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Vogel’s Ultra Bran

Vogel’s Ultra Bran

4.9 from 34 reviews

Where has irt gone and WHY ??

Have been searching our ,local supermarkets for months to no avail. Why is this Ultra Bran cereal no longer on the shelves here in Central Victoria...OR if it is WHERE??

Still mourning its withdrawal from sale :(

Our family still mourn the withdrawal of this cereal. As well as a great addition to muesli, a handful satisfied biscuit urges and helped maintain a healthy diet. Best tasting bran ever!

Looked every where great Summer cereal

Went to all the supermarkets to buy only to find it no where. Very dissapointed Vogel's have eaten it for years. Oats a little too heavy for summer. Please continue to produce this product be different to the rest of the commericial brands of sugary breakfast cereal with no fibre.

Please bring this back thru other outlets like health food stores

This is the only cereal I have ever liked and it is so healthy. Please bring it back. It is delicious.

For those with WHEAT allergies this WAS the ideal substitution for a bran based cereal

Very disappointed that this item appears to have been withdrawn from the market without consultation or advice to what must be the many people all over Australia with allergy to wheat. I managed to snaffle the last supply one one supermarket in Victoria - all dated to December 2016 as the ''use by'' date. Have fond nothing beyond that and none in other supermarkets in regional Victoria.

My everyday go to for breakfast with my meusli until now.

Vogels please consider sales through health food outlets and start making Ultra Bran again. It is the best bran I have tried.

Ultra Bran is the best cereal!

Let's have a huge petition to bring back this wonderful cereal! Why does Vogel's do this to us? Many years ago they discontinued that lovely little chunky Vogelbread loaf - and now this! Listen to your customers, Mr Vogel!

Can't live without.

Please vogal linseed bran bring this much loved and missed breakfast cereal back. There does not appear to be any other similar product substitute.

Vogels Ultra Bran

Please bring it back .... I need you! I have searched in all supermarkets to no avail.
It gives me the best start to my day.

This is the only product of its type on the market that I can eat

This product is excellent. There is no substitute. I cannot find it in any supermarket and if it has been discontinued, please bring it back.

Best cereal ever!

Please bring this back Vogel's! Life is just not the same without it! It gives me the best start to the day i can have.

June 5th 2018 Update: A good substitute for Vogel's Ultra Bran

I wrote the initial review on the demise of Vogel's Ultra Bran because Keloggs took over Vogel's and discontinued the product forcing people to choose their Allbran. I don't like Allbran. It goes mushy. The best alternative i have found are BRAN STRAWS from the bulk foods supplier called THE SOURCE. They are delicious. I am fortunate to live close to a shop in Lane Cove, Sydney.

Best cereal by far !

No more Ultra Bran on the shelves, it distresses me heaps - not good enough, bring it back it's an excellent product.

Voge'ls Ultra Brand.

Very disappointing to learn,that Ultra bran is no longer available. I also have searched for a breakfast cereal low in sugar,all to no avail, today I have bought Vita Brits.

Bring it back

The only cereal that I can eat that does not upset my stomach, please please bring it back there is no substitute

Please bring it back - can't live without it

I've been searching the shelves of all supermarkets in the Sunraysia area and it seems this wonderful cereal has been discontinued. There is no substitute for the quality of this bran - please bring it back.


Such a superior product, best bran sticks around, and somehow decision was made to discontinue, I'm mystified and cannot understand the rational for this. Can someone explain??


Please bring it back. Please resume production. Please listen to the consumers. Please remember that people want less sugary cereals.

Can't live without it.

I've been looking for it everywhere. Why would it be discontinued? Please start making it again. All other bran products are so inferior.

Vowels ultra Bran.

We have been searching super markets for months for this product only to find it has been discontinued. Very disappointed with Kellogs if this is the reason. Bring it back!

Very unhappy

Have been searching supermarkets for weeks for this wonderful product which I have been using for many years. Came on line to see whether I could buy it somewhere and am so disappointed to read that it has been discontinued. Kellogs what have you done? Bring back Vogel Soy and Linseed Ultra Bran ...............please.

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I have rung the company a year later, and there is still no discussion of bringing Vogel's Ultra Bran Soy & Linseed back. Is there any chance we can convince Specialty Cereals to reconsider? Our whole family including our 2 young children LOVED the cereal. They are still asking for it a year on and there seems to be nothing similar available in the supermarkets! :-( Has anyone else found a similar product?
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I'm still missing this great cereal too! Let's see how many we can get in to this campaign. It was healthy, crunchy and tasty - why on earth would thy take it off the shelves? Let's think about a social media blitz!

Where in Cairns can I now get your ultrabran?
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Hi Robyn Like you I could not find Vogels Ultra Bran in any supermarket chain despite trying many locations in and around Sydney. I eventually called the company who told me that they have discontinued making Ultra Bran.

Is ultra bran soy and linseed available in North Western Victoria?
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No it has been discontinued, worse luck.Regretably, this excellent product is no longer produced by Vogel because the major supermarkets deleted it from their range. This is certainly an indictment of the attitude of the big 3 - being able to use their market might to kill off a great, healthy product and line their shelves with a high proportion of sugar laden rubbish.I totally agree davwest. Makes me really mad. I'm still missing it and its now 2018! I used to make my own muesli with this product but its pointless now because there is no other bran anywhere near as good. And already prepared muesli products are ALWAYS too sweet. I am looking online to see if I can get the Vogel's bran shipped into Australia from another country. Social media blitz? Yes, good idea!!

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