

Paid $100 for a duo comprehensive policy for a trip to Singapore & Hong Kong which seemed excellent value. As it was Virgin, with what I perceived as an honourable brand, entered into this contract with some good faith given their reputation. Wrong. Big mistake. The PDS seemed reasonable, skim read and the most critical component for us was medical cover which seemed sound cover. Also contents cover was important to us as we travel with valuable camera lenses and again, the PDS (and consultant) advised we would be covered $1k per item. Outcome: a rare German camera lens RRP$1,000 only available from retailers outside Western Australia Allianz as underwriter determined "in good faith" they would pay out $300 on it - a 70% reduction on replacement cost less the $250 excess, left me with $50 to replace a lost $1,000 camera lens. The lens was purchased privately, and although I did not get a paper receipt or letter of transfer of ownership I sent them photos of the original box and the warranty card WITH MY NAME ON IT. They argued that doesn't prove I paid for it. I explained it is highly unlikely I found this box on the street, or obtained it from a store in WA given no store stocks this hard to find expensive lens.

The second lens that was lost was an inexpensive canon lens RRP$199 - they paid out $121.88 for that "applying depreciation" to the market value. When enquiring about the policy on the phone, both consultants implied "we will replace to the market value" and I don't see within the contract where they explicitly state they can apply depreciation and in what circumstances. No doubt there will be a legal loophole where they can however it is fundamentally WRONG that their sales team mislead and misrepresent. As others have mentioned, their turn around time to process is woeful. 15 working days to look at it. Then if they want further info, another 15 working days. Then, if you want to appeal their decision/make a formal complaint, another 15 working days. Then, if you aren't happy with that outcome (as the position likely will remain unchanged) you can have it reviewed by an "independent review officer" which - you guessed it- takes a further 15 working days. So you are looking at 2.5 months in time before you can escalate to the Ombudsman. Bear this in mind before entering into a contract with Virgin Money & Allianz.

Insurance claim madeYes

The absolute worst.

I was robbed in New York and had purchased a COMPREHENSIVE policy prior to my trip. I am still trying to get my claim processed 3 weeks after the incident, all i get is reason after reason why they are unable to process the claim. DO NOT PURCHASE insurance from this company. I have purchased policy's from other organisations and have claimed in the past, all Virgin/ALLIANZ care about is finding a loophole to deny your claim. When I told them I was robbed their first reaction was to say that I may have been negligent. Horrible.

Insurance claim madeYes

According to Allianz "Complimentary" basically means no cover. WATCH OUT

My advice is to purchase travel insurance outside of what is offered.
My partner and I flew from Australia to Vegas for a conference via Fiji & LAX. When we landed at LAX there were enormous delays (over 3 hours to get out of the airport) and therefore we missed our connecting flight. The airport itself was badly staffed, there was a lot of press about it following this day.
To purchase another ticket from LA to Vegas, cost A$650 for both of us, with Virgin mind you!

I called to make a claim (which I've done before with other paid insurances and had no problem), the Alliance rep said it wasn't a natural disaster so I was not covered at all.

Allianz said to me that because the insurance is complimentary that the level of cover is extremely low.

Long story short, don't rely on this insurance whatsoever, it's basically a scam.

Insurance claim madeYes

did they cover me or not?

My husband is the primary card holder and asked would I be covered if I traveled without him - they said yes. When I rang and asked the same question they said I was not covered as I was not traveling with him. I have no idea what is right but I do not trust this insurer at all.

Insurance claim madeNo

The worst travel insurance you could get.

Made me feel like i was a criminal for claiming while i was in hospital for 5 days in Thailand. They will look for any possible way to get out of paying by asking you hundreds of questions and getting all your medical records from your doctor at home. I don't know how food poisoning could be a pre-existing medical condition but they tried anyway! Then they told me they had spoken to the hospital and they would be paying the bill in full directly to them but then the hospital wouldn't let me leave without paying them in full. Save yourself the trouble and use a different company. If only i had read the other reviews before going with virgin...

Insurance claim madeYes


I made a claim after a theft. The questions the insurance asked made me feel like I was the guilty one instead of the victim.
The time to process the claim is just not acceptable. I highly not recommend this company.

Insurance claim madeYes


Assessors actively pick thru your travel claim to not pay it.
Similar to other people I had an inexpensive item stolen from nearby me but Product Disclosure says they will not pay if something is "taken without your knowledge" (i.e. stolen) or if it was unsupervised (i.e. not in your hand or shall we say stolen).
If you want insurance to cover you for theft or loss DO NOT under any circumstances waste your money on virgin's travel insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't ever use them

On a cruise ship I forgot my reading glasses in the men locker room. Within minutes I realized what happened I rushed back they were gone. I filed a report I submitted receipts, etc.
Response was: You were negligent by leaving them behind. Read the fine print. You take your eyes of the item you are not covered.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't ever use!!

I went to Canada last Christmas (by myself) and managed to dislocate my patella. I had an expensive ambulance ride and trip to emergency and when I tried to get home they kept on asking for more and more information. When I had finally given them everything they asked for they told me I wasn't injured enough to fly home and that I should have continued on with my travel. I ended up in Canada for 3 weeks before I finally gave up and got myself home. It took me another 6 months to get all of my money back for the cancelled flights, and accommodation and flights home; and I only got it back because I went to the financial ombudsman. The costs were up around $8000.

Insurance claim madeYes

Amazing Service!

Bought the Virgin Travel Insurance for myself and my 6-month-old when travelling to Canada in September. Unfortunately bub had an accident and fell off the bed one morning. After speaking to a nurse they recommended to take him to the hospital for assessment as he was so young. After a 680$ CAD emergency visit I contacted the Virgin Travel Insurance help desk where a very helpful and friendly customer service rep opened up a claim report for me and told me exactly what documents I needed in order to process my claim online, he also emailed me the link to the online claim form. Once home we submitted our claim and it was processed within the promised 10 day processing time and the insurance company paid us the full cost of the emergency visit equal to the amount paid in foreign currency. They also sent me a settlement letter and invoice with an option of disputing the settlement within 15 days if I was not satisfied. I had a wonderful experience with Virgin Insurance and will definitely use them again in the future! :)

Insurance claim madeYes


I also would not recommend Virgin travel insurance. I was supposed to fly to America but instead ended up in emergency department, unable to fly. They made it very difficult to make a claim, kept asking for further, additional medical information meaning more trips back to the doctors at an already difficult stressful time in my life. If my partner had not helped me with all the forms and red tape I would have just given up and not made the claim, which is what it feels like they are aiming for.

Insurance claim madeYes

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